MATH318: Project Scheduling

The purpose of this exercise is to practice determining earliest finish time and critical activities using a project network. Work in pairs or groups of three on this project; it will be turned in for a check/no check grade.

Bridgewater State College's Faculty Hiring Manual outlines the steps a faculty search committee must take in order to hire a new department member. A partial list of hiring committee activities is described in the table below. (The time required to get approval from the college Dean is built into the time estimate for each step.)

ActivityActivity DescriptionImmediate PredecessorActivity Time (days)
AReview Applications-8
BSelect Candidates for Phone InterviewA4
CChoose Rationales for (Non-)InclusionA6
DSelect Phone Interview Questions-3
ESchedule and Conduct Phone InterviewsB, C, D 12
FCall ReferencesE3
GChoose Rationales for (Non-)InclusionE4
HSchedule and Conduct On-Campus InterviewsF, G 20
ISubmit Recommendations to DeanH5
JHire CandidateI12

  1. Create a network for this project; your result should be similar to the network shown in figure 12.2.










  2. Use the project network and the activity time estimates to fill in the earliest start and finish times for each activity. The result should be similar to figure 12.5.
  3. What is the earliest finish time for this project?


  4. Make a "backward pass" through the network to identify the latest start and finish time for each activity. The result should be similar to figure 12.6.
  5. What are the critical activities for this project?



  6. Develop an activity schedule for this project; your result should be a table similar to table 12.2.