Gari's ECG I am currently a University Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford.

At MIT I was an Instructor in Biomedical Engineering and taught on HST.582J/6.555J/16.456J and SP.716/MAS.960/HST.481/6.976. The notes used for HST.582J/6.555J/16.456J in Spring 2007 are available on OpenCourseWare. SP.716/MAS.960/HST.481/6.976 is part of the NextBillion network and was a new offering for Spring 2008 which examined aspects of Information & Communications Technologies for Development (ICT4D). SP.716's current course info can be found at NextLab.mit.edu. HST's course HST.582J/6.555J/16.456J in Biomedical Signal and Image Processing" is run by Julie Greenberg.

The main course information for 6.555j can be found here. Chapter 15 (Blind Source Separation) lecture notes, slides and lab are available here.

The Stellar website for SP.716/MAS.960/HST.481/6.976 can be found here and the end of semester project presentations can be found here: here, here and here.


Other useful links and code can be found below:


Instructional Java / Matlab applets

Linear Algebra.
Gibbs Phenomenon.
Artificial ECG.
Spectral Analysis.

Links on PCA/SVD:

On line statistics book with some interesting examples of applications.
An SVD algorithm and explanation from Numerical Recipes in C.

Links on ICA:

The Cocktail Party Problem interactive demo! (see lecture notes)
Erkki Oja... CIS group at Helsinki
Te-Won Lee at the Salk Institute.
'FastICA' Matlab package.
Cardoso's JADEM.M and related papers.
ICA central.
Steve Roberts' ICA page... including nonstationary, hidden markov, mixtures, and variational ICA.
Steve Roberts' ICA algos (Matlab).
Tony Bell's ICA page (infomax).
Paris Smaragdis' ICA page.
David MacKay's book on Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms
... available for free download with software!
Some great links incluing C++ and matlab code, data sets and demos.
ICALAB Riken Brain Institute in Japan - code downloads and book.
RADICAL - Robust, Accurate, Direct Independent Components Analysis aLgorithm.

Links on the ECG:

Dr. Brian Janz's PPT presentation can be found here.

The animated website that Dr. Janz used to illustrate the heart cycle can be found here.

This site is an ECG a self-assessment program for students and clinicians.
It's full of test cases with case histories and associated ECGs (plus answers).

A simple explanation of the ECG.
(I don't accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this,
but I think it's a useful introduction and overview of most of the salient points in ECG analysis.)

Center for Arrhthmia Research, dept. physics at Hofstra University NY.
This site has some interesting movies and java applets to show real and
simulated 3D changes in the cardiac potentials during various arrhythmias.
It also has some implementations of various cellular models.

Some of my Matlab code for ECG analysis, and models
(note - this won't particularly help with the labs, but you might find it useful, and perhaps even instructional).

Physionet - open source ECG code and databases with papers and links.

Matlab webserver demo for windowing.

Links to free code and algorithms

Other useful algorithms

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