Ganesh Ajjanagadde


I am a third year graduate student in the EECS department at MIT. I am supervised by Prof. Gregory Wornell in the Signals, Information, and Algorithms Laboratory within the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE). I also work with Prof. Henry Cohn.

Previously, I completed my undergraduate work in the EECS 6-2 program at MIT. While an undergraduate, I worked with Prof. Alan Willsky during my freshman year. I also worked with Prof. Yury Polyanskiy, with whom I completed a 'Super’ UROP.

I am interested in a wide range of mathematical problems, grouped nicely under the heading point configurations. Currently, I actively think about such questions in discrete spaces, especially Hamming space. Naturally, techniques for approaching such questions are varied, ranging over probability, combinatorics, and numerical computation. I also find number theory useful for other perspectives on these questions, though I typically keep it in the background.