MATH318: Quantitative Methods for Management
Syllabus, Spring 2014

Section 001: Monday/Wednesday, 1:50-3:05, Conant 459
Instructor: Heidi Burgiel,
Tentative Office Hours: Conant 453. Tuesday 11:30-12:30, Wednesday 11-12, Thursday 12:30-1:30 and by appointment.
Text: Anderson, Sweeny, and Williams, Quantitative Methods for Business, 12th Edition Cengage Learning.

Selected mathematical tools and techniques for analysis of business and economic problems as an aid to decision-making in management. Models and applications related to decision theory, linear programming, inventory, queuing, forecasting and other standard qualitative concepts.

Grades for the course will be computed on a curve. The final grade will be determined as follows:

Final exam: Monday, May 12 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, Conant 459

Project: You will work in groups to apply quantitative methods to a (somewhat) realistic problem. Your group will submit a written report on your findings and also present to the class.

Homework: These assignments cover applications of the ideas presented in class. Homework will be graded, but not all problems on all assignments will be graded. In addition, quiz problems may be taken directly from the homework.

Quizzes and Assignments: At the end of each chapter or pair of related chapters there will be a short quiz on the important concepts covered. You are allowed to use calculators on quizzes, but not cell phone calculators or computers. In-class assignments and online quizzes may also contribute to your total quiz grade.

Class Participation: Please use common courtesy during class. Silence cell phones, refrain from discussing subjects other than mathematics, and if you must leave early please notify me in advance and sit near an exit. Your attention in lecture will be noted and appreciated.

Final Exam: The final exam will cover the entire course. It will take place in the usual classroom at the date and time given above. If space permits, you will be allowed to use your text book, your notes and a calculator. You will not be permitted to use a cell phone calculator, computer, tablet or any other communication device.

Moodle: The course Moodle site is being set up from scratch this semester. Please check for inconsistencies in your grade and be patient as errors are found and corrected. You should be able to use Moodle to contact your instructor, share your work with the class, view the course schedule, and check your grades. Please contact your instructor if you encounter difficulties with any of these functions.

Make-up work: There will be no make-up exams or quizzes. Instead, you may redo (on your own time, using whatever resources you like) and resubmit one assignment or quiz before the end of the semester. If the grade on the resubmission is greater than the previous grade, the old grade will be replaced by the new. Late homework and worksheets will be accepted for up to two weeks after the due date.

Materials: Pencil and paper will be required for in-class exercises. Some activities will require computer graphing; you will be notified in advance when you need to bring laptops to class. It is strongly recommended that students bring a pencil (not a pen), eraser and working calculator (not a cell phone) to quizzes and exams.

Office hours: I will be available in Conant 453 during these hours. If these times are not convenient for you or if you wish to have a confidential discussion with me I will be happy to schedule a meeting at some other time convenient to both of us.

I will check my email frequently, but email is not a good way to make up missed lectures. If you miss class or would like a lengthy discussion of the material, please either attend my office hours or contact a fellow student to learn what material was covered during class.

Academic integrity: The Academic Integrity Policy will be enforced in this class.

Students with disabilities: If you have a diagnosed disability which will make it difficult for you to carry out the course work, please contact me during the first two weeks of class to discuss reasonable accomodations.

Math services: Mathematics Services ( provides free tutoring on a walk-in basis. It is located in the basement of Maxwell Library.