Daniel Green


PhD Candidate in Finance

Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02138




Working Papers

Growing Pains in Financial Development: Institutional Weakness and Investment Efficiency

(with Ernest Liu)

What happens if entrepreneurs cannot commit to exclusive borrowing from a single lender? Capital allocation is distorted away from the most productive uses. Entrepreneurs choose inefficient and limited-growth endeavors. These problems are exacerbated when borrowers have access to more lenders, explaining why increased access to finance does not always improve outcomes.

Accelerator or Brake? Cash for Clunkers, Household Liquidity, and Aggregate Demand

(with Brian Melzer, Jonathan Parker, and Arcenis Rojas)
Revise and resubmit at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Liquidity is important for purchase stimulus programs. We quantify the impact of the CARS program and show the uptake was largely driven by the program's relaxation of down-payment requirements.

Work in Progress

The Causal Effects of Financial Innovations, Evidence from Diffusion Networks

The Lending and Balance Sheet Response to the Capital Purchase Program (with Stefan Gisler, Jonathan Parker, and Rodney Ramcharan)

A Frictionless Rationaliation of the Payback Rule in Capital Budgeting

The Distributional Importance of External Finance to GDP


I am a TA for the Finance Research Practicum. I suggest students use DataCamp to get up to speed on R and Python.


This .zip file has everything you need to set up a Beamer presentation with notes for yourself on a separate screen.

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