Seismology Seminar Schedule

We meet every Thursdays (starting Sept 19) in room 54-915 at 2:00 pm


Date Paper Presenter
19 September 2013 Stable creeping fault segments can become destructive as a result of dynamic weakening. Noda, Hiroyuki et al. Nature. Germán Prieto
26 September 2013 From Sub-Rayleigh to Supershear Ruptures During Stick-Slip Experiments on Crustal Rocks. F. X. Passelegue et al. (link) Piero Poli
03 October 2013 Melting of Iron at Earth’s Inner Core Boundary Based on Fast X-ray Diffraction. S. Anzellini et al. (Link)
Lizzie Day
10 October 2013 Preliminary Date. Reviewing Seismic Data. Seismic Noise - Deep Earthquakes G. Prieto, P. Poli
17 October 2013 Continuous Permeability Measurements Record Healing Inside the Wenchuan Earthquake Fault Zone. Lian Xue et al. (Link) Berenice Froment
24 October 2013 No Seminar  
31 October 2013 Slow Earthquakes, Preseismic Velocity Changes, and the Origin of Slow Frictional Stick-Slip. Bryan M. Kaproth and Chris Marone (link)
Dylan Mikesell
07 November 2013 A mantle magma reservoir beneath an incipient mid-ocean ridge in Afar, Ethiopia.Desissa, M. et al. Chunquan Yu
14 November 2013 Preliminary Date. Reviewing Seismic Data.  
21 November 2013 ROOM 209 -  
28 November 2013    
05 December 2013 Thesis Defense - Scott Burdick  

Suggested Papers

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    Sager, William W.  Et al.
    An immense shield volcano within the Shatsky Rise oceanic plateau, northwest Pacific Ocean 

    Michaut, Chloe et al.
    Eruption cyclicity at silicic volcanoes potentially caused by magmatic gas waves

    Petrunin, A. G. Et al.
    Heat flux variations beneath central Greenland/'s ice due to anomalously thin lithosphere

    Rychert, Catherine A. Et al.
    Seismic imaging of melt in a displaced Hawaiian plume

    Lupi, M. Et al.
    Lusi mud eruption triggered by geometric focusing of seismic waves

    Dmitrieva, Ksenia et al.
    Frictional-faulting model for harmonic tremor before Redoubt Volcano eruptions

    Pritchard, M. E. Et al.
    Subsidence at southern Andes volcanoes induced by the 2010 Maule, Chile earthquake

    Gleason, A. E. Et al.
    Strength of iron at core pressures and evidence for a weak Earth/'s inner core



    Hemingway, D. Et al.
    A rigid and weathered ice shell on Titan

    Holme, R. Et al.
    Characterization and implications of intradecadal variations in length of day

    Hamano, Keiko et al.
    Emergence of two types of terrestrial planet on solidification of magma ocean

    Key, Kerry et al.
    Electrical image of passive mantle upwelling beneath the northern East Pacific Rise

    Naif, S. Et al.
    Melt-rich channel observed at the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary



    Scott French et al.
    Waveform tomography reveals Channeled flow at the base of the Oceanic Astenosphere

    Hejun Zhu et al
    Mapping Tectonic Deformation in the Crust and Upper Mantle Beneath Europe and the North Atlantic Ocean

    Emily Brodsky et al.
    Anthropogenic Seismicity Rates and Operational Parameters at the Salton Sea Geothermal Field

    Nicholas J. Van der Elst et al.
    Enhanced Remote Earthquake Triggering at Fluid-Injection Sites in the Midwestern United States

    F. X. Passelegue et al.
    From Sub-Rayleigh to Supershear Ruptures During Stick-Slip Experiments on Crustal Rocks

    G. Ekstrom et al.
    Simple Scaling of Catastrophic Landslide Dynamics

    J. C. Chang et al.
    Rapid Acceleration Leads to Rapid Weakening in Earthquake-Like Laboratory Experiments

    L. Meng et al.
    Earthquake in a Maze: Compressional Rupture Branching During the 2012 Mw 8.6 Sumatra Earthquake

    K-F Ma et al.
    Isotropic Events Observed with a Borehole Array in the Chelungpu Fault Zone, Taiwan

    Kelvin R. Berryman et al.
    Major Earthquakes Occur Regularly on an Isolated Plate Boundary Fault

    S. Barbot et al.
    Under the Hood of the Earthquake Machine: Toward Predictive Modeling of the Seismic Cycle