Topic of the Day

Bring a practical question about teaching for your colleagues to answer or discuss. Guide a discussion of this question for 10 or 15 minutes.

Possible areas of interest include:

Most topics selected will receive full credit.

A small number of points may be deducted for vague or general questions -- the objective is to address a specific issue such as "What do I do if all of my students fail the unit test?" More general questions such as "Are parent teacher conferences useful?" are more appropriately addressed in the teaching theory segment of the course, although such questions may be raised and responded to during the discussion.

If the person assigned to contribute the topic of the day is tardy or absent they may receive a zero score on this assignment. If you expect to be tardy or absent on your assigned day, you can get partial credit for finding a "substitute" to present your topic; if you can trade days with a student who hasn't presented yet you may still get full credit for this assignment.

The following table indicates how the Topic of the Day will be graded:

15 Questioner has carefully thought through the question and has insights relevant to several possible answers.
12 Question is concrete and clearly relevant to mathematics teaching.
6 Question is vague, abstract or poorly posed. (E.g. "How do I talk to parents?")
0 Questioner is not present or has no question to ask.

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