Test Tube Menorah

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MIT's Test Tube Menorah

MIT Hillel's one-of-a-kind test tube menorah was born out of the unique MIT Hillel spirit of connecting MIT's passion for science and technology with Judaism. This particular menorah dates back to the late 1970's. The design incorporates an old-style, wooden, two level test tube rack with various styles of test tubes. A test tube clamp facilitates the moving of the shamash, the lamp that lights all the other wicks. The original design by Hillel Director Dan Shevitz was further developed by Hillel director Miriam Rosenblum. As the test tubes can hold a large amount of fluid, water fills the lower three/quarters of each tube with vegetable oil in only the top quarter. Standard wicks are used and are cut to remain within the oil-filled section of each tube.

All members of the MIT Jewish community in-residence -- students, faculty, and staff -- are invited every year to a community-wide lighting, usually in MIT's Lobby 7. This annual event, started in the late 1970's includes reciting the Chanukah blessings on lighting the menorah, along with community singing of Chanukah holiday songs.

Test Tube Menorah

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