Elisabeth R. Newton

I'm an astronomer at MIT interested in red dwarf stars
and the planets that orbit them.

I am a National Science Foundation Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, where I use observations to study the physics of stars and exoplanets. I completed my Ph.D. at Harvard, where I was involved in the MEarth Project, looking for planets around M dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood. I was a Fireman Fellow, Harvard Horizons Scholar and NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

I love to share astronomy, both online and off. If you are interested in a quick tour of my recent work and research interests, two short talks can be watched online. My paper on the impact of stellar rotation on the detectability of habitable planets around M dwarfs was written up in the AAS Nova.

email: ernewton [at] mit [dot] edu
CV: download pdf