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   A hodgepodge of ideas I find interesting.
bulletWorld Future Times: "In 20 years we will speak of the Spiritual Age, must as we now speak of the Information Age." -- Excerpt from interview with William Halal, Director George Washington Forecast of Emerging Technologies.
bulletThe Buddhist teaching of Esho Fumi which may perhaps be best summed as "man affects his environment and his environment affects man." A similar teaching exists in the Baha'i Writings.
bulletC.S. Lewis - The inner ring -- an essay on the fallacy of trying to win approval from what he called the "inner circle."
bulletJohn F. Kennedy's commencement address to American  University -- a beautiful speech on the cause of World Peace.
bulletWilliam Hatcher's logical proof that the universe is caused by a "universal, uncaused cause." This proof is difficult to understand; but underneath the surface it is remarkably simple. I hope to post a commentary explaining his work in simple, easy-to-understand language.
bullet Electronic Passalongs and the New Social Currency, Douglas Rushkoff as it appeared in Business 2.0 Magazine. Here Rushkoff makes a startling prediction -- that humanity will be united into a global consciousness -- an electronic one -- that will enable human beings to share thoughts and to think as a collective.
bulletMcKinsey on Venture Marketing.
bulletWho's Writing the Future? -- presents a radically different perspective on the twentieth century and where we are headed.
bulletChoosing How to see the world: A postmodern perspective -- explains that postmodernism is at odds with a more peaceful world, and basic ideas such as human rights.
bullet Parallel Universes, Scientific American, May 2003
bulletOcean -- a software package enabling a search of the Baha'i Writings.


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