The DIGITAL Voice Plugin

This was actually one of my projects at DEC CRL one summer. While working on designing and developing a general mechanism to delivery audio via the World Wide Web (for my speech recognition research group), I ended up writing and prototyping a plugin for Netscape Navigator that enables a user to record and send voice comments (in the form of a MIME-encoded e-mail message) right from a web page. Chris Weikart took over when I left at the end of the summer, expanding some of the plugin's capabilities and turned it into a releasable product. Hope you enjoy it! (If you have the plugin installed, please, by all means, voice me!)

You might be wondering about the generic name. Well, the original name was going to be something cool like VoiceMe!, but lawyers would not allow that. So DIGITAL Voice Plugin it is. Anyway, it's still fun :-)..

To use the plugin, you need Windows 95 or Windows NT, Netscape Navigator (or Gold) 3.0 or above, a sound card, and a microphone. That's it! Click here to download,or, if you have it installed, you should see the functional plug-in above (not just a non-functional snapshot of the plug-in), so you can click on the microphone and talk away! (If clicking does not do anything, then you do not have the plugin installed).

If you're near a CyberSmith cafe, you should be able to try out the plugin there; they're in the process of installing it now. Visit CyberSmith's website for their opinion/review of the plugin.

Be sure to visit the official DIGITAL Voice Plugin homepage for all the great details!.

djib (at) mit (dot) edu | Debajit Ghosh