The X-File System

Code Name: Chernobyl
"Where Quality is Job 4."
A 6.033 Lab Production


Agent Patrick "Mulder" McCormick
Agent Bob "Kevin" Fu
Agent Joy Nicholson

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Create a file system that works. Most of the time.

file system - \'fi-(*)l\ \'sis-t*m\ 1. A program designed to allow data to be stored and recalled on demand. 2. A form of torture used by certain engineering schools to punish students for taking optional units. : MASOCHISM

Current Events

Here is our commit log.


The X-File System is developed in a sealed concrete bunker deep within MIT.

Support is appreciated in the form of pizza deliveries to room 4-070.

Production Sites

Development Photos

Kevin in the i-node fallout shelter during Red Alert.

Pat staring in the face of another meltdown.

Debugging session

An FSCK in progress

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