January 23, 2006 After two and a half years of unspeakable lameness, this page is updated and made public.

Welcome to my writing page. I had a brief notion of attempting to write for publication, but that was depressing, so I have decided to satisfy myself with the symbolic act of flinging my prose out into the ether for all to enjoy, or eviscerate, as appropriate.

This page used to contain links to all of my work, in progress or not; the pieces that have yet to satisfy me have been pulled down, and may some day reappear.

The stories:

The Emissary, the story of an interstellar agent who subverts low-tech worlds for the Universal Terran Protectorate.

Their Finest Hour, in which a crusty Master Assassin rediscovers his love of the game. (Assassin is the live-action-role-playing form that is native to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you do role-playing games of any type, it will make some sense to you. The MIT Assassins' Guild Home Page)

All That Remains, in which a man fighting a desperate battle finds a point of honor, and perhaps a little hope, to hold on to. (Post-apocalypse/horror/fantasy, or something like that.)