The Multitaper Spectrum Estimation Library

The Multitaper Spectrum Estimation Library mwlib.a is a Fortran 90 Library containing different subroutines to estimate the Power Spectral Density of real time series. New versions of the free Fortran 90 compiler G95 are able to compile this version.

The paper has been published in Computers & Geosciences, it is available in the Publications section. The new release has a set of simple codes to reproduce the figures in the paper.

If you have any comments about this library, or would like to suggest any improvements in the presentation, download, documentation, etc, please let me know.

If you decide to use these codes, please use the following reference. If you want to alter, modify and improve the codes, please feel free to do so but also send me an email to keep track of problems, issues or improvements that are always welcome.

Prieto, G. A., R. L. Parker, F. L. Vernon. (2009), A Fortran 90 library for multitaper spectrum analysis, Computers and Geosciences, 35, pp. 1701-1710. doi:10.1016/ j.cageo.2008.06.007. (PDF)

Download Source Code here (gzipped tar)

How do I compile the Library?

The first thing you need to do, is of course download the source code (below) and have a F90 compiler (the free compiler G95 NOW does work with this code) available.

Download, unzip and untar the file into a given directory, which we will call ~/mtspec/

Simply look for the appropriate Makefile in the makefiles/ folder and the file. The newest version requires the FFTW3 libraries to be available. Type make. In most cases there is no need to edit anything. Some test programs to replicate the figures in the paper are available at ~/mtspec/examples. The Makefile compiles this programs as well.


The documentation is now up to date. mtspec.pdf, programs.pdf

Download Source Code

Download Latest Version Source Code here (gzipped tar)