Don't I Have a Great Little Brother?

Isn't he great folks? Not convinced? Click here to see what he looks like now. (After all, he has grown a bit since this first one was taken... )

Look at his homepage. Note the domain name.

Best of Patrick

from The Tech Tuesday, Novemeber 2, 1993
`Athena Slayer' Winns 1993 UMOC Title
by Eva Moy

On the other hand, fifth place Patrick Mahoney '94 did not choose to run. "A friend of mine decided that it would be a neat way to amuse himself, so he went ahead and registered me," Mahoney said.

"I took the approach that if I just ignored it, then it would go away like an annoying insect," Mahoney said. "Unfortunately, my sponsors seemed to be as determined as cockroaches and just keep coming back, so perhaps the best thing to do would have been just to step on them."