What I'm Up To:

Present, I am co-founder and CEO of PharmAchieve the largest provider of courses for the PEBC OSCE and MCQ (we train 900+ pharmacists each year for their Canadian pharmacy board exams); and NurseAchieve test prep for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN


2006, I finished my MIT Masters thesis and it won 1st Runner Up for the Best Thesis Prize!

2006, I worked at Microsoft as a Product Manager in their .NET Division

2004, I joined the Children's Hospital Informatics Program to work on Indivo -- a multi-institution medical record system.


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PharmAchieve OSCE Exam Training

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Papers / Patents / Presentations:

A Theory and Toolkit for the Mathematics of Privacy, MIT Masters Thesis, 2006. [PDF]

A Genetic Programming Approach to Document Classification, 1999.

Filtering Junk E-mail: A Comparison between Genetic Programming and Naive Bayes, 1999

Canadian Provisional Patent 2345805, "Enterprise Privacy System & Method," 2000.

Canadian Provisional Patent 2316743, "Managed Privacy Database System & Method", 2001

"Are we living in a Matrix? What Can Computers Tell Us About God?", MIT IAP, 2004
[Powerpoint or HTML and Flash]

"Is a Unknowable God Logical?" Changing Times Conference, 2005.
[Slides and Materials]

"How to Manage Projects: An introduction to a distinctive project management methodology," Unravel Conference : Toronto, 2004

Katirai, H, Vinterbo, S. (PhD), and Fischer, R. (PhD), "A Toolkit for The Mathematics of Privacy," Pending Submission, 2004 [PDF].

Katirai, H, and Sax, U. (PhD), "Unlocking the value of clinical information: What you need to do now, to enjoy the benefits in the future", in Lecture Notes in Computer Science and Knowledge Management for Medicine 2005.

Katirai, H, and Sax, U. (PhD), "Efficiently Integrating Heterogeneous Health Information Systems using Compilable Templates and HL7 CDA", Submitted for Publication, 2004

Katirai, H, and Sax, U. (PhD), "Individualized Healthcare with Standardized, Lifelong Personal Health Records," 2004



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About Me:

In 2006, I completed Masters degrees in Computer Science and Technology & Policy at MIT where I was advised by Peter Szolovits from the MIT's Clinical Decision Making Group and Isaac Kohane, Ken Mandl and Staal Vinterbo from Harvard Medical School.

Research Focus:

My research could be summed up as an exploration into multi-institution electronic medical records.I also did considerable coursework in Finance, Management, and Technology Strategy.

Past Work :

My past research includes work in Search Engines, Machine Learning, Privacy Technologies, and Voice over IP. In 2001 I founded Veristage, a machine learning company. In 2000, I was the enterprise product manager of Zero-Knowledge, a privacy technologies company.

In 1998 I built for WebSENSE the URL Filtering Industy's first focused web crawler. This helped WebSENSE build a list considerable larger than their competitors. In 1999, I wrote one of the first papers that used Machine Learning to filter junk email. The paper is cited in more than 45 papers including patents from IBM and AOL.

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