Hooman Katirai >> Is an Unknowable God Logical?


1. Presentation [Powerpoint | HTML]

This presentation outlines new methods for exploring religious questions. The basic method is to use computer universes (where we play the role of Creator) as an analogy for our own universe.

Supplementary Materials :

Universe 1: Game of Life [Download]

This computer universe is frequently referred to in the presentation.

Universe 2: Genetic Programming [Download]

This computer universe demonstrates evolution inside a computer. You may want to click on "load grid" to load an alternate grid. NOTE: To run this program you must install the .NET framework. You can get that here

Hatcher's Proof of God

The best way to study it is to order his book, Minimalism. Alternately you can read this excerpt from one of his books. His proof is also explained in the powerpoint presentation above.


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