Laura and Charles had their Easter Egg Hunt again this year, but this time it was in the park. Two days earlier, I acquired a digital camera, so I took pictures this time. Here are some of the best ones:

  1. Charles Hiding an Egg
  2. Laura Hiding an Egg - many eggs went under the playset
  3. The Bag of Eggs - 67 of the plastic variety.
  4. Laura Hiding Another Egg
  5. The Egg Laura Just Hid - eggs in bondage
  6. Charles Contemplates Where to Hide
  7. Charles Hides Another - he's running out of good ideas
  8. Charles Tries to Hide One Up High - after all that work, it's a shame it didin't stay
  9. Laura Hides One Down Low
  10. Video: The Charge [AVI file]
  11. Derrick Surveys the Scene
  12. Anna Looks in the Swing - sadly that egg has already been found
  13. "Oops, I Broke It" - Leon drops an egg; there's candy everywhere
  14. Patrick Checks Out Under the Playset
  15. "I Have TWO EGGS" (Mike)
  16. Mikka, Barefoot Egg Hunter
  17. The Fence Sitters
  18. Andrea Watches from the Wall
  19. rif Shows Off His Egg
  20. "He's dead!" "Should I take his eggs?" asks Derrick, ever helpful.
  21. The dead man, still reeling from his fall. No one took his eggs.
  22. "Register your eggs!" - This technology was more important when they hid the eggs in the house.
  23. "I have THREE EGGS" (Mike)
  24. Drew's Egg (um...)
  25. "Are we done yet?" (milling around)