Jake Harris

22 Magazine Street, #2
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 576-5348


A technical programming/software design position with a technology-oriented company, preferably with a focus on Internet applications, computer security, application programming, or system design.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
September, 1993 to present
Completed requirement for B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Literature. Currently enrolled in a combined B.S./M.Eng. degree program to be completed in May 1998.

Woodrow Wilson High School
Washington, DC
September, 1990 to June, 1993
Graduated with honors as the salutatorian of the class. Member of the National Honor Society and a National Merit Scholar.


Dimensional Insight
Burlington, MA
June, 1996 to present (part-time and summer).
Software Designer. Helped to create a network interface using Java to allow remote networked machines on inter- or intranets to perform database information analysis. This software is an integral of the new DataFountain software. This position has provided substantial experience with large Java programming projects.

MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
Cambridge, MA
June, 1994 to August, 1995
Undergraduate Researcher. Worked on the Global Cooperative Computing project as part of the Reinventing Computing Group. The main task was creating an object oriented database for a web-based collaborative environment for developing and distributing Java code.

National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD
June, 1993 to August, 1993
Summer Intern. In charge of a project writing driver software for a lab instrument in C using a serial interface.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Washington, DC
June, 1992 to August, 1992
Summer Intern. Designed a database in DBase III to help lab personnel track urological cancers.

Computer Experience

Familiar with Macintosh and UNIX systems. Programming languages known: Pascal, C, C++, Scheme, Clu, Perl, and Java. While at MIT, took courses in such computer-related topics as Software Engineering (6.170), Computer Systems (6.033), Compiler Design (6.035), Algorithms (6.046), Complexity and Computability (6.045), Advanced Computer Systems (6.823), Programming Languages (6.821), and Computer and Network Security (6.857). Also, have taken courses in literature and holography (MAS.450 and MAS.858). Am currently a Teaching Assistant for 6.035 this fall. Have gained practical experience in software engineering through class work and job experience.


US Citizen. Born 5/30/75. Unmarried. Interests: glassblowing, holography, literature, computers. References available on request. Check web page for more information.