Composition of Functions, MATH100

Please work with a partner on this exercise. The purpose of this worksheet is to read and use graphs of functions in the context of composition of functions.
Definition: The graph of a function h(x) is the set of points (x, h(x)).
Shown above are sketches of the graphs of two functions, f(x) (left) and g(x) (right). Use the graphs to answer the questions below. The first question has been done for you.
  1. Find f(g(-1)).
    To find f(g(-1)), we first find g(-1) then use the graph of f(x) to find f(g(-1)).
  2. Find f(g(0)).
  3. Find g(f(0)).


  4. Find f(g(-1)).


  5. Bonus: Use the graphs to find the zeros of the function g(f(x)).