Midterm Project, MA562

Choose a mathematical topic that interests you; e.g. creating fractals, a question about the game Set, angle trisection, a ruler and compass construction of a pentagon, a comparison of ruler and compass vs. paper folding, non-Euclidean geometry, regular polyhedra, four dimensional polyhedra, or transformations that are not isometries. Prepare a fifteen minute presentation on that topic for the class to be given at the beginning of November. The midterm project will be graded on a scale of 0 to 20 on content, interest and presentation as indicated in the tables below. A score of 16 or above is an A, while a score of 13 would be a B.

Grade Content
10 Presentation touches on unsolved problems or advanced topics in mathematics.
8 Presentation includes an interesting fact about history or applications, clearly defines the topic of interest, and improves the audience's understanding of that topic (e.g. through a calculation or proof).
5 Presentation defines the topic of interest but either fails to include history/application or improve the audience's understanding of the topic.
3 It is not clear from the presentation what topic was chosen, or the only thing clear from the presentation is what the subject is.
0 There is no presentation.

Grade Interest Presentation
5 The audience is engaged and excited by a fascinating historical anecdote a clever example or an open problem. Presenter speaks smoothly making eye contact with the audience. All handouts and slides are of high quality and presentation fits in the time alotted.
4 The presentation is never boring and the audience is able to follow the mathematical arguments presented. Presentation fits in the time alotted and presenter appears to have practiced the presentation and prepared handouts and slides well in advance.
3 The presentation is briefly confusing, unclear or boring. The presentation runs slightly over or under the time allowance, the presenter spends a noticeable amount of time referring to notes, or handouts and slides seem hastily prepared.
2 There are several confusing, unclear or boring stretches in the presentation. Presentation is significantly too long or too short, the presenter has difficulty remembering what to say, handouts or slides are needed but not present.
0 Presentation does not occur. Presentation is unintelligible.

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