Selected Talks

"Spin and magnetism in cool stars"
Dartmouth Physics Colloquium, Hanover NH (4/14/2017)
UT Austin Astronomy Colloquium, Austin TX (9/27/2016)
Caltech Astronomy Colloquium, Pasadena CA (1/11/2017)
Columbia Astronomy Seminar, New York, (NY 2/23/2017)

"Age, rotation, and activity in M dwarfs and the implications for planet-hosting stars," Radio Exploration of Habitability, Palm Springs CA (5/8/2017)

"Spin and Magnetism in the Smallest Stars," MIT Rising Stars in Physics, Cambridge MA (10/19/2016)

"Rotation and magnetism in M dwarfs: the implications for exoplanet surveys," Operation M, Cambridge MA (8/29/2016)

"The evolution of rotation and magnetism in small stars near the Sun," Cool Star 19, Uppsala, Sweden (6/10/2016) | slides

"The rotation and Galactic kinematics of M dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood," CfA ITC Luncheon, Boston MA (10/10/2016) | watch

"The fundamental physical properties of M dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood," Boston U., Boston MA (10/6/2015)

"The rotation of M dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood and the prospects for gyrochronology," CfA Small Scale Seminar, Boston MA (9/14/2015)

"M dwarfs in the MEarth Project," U. of Chicago, Chicago IL (12/12/2014)

"Temperatures and radii of low-mass dwarf stars estimated from near infrared spectra," Cool Stars 18, Flagstaff AZ (6/9/2014) | slides | watch

"Properties of M Dwarf exoplanet planet hosts based on their near-infrared spectra," Geneva Observatory, Geneva (3/21/2014)

"Metallicities of M dwarfs targeted by the MEarth transiting planet survey," Transiting Planets in the House of the Sun, Maui HI (6/6/2012)

"Gravitational lensing: new systems in the SLACS fields and strong lens modeling," UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara CA (5/29/2009)

Public Presentations

"Shedding Light on Red Dwarf Stars: Fundamental Observations of Our Nearest Stellar Neighbors," Harvard Horizons Symposium, Cambdrige, MA (5/6/2015) | watch

"The Exoplanet Era," Aldrich Astronomical Society, Paxton, MA (2/28/2015)

"The Exoplanet Express," Cosmos lecture series, City-Wide Senior Center, Cambridge, MA (1/13/2015)

"Red Dwarf Worlds," Open House series, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA (10/16/2014) | watch

"Gravitational Lensing and Dark Matter: Life, the Universe and (Almost) Everything," New Hampshire Astronomical Society, Concord, NH (8/17/2012)

"The Evolution of the Universe: from Cosmic Soup to Planet Earth," Science in the News lecture series (10/26/2011)