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Eric Stansifer

I am a graduate student at MIT. I work with Dan Rothman in the EAPS Department on geometric properties of river networks and started in fall 2013. You can reach me via email at erst at mit.

Publications, etc.

My resume.

Personal projects and writings

Cambridge forecast

The current forecast for Cambridge, updated hourly.

Math diversions

The following are some math problems I enjoyed working on and wrote up my solutions for. I have aimed my writeups to be accessible to those familiar with complex numbers and basic calculus, including infinite sums and products, although some of the techniques are not typically seen at a high school level. In several places I assume the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, that every integer can be uniquely factored into prime numbers.


I have been collecting a list of logic or math puzzles that I have enjoyed. For some of these puzzles I have included an estimate on how long it took me to solve, but these times should be considered very approximate.

Choose your own adventure

I wrote a choose-your-own-adventure story. Features logic puzzles!


My github account.