MATH 105 Quiz 1

You may use a calculator on this quiz. You may not use a cell phone or computer. To receive full credit please show your work carefully and give justifications for your answers. If you find that you are spending a lot of time on one problem, leave it blank and move on to the next.
  1. (20 points) Suppose you had a tape measure that was accurate to the nearest 1 in. If you used it to measure that a friend of yours was 72 in. tall, how would you report this measurement along with an error estimate? (Sample answer: 235 mm ± .5 mm.)


  2. (15 points) Perform the indicated operations in proper order: 6(4 - 1)


  3. (30 points) Below are the predicted high temperatures for the next ten days. Find the mean, median and mode of the data. (If needed, you may use the right margin or back of the page for scratch paper.)
    2414292428 3227303538





  4. (15 points) If you could choose only one coat to wear this week, how would you use the data above to help you make the choice? Explain your reasoning.




  5. (20 points) What is the formula for the perimeter of a circle?


Bonus (5 points) A right triangle has a hypotenuse of length 13 and one leg of length 5. What is its perimeter?