HSED422/MSED456 Field Experience Report Rubric

Please write one or two pages describing an interaction you observed or participated in between a student and teacher. Although you should not identify any participants by name, please describe the student's cultural and social situation as it pertains to the learning experience. (For example, you might suggest reasons for a student's lack of self-confidence or unwillingness to "lose face" in front of friends.) The interaction you describe should be one in which the student learned something; please describe how the interaction facilitated student learning. The purpose of this assignment is to assess your classroom conduct or disposition and ability to influence student learning.

You will be graded on a scale of 0 to 25. A score of 22 is considered a high A grade.

Grade Disposition/Conduct
10 The author shows a profound understanding of the motivations, feelings and environment of a student whose background is very different from his or her own.
9 The author is sensitive to student needs and appears to understand student attitudes and motivations.
6 The author strives to understand the student but occasionally falls short. E.g. the author relies heavily on stereotypes or fails to look beyond behavior for motivation.
3 The author makes no attempt to understand the student.
0 There is evidence that the author has an unjustified bias against certain students.

Grade Experience of Student Learning
10 The author appears to have not only instilled understanding in the student but also to be responsible for changing a student's attitude toward mathematics and learning from negative to positive.
9 The author clearly describes how and why the student gained understanding of a topic.
6 The author tries but fails to identify factors influencing student learning.
3 The author seems indifferent to whether the student learned from the experience.
0 The incident described may have actively or passively discouraged student learning.

Grade Presentation
5 The report is well written and is as pleasant to read as, for example, a short story.
4 The report is written using complete sentences, well formed paragraphs and flows smoothly from introduction through discussion to conclusion.
3 The report contains 3 or more run-on paragraphs, missspelled words or grammatical errors or 1 or 2 sentence fragments or illegible words.
2 The report appears not to have been proofread or contains 3 or more sentence fragments or illegible words.
0 Poor grammar, spelling or handwriting makes it difficult to read the report.