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Heidi Burgiel

Curriculum Vitae

Holding a Master's degree in Technology, Innovation, and Education and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Washington, I'm looking for positions in instructional design and/or teacher preparation. The world is changing; my goal is to help education keep up. In particular, using information is more important than memorizing it.

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COMP203, Programming and Computer Algebra
MATH100, Precalculus
MATH105, Selected Topics in Mathematics
MATH112, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
MATH113, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MATH114, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers III
MATH130, Discrete Mathematics I
MATH142, Elements of Calculus II
MATH301, Abstract Algebra I
MATH318, Quantitative Methods for Management
MATH325, Foundations of Geometry
HSED422/MSED456, Strategies for Teaching Mathematics
MATH562, Topics in Geometry
Mathematics Services

Curriculum Vitae