MATH 114: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers III
Syllabus, Fall 2013

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Section 003: Monday and Wednesday,  1:50-3:05, Conant 463
Section 004: Monday and Wednesday,  3:20-4:35, Conant 463
Instructor: Heidi Burgiel,
Office Hours: Conant 453. Tentatively Monday 11-12, Tuesday 3:30-4:30, and Wednesday 10:30-11:30 and by appointment.

Course Description:

This course develops students' understanding of the mathematical content of patterns, functions and algebra at the deep level required for successful elementary school teaching in ways that are meaningful to pre-service elementary teachers. Topics will include concepts of variable and function; linear, quadratic and exponential functions and their graphs; patterns, arithmetic and geometric progressions; solving equations and applications. Connections between arithmetic and algebra will be emphasized.

This course satisfies the Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning core requirement (CMAR).

"The enchanting charms of this sublime science reveal themselves in all their beauty only to those who have the courage to go deeply into it."
Carl Friedrich Gauss

Prerequisites: MATH107 or MATH112.
Restricted to majors in Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education

Course web site:

Materials: For this class:
Text: Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers Sixth Edition (electronic or hardcopy),
Supplement: Basic Geometry for College Students Second Edition,
Electronic Homework: MyMathLab from Pearson Publishing.
Ruler, protractor, compass, scissors, tape, pencil, paper.

Grades: Course grades will be weighted as follows:

Final grades will be assigned according to the plan: TBA

Exams: There will be two in class midterms and a final exam. Twenty percent of your grade on each exam will be based on a half hour group exam. The remaining eighty percent of the exam grade will depend on individual work done during the remaining 45 minutes of the class period. There will be no calculator use allowed on these exams.

Section 003 M/W 1:50-3:05, Final exam: 12/17/12 11:00-1:00
Section 004 M/W 3:20-4:35, Final exam: 12/17/12, 2:00-4:00

Midterms will be held approximately 1/3 and 2/3 of the way through the semester.

Make-up tests: I do not proctor make-up exams or quizzes. At the end of the semester there may be an opportunity to redo and resubmit one quiz or assignment. If the grade on the resubmitted assignment is greater than the previous grade, the old grade will be replaced by the new.

Homework will be submitted through MyMathLab approximately once a week. As the pace of lectures varies throughout the semester, assignments and due dates will be adjusted accordingly.

Course code for MATH112-005 (M/W): burgiel32756
Course code for MATH112-006 (T/R): burgiel30524

MyMathLab is an online course management system similar to Moodle. Click here for instructions on getting started with MyMathLab.

Attendance: Attendance is extremely important. You are permitted to miss a maximum of three classes; more than three absences will affect your grade. Four out of six points of your participation grade will be based on your group members' evaluations of your performance. The remaining two points will be determined by the instructor.

Class Participation: Learning is an active, not passive, endeavor. You will be expected to attend to the material and participate in group work. Please turn cell phones off, refrain from discussing subjects other than mathematics, and if you must leave early please notify me in advance and sit near an exit.

Office hours: I will be available during these hours on a first-come-first-served basis. You do not need an appointment in advance. In addition, many brief matters can be handled directly after class and in special cases we can schedule appointments at other times. I also check email frequently.

Academic integrity: The Academic Integrity Policy will be enforced in this class.

Students with disabilities: If you have a diagnosed disability which will make it difficult for you to carry out the course work, please contact me during the first two weeks of class to discuss reasonable accommodations.

Math services: Mathematics Services ( provides free tutoring on a walk-in basis. It is located in the basement of Maxwell Library.

The instructor reserves the right to modify these policies as needed.