Sercombe Extracts - 1911 British Census

This page consists of extracts from the British census taken on Sunday, April 2nd, 1911. Extracts for other censuses are also available. All extracts on this page are transcribed from images at FindMyPast or Ancestry and have been incorporated into the main Compilation of Sercombe Families.

The index is based on index data from FindMyPast, with some corrections and additions. Scotland is not included. Click on the column headings to sort. Click on linked forenames to go to the corresponding full extracts. Note that because some registration districts spanned county boundaries, the registration county is not always the county where the person was actually living. For example, Aldershot (in Hampshire) was in the registration district of Farnham (in Surrey).

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1911 Index

Schedule Surname Forename(s) Sex Born Age District Registration County
HouseholdSercombeAlfred HerbertM190110NewburyBerkshire
HouseholdSercombeJames ReginaldM189021NewburyBerkshire
HouseholdSercombeMary AnnF186150NewburyBerkshire
HouseholdSercombeEmily ElizabethF188526WallingfordBerkshire
HouseholdSircomJohn CuthbertM188130BucklowCheshire
HouseholdSercombeDoris AnnieF190110StockportCheshire
HouseholdSercombeFredrick GeorgeM189714StockportCheshire
HouseholdSercombeHarriett NellieF190011StockportCheshire
HouseholdSercombeLeslie AutherM19047StockportCheshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam ClaudeM19001StockportCheshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GeorgeM185754StockportCheshire
HouseholdSercombeEsma VoilelF189021LiskeardCornwall
HouseholdSercombeJames ArthurM188724PenzanceCornwall
HouseholdSercombeMary EmmaF189021RedruthCornwall
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM184071St AustellCornwall
HouseholdSercombeRichard ThomasM186249BarnstapleDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam MorleyM19101DevonportDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWinifred BessieF19038DevonportDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAlice RoseF187338ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCharlotte ProsserF186447ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeDoris BeatriceF19074ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederick JohnM189516ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGertrude FlorenceF189021ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHarry FredM187833ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHenry JohnM188427ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeIda CurlF187338ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohn NoahM182982ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeKatie LouiseF189021ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLilian BakerF188625ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMabel GF188823ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMary ElizabethF187932ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMary JeanetteF184764ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMildred Emily JaneF188130ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMillie FrancisF188526ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRichard ErnestM188922ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRobert JunrM189318ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GorgeM185952ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GeorgeM19029ExeterDevonshire
InstitutionSercombeEmily MaudF188823ExeterDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElizabeth HelenF189318KingsbridgeDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrancis JohnM189615KingsbridgeDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorge HenryM189813KingsbridgeDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHelen MariaF185457KingsbridgeDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohn BeerM186150KingsbridgeDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAlfredM190011Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAmelia E CF188229Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeArthur BirdM188526Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeBeatrice MaudF188031Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCharlesM19092Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCharles AM187041Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeClarenceM19113mNewton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeDonald JohnM19074Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeDorothyF19065Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEmily CF186149Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrancesF186150Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHarryM186150Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHettyF186942Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHettyF189318Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaryF186150Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMildred EllaF188427Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeSarah AnnF184665Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeVioletF189714Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM187734Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM19038Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GM188229Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam JohnM188922Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWinifredF190110Newton AbbotDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCaroline MaryF189615OkehamptonDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederick JM189417PlymouthDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJessie FF189219PlymouthDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMary AnnF183378PlymouthDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam AM19083PlymouthDevonshire
HouseholdSurcombeMary GraceF186447PlymouthDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAliceF188229Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAnnieF19029Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCF186942Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCarolineF184962Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCharlesM187140Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeClarenceM19074Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCyrilM19029Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCyrilM19029Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeDorothyF19104mPlympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeE C A HM184269Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdithF187536Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdithF19047Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElias JohnM187041Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElizaF186843Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElizabethF186051Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElizabethF183972Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEllenM182982Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEmilyF189021Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEmmaF187338Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeErnest JohnM19038Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeErnest RobertM187932Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEthelF189615Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEvelyn OliveF19074Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrancis JohnM186447Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederick ArtherM19056Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHarriett EmmaF186645Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHarryM19112mPlympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHelen ElizabethF19074Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHenryM184170Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHenryM186843Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJane AnnF185358Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM186150Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM188130Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM19065Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLauraF189021Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLaura AnnieF188130Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLilianF189714Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMabelF188328Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMabelF19074Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMajorM189714Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaryF189417Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaryF184269Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaryF19083Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMary LouisaF188031Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaudF188823Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeOliveF189318Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRichardM185061Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRichard HenryM188328Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRobertM189417Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRoyM19101Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeS AF185952Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeSamuelM183774Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeStanleyM19092Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeSusan AnnF186447Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeTrobridgeM187338Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWM187041Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilfredM190011Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilfredM189417Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM184665Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM188724Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM189219Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM19101Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam JohnM19065Plympton St MaryDevonshire
InstitutionSercombeBathshebaF187239Plympton St MaryDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJamesM188427South MoltonDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAdaF188625St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAdaF19083St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAgnes LilyF187338St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAlbertM190011St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAlfred RossM19038St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAliceF187338St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAlice ElizabethF190110St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAlice Frances MaryF187635St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAmeliaF187932St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAnnaF187932St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAnna MariaF185259St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeAnnieF187833St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeArthur JohnM189912St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeBeatrice AliceF19092St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeBeatrice MaryF19056St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeBeatrice SusanF187932St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeBertieM19065St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeBessieF186546St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeBessie EvelynF19101St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeBessie M CF187140St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCecil FrankM19083St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCharlesM189714St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCharlesM186942St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeConstance MayF19092St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCorneliusM187140St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeDaisy AliceF19047St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeDennisM189120St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeDoris AmeliaF19047St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeDorothy MayF189714St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdithF189417St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdithF189912St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdithF187635St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdith ElizabethF19038St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdith EllenF189813St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdith EmilyF189219St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEdith RuthF19074St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEglonM189516St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEileen AliceF19047St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEliasM188130St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElizabethF184665St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEllenF186348St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEllenF188427St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEllenF185952St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEllen LouiseF188823St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElsieF189714St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElsieF189516St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeElsie MayF19029St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEmilyF186546St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEmilyF190110St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEmilyF186843St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEmily MaudF187140St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEmma JaneF185754St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeErnest HenryM189417St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEstherF19111mSt ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEva MaryF19056St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFM186249St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFlorenceF19056St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFlorence MaryF189714St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFlorence MayF19065St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFlorence RoseF19101St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrancesF19065St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrankM185853St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrankM186645St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrankM186546St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFredM188031St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederickM187338St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederick EdwinM189615St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederick GregoryM187239St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederick JamesM190011St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFredrickM185952St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFredrickM188417St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorgeM184566St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorgeM186447St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorgeM187635St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorgeM19074St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorge EdwardM186645St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorgina VioletF19092St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGladysF19092St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHarold GeorgeM190011St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHarry LewisM188031St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHenryM185160St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHenry JamesM185160St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHerbertM189813St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeHilda CharlotteF19065St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeIdaF19047St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeIreneF19038St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeIvyF189714St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeIvy EllenF19101St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJamesM186645St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJamesM19083St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJaneF183972St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJaneF187635St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJessieF186942St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJessie MaudF19029St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM188130St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM189219St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM183279St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM184467St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM185754St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM19065St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM185160St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJohnM183972St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJosephM185754St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJosephM185358St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeJosephM188823St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeKateF186843St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeKate MaryF19029St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeKathleen MaryF190011St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLeahF189417St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLeslieM19074St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLilyF189813St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLouisaF186843St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLouisaF185259St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeLouisaF185061St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMadeline EugenieF189318St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMargaret RuthF19092St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMarjorie MavisF189813St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaryF19101St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaryF184665St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaryF183675St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaryF187041St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMary AnnF184962St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMary AnnF185952St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMary ElizabethF185556St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMary JaneF185259St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMaud MaryF187932St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeMildredF190011St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeNellieF189912St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeOlive IreneF19029St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombePercival SamuelM188526St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombePercyM189318St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombePhyllis MarieF19029St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombePhylissF19092St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombePhyllis MargaretF19038St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRedginald WalterM189912St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeReginaldM189813St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeReginaldM189714St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeReginald JohnM188922St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRosieF187734St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeRuthF189516St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeSamuelM185754St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeSarahF184665St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeSarahF182784St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeSidneyM188922St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeSidney JosephM19038St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeStanlyM19047St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeStanley JosephM19092St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeStanley ReubenM19074St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeThomasM189516St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeVictorM19092St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilfredM187833St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilfred CliffordM19065St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilfrid HenryM19047St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM19074St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM186348St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM188922St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM184467St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM185259St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM189318St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM185556St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM184863St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM184863St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam BakerM188229St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GM188130St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GeorgeM19074St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GeorgeM19038St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam HenryM19056St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWinifred AnnieF190110St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWinnifrede Mary ElsieF19038St ThomasDevonshire
InstitutionSercombeEF187041St ThomasDevonshire
InstitutionSercombeFrederickM190011St ThomasDevonshire
InstitutionSercombeLenaF188823St ThomasDevonshire
InstitutionSercombeMary JanieF188526St ThomasDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeArthur JohnM19074TivertonDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGladys MabelF19109mTivertonDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam JamesM19092TivertonDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam JohnM188427TivertonDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam FredM188328TorringtonDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeCharles GeorgeM189714TotnesDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeFlorence AnnieF187536TotnesDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorge HenryM187338TotnesDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam Frank StabbM19029TotnesDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GeorgeM187239TotnesDevonshire
HouseholdSercombeEllen MatildaF188328DorchesterDorsetshire
HouseholdSercombeMary AliceF188130DorchesterDorsetshire
HouseholdSercombeWalter MorrisonM187734DorchesterDorsetshire
HouseholdSercombeMargaret AnnF186843HartlepoolDurham
HouseholdSercombeElizabeth MaudF19065SedgefieldDurham
HouseholdSercombeJohn HinscliffeM19056SedgefieldDurham
HouseholdSercombeMary JaneF187635SedgefieldDurham
HouseholdSercombeRichard HeathM19047SedgefieldDurham
HouseholdSercombeWilliam HenryM187338SedgefieldDurham
InstitutionSercombeEdward John HeathM187041SedgefieldDurham
HouseholdSercombeElizabeth AF187932ChelmsfordEssex
HouseholdSercombeGladys EF19038ChelmsfordEssex
HouseholdSercombeWinnifred AnnieF189516OrsettEssex
HouseholdSercombeAnnaF19065West HamEssex
HouseholdSercombeCharlieM19083West HamEssex
HouseholdSercombeKathleenF188427West HamEssex
HouseholdSercombeMrsF188526West HamEssex
HouseholdSercombeWalterM19109mWest HamEssex
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM188229West HamEssex
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM187140West HamEssex
HouseholdSercombeSamuel JohnM185259CardiffGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeMary JaneF186150CardiffGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeClifford SamuelM190011CardiffGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeStanley JohnM190110CardiffGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeAnnie MayF189417NeathGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeErnest WilliamM189714NeathGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederick CharlesM19056NeathGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeJames AlbertM19074NeathGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeJohn MeredithM189516NeathGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeSamuel JasM186645NeathGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeDoris EmilyF19108mPontypriddGlamorganshire
HouseholdSercombeAlice GertrudeF19038BristolGloucestershire
HouseholdSercombeFrank HM189615BristolGloucestershire
HouseholdSercombeFranklin WmM19029BristolGloucestershire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam HyM188031BristolGloucestershire
HouseholdSircombeDoris MayF19074CheltenhamGloucestershire
HouseholdSircombeFlorence KateF188130CheltenhamGloucestershire
HouseholdSircombeFrederick AlbertM185556CheltenhamGloucestershire
HouseholdSircombeFrederick RichardM188031CheltenhamGloucestershire
HouseholdSircombeGladys Lorna MayF188130CheltenhamGloucestershire
HouseholdSircombeLizzie LouiseF189219CheltenhamGloucestershire
HouseholdSircombeMary AnnF185160TewkesburyGloucestershire
HouseholdSercombeHannah MaudeF187932BasingstokeHampshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam AlfredM187536BasingstokeHampshire
HouseholdSercombeAlice MaryF185853ChristchurchHampshire
HouseholdSercombeLily LouiseF188625Isle of WightHampshire
HouseholdSercombeMary AnnF182091PortsmouthHampshire
HouseholdSircomEdmund RalphM188229PortsmouthHampshire
HouseholdSircomViolet Eugenie DurantF188328PortsmouthHampshire
HouseholdSurcombeMary J KF183477PortsmouthHampshire
InstitutionSercombeJames ReginaldM189021PortsmouthHampshire
HouseholdSercombeBertie JohnM188526SouthamptonHampshire
HouseholdSercombeIvy FlorenceF189021SouthamptonHampshire
HouseholdSercombeLionel EdwardM19101SouthamptonHampshire
HouseholdSercombePercy ReginalM188823SouthamptonHampshire
HouseholdSercombeHoratio Walter EdwardM187536BromleyKent
HouseholdSercombeIvor HoraceM19092BromleyKent
HouseholdSercombeLouisa CarolineF187140BromleyKent
HouseholdSercombeFlorence MaryF19047MedwayKent
HouseholdSercombeHetty LousieF187437MedwayKent
HouseholdSercombeMonica Olga MaryF19083MedwayKent
HouseholdSercombeWilliam Paul ThomasM19101MedwayKent
HouseholdSercombeWilliam RichardM187239MedwayKent
HouseholdSircomHenry FurzeM185061Barton upon IrwellLancashire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam HaroldM189516BurnleyLancashire
HouseholdSercombeAlice MaudF188922ChorleyLancashire
HouseholdSercombeGeorge HenryM19109mChorltonLancashire
HouseholdSercombeMary AnnF188229ChorltonLancashire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam ArthurM19083ChorltonLancashire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GeorgeM188130ChorltonLancashire
HouseholdSercombeRichard JM188625Toxteth ParkLancashire
HouseholdSircomAgnesF185061West DerbyLancashire
HouseholdSircomFrancis AlanM19074West DerbyLancashire
HouseholdSircomGeoffreyM19092West DerbyLancashire
HouseholdSircomMartha EllenF187635West DerbyLancashire
HouseholdSircomSebastianM184467West DerbyLancashire
HouseholdSercombeBertha MayF19101LeicesterLeicestershire
HouseholdSercombeFlorence AnnieF19038LeicesterLeicestershire
HouseholdSercombeKate FlorenceF188229LeicesterLeicestershire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam BernardM19056LeicesterLeicestershire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam Henry BakerM187338LeicesterLeicestershire
HouseholdSercombeBerthaF187041Glanford BriggLincolnshire
HouseholdSercombeEllen BourneF182982Glanford BriggLincolnshire
HouseholdSercombeMaria LouiseF186843Glanford BriggLincolnshire
HouseholdSercombeEliza JaneF185853Bethnal GreenLondon
HouseholdSercombeJohnM186249Bethnal GreenLondon
HouseholdSercombeLillianF188328Bethnal GreenLondon
HouseholdSercombeFrederick CharlesM187734HackneyLondon
HouseholdSercombeWalter JM187338HackneyLondon
HouseholdSercombeThomas AlexanderM19074HampsteadLondon
HouseholdSercombeWilliam JM186546IslingtonLondon
HouseholdSercombeFlorence AliceF188823KensingtonLondon
HouseholdSercombeHenry JamesM186051KensingtonLondon
HouseholdSercombeJessie MayF188724KensingtonLondon
HouseholdSercombeWalter StanleyM188625KensingtonLondon
HouseholdSercombeArthur JamesM188625LambethLondon
HouseholdSercombeEmma LouisaF186051LambethLondon
HouseholdSercombeBernard GM189219LewishamLondon
HouseholdSercombeBlanche Ethel EugeneF188031LewishamLondon
HouseholdSercombeEllen Blanche MayF19083LewishamLondon
HouseholdSercombeEllen MaryF185061LewishamLondon
HouseholdSercombeFlora EF187140LewishamLondon
HouseholdSercombeHenry EdwardM188427LewishamLondon
HouseholdSercombeMatilda EleanorF185952LewishamLondon
HouseholdSercombeWilliam FrankM187932LewishamLondon
HouseholdSercombeAdelaide JuliaF186744ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeAdelaide JuliaF189318ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeAlfred JosephM189615ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeBeatrice E RM19065ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeJames AlfredM188427ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeJames JosephM19074ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeJoseph JamesM19101ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeJoseph JamesM188229ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeJulia Rose EF189912ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeRose AliceF188328ShoreditchLondon
HouseholdSercombeElizaF184467St MaryleboneLondon
HouseholdSercombeEmma AnnF184566StrandLondon
HouseholdSercombeGeorge BulfordM184269StrandLondon
HouseholdSercombeWilliam GeorgeM186942StrandLondon
HouseholdSercombeJohn GeorgeM185457WandsworthLondon
HouseholdSercombeMary ElizaF185358WandsworthLondon
HouseholdSercombeJane BurgeF183972CorwenMerionethshire
HouseholdSercombeArthur WilliamM188427EdmontonMiddlesex
HouseholdSurcombeJohn LyneM185952DockingNorfolk
HouseholdSercombeEdwin HubertM187734NorwichNorfolk
HouseholdSercombeEthel AnneF187734NorwichNorfolk
HouseholdSercombeFredrick HinsbeyM19101NorwichNorfolk
HouseholdSercombeEmily MaudF187338YarmouthNorfolk
HouseholdSercombeFrederick WilliamM187536YarmouthNorfolk
HouseholdSercombeRose EllenF183972YarmouthNorfolk
HouseholdSercombeLucyF188328Newcastle upon TyneNorthumberland
HouseholdSercomeWinnifred PookF189912Newcastle upon TyneNorthumberland
MilitarySercombeFrederickM188823 Overseas Military
MilitarySercombeHenryM189120 Overseas Military
MilitarySercombeMontagueM188922 Overseas Military
MilitarySercombeFrederick EM188625 Overseas Royal Navy
MilitarySercombeWilliam HM189219 Overseas Royal Navy
HouseholdSercombeDorothy KathleenF189714HaverfordwestPembrokeshire
HouseholdSercombeEdith MaudeF190011HaverfordwestPembrokeshire
HouseholdSercombeEvelyn OliveF189516HaverfordwestPembrokeshire
HouseholdSercombeFrederick GeorgeM190110HaverfordwestPembrokeshire
HouseholdSercombeHarold WilliamM19074HaverfordwestPembrokeshire
HouseholdSircombeSarah Mary MatildaF187239OswestryShropshire
HouseholdSercombePhoebe AliceF185556BathSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeEdith MaryF189120Long AshtonSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeGeorgina MaudF189120Long AshtonSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeSarah AnneF186645Long AshtonSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam Fredk.M189219Long AshtonSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam Geo.M185952Long AshtonSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeErnest JamesM188031YeovilSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeHelen LucyF189120YeovilSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeHenry JamesM185358YeovilSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeJane MaryF185259YeovilSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeKate MariaF188031YeovilSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeKathleen MarieF19056YeovilSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeRonald GeorgeM19083YeovilSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeWinifred CopeF188427YeovilSomersetshire
HouseholdSercombeAurther GeorgeM19038CroydonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeAthelstane CornforthM187140CroydonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeChristopher HerbertM188427CroydonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeElizabeth MargaretF188130CroydonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeFrank SydneyM19092CroydonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeHilda MayF19101CroydonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeMargaret RoseF19092CroydonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeSydney CharlesM188427CroydonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeEdgar HudsonM189615FarnhamSurrey
HouseholdSercombeEdgar JohnM186942FarnhamSurrey
HouseholdSercombeEthel FlorenceF19101FarnhamSurrey
HouseholdSercombeGeorge DavidM189813FarnhamSurrey
HouseholdSercombeLilian MargaretF19047FarnhamSurrey
HouseholdSercombeRose AnnieF187338FarnhamSurrey
HouseholdSercombeRose MaryF189516FarnhamSurrey
HouseholdSercombeSophia HelenF190110FarnhamSurrey
HouseholdSercombeEdith RebouldF189714KingstonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeFanny ElizabethF186051KingstonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeFanny ElizabethF185853KingstonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeFrederick JohnM188625KingstonSurrey
HouseholdSercombeFrederick ThomasM186249KingstonSurrey
HouseholdSurcombeHelena RuthF185259RichmondSurrey
HouseholdSercombeDaisy MaudF189813SteyningSussex
HouseholdSercombeEdmund JohnM189615SteyningSussex
HouseholdSercombeGladys AlicaF19083SteyningSussex
HouseholdSercombeIsabell MayF191011mSteyningSussex
HouseholdSercombeLilian LouisaF190110SteyningSussex
HouseholdSercombeViolet KathleenF19038SteyningSussex
HouseholdSircomMary FrancesF190110CoventryWarwickshire
HouseholdSercombeArthur AlfredM19074SolihullWarwickshire
HouseholdSercombeEdith BeatriceF19047SolihullWarwickshire
HouseholdSercombeEthel JoyF19112mSolihullWarwickshire
HouseholdSercombeGordon StanleyM19083SolihullWarwickshire
HouseholdSercombeWilliam EdwinM19038SolihullWarwickshire
HouseholdSircomEllenF186051Bradford on AvonWiltshire
HouseholdSercombeHellierF187833BeverleyYorkshire East Riding (with York)
HouseholdSercombeArthurM189615KeighleyYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeFrankM187437KeighleyYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeGladysF189912KeighleyYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeHannahF187635KeighleyYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeMary AnnF187833LeedsYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeWalterM19074LeedsYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeWilliamM19065LeedsYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSircomAnnieF186348North BierleyYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSircomElsie WinifredF188922North BierleyYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSircomFrancis R FM185754North BierleyYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSircomHarry InnerdaleM189318North BierleyYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeElizabethF189318SheffieldYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeErnestM188328SheffieldYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeHarriett AnnF186645SheffieldYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeRoseF188526SheffieldYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeEdithF189516WakefieldYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeGeorgeM189120WakefieldYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeGertrudeF189912WakefieldYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeHarrietF185655WakefieldYorkshire West Riding
HouseholdSercombeThomasM185754WakefieldYorkshire West Riding
InstitutionSercombeLilianF189714WakefieldYorkshire West Riding

1911 Berkshire

Newbury RD

60 Gloucester Road, Newbury (6 rooms)
RG14/6369, sched. 171
SERCOMBE  Herbert         Head  M  46y  Commercial Traveller (Woollen)  LND Bow
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann        Wife  M  50y  --- [22 3 2 1]                  BKM Buckingham
SERCOMBE  James Reginald  Son   S  21y  Musician                        ---
SERCOMBE  Alfred Herbert  Son   -  10y  School                          BRK Wokingham

Wallingford RD

16 Thames Street, Wallingford, Berkshire (4 rooms)
RG14/6517, sched. 96
SERCOMBE  Eliza            Head  W  56y  Laundress (own account, at home)   BRK Wallingford  [- 3 2 1 crossed out]
SERCOMBE  Emily Elizabeth  Dau   S  26y  Dressmaker (own account, at home)  MDX Enfield

1911 Cheshire

Bucklow RD

20 Abington Road, Brooklands, Cheshire (6 rooms)
RG14/21573, sched. 285
JACKSON  Elizabeth      Head  M  40y  Boarding House [20 1 1 0]          LAN Salford
JACKSON  Elsie May      Dau   S  18y  Dressmaker (own account, at home)  LAN Old Trafford
SIRCOM   John Cuthbert  Bord  S  30y  Manager - Boiler Insurance         GLS Bristol
LOWE     James C.       Bord  S  40y  Manager Engineer - Brass Foundry   LAN Liverpool

Northwich RD

Manor Cottage, Hartford (6 rooms)
RG14/21660, sched. 181
POWLES    Alfred Every  Head  S  48y  Architect - employer            CHS Hartford
SERCOMBE  Eleanor       Serv  S  44y  Working Housekeeper (Domestic)  Unknown

Stockport RD

No. 33 Lyme Grove, Romiley, Cheshire (5 rooms)
RG14/21347, sched. 329
SERCOMBE  William George   Head  M  54y  Engine Fitter - Injector Works  JSY St. Helliers
SERCOMBE  Minnie           Wife  M  35y  --- [14 6 5 1]                  CHS Bredbury
SERCOMBE  Fredrick George  Son   -  14y  School                          CHS Romiley
SERCOMBE  Harriett Nellie  Dau   -  11y  School                          CHS Romiley
SERCOMBE  Doris Annie      Dau   -  10y  School                          CHS Romiley
SERCOMBE  Leslie Auther    Son   -   7y  School                          CHS Romiley
SERCOMBE  William Claude   Son   -   1y                                  CHS Romiley

1911 Cornwall

Liskeard RD

Station, Menheniot (4 rooms)
RG14/13626, sched. 13
SERCOMBE  John         Head  W  51y  Stationmaster G.W.R.  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Esma Voilel  Dau   S  21y  ---                   DEV Ivybridge

Penzance RD

Greenfields, Marazion, Cornwall (10 rooms)
RG14/14049, sched. 139
ALCOCK    Evelyn Ethelreda  Head  W  44y  Private Means  LND Mayfair           [16 2 2 - crossed out]
ALCOCK    Elizabeth Audrey  Dau   -  12y  ---            BRK Ascot
HORN      Ada Florence      Serv  S  27y  Housemaid      LND St. Pancras
POULTER   Emily             Serv  S  35y  Cook           SFK Moulton
SERCOMBE  Alice             Serv  S  27y  Ladies Maid    CON Cardynham
HICKS     Elsie Caroline    Serv  S  25y  Parlourmaid    GLS Berkeley
2 Gurvas Street, Penzance (6 rooms)
RG14/14071, sched. 215
TIPPETT   Minnie          Head  M  30y  --- [12 4 3 1]  CON Tywardreath
TIPPETT   Samuel John     Son   -  11y  ---             CON Par
TIPPETT   Joseph Brynmor  Son   -   8y  ---             GLA Neith
TIPPETT   William George  Son   -   4y  ---             CON Penzance
SERCOMBE  James Arthur    Bord  -  24y  G W R Fireman   CON Bodmin
VINEY     Albert          Bord  -  28y  G W R Fireman   SOM Yatton

Redruth RD

Rectory, Camborne (16 rooms)
RG14/14000, sched. 307
HOOPER    George Brereton  Head  W  60y  Clerk in Holy Orders Church of England  MDX Harrow
RUTTER    Martha           Serv  S  44y  Cook                                    CON Herodsfoot
SERCOMBE  Hetty            Serv  S  20y  Housemaid                               CON Cardynham
JAMES     Selina           Serv  S  20y  Parlour maid                            CON Redruth
22 Penpol Terrace, Hayle, Cornwall (9 rooms)
RG14/14014, sched. 24
SERCOMBE  Elias      Head  M  59y  Manufacturer's Commission Agent  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Mary       Wife  M  59y  --- [36 9 8 1]                   CON St. Cleer
SERCOMBE  Mary Emma  Dau   S  21y  ---                              CON Cardinham
2 Sutter Villas, Hayle (6 rooms)
RG14/14014, sched. 60
TRESIDDER  Martin  Head  M  68y  Private Means   CON Stithians
TRESIDDER  Jane    Wife  M  65y  --- [42 5 5 -]  CON Carnmenellis
SERCOMBE   Evelyn  Dau   M  32y  --- [1 - - -]   U.S. of America (Resident) Brit Sub by parentage

St. Austell RD

Caerhays, Gorran (56 rooms)
RG14/13790, sched. 3
... John Charles WILLIAMS, his family, several visitors, and 19 servants, including the following:
SERCOMBE  William  Serv  M  71y  Waiter (domestic) [46 0 0 0]  DEV Shristow

1911 Devon

Barnstaple RD

Three Tuns, Barnstaple (5 rooms)
RG14/13317, sched. 63
SERCOMBE  Richard Thomas  Head  M  49y  Inn Keeper                    DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Selina          Wife  M  50y  Asst. in Business [23 2 2 -]  DEV Bishopnympton
WRIGHT    Lucy            Visi  S  55y  Farm Work (Dairy)             DEV Bishopnympton
22 Sunny Bank (5 rooms)
RG14/13321, sched. 160
SERCOMBE  George     Head  M  71y  Jobbing Gardener  Dunsford Exeter
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  Wife  M  64y  --- [39 12 6 6]   ---
SERCOMBE  Rhoda      Dau   S  34y  Butchers Clerk    St Peter's Barnstaple
   schedule completed by Rhoda May SERCOMBE

Bideford RD

Union Workhouse, Meddon Street, Bideford
RG14/13440, institution
... among numerous employees and inmates
SERCOMBE  Blanche  Inmt  W  51y  No Occupation  DEV Exeter

Crediton RD

Tree Farm, Woolsery, Morchard Bishop (9 rooms)
RG14/13174, sched. 28
BURROW    Frank              Head  M  52y  Farmer                       DEV Witheridge
BURROW    Mary Ann           Wife  M  57y  --- [18 3 3 0]               DEV Bradwick
BURROW    Charles Arthur     Son   S  17y  Farmers Son Working on Farm  DEV Woolsery East
BURROW    Courtenay Gibbons  Son   S  16y  Farmers Son Working on Farm  DEV Woolsery East
BURROW    Stafford Montague  Son   -  12y  School                       DEV Woolsery East
BURROW    Frank Hill         Neph  S  23y  Farmer                       DEV Woolsery East
SERCOMBE  Christian          Niec  W  31y  ---                          DEV Witheridge
ASH       Eva                Serv  S  20y  Domestic Servant             DEV Cruwys Morchard
Trobridge Barton, Crediton (9 rooms)
RG14/13190, sched. 54
SERCOMBE  William  Head  M  53y  Farmer                     DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE  Mary     Wife  M  54y  --- [22 3 3 0]             CON Linkinhorn
SERCOMBE  Arthur   Son   S  15y  Assisting in the Business  DEV Nogsland Holcombe Burnell
SERCOMBE  Minnie   Dau   S  12y  School                     DEV Nogsland Holcombe Burnell
WHITE     Olive    Niec  S  17y  Assistant - Dairy Work     DEV Bridford
Pagams, Sandford (4 rooms)
RG14/13201, sched. 42
SERCOMBE  Frank    Head  M  33y  Dairyman - Cow Keeper  DEV Dunsford       
SERCOMBE  Elen     Wife  M  30y  --- [9 4 4 -]          DEV Broadclyst
SERCOMBE  Lucy     Dau   -   9y  ---                    DEV Payhembury
SERCOMBE  Stanley  Son   -   6y  ---                    DEV Poughill
SERCOMBE  Alice    Dau   -   4y  ---                    DEV Poughill
SERCOMBE  George   Son   -   3m  ---                    DEV Sandford

Devonport RD

54 Cornwall Street (7 rooms)
RG14/13015, sched. 194
SERCOMBE  Charlotte  Wife  M  51y  Hotel Propri: [17 - - -]         Sidmouth, Sidford
GARNETT   Ethel      SDau  M  25y  Assisting in Business [4 0 - -]  DEV Plymouth
WEBSTER   Kathleen   Serv  S  27y  Barmaid                          Dublin
Royal Sailors Rest "Home for Sailors", Fore Street, Devonport
RG14/13026, institution
... one of 16 lodgers (all from the Royal Navy)
SERCOMBE  Fred  Lodg  M  48y  Chief P. Officer - Royal Navy  DEV Plymouth
12 Second Avenue, Camels Head (5 rooms)
RG14/13032, sched. 173
SERCOMBE  Bessie           Wife  M  37y  --- [9 2 2 -]  CON St Cleer
SERCOMBE  Winifred Bessie  Dau   -   8y  ---            CON St Cleer
SERCOMBE  William Morley   Son   -   1y  ---            Ford, Devonport
5 Valletort Place, Stoke Damerel (4 rooms)
RG14/13059, sched. 19
SURCOMBE  William  Head  S  64y  Shipsmith pensioner - Govt Dockyard  DEV Devonport
SURCOMBE  Emily    Sis   S  77y  Home                                 DEV Devonport
   schedule completed by Thomas DEVEREUX

Exeter RD

38 Longbrook Street, Exeter (9 roooms)
RG14/12669, sched. 30
PARSONS   Frederick George  Head  M  45y  Railway Clerk - L. & S.W. Ry.                             DOR Bradpole
PARSONS   Fanny Dorothy     Wife  M  47y  --- [25 7 7 -]                                            DEV Exeter
PARSONS   Edith Ellen       Dau   S  25y  ---                                                       DEV Heavitree
PARSONS   Selina Blanche    Dau   S  22y  ---                                                       DEV Exeter
PARSONS   William Adrain    Son   S  19y  Architects Clerk - Devon County Education Committee       DEV Heavitree
PARSONS   Ernest George     Son   S  17y  Architects Office Boy - Devon County Education Committee  DEV Heavitree
PARSONS   Beatrice Annie    Dau   S  15y  ---                                                       DEV Exeter
PARSONS   Elsie May         Dau   S  14y  ---                                                       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Richard Ernest    Bord  S  22y  G.P.O. Storesman                                          SRY Kingston on Thames
21 Howell Road, Exeter (10 roooms)
RG14/12669, sched. 167
ODDY      John       Head  M  78y  Inland Revenue Pensioner late Collector  YKS Halifax
ODDY      Mary       Wife  M  74y  --- [50 - - -]                           YKS Kanresbro'
SMITH     Mary Emma  Niec  S  38y  None                                     YKS Knaresbro'
ROCHFORD  Sarah      Serv  S  47y  Cook - Domestic                          STS Houghton
SERCOMBE  Florrie    Serv  S  21y  General Servant - Domestic               DEV Dunsford
18 Sidwell Street, Exeter (10 roooms)
RG14/12670, sched. 16
SERCOMBE  Emma      Head  W  68y  House Keeper [30 4 3 1]  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Ida Curl  Dau   M  38y  Drapery [15 2 2 -]       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Richard   GSon  -  11y  School                   DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Frank     GSon  -  10y  School                   DEV Exeter
62 Oxford Road, Exeter (7 roooms)
RG14/12670, sched. 350
FOOTE     Aubrey Reginald  Head  M  32y  Assistant Clerk to Guardians and Registrar of Marriages - Exeter Corporation of the Poor  DEV Exeter
FOOTE     Ada Mary         Wife  M  34y  --- [12 3 2 1]                                                                            DEV St. Thomas
FOOTE     Violet Audrey    Dau   -   7y  ---                                                                                       DEV Exeter
FOOTE     Albert Curme[?]  Son   -   1y  ---                                                                                       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Lilian Baker     SisL  S  25y  ---                                                                                       DEV St. Thomas
18 St. Sidwells Avenue, Exeter (4 roooms)
RG14/12670, sched. 416
COVENTON  Harry           Head  M  31y  Joiner - Church Furniture Manufacturer                    DEV Lympstone
COVENTON  Hannah          Wife  M  31y  --- [6 1 1 0]                                             SOM Stogumber
COVENTON  Eva Doris       Dau   -   5y  ---                                                       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Frederick John  Bord  S  16y  Apprentice Electrical Engineer - Devon & Exeter Hospital  DEV Exeter
11 Powderham Crescent, Exeter (9 roooms)
RG14/12671, sched. 10
BRICE     Rosa Mary      Head  W  70y  Private Means             DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Mary Jeanette  Sis   S  64y  Private Means             DEV Exeter
BREWER    Emma           Serv  S  56y  General Servant Domestic  DEV Morchard Bishop
11 Devonshire Place (9 roooms)
RG14/12671, sched. 324
SATCHELL  Ellen       Head  W  71y  Private means [42 3 2 1]  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Alice Rose  Dau   M  38y  Private means [5 0 - -]   DEV Exeter
3 Webb's Cottages, Belgrave Road, Exeter (2 roooms)
RG14/12674, sched. 138
BRADFORD  Amy     Head  W  55y  ---  [19 3 2 1]  DEV Exeter
BRADFORD  Amy     Dau   S  18y  Dressmaker       DEV Exeter
BRADFORD  Arthur  Son   -  13y  School           DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Arthur  GSon  -   6y  School           DEV Exeter
11 Belmont Road, Exeter (8 roooms)
RG14/12675, sched. 140
BARTLETT  Walter    Head  M  39y  Drapers Assistant      SOM Yetminster
BARTLETT  Annie     Wife  -  43y  --- [7 1 1 -]          DEV Crediton
BARTLETT  Bessie    Dau   -   5y  School                 DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Ellen     Serv  S  55y  Servant (Domestic)     DEV Dunsford
PARKER    Meredith  Bord  S  21y  Motor Driver (Garage)  NFK Norwich
Eastgate Coffee Tavern, Exeter (11 roooms)
RG14/12678, sched. 40
LASKEY      Eliza        Head  S  45y  Manageress, Coffe Tavern       DEV Exeter
LASKEY      Maria        Moth  W  83y  Living on Old Age Pension      DEV Witheridge
SERCOMBE    Ethel        Serv  S  19y  Waitress, Coffee Tavern        DEV Dunsford Exeter
LETHBRIDGE  Dora Grace   Serv  S  21y  Waitress, Coffee Tavern        DEV Heavitree Exeter
MARDON      Lily         Serv  S  21y  Waitress, Coffee Tavern        DEV Exeter
SIBSON      Edward John  Visi  M  48y  Civilian Outfitter [17 0 - -]  --- Portsmouth
39 Northernhay Street, Exeter (8 roooms)
RG14/12679, sched. 366
COULMAN     George     Head  W  46y  Stonemason [19 1 1 -]  DEV Torquay
COULMAN     Edith      Dau   S  19y  Tailoress              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Elizebeth  SisL  S  26y  Housekeeper            DEV Exeter
HUTCHINSON  Stanley    Bord  S  28y  Joiner (Wood)          YKS Northallerton
LARCOMBE    Ellen      Bord  S  27y  Machinist              SOM Chard
COPP        Richard    Bord  S  26y  Joiner (Wood)          SOM Woolverton
26 Bartholomew Street, East, Exeter (apartment, 7 roooms)
RG14/12682, sched. 87
SERCOMBE  William Gorge      Head  M  52y  Labourer - Builders                             DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Charlotte Prosser  Wife  M  47y  Home Worker (Clerk) - Wine Merchant  [24 5 3 2] DEV Hele or Bradninch
SERCOMBE  Mable              Dau   -  13y  School                                          DEV Cowick St. St Thomas
SERCOMBE  William George     Son   -   9y  School                                          DEV Cowick St. St Thomas
SERCOMBE  John Noah          Fath  W  82y  ---                                             DEV Cotley Dunsford
BAILLIE   Edith Vernon S.    Bord  S  48y  ---                                             London
4 King Street, Exeter (3 roooms)
RG14/12683, sched. 57
MATTHEWS  Walter      Head  M  63y  Labourer - all classes  [40 3 2 1]    DEV Budleigh Salterton  ["twice" written by "married"]
MATTHEWS  Larua       Wife  M  53y  Paper Sorter - Paper Mill [30 3 2 1]  DEV Reckford
SERCOMBE  Henry John  Son   S  27y  Labourer - all classes                DEV Exeter
City Arms, Exeter (10 roooms)
RG14/12683, sched. 107
JENNINGS  Emily    Head  W  43y  Inn Keeper [- 3 3 -]              SOM Bath
JENNINGS  Edith    Dau   S  19y  Milliner                          DEV Exeter
LOCKYER   Abert    Bord  S  35y  House Painter                     DEV Torquay
SERCOMBE  Harry    Bord  S  30y  Porter - China Shop               DEV Exeter
KERSWELL  William  Bord  S  44y  Cattle Drover (formerly a Mason)  DEV Exeter
10 Cottons Buildings, Mermaid Yard, Exeter (3 roooms)
RG14/12684, sched. 54
SERCOMBE  Francis            Head  M  25y  Miller - Brayta Co  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Gertrude Florence  Wife  M  21y  --- [<1 0 - -]      DEV Exeter
12 Grendons Buildings, Preston Street, Exeter (6 roooms)
RG14/12684, sched. 137
BERRY     John James      Head  W  36y  Baker (own account)  DEV Petrockstowe
BERRY     Elizabeth Ann   Aunt  W  62y  ---                  DEV Petrockstowe
BERRY     Evelyn Lillian  Dau   -  11y  School               DEV Exeter
BERRY     William John    Son   -   8y  School               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Ellen           Serv  S  23y  ---                  DEV Exeter
HEALE     Frank           Bord  S  21y  Baker (worker)       DEV Samford
8 Artizans Dwellings, Rack Street, Exeter (5 roooms)
RG14/12684, sched. 223
THORN     Thomas    Head  M  74y  Fitter (Engine) - General Engineers  DEV Exeter
THORN     Mary      Wife  M  52y  --- [34 11 8 3]                      DEV Exeter
THORN     William   Son   S  27y  General labourer - Candle Factory    DEV Exeter
THORN     Federick  Son   S  16y  Porter - Spirit Stores               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  John      Bord  S  50y  Wood Sawyer - Timber yard            DEV Dawlish
WOODLY    John      Bord  S  22y  Waggoner - Flour Mills               DEV Whimple
West of England Eye Infirmary, Magdalen Street, Exeter
RG14/12688, institution, sched. 7, p. 1
SERCOMBE  Emily Maud  Serv  S  23y  Housemaid - Hospital Service  DEV Heavitree
26 Magdalen Street, Exeter (7 roooms)
RG14/12688, sched. 48
SERCOMBE  Robert          Head  W  58y  Painter [- 12 9 3]   DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Mary Elizabeth  Dau   S  32y  Domestic             --- Exeter
SERCOMBE  Millie Francis  Dau   S  26y  Dressmaker           --- Exeter
SERCOMBE  Katie Louise    Dau   S  21y  Dressmaker           --- Exeter
SERCOMBE  Lucy            Dau   S  19y  Shop Assistant       --- Exeter
SERCOMBE  Robert Junr.    Son   S  18y  Painters Apprentice  --- Exeter
SERCOMBE  Carrie          Dau   S  16y  Aprentice Tailoring  --- Exeter
10 Temple Road, Larkbeare, Exeter (5 roooms)
RG14/12688, sched. 166
SERCOMBE  Harry Fred          Head  M  33y  Machine Ruler - Wholsale Stationery  --- St. Thomas, Exeter
SERCOMBE  Mildred Emily Jane  Wife  M  30y  --- [5 1 1 0]                        LND Limehouse
SERCOMBE  Doris Beatrice      Dau   -   4y  ---                                  --- St. Leonard, Exeter
ADKINS    Wilfred Henry       Bord  S  26y  Tent Making - Tent Contracting       WOR Malvern
34 St. Leonard Road (10 roooms)
RG14/12688, sched. 220
HUCKLEBRIDGE  Eliza J.  Head  S  65y  Private Means    DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE      Emily     ----  S  25y  Housekeeper      DEV Exminster
SERCOMBE      Mabel G.  ----  S  23y  Mental Nurse     DEV St. Marys Clyst
ANLEY         Fanny     ----  S  15y  General Servant  DEV Silverton
   [signed "Georgina Hucklebridge, 54 St. Leonard Rd. - For Eliza J. Hucklebridge, 34 St. Leonard Rd.]
21 St. Leonard Road, Exeter (13 roooms)
RG14/12689, sched. 8
CARTWRIGHT  John      Head  M  29y  Lieutenant in Army             SOM Butcombe
CARTWRIGHT  Isabel    Wife  M  26y  --- [1 1 1 -]                  India (British subject by parentage)
CARTWRIGHT  Arthur    Son   -   3m  ---                            DEV Exeter
CARTWRIGHT  Monica    Visi  S  25y  ---                            SOM Butcombe
PRIOR       Norah     Serv  S  27y  Cook (Domestic)                ESS Upminster
WHITE       Jessie    Serv  S  28y  House parlour maid (Domestic)  LND Pimlico
SERCOMBE    Florence  Serv  S  26y  Nurse (Domestic)               DEV Exeter
The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Southernhay, East, Exeter
RG14/12690, institution, p. 6
SERCOMBE  Walter  Ptnt  W  33y  House Painter  DEV Exeter

Honiton RD

Exonia, Church Street, Sidmouth (6 rooms)
RG14/12568, sched. 179
TUCKER    William  Head  M  47y  Caretaker & Lamplighter - Gas Company        DEV Torquay
TUCKER    Laura    Wife  M  44y  --- [24 6 3 3]                               DEV East Budleigh
TUCKER    Dorothy  Dau   S  20y  Telephone Operator - National Telephone Co.  DEV Torre Torquay
TUCKER    Elsie    Dau   -  15y  Tailoress Aprentice                          DEV Exeter
TUCKER    May      Dau   -  12y  School                                       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  John     WiFa  W  75y  Tailor Maker                                 DEV Exeter
Bec-en-trent(?), Sidmouth, Devon (9 rooms)
RG14/12569, sched. 96
BROWNING  Benjamin      Head  M  75y  Staff Surgeon Royal Navy retired  HAM Alverstoke
BROWNING  Mary Frances  Wife  M  73y  Nil [48 8 5 3]                    DEV Stoke Damerel
BROWNING  Kate Emma     Dau   S  45y  Nil                               DEV Stoke Damerel
SERCOMBE  Eliza         Serv  W  51y  Lady's Attendant [25 0 - -]       BDF Biggleswade
STONE     Laura         Serv  S  19y  Cook                              DEV Sidmouth
JESTY     Catherine     Serv  S  16y  Housemaid                         DOR Yetminster

Kingsbridge RD

Washwalk, Blackawton, Devon (9 rooms)
RG14/12859, sched. 19
SERCOMBE  John Beer        Head  M  50y  Farmer              DEV Harbertonford
SERCOMBE  Helen Maria      Wife  M  57y  At Home [19 4 4 0]  DEV Paignton
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth Helen  Dau   S  18y  At Home             DEV Blackawton
SERCOMBE  Myra             Dau   S  16y  At Home             DEV Blackawton
SERCOMBE  Francis John     Son   S  15y  Worker on Farm      DEV Blackawton
SERCOMBE  George Henry     Son   S  13y  Worker on Farm      DEV Blackawton
Barnsdale Farm, Blackawton, Devon (6 rooms)
RG14/12859, sched. 34
WILLIS    William         Head  M  31y  Farmer              DEV Totnes
WILLIS    Paulina         Wife  M  27y  --- [3 1 1 -]       DEV Southmolton
WILLIS    William George  Son   -   1y  ---                 DEV Blackawton
SERCOMBE  Eliza           Visi  S  50y  ---                 DEV Totnes
HILL      Sidney          Bord  S  25y  Farmer's Assistant  DEV Widdcombe Ashburton

Newton Abbot RD

Ringmore, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12696, sched. 83 16
SERCOMBE  Harry     Head  M  50y  Retired Farmer  DEV Starcross
SERCOMBE  Mary      Wife  M  50y  --- [26 2 2]    DEV Ringmore
SERCOMBE  Winifred  Dau   -  10y  ---             DEV Ringmore
Shaldon, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12696, sched. 38
SERCOMBE  Frances  Head  W  50y  Private Means [- 0 - -]  --- Broad Clyist
14 Whiteheather Terrace, Bovey Tracey, Devon (5 rooms)
RG14/12707, sched. 69
SERCOMBE  Arthur Bird  Head  M  26y  Harness Maker (Leather)  DEV Bovey Tracey
Cross Slade House, Bovey Tracey (6 rooms)
RG14/12708, sched. 107
SERCOMBE  Sarah Ann     Head  W  65y  General Stores (Small) - Grocer & Draper & a few odds. DEV Petrockstow
SERCOMBE  Mildred Ella  Dau   S  27y  Assistant                                              DEV Bovey Tracey
ROWE      Emma Amelia   Bord  S  65y  Independent (Private Means)                            DEV Feniton
FULFORD   Edward        Uncl  W  89y  Pensioner Old Age                                      DEV Abbotsham
   signed "AB Sercombe (for Mrs. S A Sercombe"
Pottery Lane, Chudleigh (5 rooms)
RG14/12710, sched. 40
WILLS     Sidney (Mr)   Head  M  36y  Farm Labourer        DEV Chudleigh
WILLS     Emma (Mrs)    Wife  M  37y  --- [14 9 6 3]       DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE  William John  Lodg  S  22y  Coachman (domestic)  DEV Dunsford
WILLS     Sydney        Son   -   9y  School               DEV Kingsteignton
WILLS     Bertha        Dau   -   7y  School               DEV Chudleigh
WILLS     William       Son   -   6y  School               DEV Chudleigh
WILLS     Harold        Son   -   3y  ---                  DEV Chudleigh
WILLS     Cicel         Son   -   1y  ---                  DEV Chudleigh
WILLS     Vera          Dau   -   9m  ---                  DEV Chudleigh
Whiddon Farm, Abbotskerswell (10 rooms)
RG14/12738, sched. 3
SERCOMBE      William        Head  M  34y  Farmer                      DEV Hennock
SERCOMBE      Beatrice Maud  Wife  M  31y  --- [2 0 - -]               DEV Denbury
BRIMBLECOMBE  Edward         Serv  S  26y  Horseman on Farm            DEV Abbotskerswell
PERRYMAN      Lily           Serv  S  24y  General Servant (Domestic)  DEV Torbryan
21 Torquay Road, Newton A. (6 rooms)
RG14/12754, sched. 242
SERCOMBE  Charles A.  Head  M  41y  Passenger Guard G. W. Rly. Co.  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Hetty       Wife  M  42y  --- [20 7 7]                    DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE  Hetty       Dau   S  18y  Shop Assistant (Drapery)        DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE  Violet      Dau   -  14y  ---                             DEV Newton A
SERCOMBE  Alfred      Son   -  11y  School                          DEV Newton A
SERCOMBE  William     Son   -   8y  ---                             DEV Newton A
SERCOMBE  Dorothy     Dau   -   5y  ---                             DEV Newton A
SERCOMBE  Charles     Son   -   2y  ---                             DEV Newton A
SERCOMBE  Clarence    Son   -   3m  ---                             DEV Newton A
4 Courtenay Road, Newton Abbot (8 rooms)
RG14/12756, sched. 320
CHURTON   Peter            Head  M  78y  Private Means               SRY Clapham
CHURTON   Catherine        Wife  M  76y  Private Means [37 1 1 0]    SRY Farncombe
CHURTON   Mabel Catherine  Dau   S  34y  Private Means               SRY Farncombe
SERCOMBE  Emily C.         Serv  S  49y  Sick Nurse (Domestic)       DEV Doddiscombsleigh
FRENCH    Emily            Serv  W  59y  General Servant (Domestic)  DEV Tedburn St. Mary
9 Kenwyn Road, Torquay (5 rooms)
RG14/12777, sched. 326
SERCOMBE  William G.   Head  M  29y  Postman - Post Office  DEV Torquay
SERCOMBE  Amelia E.C.  Wife  M  29y  --- [5 1 1 -]          DEV Torquay
SERCOMBE  Donald John  Son   S   4y  ---                    DEV Torquay

Okehampton RD

Buddlebrook, Bridestowe (7 rooms)
RG14/13145, sched. 44
SURCOMBE  John       Head  M  62y  Farmer own account [14 0 - -]  DEV Lydford    Brit Sub by Parentage
SURCOMBE  Elizabeth  Wife  M  58y  ---                            DEV Tavistock
CROSS     Florence   Serv  S  17y  General Servant                DEV Tavistock
Netherton, Drewsteignton, Devon (10 rooms)
RG14/13153, sched. 19
MIDDLETON  Percy Nowill            Head  M  40y  Retired Insurance Broker    YKS Sheffield
MIDDLETON  Helena Ethel Gwendolen  Wife  M  30y  --- [2 0 - -]               DEV Torquay
SERCOMBE   Caroline Mary           Serv  S  15y  General Servant (Domestic)  DEV Dunsford

Plymouth RD

21 Clifton Street, Plymouth (1 room)
RG14/12943, sched. 421
SERCOMBE  Emma  Wife  W  68y  Work - Home [48 1 1 -]  DEV Plympton St. Mary
THORN     Emma  Dau   S  46y  ---                     DEV Plympton St. Morice
4 Clifton Place (4 rooms)
RG14/12943, sched. 581
SERCOMBE  Robert   Head  M  34y  Signal Dept Fitter - Railway Co  DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE  Laura    Wife  M  31y  --- [7 2 2 0]                    DEV Paignton
SERCOMBE  Thomas   Son   -   5y  ---                              DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE  Dorothy  Dau   -   2y  ---                              DEV Plymouth
3 Sutherland Road (10 rooms)
RG14/12946, sched. 50
WESTAWAY  Elsie   Dau   S  24y  ---                       DEV Plymouth
WESTAWAY  Gladys  Dau   S  18y  ---                       DEV Stoke
WESTAWAY  Horace  Son   -  12y  School                    DEV Stoke
SERCOMBE  Emily   Serv  S  23y  General Servant Domestic  DEV Cornwood
Chaplins Yard, Commercial Street, Plymouth (3 rooms)
RG14/12960, sched. 126 197
SURCOMBE  Samuel      Head  M  56y  Horse Keeper - L.&S.W.R. Co. (Carriers)  DEV Bridestowe
SURCOMBE  Mary Grace  Wife  M  47y  --- [22 5 4 1]                           CON Looe
SURCOMBE  Samuel      Son   S  21y  Horse Driver - L.&S.W.R. Co. (Carriers)  --- Plymouth
SURCOMBE  Henry       Son   S  16y  Horse Driver - L.&S.W.R. Co. (Carriers)  --- Plymouth
SURCOMBE  Robert      Son   S  13y  Stable Work - L.&S.W.R. Co. (Carriers)   --- Plymouth
KITE      Henry       Bord  S  32y  Horse Driver - L.&S.W.R. Co. (Carriers)  DEV Bridestowe
15 Chaddlewood Avenue (3 rooms)
RG14/12968, sched. 233
SERCOMBE  Mary       Wife  M  70y  None [46 0 0 -]          DEV Teignmouth
RICHINGS  Elizabeth  Bord  W  35y  Nurse (Sick) [12 2 2 -]  DEV Plymouth
RICHINGS  Minnie     Bord  -   9y  ---                      DEV Plymouth
RICHINGS  Sissie     Bord  -   6y  ---                      DEV Plymouth
74 Union Street, Plymouth (9 room)
RG14/12982, sched. 274
FOX       Louisa    Head  W  76y  None [- 8 7 1]             DEV Ugborough
FOX       Alfred    Son   S  36y  Beerhouse Keeper           DEV Ugborough
LOVE      William   Visi  M  42y  Sailmaker - Royal Navy     ENG Bristol
LOVE      Mathilda  Visi  M  46y  --- [12 3 1 2]             DEV Ugborough
LOVE      Lucy      Visi  -  10y  ---                        DEV Ugborough
FOX       William   Visi  S  42y  Chief Stoker - Royal Navy  DEV Ugborough
SERCOMBE  Gertrude  Serv  S  25y  ---                        DEV Totnes
79 Cambridge Street, Plymouth (1 room)
RG14/12989, sched. 178
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann  Head  W  78y  Pensioner [58 11 4 7]  DEV Exeter
25 Princess Street, Plymouth (5 rooms)
RG14/12990, sched. 451
STONE     Elizabeth                    Moth  W  80y  No Occupation [41 4 - -]  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Maria                        Dau   W  52y  No Occupation [25 0 - -]  Guernsey
STONE     Ellen                        Dau   S  49y  No Occupation             DEV Chagford
STILLMAN  Frederick Howard Rutherford  Bord  S  26y  Woollen Warehouseman      WIL Trowbridge
48 Harwell Street, Plymouth (3 rooms)
RG14/12996, sched. 117
SERCOMBE  Frederick     Head  M  43y  Engine Fitter - Government  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Rose          Wife  M  40y  Housewife [20 11 7 4]       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Jessie F.     Dau   S  19y  Bookbinder                  --- Paddington
SERCOMBE  Frederick J.  Son   S  17y  Billposter                  --- Clifton Bristol
SERCOMBE  Winniefred    Dau   S  15y  School                      --- Clifton Bristol
SERCOMBE  Rose          Dau   S  11y  ---                         DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE  James         Son   S   7y  ---                         DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE  William A.    Son   S   3y  ---                         DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE  Ernest        Son   S   1y  ---                         DEV Plymouth
32 Russell Street, Plymouth (7 rooms)
RG14/13002, sched. 268
SERCOMBE  Lydia              Head       S  65y  Beer House Keeper  DEV Cornwood
QUEST     Reginald Horatio   Neph       M  34y  Manager Beerhouse  DEV Cornwood
QUEST     Alice Maud         Wife Niec  M  34y  --- [14 3 3 -]     DEV Plymouth
QUEST     Reginald Horation  Son  GNep  -  13y  School             DEV Plymouth
QUEST     Sydney John        Son  GNep  -   3y  ---                DEV Plymouth
QUEST     Hedley Archibald   Son  GNep  -   3y  ---                DEV Plymouth
ENDICOTT  Emily May          Serv       S  16y  Domestic Servant   DEV Plymouth

Plympton St Mary RD

Woodland Farm, Ivybridge (8 rooms)
RG14/12900, sched. 19
HORTON    T.       Head  S  73y  Farmer                      DEV Little Steart
HORTON    J.       Bro   S  62y  Farmer                      DEV Little Steart
SERCOMBE  W.       Neph  M  41y  Carpenter - Building Trade  DEV Lee Mill Plympton St. Mary
SERCOMBE  C.       Niec  M  42y  Housekeeper [12 1 1 0]      DEV Lee Mill Plympton St. Mary
SERCOMBE  Wilfred  GNep  -  11y  School                      DEV Bexhill
CLARKE    Mabel    Serv  S  22y  Servant (Domestic)          DEV Plymouth
   signed "W. Sercombe Thomas Horton"
Luson, Ermington (10 rooms)
RG14/12901, sched. 49
TOMS      N.J.M.        Head  M  48y  Farmer                         DEV Ermington
TOMS      Laura         Wife  M  39y  Farming [18 4 4 0]             DEV Ermington
TOMS      Maude         Dau   S  17y  ---                            DEV Ermington
TOMS      Kathleen      Dau   S  16y  ---                            DEV Ermington
TOMS      Joan M.       Dau   -  14y  School                         DEV Ermington
TOMS      N.J. Moysey   Son   -   6y  School                         DEV Ermington
BETTEY    A.A. [male]   Empl  S  19y  Farm Labourer Working on Farm  DEV Ermington
SERCOMBE  Major [male]  Empl  -  14y  Farm Labourer Working on Farm  DEV Ermington
   signed "N.J. Moysey Toms"
Cobhill, Ivybridge (6 rooms)
RG14/12901, sched. 75
SERCOMBE  E.C.A.H.  Head  M  69y  Stone Mason (Builder)  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  S.A.      Wife  M  52y  --- [22 8 5 3]         DEV Yealmpton
SERCOMBE  Laura     Dau   S  21y  ---                    DEV Yealmpton
SERCOMBE  William   Son   S  19y  Farm Labourer          DEV Yealmpton
SERCOMBE  Mary      Dau   S  17y  Domestic Servant       DEV Yealmpton
Brownstone, Yealmpton (10 rooms)
RG14/12905, sched. 119
ROGERS    Andrew    Head  M  29y  Farmer                    LND Paddington
ROGERS    Blanche   Wife  M  30y  --- [6 4 4 0]             DEV Plympton Langham(?)
ROGERS    Cecil     Son   S   3y  ---                       DEV Newton Ferrers
ROGERS    Albert    Son   S   2y  ---                       DEV Newton Ferrers
ROGERS    Gertrude  Dau   -   1y  ---                       DEV Newton Ferrers
SERCOMBE  Emily     Serv  S  21y  General Servant Domestic  DEV Lutton Cornwood
SKELLY    Gladys    Serv  S  15y  Nursemaid Domestic        DEV Lutton Cornwood
Torre, Yealmpton (6 rooms)
RG14/12905, sched. 151
SERCOMBE  William   Head  M  65y  Wheelwright     DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE  Caroline  Wife  M  62y  --- [42 8 6 2]  DEV Plymstock
Lyneham, Yealmpton, Devon (21 rooms)
RG14/12911, sched. 46
BASTARD   William Edmund Pollexfen  Head  M  46y  Private Means               DEV Yealmpton
BASTARD   Rosamond Isabel           Wife  M  44y  --- [20 5 5 0]              YKS Northowram
BASTARD   Rosamond Bridget          Dau   S  20y  ---                         DEV Tamerton Folliot
BASTARD   Petronel Jane             Dau   S  19y  ---                         DEV Tamerton Folliot
HARRIS    Sarah Ellen               Serv  S  36y  Cook (Domestic)             GLS Chippingdon Campden
DENYER    Sarah Jane                Serv  S  40y  Lady's Maid (Domestic)      SSX Petworth
YALESLEY  Doreathea Margery         Serv  S  21y  Parlourmaid (Domestic)      CON Pentewan(?)
BACHELOR  Ellen                     Serv  S  18y  Housemaid (Domestic)        GLS Chippingdon Campden
WILLS     Mahala                    Serv  S  18y  Kitchenmaid (Domestic)      DEV Kelly
SERCOMBE  Ethel                     Serv  S  15y  Under Housemaid (Domestic)  DEV Cornwood
24 Market Street, Yealmpton (6 rooms)
RG14/12911, sched. 98
GOAD      Afred      Head  M  44y  Estate Carpenter          DEV Yealmpton
GOAD      Annie      Wife  M  45y  --- [17 1 1 0]            DEV Brent
GOAD      Gertrude   Dau   S  17y  Pupil Teacher             DEV Brixton
SERCOMBE  Samuel     FatL  W  74y  None (Old Age Pensioner)  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  SisL  S  51y  Dressmaker                DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Robert     Neph  S  17y  Carpenter (Apprentice)    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Annie      Niec  -   9y  School                    DEV Exminster
Venton, near Sparkwell, Devon (3 rooms)
RG14/12920, sched. 90
SERCOMBE  Ernest Robert  Head  M  32y  General Labourer  DEV Plympton St. Mary
SERCOMBE  Laura Annie    Wife  M  30y  --- [10 - - -]    DEV Ermington parish
Broomage, Cornwood, Ivybridge (3 rooms)
RG14/12921, sched. 32
SERCOMBE  Richard Henry  Head  M  28y  Clay Works Engine Driver  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Mabel          Wife  M  28y  --- [6 4 3 1]             DEV Dean Prior
SERCOMBE  William John   Son   -   5y  ---                       DEV Plympton St. Mary
SERCOMBE  Mabel          Dau   -   4y  ---                       DEV Plympton St. Mary
SERCOMBE  Stanley        Son   -   2y  ---                       DEV Plympton St. Mary
Broomage, Cornwood (6 rooms)
RG14/12933, sched. 7
SERCOMBE  Elias John        Head  M  41y  Brick Maker - Brick Works  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Emma              Wife  M  38y  --- [9 5 5 0]              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Ernest John       Son   -   8y  School                     DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Frederick Arther  Son   -   6y  School                     DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Evelyn Olive      Dau   -   4y  At Home                    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Helen Elizabeth   Dau   -   4y  At Home                    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Harry             Son   -   2m  At Home                    DEV Cornwood
Tinpark, Cornwood, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12933, sched. 9
SERCOMBE  Henry              Head  M  70y  Clay Labourer          DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth          Wife  M  72y  --- [50 8 5 3]         CON Lawhitton
SERCOMBE  William            Son   S  49y  --- (Clay)             DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Francis John       Son   M  47y  --- (Farm - Abroad)    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Henry              Son   S  43y  Farm Labourer          DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  (Evelina) Charles  Son   M  40y  --- [10 - - -] (Clay)  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Alice              Dau   S  29y  At Home, Dairy Work    DEV Cornwood
OSBORNE   Edward             Bord  S  40y  Clay Labourer          DEV Lifton
SERCOMBE  Cyril              GSon  -   9y  At School              DEV Cornwood
Quick Cottage, Cornwood, Devon (2 rooms)
RG14/12933, sched. 10
SERCOMBE  Charles   Head  M  40y  Clay Labourer   DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Edith     Wife  M  36y  --- [10 6 4 2]  DEV Buckfastleigh
SERCOMBE  Cyril     Son   -   9y  At School       --- ---
SERCOMBE  Edith     Dau   -   7y  At School       --- ---
SERCOMBE  Clarence  Son   -   4y  At School       --- ---
SERCOMBE  Roy       Son   -   1y  At Home         --- ---
Lutton, Cornwood, Devon (2 rooms)
RG14/12933, sched. 20
SERCOMBE  Mary  Head  W  69y  ---  DEV Cornwood
Lutton, Cornwood, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12933, sched. 26
SERCOMBE  Richard   Head  M  61y  Clay Labourer   DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Jane Ann  Wife  M  58y  --- [10 0 0 0]  CON Broadoak
SERCOMBE  Wilfred   Son   -  17y  ---             DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Lilian    Dau   -  14y  ---             DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  William   GSon  -   1y  ---             DEV Cornwood
Yondertown, Lutton, Cornwood, Devon (3 rooms)
RG14/12933, sched. 66
SERCOMBE  John         Head  M  30y  Clay Labourer  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Mary Louisa  Wife  M  31y  --- [4 1 1 0]  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Dorothy      Dau   -   4m  ---            DEV Cornwood
Woodburn Farm, Cornwood, Devon (7 rooms)
RG14/12934, sched. 33
SERCOMBE  John       Head  M  50y  Farmer             --- Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Susan Ann  Wife  M  47y  --- [23 3 1 2]     --- Plymouth
SERCOMBE  Ellen      ---   W  82y  ---                --- Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Olive      Dau   S  18y  ---                --- Cornwood
GLOVER    Violet     Niec  -  10y  ---                --- Cornwood
ROBERTS   Annie      Niec  M  22y  --- [<1 - - -]     --- Cornwood
ROBERTS   Percey     Neph  M  22y  Horse Man on Farm  --- Cornwood
NICHOLLS  George     Serv  S  18y  Cow Man            --- Plympton
SKELLEY   Amelia     Visi  M  56y  --- [34 4 - 1]     --- Cornwood
Cornwood nr. Ivybridge, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12935, sched. 20
SERCOMBE  Trobridge  Head  M  38y  Clay Labourer  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Eliza      Wife  M  43y  --- [8 2 2 0]  DEV Dunkeswell
SERCOMBE  John       Son   -   5y  ---            DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Mary       Dau   -   3y  ---            DEV Cornwood
Lee Moor, Roborough, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12937, sched. 31
SERCOMBE  William  Head  M  24y  Clay Labourer (China Clay Works)  DEV Lee Moor Shaugh
SERCOMBE  Maud     Wife  M  23y  --- [2 0 - -]                     DEV Lee Moor Shaugh
Lee Moor, Roborough, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12937, sched. 53
SERCOMBE  Francis John   Head  M  47y  Clay Labourer (China Clay Works)  DEV Lee Moor Shaugh
SERCOMBE  Harriett Emma  Wife  M  45y  --- [25 2 1 1]                    DEV Lee Moor Shaugh
Casual Wards, Workhouse Infirmary, Plympton St. Mary
RG14/12938, institution, p. 6
SERCOMBE  Bathsheba  Inmt  W  39y  ---  DEV Plymstock

St Thomas RD

16 Morton Road, Exmouth, Devon (9 rooms)
RG14/12572, sched. 304
HINE      Mary Ann       Head  W  87y  Private Means [67 6 2 4]    LND Hanover Square
HINE      Elizabeth Ann  Dau   S  56y  Private Means               DEV Exmouth
HINE      Mary Ann       Dau   S  46y  Private Means               DEV Exmouth
SERCOMBE  Ada            Serv  S  25y  General Servant (Domestic)  DEV Dunsford Nr. Exeter
Clyst St. Mary (7 rooms)
RG14/12600, sched. 26
LETHEREN  James      Head  M  39y  Butcher              DEV Exeter
LETHEREN  Elizabeth  Wife  M  37y  --- [6 1 1 -]        DEV Clyst St. Mary
LETHEREN  Arthur     Son   -   2y  ---                  DEV Clyst St. Mary
SERCOMBE  Thomas     Asst  S  16y  Butcher's Assistant  DEV Clyst St. Mary
   signed Walter James Letheren
Fore Street, Topsham, Devon (6 rooms)
RG14/12601, sched. 131
MARSHALL  Samuel         Head  M  30y  Master Baker & Confectioner  DEV Frithelstock
MARSHALL  Gertrude       Wife  M  27y  Assists in Shop [4 0 - -]    DOR Pulham
SERCOMBE  Reginald John  Asst  S  22y  Bread Baker                  DEV St Thomass Exeter
BRIGHT    James          Asst  S  19y  Bread Baker                  DEV Dolton
10 Greatwood Terrace, Topsham (4 rooms)
RG14/12603, sched. 73
SERCOMBE  Joseph    Head  M  54y  Asylum Attendant [20 5 5 -]  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Emily     Wife  M  46y  --- [20 - - -]               DEV Exminster
SERCOMBE  Reginald  Son   S  13y  School                       DEV Clyst St Mary
85 Ladysmith Road, Heavitree, Exeter (5 rooms)
RG14/12608, sched. 204
EVANS     Bertha Louise        Wife  M  33y  House Duties [6 2 2 -]   DEV Exminster
EVANS     George Frederick     Son   S   5y  ---                      DEV Exeter
EVANS     Thomas John Charles  Son   S   2y  ---                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Emily Maud           Sis   M  40y  House Duties [11 0 - -]  DEV Countess Weir
   [signed "Ernest Charles Evans"]
32 Regents Square, Heavitree, Exeter (4 rooms)
RG14/12611, sched. 32
GRAY      Ellen   Head  M  47y  General Servant Charing [5 - - -]  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Nellie  Dau   S  12y  School                             DEV Heavitree
Ship Inn, Heavitree, Exeter (9 rooms)
RG14/12612, sched. 1
COMPODONICO  Ellen   Head  W  42y  Licensed Victualler            DEV Dawlish
SERCOMBE     Lily    Visi  -  13y  ---                            DEV Exminster
HOWELL       Arthur  Bord  S  32y  Clerk Telegraph - Post Office  KEN Dover
Wonford House Lunatic Hospital, Heavitree, Devon
RG14/12630, institution, p. 2
SERCOMBE  Mary Janie  Serv  S  26y  Lunatic Hospital Nurse  DEV Dunsford
Pole House Cottage, Alphington (3 rooms)
RG14/12631, sched. 53
SERCOMBE  John     Head  M  30y  Horseman on Farm  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Anna     Wife  M  32y  --- [6 2 2 -]     DEV Alphington
SERCOMBE  William  Son   -   4y  ---               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Phyliss  Dau   -   2y  ---               DEV Exeter
   [signed "Francis John Sercombe"]
Bridford (3 rooms)
RG14/12634, sched. 29
SERCOMBE  William  Head  M  48y  Farm Labourer   DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Jessie   Wife  M  42y  --- [19 8 6 2]  DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Edith    Dau   S  17y  Helper at Home  DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Charles  Son   S  14y  Work at Home    DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Stanly   Son   -   7y  School          DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Gladys   Dau   -   2y  ---             DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Esther   Dau   -   1m  ---             DEV Bridford
Venn Farm, Bridford, Dunsford, Exeter (8 rooms)
RG14/12634, sched. 37
SERCOMBE    Joseph    Head  M  58y  Farmer                             DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE    Mary Ann  Wife  M  62y  --- [37 14 10 4]                   DEV Barnstaple
SERCOMBE    Joseph    Son   S  23y  Potato Merchant                    DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    William   Son   S  22y  Farmer's Son Working on Farm       DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    John      Son   S  19y  Farmer's Son Working on Farm       DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Percy     Son   S  18y  Farmer's Son Working on Farm       DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Ruth      Dau   S  16y  Farmer's Daughter Working on Farm  DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SMALLRIDGE  Donald    GSon  -   1y  ---                                DEV Dunchideock
TONKIN      Arthur    Serv  S  17y  Shepherd on Farm                   DEV Dunsford
Lowley Farm, Doddiscombsleigh Nr. Exeter (9 rooms)
RG14/12636, sched. 26
SERCOMBE  James    Head  M  45y  Farmer                       DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Kate     Wife  M  43y  --- [21 12 12 0]             SSX Hastings
SERCOMBE  Dennis   Son   S  20y  Farmers Son Working on Farm  DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Leah     Dau   S  17y  Farmers Daughter Dairy Work  DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Eglon    Son   S  16y  ---                          DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Elsie    Dau   -  14y  ---                          DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Herbert  Son   -  13y  School                       DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Emily    Dau   -  10y  School                       DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Ida      Dau   -   7y  ---                          DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Frances  Dau   -   5y  ---                          DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  James    Son   -   3y  ---                          DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Mary     Dau   -   1y  ---                          DEV Doddiscombsleigh
East Steps, Dunsford (8 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 11
SERCOMBE  F.                Head  M  49y  Farm Labourer                  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Ellen             Wife  M  48y  --- [28 12 11 1]               DEV Cheriton Bp.
SERCOMBE  Ellen Louise      Dau   S  23y  General Servant - Sleeps Home  DEV Cheriton Bp.
SERCOMBE  Edith Emily       Dau   S  19y  General Servant - Sleeps Home  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Ernest Henry      Son   S  17y  Groom Gardener                 DEV Powderham
SERCOMBE  Redginald Walter  Son   -  12y  School                         DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Kate Mary         Dau   -   9y  ---                            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Sidney Joseph     Son   -   8y  ---                            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Daisy Alice       Dau   -   7y  ---                            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Florence May      Dau   -   5y  ---                            DEV Dunsford
   [signed "Fred Sercombe"]
Glebe Cottage, Dunsford (3 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 12
BOND      Fred           Head  M  29y  General Laborour  DEV Dunsford
BOND      Susan          Wife  M  23y  --- [2 2 2 0]     DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Frank          FatL  W  53y  ---               DEV Dunsford
BOND      Jack           Son   -   2y  ---               DEV Dunsford
BOND      Walter George  Son   -   1m  ---               DEV Dunsford
Royal Oak, Dunsford (9 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 15
SERCOMBE  George       Head  W  66y  Licensed Victualler [- 3 1 2]                            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  John         Bro   W  79y  Old Age Pensioner Retired Licensed Victualler [- 3 0 3]  DEV Dunsford
WHITE     Eliza        SisL  S  65y  House Keeper for Brother in Law - Hotel                  CON Tywardreth
LASKEY    Louisa       Visi  S  14y  School                                                   DEV Drewsteignton
SERCOMBE  Reginald     Serv  S  14y  Cowboy on Farm - Farm                                    DEV Dunsford
TILK      John George  Serv  M  54y  Bar Assistant for Licensed Victualler                    DEV Sidford
Dymonds Cottage, Dunsford (4 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 17
SERCOMBE  Sarah            Head  W  65y  ---                      DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Percival Samuel  Son   S  26y  Carpenter (own account)  DEV Dunsford
Brownings Cottage, Britton Street, Dunsford Nr. Exeter (6 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 21
SERCOMBE  John    Head  M  67y  Farm Labourer   DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Mary    Wife  M  65y  --- [41 9 9 0]  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Alice   Dau   S  38y  ---             DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Fred    Son   S  31y  Farm Labourer   DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Sidney  Son   S  22y  Farm Labourer   DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Edith   GDau  -  12y  School          DEV Plymouth
Court Cottage, Dunsford, Devon (3 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 30
KEY       Alfred John     Head  M  35y  Postman - Post Office  DEV Exeter
KEY       Caroline        Wife  M  39y  --- [7 3 3 0]          DEV Dunsford
KEY       Alfred William  Son   -   6y  ---                    DEV Dunsford
KEY       Eva Caroline    Dau   -   4y  ---                    DEV Dunsford
KEY       George Henry    Son   -   1y  ---                    DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Frank           Bord  S  45y  Farm Labourer          DEV Dunsford
Court, Dunsford (5 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 32
SERCOMBE  Mary      Head  W  75y  Old Age Pensioner Charwoman [55 12 9 3]  DEV Dunford
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann  Dau   S  52y  Pensioner Lunatic Asylum Pensioner       DEV Harberton
Oak Cottage, Dunsford, Devon (5 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 34
KNAPMAN   George    Head  M  48y  Farm Labourer   DEV Bridford
KNAPMAN   Emily     Wife  M  43y  --- [18 5 5 0]  DEV Dunsford
KNAPMAN   William   Son   S  16y  Cowman          DEV Dunsford
KNAPMAN   Caroline  Dau   -  11y  ---             DEV Dunsford
KNAPMAN   Ivy       Dau   -   9y  ---             DEV Dunsford
KNAPMAN   Daisy     Dau   -   6y  ---             DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Fredrick  Bord  S  52y  Farm Labourer   DEV Dunsford
SEWARD    Anna      Bord  S  80y  ---             DEV Dunsford
Lower Upperton, Dunsford Nr. Exeter (4 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 55
SERCOMBE  George           Head  M  47y  Farm Labourer           DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Mary             Wife  M  41y  --- [19 8 8 -]          DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE  Edith Ellen      Dau   -  13y  Assisting in Housework  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Frederick James  Son   -  11y  School                  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Elsie May        Dau   -   9y  ---                     DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Wilfrid Henry    Son   -   7y  ---                     DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Hilda Charlotte  Dau   -   5y  ---                     DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Stanley Joseph   Son   -   2y  ---                     DEV Dunsford
Fulford Cottage, Dunsford (4 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 64
SERCOMBE  William  Head  M  67y  Gardener Domestic [12 - - -]  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Jane     Wife  M  72y  ---                           DEV Chudleigh
Camsland Lodge, Dunsford, nr. Exeter (3 rooms)
RG14/12637, sched. 66
SERCOMBE  Cornelius       Head  M  40y  General Labourer  CON ---
SERCOMBE  Maud Mary       Wife  M  32y  --- [9 4 4 0]     DEV Coldridge
SERCOMBE  Alfred Ross     Son   -   8y  ---               DEV Whitestone Exeter
SERCOMBE  Beatrice Mary   Dau   -   6y  ---               DEV Whitestone Exeter
SERCOMBE  William George  Son   -   4y  ---               DEV Whitestone Exeter
SERCOMBE  Bessie Evelyn   Dau   -   1y  ---               DEV Dunsford Exeter
Meadhay, Dunsford (10 rooms)
RG14/12638, sched. 1
SERCOMBE   George Edward       Head  M  45y  Farmer                 DEV Newton Abbot
SERCOMBE   Alice Frances Mary  Wife  M  35y  Dairy Work [14 5 5 -]  SOM Bath
SERCOMBE   Marjorie Mavis      Dau   S  13y  School                 DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE   Kathleen Mary       Dau   -  11y  School                 DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE   Phyllis Marie       Dau   -   9y  School                 DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE   Eileen Alice        Dau   -   7y  School                 DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE   Georgina Violet     Dau   -   2y  ---                    DEV Modbury
---        Emily Millicent     ---   -   --  ---                    --- ---
PETHERICK  Wallace             Bord  M  53y  Surgeon                DEV Exeter
Harrowmoor, Dunsford Nr. Exeter (6 rooms)
RG14/12638, sched. 14
PARTRIDGE  Ann    Head  W  63y  Farmer [- 10 7 3]             DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE   Sarah  Moth  W  84y  ---                           DEV Bridford
PARTRIDGE  Mark   Son   S  29y  Farmer's Son Working on Farm  DEV Doddiscombsleigh
PARTRIDGE  Fred   Fred  S  22y  Farming                       DEV Bridford
Hole Gate, Dunsford, Devonshire (5 rooms)
RG14/12639, sched. 4
POWLESLAND  Frederick Js.      Head  M  40y  Farm Labourer   DEV Tedburn St. Mary
POWLESLAND  Lucy Ann           Wife  M  35y  --- [11 3 3 -]  DEV Moretonhampstead
POWLESLAND  Mark               Son   S  10y  School          DEV Dunsford
POWLESLAND  Edith Emily        Dau   S   8y  School          DEV Dunsford
POWLESLAND  Frederick William  Son   -   5y  School          DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    John               Bord  S  54y  Farm Labourer   DEV Dunsford
   [signed "Frederick James Powlesland"]
Warnscombe, Dunsford, Exeter (6 rooms)
RG14/12639, sched. 12
SERCOMBE  Samuel   Head  M  54y  Farm Labourer       DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Louisa   Wife  M  43y  --- [26 13 12 1]    DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Elsie    Dau   S  16y  Housemaid Domestic  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Mildred  Dau   S  11y  School              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Albert   Son   S  11y  School              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Irene    Dau   S   8y  School              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  John     Son   S   5y  School              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Victor   Son   S   2y  School              DEV Dunsford
Warnscombe, Dunsford, Exeter (3 rooms)
RG14/12639, sched. 17
SERCOMBE  William  Head  M  59y  Farm Labourer         DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Louisa   Wife  M  59y  Laundress [36 3 0 3]  DOR Blandford
Hill Farm, Holcombe Burnell, Devon (6 rooms)
RG14/12640, sched. 19
WEDLAKE   Elizabeth        Head  W  67y  Dairy Work                DEV Bridford
WEDLAKE   John             Son   S  44y  Farm Labourer             DEV Dunsford
WEDLAKE   Ellen            Dau   S  42y  Dairy Work                DEV Dunsford
WEDLAKE   Frank            Son   S  33y  Farm Labourer             DEV Holcombe Burnell
WEDLAKE   Georgina         Dau   S  25y  General Servant Domestic  DEV Holcombe Burnell
SERCOMBE  Alice Elizabeth  Niec  -  10y  School                    LND Hornsey
SERCOMBE  Cecil Frank      Neph  -   3y  ---                       LND Hornsey
Culver House, [Holcombe Burnell,] Exeter (38 rooms)
RG14/12640, sched. 20
... [the Edward BYROM family, a cousin, 13 servants, and a visitor]
SERCOMBE  Jane  W  35y  Housemaid [8 4 2 2]  DEV Dunsford
Lees Cottage, Ide (3 rooms)
RG14/12641, sched. 62
HORSHAM   William    Head  M  62y  Labourer (Cattle Man) - Farmer   DEV North Bovey 
HORSHAM   Elizabeth  Wife  M  63y  --- [40 14 9 5]                  DEV Tavistock
SERCOMBE  Fredrick   Neph  S  17y  General Labourer - Grocer Shop   DEV Dunsford
HORSHAM   William    Son   S  36y  General Labourer - Timber Wharf  DEV Dunsford
HORSHAM   Ethel      Dau   S  25y  General Servant                  DEV Dunsford
HORSHAM   Phoebe     Dau   S  30y  General Servant                  DEV Dunsford
Grocer, Ide, near Exeter (6 rooms)
RG14/12641, sched. 66
YENDELL   Mary Jane         Head  W  66y  Grocer                         DEV Ide
SERCOMBE  Charles           SonL  M  42y  Grocer's Assistant             DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Agnes Lily        Dau   M  38y  Grocer's Assistant [21 2 2 0]  DEV Tedburn St. Mary
SERCOMBE  Madeline Eugenie  GDau  S  18y  Church Embroiderer             DEV Ide
SERCOMBE  Phyllis Margaret  GDau  S   8y  School                         DEV Ide
Tedburn St. Mary, Exeter (3 rooms)
RG14/12642, sched. 19
SERCOMBE  George          Head  M  35y  Waggoner on Farm  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Beatrice Susan  Wife  M  32y  --- [9 4 4 0]     DEV Exwick
SERCOMBE  William George  Son   -   8y  ---               DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Eva Mary        Dau   -   6y  ---               DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Edith Ruth      Dau   -   4y  ---               DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Beatrice Alice  Dau   -   2y  ---               DEV Tedburn St. Mary
Brook Farm, Tedburn St. Mary (8 rooms)
RG14/12643, sched. 42
TAYLOR    William            Head  M  61y  Farmer                       DEV Whitestone
TAYLOR    Ada Frances        Wife  M  51y  --- [31 12 12 -]             DEV Whitestone
TAYLOR    Walter George      Son   S  21y  Farmers Son Working on Farm  DEV Holcombe
TAYLOR    Florence Emily     Dau   S  19y  Farmers Daughter Dairy Work  DEV Holcombe Burnell
TAYLOR    William Henry      Son   S  15y  Farmers Son Working on Farm  DEV Holcombe Burnell
TAYLOR    James Frederick    Son   S  13y  School                       DEV Holcombe Burnell
TAYLOR    Bettrice(?) Hilda  Dau   S  10y  School                       DEV Holcombe Burnell
TAYLOR    Lena May           Dau   S   9y  ---                          DEV Holcombe Burnell
SERCOMBE  William            Serv  S  18y  Farm Labourer                DEV Dunsford
Great Woodhay, Whitestone, Exeter (8 rooms)
RG14/12644, sched. 58
SERCOMBE    Wilfred                Head  -  33y  Farmer          DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Bessie M.C.            Wife  M  40y  --- [9 3 3 -]   DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Winnifrede Mary Elsie  Dau   -   8y  ---             DEV Whitestone
SERCOMBE    Wilfred Clifford       Son   -   5y  ---             DEV Whitestone
SERCOMBE    Margaret Ruth          Dau   -   2y  ---             DEV Whitestone
CHURCHWARD  Eliza             Visi/MotL  W  63y  [- 12 9 3]      DEV Kenn
CHURCHWARD  Elsie C.          Visi/SisL  S  22y  ---             DEV Exeter
GIBBINGS    Percy William          Serv  -  13y  Farm House Boy  DEV Exeter
11 Cecil Road, St. Thomas, Exeter (4 rooms)
RG14/12646, sched. 88
SERCOMBE  William G.  Head  M  30y  Tobacco Presser - Tobacco Manufacturer  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Ellen       Wife  M  27y  --- [8 4 3 1]                           DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Florence    Dau   -   6y  School                                  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Bertie      Son   -   5y  School                                  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Ivy Ellen   Dau   -   1y  ---                                     DEV Exeter
35 Union Street, St. Thomas, Exeter (6 rooms)
RG14/12646, sched. 178
SERCOMBE  Frederick Gregory  Head  M  39y  Joiner House            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Emily              Wife  M  43y  --- [16 6 6 -]          DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Frederick Edwin    Son   S  15y  Apprentice to Joinerey  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Florence Mary      Dau   S  14y  Nursegirl               DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Arthur John        Son   -  12y  School                  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Jessie Maud        Dau   -   9y  ---                     DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  William Henry      Son   -   6y  ---                     DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  George             Son   -   4y  ---                     DEV Exeter
1 Fairfield Terrace, St. Thomas, Exeter, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12646, sched. 192
SERCOMBE  Henry       Head  M  60y  Gardener's Labourer - Market Gardener  DEV Whitestone
SERCOMBE  Anna Maria  Wife  M  59y  --- [32 2 2 -]                         DEV Whitestone
HARRIS    Edward      Bord  W  72y  Cabinet Maker                          CON Redruth
Cowick Barton, St. Thomas, Exeter (16 rooms)
RG14/12647, sched. 208
SERCOMBE  John                   Head  -  60y  Farmer                         DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Mary Elizabeth         Wife  M  56y  --- [38 4 2 2]                 DEV Exminster
BROOKS    Bessie                 Dau   M  36y  Farmers Daughter (Dairy Work)  DEV Hennock
BROOKS    William John Sercombe  GSon  -  11y  School                         DEV Crediton
BROOKS    Gladys                 Visi  -  10y  School                         DEV Seaton
JEFFERY   Amy                    Serv  S  22y  Farmer's Assistant (Dairy)     DEV Marldon
23 Courtney Road, St. Thomas, Exeter (5 rooms)
RG14/12649, sched. 72
SERCOMBE  Amelia          Wife  M  32y  --- [9 4 4 -]  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Olive Irene     Dau   -   9y  School         DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Doris Amelia    Dau   -   7y  School         DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Constance May   Dau   -   2y  ---            DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Stanley Reuben  Son   -   4y  School         DEV Exeter
   signed "William James Amelia Sercombe"
28 Courtenay Road, St. Thomas, Exeter, Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/12649, sched. 77
SERCOMBE  William    Head  M  56y  Tram Meter Man - Exeter City Council  DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE  Emma Jane  Wife  -  54y  --- [32 1 1 -]                        DEV Whitestone
DARCH     William    Lodg  W  35y  Gas Stoker - Exeter Gas Co            DEV Sampford Peverill
No. 1 Old Brewery Place, St. Thomas, Exeter (3 rooms)
RG14/12650, sched. 14
COCKRAM   Frederick  Head     M  41y  Timber Waggoner - Timber Merchant  DEV Exeter St. Thomas
COCKRAM   Eliza      Wife     M  48y  --- [15 0 - -]                     DEV Exeter St. Thomas
SERCOMBE  Ada        AdopDau  -   3y  ---                                DEV Exeter
BUNTELL   Lily       AdopDau  -   4y  ---                                DEV Exeter
8 Diamond Road, St. Thomas, Exeter (3 rooms)
RG14/12650, sched. 77
SERCOMBE  Harry Lewis    Head  M  31y  Laundry Carman - Laundry  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Rose           Wife  M  34y  --- [7 2 2 -]             DEV Arlington
SERCOMBE  Leslie         Son   -   4y  ---                       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Florence Rose  Dau   -   1y  ---                       DEV Exeter
5 Hampden Place, Alphington Road, Place, St. Thomas, Exeter (6 rooms)
RG14/12650, sched. 275
SERCOMBE  Henry James  Head     M  60y  Jobbing Builder - Employer  DEV Ide
SERCOMBE  Louisa       Wife     M  61y  --- [36 0 - -]              DEV Bradnich
SERCOMBE  Annie        AdopDau  S  33y  Music Teacher               DEV Exmouth
8 Cowick Street, Exeter (7 rooms)
RG14/12651, sched. 162
SERCOMBE  William        Head  M  63y  Basket Manufacturer (Employer)  DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Mary Jane      Wife  M  59y  --- [39 12 8 4]                 DEV Exmouth
STURGE    Alberta Emily  Dau   M  38y  --- [12 4 3 1]                  --- Exeter
SERCOMBE  William Baker  Son   S  29y  Basket Maker (Worker)           --- St. Thomas Exeter
SERCOMBE  Dorothy May    Dau   -  14y  School                          --- St. Thomas
SERCOMBE  Ivy            GDau  -  14y  School                          --- Plymouth
STURGE    Marjory        GDau  -  11y  School                          --- St. Davids Exeter
STURGE    Olive          GDau  -   3y  ---                             --- Transvaal S. Africa
3 Okehampton Place, St. Thomas, Exeter (5 rooms)
RG14/12653, sched. 2
SERCOMBE  Frank   Head  M  46y  Railway Clerk   DEV Exeter St. Davids
SERCOMBE  Bessie  Wife  M  46y  --- [24 - - -]  DEV Exeter St. Thomas
25 Buller Road, St. Thomas, Exeter (5 rooms)
RG14/12653, sched. 182
SERCOMBE  William   Head  M  63y  Candle Packer - Soap & Candle Works  DEV Ide
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth Wife  M  65y  --- [39 6 4 2]                       DEV Meshaw
14 Brunswick Street, St. Thomas, Exeter, Devon (5 rooms)
RG14/12654, sched. 272
SERCOMBE  Elias  Head  M  30y  Railway Engine Fireman  CON Bodmin
SERCOMBE  Ellen  Wife  M  52y  --- [5 - - -]           DEV Exeter
New Road, Starcross
RG14/12665, sched. 94
SERCOMBE  John             Head  W  72y  Basket Maker (Own Account)  DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Frederick        Son   M  38y  Basket Maker (Own Account)  DEV Starcross
SERCOMBE  Edith            SnWf  M  35y  --- [12 3 3 -]              DEV East Stonehouse
SERCOMBE  Harold George    GSon  -  11y  School                      DEV Starcross
SERCOMBE  Winifred Annie   GDau  -  10y  School                      DEV Starcross
SERCOMBE  Edith Elizabeth  GDau  -   8y  ---                         DEV Starcross
MARTIN    Reginald Frank   Visi  M  29y  Postman - G.P.O.            DEV Plymouth
MARTIN    Elsie            Visi  M  28y  --- [2 1 1 -]               DEV East Stonehouse
MARTIN    Arthur Reginald  Visi  -   2y  ---                         DEV Plymouth
Western Counties Asylum (Learning Institution for the Feeble Minded), Starcross, Devon
RG14/12667, institution, p. 9
SERCOMBE  Frederick  Inmt  S  11y  Student  --- Doddiscombsleigh
Devon County Lunatic Asylum, Exminster
RG14/12667, institution, pp. 1 & 39
SERCOMBE  Lena  Serv  S  23y  Asylum Laundry Maid       DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE  E.    Ptnt  S  41y  General Domestic Servant  Unknown

South Molton RD

39 Cooks Cross, South Molton (10 rooms)
RG14/13295, sched. 135
SOUTHCOMBE  Anne      Head  W  62y  Private Means                                                DEV Charles
SOUTHCOMBE  Emily     Dau   S  34y  ---                                                          DEV Barnstaple
SOUTHCOMBE  William   Son   S  27y  Law Clerk                                                    DEV Southmolton
SOUTHCOMBE  Charles   Son   S  26y  Corn & Coal Merchant's Assistant (Dealer)                    DEV Southmolton
SOUTHCOMBE  Reginald  Son   S  22y  Law Clerk                                                    DEV Southmolton
SOUTHCOMBE  Arthur    Son   S  20y  Electrical Engineer (Apprentice) Barnstaple Borough Council  DEV Southmolton
Mill More, Burrington, Chulmleigh (3 rooms)
RG14/13310, sched. 70
BOARD      William       Head  M  26y  Farm Labour        N.K.
BOARD      Bessie        Wife  M  24y  --- [5 2 2 0]      DEV Burrington
BOARD      Ethel         Dau   -   3y  ---                DEV Burrington
BOARD      William John  Son   -   1y  ---                DEV Burrington
DOWN       James         BroL  -  11y  School             DEV Burrington
SERCOMBE   James         Lodg  S  27y  Railway Extention  DEV Dunsford
DELBRIDGE  James         Lodg  S  50y  Railway Extention  DEV North Molton
DELBRIDGE  Philip        Lodg  S  52y  Railway Extention  DEV North Molton

Tiverton RD

Calverleigh, Tiverton (5 rooms)
RG14/13265, sched. 23
SERCOMBE  William John   Head  M  27y  Carter on Farm  DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE  Mabel          Wife  M  25y  --- [4 4 3 1]   DEV Cruwys Morchard
SERCOMBE  Arthur John    Son   -   4y  ---             DEV Cruwys Morchard
SERCOMBE  William James  Son   -   2y  ---             DEV Cruwys Morchard
SERCOMBE  Gladys Mabel   Dau   -   9m  ---             DEV Cruwys Morchard

Torrington RD

32 Mill Street, Torrington, Nth. Devon (4 rooms)
RG14/13426, sched. 19
BADCOCK   Fanny         Head  W  49y  Glove Making          Gt. Torrington Nth. Devon
BADCOCK   Katie         Dau   S  25y  Glove Making          LND Chelsea
SERCOMBE  William Fred  Visi  S  28y  Baker & Confectioner  DEV Cheriton Bishop

Totnes RD

Steartfield, Paignton, Devon (30 rooms)
RG14/12790, sched. 4
SINGER    Blanche E.  Head  M  45y  --- [23 1 - 1]                     DEV Shaldon
HOLT      E. Dorothy  (*)   S  26y  Private Secretary                  LND South Kensington
HEWINGS   George      Serv  S  26y  Footman (Domestic)                 DEV Ivybridge
NUNN      Agnes       Serv  M  39y  Lady's Maid (Domestic) [10 1 1 -]  DEV Torquay
NUNN      Dolly       (**)  -   9y  School                             DEV Dartmouth
BOWDEN    Bessie      Serv  S  47y  Housemaid (Domestic)               CON Southhill
WYATT     Frances     Serv  S  22y  Housemaid (Domestic)               GLS Shipton Oliffe
BOWDEN    Alice       Serv  S  20y  Housemaid (Domestic)               DEV Newton Abbot
TINCKHAM  Mary        Serv  S  54y  Cook (Domestic)                    DEV Staverton
SLADE     Caroline    Serv  S  21y  Kitchen Maid (Domestic)            DEV Marland
SERCOMBE  Henrietta   Serv  S  19y  Scullery Maid (Domestic)           DEV Exeter
   (*) Private Secretary
  (**) Daughter of above Servant
Mount Vernon, Totnes (9 rooms)
RG14/12828, sched. 81
SKYNNER   Charles Reginald  Head  M  36y  Biscuit Manufacturers Manager  London
SKYNNER   Frances Kate      Wife  M  38y  --- [18 4 3 1]                 DEV Torquay
SKYNNER   Kathleen Eugenie  Dau   S   4y  ---                            DEV Eastleigh
SKYNNER   Elvina            Moth  W  64y  Private Means                  London
WIPPELL   Jane              MotL  W  55y  Private Means                  DEV Exeter
WIPPELL   Florence Jane     SisL  S  39y  Private Means                  DEV Torquay
SERCOMBE  Ethel             Serv  S  19y  Domestic Servant               DEV Totnes
9 Coldharbour, Bridgetown, Totnes, Devon (3 rooms)
RG14/12828, sched. 101
SERCOMBE  George Henry         Head  M  38y  Packer (Jam and Bottled Fruits) - Jam Manufacture  DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE  Florence Annie       Wife  M  36y  --- [14 2 2 -]                                     DEV Berry Pomeroy
SERCOMBE  Charles George       Son   -  14y  Dairyman's Errand Boy                              DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE  William Frank Stabb  Son   -   9y  ---                                                DEV Totnes
53 High Street, Totnes (3 rooms)
RG14/12829, sched. 114
SERCOMBE    Jane     Head  W  58y  Charwoman [- 10 6 4]         DEV Brent
SERCOMBE    Thomas   Son   S  17y  Labourer to Cider Merchant   DEV Totnes
STAINES     Blanche  Dau   M  28y  --- [9 2 2 0]                DEV Totnes
STAINES     May      Dau   -   8y  School                       DEV Totnes
STAINES     Lily     Dau   -   3y  School                       DEV Totnes
CHURCHWARD  William  Lodg  W  68y  Gardener Jobbing             DEV Staverton
83 High Street, Totnes, Devon (9 rooms)
RG14/12829, sched. 128
HIGHAM    Richard Clement  Head  M  36y  Restaurant - own account             NTH Moreton Pinhay
HIGHAM    Hester Ann       Wife  M  35y  Assisting in the business [7 0 - -]  DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE  Helena           Serv  S  19y  General Servant (Domestic)           DEV Bridford
5 Argyle Terrace, Totnes, Devon (5 rooms)
RG14/12829, sched. 270
SERCOMBE  William George  Head  M  39y  Railway Signalman G.W.R. [11 - - -]  DEV Starcross
BOLT      Thomas          FatL  M  72y  Mason                                DEV Lower Shillingford
BOLT      Martha          Motl  M  72y  --- [42 6 3 3]                       DEV Pinhoe

1911 Dorset

Dorchester RD

5 Cedar Park Villas, Dorchester (4 rooms)
RG14/12383, sched. 41
SERCOMBE  Walter Morrison  Head  M  34y  House Furnisher - employer     SOM Taunton
SERCOMBE  Mary Alice       Wife  M  30y  Milliner - employer [3 0 - -]  SFK Wattisfield

Dorchester RD

Red House, Dorchester (13 rooms)
RG14/12386, sched. 332
GUNDRY     Joseph                      Head  M  43y  Private Means            DOR Bridport
GUNDRY     Olive Mary                  Wife  M  39y  --- [16 4 2 2]           LND Dover St., W.
GUNDRY     Joseph Charles Fitzherbert  Son   -   5y  ---                      DOR Weymouth
GUNDRY     Dorothy Alice Josephine     Dau   -   9y  ---                      DOR Bothenhampton
BRINT      Rose                        Serv  U  27y  Cook (Domestic)          HAM Romsey
WHITE      Edith Eliza                 Serv  U  26y  Parlormaid (Domestic)    SSX Bexhill
SERCOMBE   Ellen Matilda               Serv  U  28y  Housemaid (Domestic)     DEV Dunsford
MOWLEM     Gertrude May                Serv  U  18y  Between Maid (Domestic)  DOR Plush
WHITEMORE  Ellen                       Serv  U  18y  Nurse (Domestic)         SOM Blackford

1911 Durham

Hartlepool RD

11 Nelson Street, West Hartlepool (5 rooms)
RG14/29637, sched. 216
SERCOMBE  Albert          Head  M  41y  Steel Plate Shearman's Helper - Steel-Works             DEV Upton Pyne
SERCOMBE  Margaret Ann    Wife  M  43y  --- [<1 0 - -]                                          DUR West Hartlepool
ROBINSON  Frederick       SSon  S  23y  Stud Screwer, Boiler Shop (out of work) - Marine Works  DUR West Hartlepool
ROBINSON  Mary Ann        SDau  S  21y  Mineral Water Worker                                    DUR West Hartlepool
ROBINSON  Robert Horsley  SSon  S  19y  Warehouseman, Hay and Corn Dept                         DUR West Hartlepool
ROBINSON  John            SSon  S  17y  Grocer's Assistant                                      DUR West Hartlepool
ROBINSON  Joseph          SSon  -  14y  Grocer's Errand Boy                                     DUR West Hartlepool
ROBINSON  William Henry   SSon  -   6y  School - Council                                        DUR West Hartlepool

Sedgefield RD

Fishburn, Sedgefield, Co. Durham (4 rooms)
RG14/29672, sched. 57
SERCOMBE  William Henry    Head  M  38y  Asylum Attendant Army Pensioner - Durham Co.  DEV Sidmouth
SERCOMBE  Mary Jane        Wife  M  35y  --- [9 3 3 -]                                 DUR Trimdon Grange
SERCOMBE  Richard Heath    Son   -   7y  School                                        YKS Croft Spa
SERCOMBE  John Hinscliffe  Son   -   6y  School                                        DUR Fishburn
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth Maud   Dau   -   5y  School                                        DUR Fishburn
Durham County Lunatic Asylum, Winterton, by Ferryhill, Sedgefield
RG14/29681, institution, p. 18
SERCOMBE  Edward John Heath  Head  M  41y  Porter Attendant - County Asylum  DEV Sidmouth
SERCOMBE  Mary               Wife  M  36y  --- [11 1 - 1]                    DUR Trimdon

1911 Essex

Chelmsford RD

West Hanningfield, nr. Chelmsford, Essex (4 rooms)
RG14/10043, sched. 73
COOPER    Lydia         Head  W  76y  ---  ESS West Hanningfield
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth A.  Dau   M  32y  ---  ESS West Hanningfield
SERCOMBE  Gladys E.     GDau  -   8y  ---  ESS Springfield
SAVILL    Olive M.      GDau  -   4y  ---  ESS Mailsham
3 Ivy Terrace, Baddow Road, Great Baddow (4 rooms)
RG14/10086, sched. 32
SERCOMBE  John             Head  M  30y  Bricklayer Labour [9 1 1 -]  DEV Totnes
ARDLEY    Leonard William  Neph  S  16y  Shop Porter                  ESS Westhanningfield

Epping RD

St. Mary's College, Harlow
RG14/9794, pp. 296 & 297
SERCOMBE  Brice  Pupil  -  13y  School  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Keith  Pupil  -  11y  School  DEV Exeter

Orsett RD

55 Whitehall Road, Little Thurrock, Essex (7 rooms)
RG14/9961, sched. 134
STURLEY   John Hallowes     Head  M  44y  Shipping Clerk - Steamship Co.  HUN Farcet
STURLEY   Alice Maude       Wife  M  33y  --- [13 3 2 1]                  SRY Clapham
STURLEY   John Harry        Son   -   8y  School                          MDX Putney
STURLEY   Frederick Arthur  Son   -   3y  ---                             MDX Twickenham
SERCOMBE  Winnifred Annie   Serv  S  16y  General Servant (Domestic)      ESS Grays
124 Bridge Road, Grays, Essex (7 rooms)
RG14/9967, sched. 40
GOSS      Albert  Head  M  23y  Shipwright - Barge Owners & Lightermen  ESS Grays
GOSS      Ethel   Wife  M  24y  --- [3 1 1 -]                           --- Stoke Newinston
GOSS      Leslie  Son   -   2y  ---                                     ESS Grays
SERCOMBE  Goerge  Bord  S  22y  Porter - Railway Co.                    LND Daulston

West Ham RD

93 Milton Avenue, East Ham (6 rooms)
RG14/9565, sched. 57
SMITH     Mrs.     Wife  M  55y  --- [30 4 2 2]              BDF Harold
SMITH     Mr.      Son   S  25y  Carpenter - Building Trade  --- Chiswick West
SERCOMBE  Mrs.     Visi  M  26y  --- [6 3 3 -]               LND Chiswick W.
SERCOMBE  Anna     Visi  -   5y  ---                         LND Tooting
SERCOMBE  Charlie  Visi  -   3y  ---                         DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE  Walter   Visi  -   9m  ---                         LND East Ham
   [form signed by F.H. Sercombe]
3 Walpole Street, Walthamstow (5 rooms)
RG14/9745, sched. 121
SHAKESHAFT  William    Head  M  40y  Laboure General - Building Trade   --- Northampton
SHAKESHAFT  Elizabeth  Wife  M  35y  --- [15 5 5 -]                     RUT ---
SHAKESHAFT  Elizabeth  Dau   -  13y  ---                                --- Walthamstow
SHAKESHAFT  Jessie     Dau   -  11y  ---                                --- Walthamstow
SHAKESHAFT  Nellie     Dau   -  10y  ---                                --- Walthamstow
SHAKESHAFT  Archie     Son   -   8y  ---                                --- Walthamstow
SHAKESHAFT  Frank      Son   -   1y  ---                                --- Walthamstow
SERCOMBE    William    Lodg  S  40y  Labourer General - Building Trade  SOM ---
4 Eve Road, Leytonstone, E. (2 rooms)
RG14/9619, sched. 309
SERCOMBE  William   Head  M  29y  Printer (compositor) - Printers  DEV Alphington
SERCOMBE  Kathleen  Wife  M  27y  --- [1 0 - -]                    KEN Woolwich

1911 Glamorgan

Cardiff RD

11 Miskin Street, Barry (7 rooms)
RG14/32194, sched. 241
SERCOMBE  Samuel John      Head  M  59y  Coal Foreman - Coal Shippers  DEV Dunsford  English
SERCOMBE  Mary Jane        Wife  M  50y  --- [20 5 2 3]                YKS Lund      English
SERCOMBE  Clifford Samuel  Son   S  11y  School                        GLA Cardiff   English
SERCOMBE  Stanley John     Son   S  10y  School                        GLA Cardiff   English
PUXLEY    Gordon           Visi  S  16y  Nil                           visiting      English

Neath RD

Main Road, Cilfrew, Neath (6 rooms)
RG14/32672, sched. 244
SERCOMBE  Samuel Jas.        Head  M  45y  Railway Inspector (Traffic)   DEV Tavistock     English
SERCOMBE  Mary               Wife  M  44y  --- [18 9 6 3]                GLA Tonna         Both
SERCOMBE  Annie May          Dau   S  17y  ---                           GLA Blaenhonddan  Both
SERCOMBE  John Meredith      Son   S  16y  Coal Miner (boy) underground  BRE Aberyster     Both
SERCOMBE  Ernest William     Son   S  14y  Coal Miner (boy) underground  BRE Aberyster     Both
SERCOMBE  Frederick Charles  Son   S   6y  ---                           GLA Blaenhonddan  English
SERCOMBE  James Albert       Son   S   4y  ---                           GLA Blaenhonddan  English
SERCOMBE  Sidney             Son   S   2y  ---                           GLA Blaenhonddan  ---

Pontypridd RD

Clifton House, Maes-y-coed, Mound Road, Pwllgwaun, Pontypridd (7 rooms)
RG14/32315, sched. 130
HOWELLS    David E.   Head  M  46y  Coal Miner (Hewer)    GLA Dowlais                Both
HOWELLS    Hannah     Wife  M  46y       --- [23 7 6 1]   GLA Merthyr Tydfil         Both
HOWELLS    Walter     Son   S  20y  Coal Miner (Hewer)    GLA Pontypridd             English
HOWELLS    Mary Jane  Dau   S  18y  At Home               America Pa. - Resident     English
HOWELLS    Edward     Son   S  12y  At School             America Penna. - Resident  English
HOWELLS    Emma       Dau   S   9y  ---                   America Ohio - Resident    English
SERCOMBE   John       Bord  S  36y  Miner (Coal) (Hewer)  Highbridge England         English
SAINSBURY  John       Bord  S  20y  Baker                 Bristol England            English
22 Danycoedcae Road (3 rooms)
RG14/32318, sched. 314
SERCOMBE  Harry        Head  M  24y  Coal Miner Hewer  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth    Wife  M  25y  --- [2 1 1 -]     GLA Tongwynlais
SERCOMBE  Doris Emily  Dau   -   8m  ---               GLA Pontypridd

1911 Gloucestershire

Bristol RD

3 Alma Road, Clifton [a school]
RG14/14829, sched. 160, p. 2
SERCOMBE  Muriel  Bord  S  17y  School  IOW Newport
30 Ambrose Road, Clifton Wood, Bristol (5 rooms)
RG14/14840, sched. 266
SIRCOMBE  William  Head        M  30y  Litho Printer                     (Clifton) Bristol
SIRCOMBE  Sara     Wife        M  29y  --- [9 3 3 0]                     St. Philip Bristol
SIRCOMBE  Frances  Dau         -   8y  School                            Bedminster Bristol
SIRCOMBE  Daisy    Dau         -   6y  School                            Clifton Bristol
SIRCOMBE  Ivy      Dau         -   4y  ---                               Clifton Bristol
SIRCOMBE  Eliza    Head(Moth)  W  53y  Charwoman [31 4 - 1 crossed out]  SOM Bruton
SIRCOMBE  Sidney   Son         S  18y  Engineer Apprentice               Clifton Bristol
SIRCOMBE  Samuel   Son         S  14y  Taking Off Boy Litho Printer      Clifton Bristol
10 Alfred Plaice, Kingsdown (3 rooms)
RG14/14858, sched. 183
SERCOMBE  Hannah    Moth  W  53y  General Work [- 7 4 3]  SOM Bristol
SERCOMBE  Frank H.  Son   S  15y  Telegraph Messenger            GLS Bristol
17 Haversham Street, Bristol (5 rooms)
RG14/15004, sched. 182
SERCOMBE  William Hy.     Head  M  31y  Woodcarver - furniture trade  GLS Bristol
SERCOMBE  Caroline        Wife  M  35y  --- [10 2 2 -]                GLS Bristol
SERCOMBE  Franklin Wm.    Son   -   9y  ---                           GLA Cardiff
SERCOMBE  Alice Gertrude  Dau   -   8y  ---                           GLS Bristol
1 Park Row, Easton Road (4 rooms)
RG14/15016, sched. 302
SERCOMBE  James  Head  M  47y  Bargeman - M.R. Goods   DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE  Annie  Wife  M  41y  Housewife [12 0 - -]    GLS Hallen nr. Bristol
CON       Edith  Bord  S  27y  Waitress - Dining Room  GLS St. Phillips Bristol
55 Berkeley Road, Westbury Park, Bristol (6 rooms)
RG14/15095, sched. 57
WHITING   Herbert Clement  Head  M  33y  Engineers Cost Clerk            GLS St. James Parish Bristol
WHITING   Winifred Annie   Wife  M  30y  --- [2 0 - -]                   DEV Bovey Tracy
SERCOMBE  Alexander        Visi  S  28y  Clerk - Steel & Iron Merchants  GLA Cardiff

Cheltenham RD

8 Townsend Place, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham
RG14/15538, sched. 266
SIRCOMBE  Frederick Albert  Head  M  56y  Builders Laborer  GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE  Rosina            Wife  M  56y  --- [33 8 4 4]    GLS Witcombe
SIRCOMBE  Lizzie Louise     Dau   S  19y  Dressmaker        GLS Cheltenham
Council School Hs(?), Cheltenham (4 rooms)
RG14/15543, sched. 91
SIRCOMBE  Frederick Richard   Head  M  31y  Printers Machinist  GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE  Gladys Lorna May    Wife  M  30y  --- [4 1 1 0]       GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE  Doris May           Dau   -   4y  School              WAR Edgbaston
WIXEY     Ethel Edith Minnie  SisL  S  31y  Upholstress         GLS Cheltenham
Rodney House, Rodney Road, Cheltenham (16 rooms)
RG14/15561, sched. 184
VERNALL   Frank             Head  M  41y  Overseer, Postoffice              --- Cheltenham
VERNALL   Eleanor Kate      Wife  M  41y  Boarding House Keeper [12 2 2 -]  --- Malvern
VERNALL   Constance Evelyn  Dau   -   6y  ---                               --- Cheltenham
VERNALL   Leslie James      Son   -   2m  ---                               --- Cheltenham
JENKINS   Frederick George  Bord  M  38y  Wine Merchants Clerk [13 1 1 -]   --- Pontypool
JENKINS   Mary Nash         BDau  -  10y  ---                               --- Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE  Florence Kate     Serv  S  30y  Parlourmaid Servant               --- Cheltenham
HAYWARD   Annie             Serv  S  18y  Housemaid                         --- Cheltenham
TAYLOR    Rose Ellen        Serv  -  14y  Nurse (Domestic)                  --- Tewkesbury

Tewkesbury RD

Evans Alley, Barton Street, Tewkesbury, Glos. (3 rooms)
RG14/15576, sched. 44
SIRCOMBE  Richard   Head  M  31y  Platelayer - Midland Railway  GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE  Nargaret  Wife  M  26y  --- [4 3 3 0]                 GLS Gloucester
SIRCOMBE  Richard   Son   -   3y  ---                           GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE  May       Dau   -   2y  ---                           GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE  Alfred    Son   -   1y  ---                           GLS Tewkesbury
4 Spring Gardens, Tewkesbury (3 rooms)
RG14/15579, sched. 5
RICKETTS  Annie      Head  W  57y  Housekeeper      GLS Tewkesbury  [- 4 4 3 crossed out]
RICKETTS  Albert     Son   S  24y  Grocers Porter   GLS Tewkesbury
RICKETTS  Frank      Son   S  18y  Painter          GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE  Elizabeth  Bord  S  85y  Old Age Pension  GLS Tewkesbury
37 Barton Street, Tewkesbury (3 rooms)
RG14/15579, sched. 147
SIRCOMBE  Richard   Head  M  61y  Pensioner Postman           GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE  Mary Ann  Wife  M  60y  House Work [40 11 8 3]      GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE  Ethel     Dau   S  20y  Machinist - Collar factory  GLS Tewkesbury
   signed "Richard Henry Sircombe"

1911 Hampshire

Basingstoke RD

Weybrook House Cottage, Sherborne St. John, Basingstoke (3 rooms)
RG14/6294, sched. 146
SERCOMBE  William Alfred  Head  M  36y  Gardener (Domestic)  DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE  Hannah Maude    Wife  M  32y  --- [8 0 - -]        WIL Coombe Bissett

Christchurch RD

18 & 20 Campbell Road, Boscombe [a large boarding house]
RG14/5851, sched. 97
SERCOMBE  Kate  Bord  S  64y  Private Means  DEV Exeter
245 Malmesbury Park Road, Bournemouth East (2 rooms)
RG14/5868, sched. 27
SERCOMBE  Alice Mary            Head  W  53y  Private Means  LND Mayfair
HARTLEY   James Clifford Frank  GSon  -   3y  ---            HAM Lyndhurst
HARTLEY   Vivian                GSon  -   1y  ---            HAM Bournemouth

Isle of Wight RD

St. Lawrence, Ventnor, Isle of Wight (24 rooms)
RG14/5757, sched. 172
SPENCER SMITH  Mary Elinor            Head  S  28y  Private Means                          IOW St. Lawrence
SPENCER SMITH  Madeline Charlotte     Sis   S  33y  Private Means                          IOW St. Lawrence
SPENCER SMITH  Frances Maud           Sis   S  22y  Private Means                          IOW St. Lawrence
LLEWELLYN      John Connop Thirlwall  BroL  M  43y  Provincial Secretary, Primrose League  SOM Clifton
LLEWELLYN      Edith Frances          Sis   M  31y  --- [3 3 2 1]                          IOW St. Lawrence
LLEWELLYN      John Griffith          Neph  -   2y  ---                                    DEV Littleham
LLEWELLYN      Robert Charles         Neph  -   1y  ---                                    DEV Littleham
BURKE          Katherine              Serv  S  45y  Housekeeper (domestic)                 SRY Clapham
SNOOKE         Eleanor Alner          Serv  S  33y  Cook (domestic)                        DOR Melbury
SERCOMBE       Lily Louise            Serv  S  25y  Nurse (domestic)                       DEV Exeter
COLEMAN        Marjorie               Serv  S  18y  Parlourmaid (domestic)                 IOW Whitwell
CHESSELL       Alice                  Serv  S  17y  Housemaid (domestic)                   IOW Northwood
DUNNING        Mary Leah              Serv  S  17y  Kitchenmaid                            IOW Wroxall

Portsmouth RD

47 Moorland Road, Kingston (3 rooms)
RG14/5527, sched. 513
SERCOMBE  John      Head  M  91y  Wheelwright - Private Firm  SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann  Wife  M  91y  --- [40 0 - -]              LND Whitechapel
Royal Marine Artillery Barracks and Infirmary, Eastney, Portsmouth
RG14/5560, institution, p. 21
SERCOMBE  James Reginald  S  21y  Musician RMB  BRK Reading
34 Princes Street, Landport (6 rooms)
RG14/5561, sched. 102
SURCOMBE  Mary J.K.   Head  W  77y  Pensioner - Warrant Officers Widow R.N.  CON Millbrook Maker  [- 1 1 0 crossed out]
JAGO      Sarah       Sis   M  71y  --- [46 2 2 0]                           CON Millbrook Maker
JAGO      Sarah J.L.  Niec  S  45y  ---                                      CON Millbrook Maker
Cromwell House, 2 Nightingale Road, Southsea, Hampshire (12 rooms)
RG14/5617, sched. 67
KENT     Janet Kate             Serv  S  20y  Cook (Private Family)                      HAM Chalton
ANTHONY  May                    Serv  S  18y  House Parlour Maid (Private Family)        HAM Chalton
SIRCOM   Violet Eugenie Durant  Wife  M  28y  --- [2½ 0 0 0]                             GLS Bristol
SIRCOM   Edmund Ralph           Head  M  29y  Physician & Surgeon (In General Practice)  SOM Bristol
  signed "E.R. Sircom, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Lond)"

Southampton RD

38 Livingstone Road, Southampton (6 rooms)
RG14/5947, sched. 105
SERCOMBE  Bertie John    Head  M  26y  Engineer, Petrol Engines - Marine & General Engineering  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Ivy Florence   Wife  M  21y  --- [2 1 1 -]                                            DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Lionel Edward  Son   S   1y  ---                                                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Percy Reginal  Bro   S  23y  Engineer, Petrol Engines - Marine & General Engineering  DEV Exeter

1911 Kent

Bromley RD

23 Kelsey Park Road, Beckenham (7 rooms)
RG14/3662, sched. 107
SERCOMBE  Horatio Walter Edward  Head  M  36y  Bank Clerk                  KEN Lewisham
SERCOMBE  Louisa Caroline        Wife  M  40y  --- [9 2 2 0]               BKM Newton Purcell
SERCOMBE  Richard                Son   -   8y  ---                         KEN Forest Hill
SERCOMBE  Ivor Horace            Son   -   2y  ---                         KEN Bromley
ALCOCK    Florence Maud          Serv  S  22y  General Servant (Domestic)  LIN Kirkby-on-Bain

Medway RD

116 Nelson Road, Gillingham, Kent (5 rooms)
RG14/3954, sched. 52
SERCOMBE  William Richard      Head  M  39y  Police Constable, Metropolitan  DEV Lutton Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Hetty Lousie         Wife  M  37y  --- [8 3 3 0]                   DEV Stonehouse
SERCOMBE  Florence Mary        Dau   -   7y  ---                             DEV Devonport
SERCOMBE  Monica Olga Mary     Dau   -   3y  ---                             KEN Gillingham
SERCOMBE  William Paul Thomas  Son   -   1y  ---                             KEN Gillingham

1911 Lancashire

Barton upon Irwell RD

23 Moreton Avenue, Stretford (7 rooms)
RG14/23634, sched. 134
HULME    Mary Ann     Head  S  49y  Householder          --- Manchester
SIRCOM   Henry Furze  Bord  W  61y  Insurance Broker     --- Bristol
DUBARRY  Fredk.       Bord  S  28y  Electrical Engineer  --- London
WILSON   John Robert  Bord  S  22y  Chemist              --- Halifax

Burnley RD

234 Gannow Lane, Burnley (4 rooms)
RG14/24848, sched. 118
SERCOMBE  John            Head  W  49y  Coal Getter Underground [24 1 1 -]  DEV Bovey Traceey
SERCOMBE  William Harold  Son   S  16y  Aprentice to Carrige Works          --- Burnley

Chorley RD

58 Towngate, Leyland (5 rooms)
RG14/25183, sched. 111
WALMSLEY    Seth         Head  M  45y  Confectioner Baking - employer    LAN Leyland
WALMSLEY    Eva          Wife  M  38y  Assisting in Business [10 0 - -]  SOM Taunton
SERCOMBE    Alice Maud   SisL  S  22y  Confictioner Baking - worker      DEV Barnstaple
STEPHENSON  Hannah Bell  Asst  S  26y  Confictioner Baking - worker      LAN Haverthwaith

Chorlton RD

1 Carey Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock (2 rooms)
RG14/23854, sched. 70
SERCOMBE  William George  Head  M  30y  Coppersmith    LAN Manchester
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann        Wife  M  29y  --- [4 3 2 1]  LAN Manchester
SERCOMBE  William Arthur  Son   -   3y  ---            LAN Manchester
SERCOMBE  George Henry    Son   -   9m  ---            LAN Manchester

Prescot RD

The Black Bull Inn, Gateacre Brow, Gateacre (10 rooms)
RG14/22700, sched. 62
WILD      Henry           Head  S  41y  Licensed Victualler         LAN Liverpool
WILD      Robert          Bro   S  34y  Manager (Hotel)             LAN Liverpool
JONES     Amy             Sis   M  32y  --- [4 2 2 -]               LAN Liverpool
JONES     Robert Edward   Neph  -   2y  ---                         LAN Liverpool
JONES     Doreen Amy      Niec  -   1y  ---                         LAN Liverpool
BASSI     Joseph Stanley  Serv  S  17y  Billiard Marker             LAN Gateacre
GOODALL   Samuel Charles  Serv  S  23y  Barman                      CHS Seacombe
WIGGINS   Gertrude        Serv  S  26y  Barmaid                     LAN Liverpool
JONES     Edith May       Serv  S  17y  Nurse                       LAN Liverpool
SERCOMBE  John            Bord  S  47y  Manager (Stationer)         DEV Minera
WOOLLEY   Morton          Visi  S  30y  Clerk (West African Trade)  WES Kendal

Salford RD

1 Sudley Road, Pendleton, Manchester (7 rooms)
RG14/23932, sched. 1
ATKINSON  Mary Florence       Head  W  43y  Boarding House Keeper                                    LAN Bolton
ATKINSON  John                Son   S  20y  Draughtsman - Mechanical Engineers                       LAN Pendleton
ATKINSON  Marjorie Josephine  Dau   S   6y  ---                                                      LAN Pendleton
SERCOMBE  David               Bord  S  21y  Salesman - Clothing & Outfitter                          DEV Dunsford
DUGGLEBY  Digby Garton        Bord  S  20y  Assistant in Workroom - Waterproof Garment Manufacturer  YKS Broughton

Toxteth Park RD

160 Parliament Street (12 rooms)
RG14/22265, sched. 134
JONES      Florence        Head  S  30y  Boarding House Keeper              LAN Liverpool
BETTS      Wallace         Bord  S  63y  Teacher of Languages - unemployed  India
HUDSON     Frederick       Bord  S  22y  Plumber                            LAN Liverpool
HAWTHORNE  William Jas.    Bord  S  33y  Drapery Salesman                   DFS Moffat
BLACKBURN  Peter           Bord  W  46y  Butcher - unemployed               LAN Wootton
HUNTER     Norman Macleod  Bord  S  42y  Private Means                      Halifax Nova Scotia
HUDSON     Charles         Bord  S  24y  Joiner (House) - unemployed        LAN Liverpool
WILSON     Mable           Serv  S  14y  Domestic                           LAN Liverpool
SERCOMBE   Richard J.      Bord  S  25y  Clothier (Salesman)                DEV Ivybridge
CLARK      John E.         Bord  S  26y  Clothing Salesman                  GLS Cirencester

West Derby RD

St. Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool
RG14/22544, sched. 327
... [together with 11 Catholic priests, 6 more schoolmasters, a cook, and 4 other servants] ...
SIRCOM  Sebastian  Bord  S  67y  Schoolmaster  --- Knowle nr. Bristol
41 Silverdale Avenue, Tue Brook, Liverpool (6 rooms)
RG14/22634, sched. 102
SIRCOM  Martha Ellen           Wife  M  35y  --- [6 2 2 -]   BRK Easthampstead Bracknell
SIRCOM  Francis Alan           Son   -   4y  ---             LAN West Derby Liverpool
SIRCOM  Geoffrey               Son   -   2y  ---             LAN West Derby Liverpool
HORDER  Katharine Whilhelmina  Bord  W  67y  --- [47 - - -]  LAN Parish of Liverpool
Convent of the Good Shepherd, Eton Lodge, Wavertree, Liverpool
RG14/22676, sched. 26 (331)
... [together with the mother superior and 13 other sisters] ...
SIRCOM  Agnes  Sis   S  61y  ---  --- Bristol

1911 Leicestershire

Leicester RD

86 Knighton Lane (8 rooms)
RG14/19267, sched. 164
SERCOMBE  William        Head  M  60y  Kiln Builder - Brick & Pottery Works - employer  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Kate Florence  Wife  M  29y  --- [6 0 - -]                                    LEI Leicestershire
HUNT      Susie          SisL  S  24y  ---                                              LEI Leicestershire
58 Cavendish Road, Leicester (5 rooms)
RG14/19269, sched. 26
SERCOMBE  William Henry Baker  Head  M  38y  Butcher - employer  CON Albaston
SERCOMBE  Clara                Wife  M  31y  --- [10 3 3 0]      HAM Greywell
SERCOMBE  Florence Annie       Dau   -   8y  ---                 LEI Leicester
SERCOMBE  William Bernard      Son   -   6y  ---                 HAM Greywell
SERCOMBE  Bertha May           Dau   -   1y  ---                 LEI Leicester

1911 Lincolnshire

Glanford Brigg RD

Carfax House, Barrow on Humber, Hull (9 rooms)
RG14/20104, sched. 54
SERCOMBE  Ellen Bourne  Head  W  82y  Private Means [- 6 3 3]     DEV Honiton
SERCOMBE  Marie Louise  Dau   S  43y  Private Means               --- Southampton
SERCOMBE  Bertha        Dau   S  41y  Private Means               IOW Ryde
HORNSBY   Annie         Serv  S  22y  General Servant (Domestic)  LIN Bonby

1911 London

Bethnal Green RD

32 Mendip Houses, Bethnel Green (3 rooms)
RG14/1416, sched. 168
SERCOMBE  John        Head  M  49y  Cowman - Dairyman              DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE  Eliza Jane  Wife  M  53y  --- [29 1 1 0]                 DEV Devonport
SERCOMBE  Lillian     Dau   S  28y  Pyjama Machinist - Outfitters  LND Clapton

Greenwich RD

Royal Hospital Schools (School for Sons of Seamen), Romney Road, Greenwich, S.E.
RG14/2716, institution, p. 37
SERCOMBE  Albert  Schoolboy  13y  School  AGY Holyhead

Hackney RD

75 Winston Road, Green Lanes, N. (2 rooms)
RG14/1019, sched. 255
SERCOMBE  Frederick  Head  M  54y  Compositor - Printing  --- Finsbury
SERCOMBE  Mary       Wife  M  53y  --- [36 4 1 3]         --- Islington
   form signed "F.J. Sercombe"
75 Winston Road, Stoke Newington, N. (4 rooms)
RG14/1019, sched. 256
SERCOMBE  Frederick Charles  Head  M  34y  Printing (Compositor)  LND Hoxton
SERCOMBE  Eliza              Wife  M  33y  --- [6 3 3 -]          LND Hoxton
SERCOMBE  Hilda              Dau   -   4y  ---                    LND Hackney
SERCOMBE  Elsie              Dau   -   3y  ---                    LND Stoke Newington
SERCOMBE  Dorothy            Dau   -   7m  ---                    LND Stoke Newington
63 Prince George Road, Stoke Newington, London N., England (4 rooms)
RG14/1020, sched. 370
SERCOMBE  Joseph  Head  W  48y  Comedian - Variety Profession  MDX ---
SERCOMBE  Sarah   Dau   S  25y  Cashier - Butcher              MDX ---
11 Bakers Hill, Upper Clapton, N.E. (6 rooms)
RG14/1040, sched. 129
MAYES  Arthur        Head  M  48y  Tramway Conductor L.C.C.  LND St. John at Hackney
MAYES  Emily         Wife  M  45y  --- [20 1 0 1]            LND St. John at Hackney
SERCOMBE  Walter J.  Bord  S  28y  Tram Conductor - LCC      DEV Dunsford

Hampstead RD

27 Donnington Park Road, West Hampstead, London N.W. (11 rooms)
RG14/641, sched. 102
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Head  M  58y  Manager Showcase Warehouse - Shop Fittings           DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Wife  M  43y  --- [8 1 1 -]                                        SCT Glasgow
SERCOMBE    Thomas Alexander  Son   -   4y  ---                                                  SCT Glasgow
CHRYSTIE    William Burns     SSon  -  14y  Student                                              SCT Glasgow
MacDOUGALL  Janet Laidlaw     SisL  S  27y  Stenographer - Export Trade                          SCT Glasgow
MacDOUGALL  Alexander         BroL  S  29y  Engineer - Marine - unemployed                       SCT Glasgow
BENNETT     Howard Tullock    Bord  S  16y  Student - Eastern Telegraph Co.                      HAM Lymington
SEGERS      Sidney Miles      Bord  S  26y  Engineer - Motor + Marine                            SFK Long Melford
HAHN        Karl Friedrich    Bord  S  21y  Clerk - Coffee Trade                                 Schorndorf Germany (Resident - German)
FISH        Leonard Silver    Bord  S  24y  Engineer - Eastern Telegraph Co. - Telegraph Cables  SOM Belworthy
HUNTER      Stuart Martin     Bord  S  36y  Secretary - Ltd. Company                             LND Islington St. Marys

Islington RD

12 Harberton Road, Archway Road, Upper Holloway, N. (8 rooms)
RG14/803, sched. 295
CHITTENDEN     Ellen Maria   Head  W  60y  Boarding House Keeper                   --- Stone in Oxney
THRUSSELL      Walter James  Bord  W  51y  Law Clerk (out of work)                 MDX Turnham Green
MEDCALFE       Russell       Bord  S  23y  Boot + Shoe Salesman                    --- Birmingham?
ROBINSON       Clarence      Bord  S  20y  Manager at Ham + Beef Store [?]         --- Fulham
SERCOMBE       William J.    Lodg  M  46y  Wholesale Costumier - traveller         --- Exeter
BRICE          James         Lodg  S  58y  Philological Research - British Museum  BNF Marnoch
MIZRAHI        Elis          Lodg  S  57y  Translator of Languages                 Turkey (Resident - Turkish)
78 Ashbrook Road, Upper Holloway, N. (2 rooms)
RG14/805, sched. 196
SERCOMBE  Lilian  Head  M  47y  At Home [23 1 1 -]                           SSX Crowborough
SERCOMBE  Gladys  Dau   S  22y  Lady Clerk (Employment) - Employment Office  City of London
67 Marquess Road, Canonbury, N. (11 rooms)
RG14/923, sched. 212
SLATE     Alfred   Head  S  54y  Surgeon &c                  LND St. Pancras
SLATE     Susanna  Sis   S  56y  Private Means               LND St. Pancras
SERCOMBE  Minnie   Serv  S  25y  General Servant (Domestic)  DEV Torquay
29 Cross Street, Islington (1 room)
RG14/937, sched. 69
SERCOMBE  George  Head  S  21y  Railway Clerk - Tube Railway  LND Islington

Kensington RD

34 Launceston Place, W. (9 rooms)
RG14/104, sched. 104
TROTTER   Frances Anne  Head  W  59y  Private Means    DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Jessie May    Serv  S  24y  Cook (Domestic)  DEV Totnes
126 Clarendon Road, London W. (2 rooms)
RG14/151, sched. 400
WICKHAM   Arthur        Head  M  46y  Drapers Clerk [12 2 2 -]  SSX Hurstpierpoint
WICKHAM   Minna Mary    Wife  -  47y  ---                       SOM Nailsea
WICKHAM   Arthur Henry  Son   -  11y  School                    LND ---
WICKHAM   Minna Ivy     Dau   -   9y  School                    LND ---
SERCOMBE  William       Lodg  S  23y  Butcher's Assistant       --- Cardiff
2 Norland Square, W. (2 rooms)
RG14/159, sched. 214
BENNETT   Lydia Herbert   Bord  W  44y  Nil [- 1 1 -]                      America (Resident - Brit. Sub. by Parentage)
VARMA     Bhagwan Singh   ----  S  28y  ---                                India (Visitor - Indian)
SERCOMBE  Henry James     Head  M  51y  Hosiers Assistant                  New Cross SE
SERCOMBE  Hannah          Wife  M  52y  --- [30 3 3 -]                     BKM Stony Stratford
SERCOMBE  Walter Stanley  Son   S  25y  Auctioneers Clerk                  --- Maidstone
SERCOMBE  Florence Alice  Dau   S  23y  Actress                            --- Maidstone
SERCOMBE  William         Visi  M  42y  Caretaker                          MDX Ealing
OSTMARK   Human Heribert  Serv  M  20y  Waiter (Boarding House) [- 1 1 -]  Sweden Malmö (Swiss)
CARTER    Edna Isabel     ----  M  25y  Professional Skater [6 2 1 1]      HAM Southampton
PUDUMJEE  Nusserwanjee    ----  S  19y  Law Student                        India Poona (Resident - Parsee)
51 St. Marks Road, Notting Hill (1 room)
RG14/170, sched. 136
SERCOMBE  Bena  Lodg  S  48y  Cook (Domestic)  DEV Exeter
   form signed by Henry Herbert BEAZLEY

Lambeth RD

54 Glenelg Road, Brixton, S.W. (1[?] room)
RG14/2103, sched. 216
BURMAN    Alfred    Head  M  32y  Fishmonger - own account  LND Bethnal Green
BURMAN    Gertrude  Wife  M  31y  --- [8y6m 1 1 -]          LND Hackney
SERCOMBE  Emily     Sis   S  20y  Waitress - Caterer        LND Kew Bridge
SERCOMBE  Alfred    Bro   S  14y  Fishmonger - worker       ESS Grays
BURMAN    Doris     Dau   -   3y  ---                       LND Clapham
97 Cornwall Road, Brixton, S.W. (6 rooms)
RG14/2106, sched. 257
JONES     Arthur George         Head  M  42y  Foreman Flour Confectioner - Baking    STS Rowley Regis
JONES     Eleanor               Wife  M  37y  --- [9 4 4 0]                          LND Norwood
JONES     Leslie Arthur         Son   -   6y  ---                                    LND Norwood
JONES     Ernest                Son   -   2y  ---                                    LND Norwood
JONES     Doris Irene           Dau   -   7y  ---                                    LND Norwood
JONES     Linda                 Dau   -   4m  ---                                    LND Norwood
SERCOMBE  Arthur James          Bord  S  25y  Assistant Flour Confectioner - Baking  DEV Cheriton Bishop
BAKER     Arthur                Bord  S  20y  Assistant Flour Confectioner - Baking  LND Bromley by Bow
HALL      Thomas James Herbert  Bord  S  21y  Assistant Flour Confectioner - Baking  LND Deptford
6 Bloom Grove, West Norwood, S.E. (7 rooms)
RG14/2122, sched. 134
TRUSLOVE  William Henry          Head  M  57y  Printer + Bookbinder            LAN Warrington
TRUSLOVE  Eliza Caroline         Wife  M  49y  --- [5 0 - -]                   LND Camberwell
TRUSLOVE  Ruby Victoria          Dau   S  27y  ---                             LND Lambeth
TRUSLOVE  Harold Francis Joseph  Son   S  24y  Compositor + Linotype Operator  LND Lambeth
TRUSLOVE  Percy Stuart           Son   S  19y  Compositor + Linotype Operator  LND Lambeth
TRUSLOVE  Frank Henry            Son   S  18y  Compositor + Linotype Operator  LND Lambeth
TRUSLOVE  Ethel Kathleen         Dau   S  16y  ---                             LND Lambeth
SERCOMBE  Emma Louisa            SisL  S  51y  Governess                       LND Camberwell

Lewisham RD

78 Burnt Ash Hill, Lee S.E. (10 rooms including 2 dressing rooms)
RG14/2747, sched. 74
SERCOMBE  Horatio     Head  M  67y  Clerk to Messrs Glyn & Co Bankers  LND Battle
SERCOMBE  Ellen Mary  Wife  M  61y  --- [41 6 6 0]                     LND Camberwell
SERCOMBE  Flora E.    Dau   S  40y  ---                                LND Bermondsey
SERCOMBE  Bernard G.  Son   S  19y  No Occupation                      LND Hither Green
  note "moved to 78 Burnt Ash Hill Lee S.E. on 25 March 1911 from 51 Baring Rd. Lee S.E."
40 Overcliff Road, Lewisham S.E. (3 rooms)
RG14/2753, sched. 207
SERCOMBE  William Frank         Head  M  32y  Clerk to Private Firm of Insurance Brokers  KEN Lewisham
SERCOMBE  Blanche Ethel Eugene  Wife  M  31y  --- [6 1 1 0]                               KEN Shooters Hill
SERCOMBE  Ellen Blanche May     Dau   -   3y  ---                                         SRY New Cross
321 Brownhill Road, Catford S.E. (10 rooms)
RG14/2796, sched. 154
SERCOMBE  Henry            Head  M  54y  Bank Official               --- Camberwell
SERCOMBE  Matilda Eleanor  Wife  M  52y  --- [28 1 1 0]              --- Brighton
SERCOMBE  Henry Edward     Son   S  27y  Bank Clerk                  --- Lewisham
HAZELL    Sarah Louisa     Serv  S  25y  General Servant (Domestic)  --- Aldershot

Paddington RD

33 Kildare Terrace (9 rooms)
RG14/50, sched. 99
SERCOMBE  Olive          Head  S  47y  Apartment-House Keeper     DEV Doddiscomleigh
SALTER    Mary Alice     Ptnr  S  42y  Apartment-House Keeper     SRY Wandsworth
EVERED    Edith V.       Bord  M  49y  Lady's Companion [26 1 1]  STS Handsworth
SYMES     Eliza Frances  Visi  M  44y  Fitter [22 2 2]            SRY Wandsworth
HAZELL    Frances Hall   Visi  W  85y  Private Means              CAM Gravely
STOCKEM   Ethel          Serv  S  21y  General Servant            SFK Brundeston

St Marylebone RD

2 Belgrave Road, St. Johns Wood (7 rooms)
RG14/589, sched. 177
SERCOMBE  Eliza        Head  W  67y  Landlady of Boarding House [27 0 - -]  Westminster
COOK      Ellen Maria  Bord  S  78y  None                                   City of London
COOK      Blanch       Bord  S  68y  None                                   Islington North
PERKINS   Ellen        Bord  S  56y  Sick Nurse - Night Attendant           SOM Henkfield
WEBB      Christopher  Bord  S  28y  Music Hall Artist - singer             LND Somers Town

Poplar RD

Police Station, 195 East India Dock Road, Poplar, E.
RG14/1735, institution, sched. 162, p. 1
SERCOMBE  Wilfred  Inmt  S  21y  Police Constable - Metropolitan Police  DEV Dunsford

Shoreditch RD

60 Lynedoch Street, Hoxton (3 rooms)
RG14/1334, sched. 283
SERCOMBE  Alfred          Head  M  45y  Florists Assistant - Salesman             MDX London Finsbury
SERCOMBE  Adelaide Julia  Wife  M  44y  None [24 8 4 4]                           MDX London Bethnal Green
SERCOMBE  Adelaide Julia  Dau   S  18y  Strawboard liner - Stationers Show Cards  MDX London Shoreditch
SERCOMBE  Alfred Joseph   Son   S  15y  Showcard makers Asst.                     MDX London Shoreditch
SERCOMBE  Julia Rose E.   Dau   S  12y  at School                                 MDX London Shoreditch
SERCOMBE  Beatrice E.R.   Dau   S   5y  at School                                 MDX London Shoreditch
117 Phillip Street, Kingsland Road, London N. (4 rooms)
RG14/1361, sched. 106
SERCOMBE  James Alfred  Head  M  27y  House Painter                               MDX Applby Street
SERCOMBE  Rose Alice    Wife  M  28y  --- [5 2 2 0]                               Wilmer Gardens St. Leonards Shoreditch
SERCOMBE  James Joseph  Son   -  4¾y  ---                                         81 Copsall Street St. Leonards Shoreditch
SERCOMBE  Joseph James  Son   -   1y  ---                                         117 Phillip Street St. Leonards Shoreditch
SERCOMBE  Joseph James  Bro   S  29y  Labourer General - Gas Meter Company Li...  MDX Appleby Street

Strand RD

20 New Street, Covent Garden, W.C. (3 rooms)
RG14/1191, sched. 77
SERCOMBE   George Bulford  Head  M  69y  Tailor Worker - at home         DEV Ide
SERCOMBE   Emma Ann        Wife  M  66y  --- [43 7 6 1]                  London
SERCOMBE   William George  Son   S  42y  Warehouseman - Paper Warehouse  London
WRIGHT     William George  Lodg  S  21y  Waiter - Club                   BRK Newbury
PETTIFORD  Frederick John  Visi  S  27y  Porter - Hotel                  WIL Swinton

Wandsworth RD

21 St. Philip Street, Queen Road, Battersea (apartment: 2 rooms)
RG14/2175, sched. 283
SERCOMBE  John George  Head  M  57y  Gas Fitter - Gas Company  LND Westminster
SERCOMBE  Mary Eliza   Wife  M  58y  None [37 0 0 0]           LND Westminster
47 Gorst Road, Wandsworth Common, S.W. (8 rooms)
RG14/2245, sched. 81
UNDERWOOD  Jane            Head  W  63y  --- [46 11 10 1]            Montreal, Canada (resident - British subject by parentage)
UNDERWOOD  Albert John     Son   S  38y  Compositor                  Dublin, Ireland (resident)
UNDERWOOD  Alfred Joseph   Son   S  29y  Labourer (Printer's)        HAM St. Ives (resident)
UNDERWOOD  Ethel Beatrice  Dau   S  21y  ---                         LND Battersea (resident)
UNDERWOOD  John            Uncl  W  71y  Retired Labourer [- 1 1 -]  WOR Worcester (resident)
SERCOMBE   Enid            Niec  -   8y  ---                         DEV Appledore (visitor)
157 Balham Hill, S.W. (3 rooms)
RG14/2245, sched. 363
SERCOMBE  Amelia  Wife  M  31y  Court Dressmaker [2 0 - -]  LND Southwark
Grove Hospital - M[etropolitan] A[sylum] B[oard] Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Tooting Grove, Tooting, London SW
RG14/2369, institution
SERCOMBE  Arthur  Serv  M  38y  Fitter, Engineers - Metropolitan Asylum Board  DEV Exeter

1911 Merionethshire

Corwen RD

Eiranfa, Llangollen, N. Wales (14 rooms)
RG14/34232, sched. 286
HAWORTH    James Sewell    Head  M  62y  Wesleyan Minister  LAN Manchester  English
HAWORTH    Alice           Wife  M  61y  --- [34 2 1 1]     DEV Exeter      English
SERCOMBE   Jane Burge      SisL  S  72y  ---                DEV Exeter      English
VALENTINE  Mary Elizabeth  Serv  S  21y  Domestic Servant   DEN Ruabon      Both

1911 Middlesex

Edmonton RD

3 St. Anns Road, Hornsey, London (5 rooms)
RG14/7217, sched. 397
PALK      Henry            Head  M  29y  Carpenter & Joiner - Builder  DEV Dunsford
PALK      Annie Elizabeth  Wife  M  27y  --- [5 2 2 -]                 DEV Dunsford
PALK      Edith Emily      Dau   -   2y  ---                           MDX Hornsey
PALK      Cyril Henry      Son   -   1y  ---                           MDX Hornsey
SERCOMBE  Arthur William   Bord  S  27y  Carpenter & Joiner - Builder  DEV Dunsford
16 Lowden Road, Lower Edmonton, London N. (5 rooms)
RG14/7377, sched. 470
SERCOMBE  Walter    Head  M  35y  Coachsmith - Bus Manuf.  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Beatrice  Wife  M  32y  --- [12 3 2 1]           SOM Clandown
SERCOMBE  Annie     Dau   S   8y  School                   LND Plumstead
SERCOMBE  Willie    Son   S   6y  ---                      LND Islington
SERCOMBE  Alfred    Son   S   2m  ---                      LND Notting Hill
WOODLAND  Florance  Niec  S   3y  ---                      SOM Radstock

1911 Monmouthshire

Bedwellty RD

Fernleigh House, Aberbeeg, Monmouthshire (7 rooms)
RG14/31833, sched. 183
NORTH     Joseph     Head  M  42y  Coal Miner Hewer       SOM ---  English
NORTH     Elizabeth  Wife  M  37y  --- [18 0 - -]         MON ---  English
LEGG      Clifford   Rltv  -  10y  School                 MON ---  English
SERCOMBE  Fredric    Bord  S  24y  Railway Guard - G W R  DEV ---  English

1911 Norfolk

Docking RD

6 Beach Terrace, New Hunstanton (10 rooms)
RG14/11609, sched. 211
COLLINS    Clifton Wilbraham  Head  S  65y  Private means        OXF Clifton Hampden
KNIGHT     Geo. David         Visi  M  50y  Physician [7 3 3 -]  --- Aberdeen         resident in England
SURCOMBE   John Lyne          Visi  S  52y  School master        HAM Southsea
MALBY      Mahala             Serv  S  49y  Housekeeper          NFK Shouldham
WAKEFIELD  Elizabeth          Serv  S  43y  Housemaid            CAM Histon
NISBET     Victor             Serv  S  18y  Chauffeur            SRY Croydon

Norwich RD

16 Trafford Road, Norwich (6 rooms)
RG14/11324, sched. 80
SERCOMBE  Edwin Hubert      Head  M  34y  Ledger Clerk (City Accountants Office) - Norwich City Council  NFK Gt. Yarmouth
SERCOMBE  Ethel Anne        Wife  M  34y  --- [5 1 1 -]                                                  NFK Norwich
SERCOMBE  Fredrick Hinsbey  Son   -   1y  ---                                                            NFK Norwich

Yarmouth RD

1 Bulmans Nursery, Northgate Street, Great Yarmouth (6 rooms)
RG14/11082, sched. 228
SERCOMBE  Walter  Head  M  32y  Agent to Baking Powder Factory  NFK Gt. Yarmouth
SERCOMBE  Edith   Wife  M  28y  --- [5 3 3 -]                   SFK Gorleston
SERCOMBE  Cecil   Son   -   3y  ---                             NFK Gt. Yarmouth
SERCOMBE  Muriel  Dau   -   2y  ---                             NFK Gt. Yarmouth
SERCOMBE  Walter  Son   -   1y  ---                             NFK Gt. Yarmouth
  [form signed "Walter George Sercombe"]
276 Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth (7 rooms)
RG14/11100, sched. 98
SERCOMBE  Rose Ellen         Moth  W  72y  ---                                         NFK Norwich
SERCOMBE  Emily Maud         Sis   S  38y  School Mistress, Elementary - Town Council  NFK Gt. Yarmouth
SERCOMBE  Frederick William  Head  S  36y  Railway Canvasser - Railway Company         NFK Gt. Yarmouth

1911 Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne RD

22 Hawthorn Terrace, Newcastle-on-Tyne (12 rooms)
RG14/30600, sched. 37
EELES      Florence          Head  W  32y  --- [- 3 3 -]     SAL Prees
EELES      Eleanor Mary      Dau   -   4y  ---               NBL Newcastle-on-Tyne
EELES      Henry Tristram    Son   -   2y  ---               NBL Newcastle-on-Tyne
EELES      Henry             Son   -  10m  ---               NBL Newcastle-on-Tyne
LLOYD      Ethel Saunderson  Sis   S  27y  ---               MDX Ponders End
WATSON     Margaret          Serv  S  49y  Nurse (Domestic)  BEW Tweedmouth
SERCOMBE   Lucy              Serv  S  28y  Cook (Domestic)   DEV Dunsford
WEALLEANS  Lizzie            Serv  S  24y  Parlour-maid      NBL Whitlaw
MURISS     Kate              Serv  S  22y  House-maid        NBL Newcastle-on-Tyne
JOHNSON    Lilian            Serv  S  18y  Nursery-maid      YKS Helmesley(?)
12 Rosedale Terrace, Newcastle on Tyne (4 rooms)
RG14/30657, sched. 33
JENKINS  Ellen           Head  W  62y  --- [32 6 5 1]    DEV Kingsbridge
JENKINS  Ellen Mary      Dau   S  36y  Upholstress       DEV Plymouth
JENKINS  Fannie          Dau   S  33y  Dressmaker        --- Newcastle on Tyne
SERCOME  Winnifred Pook  AdDa  -  12y  Attending School  DEV Kingsbridge

1911 Pembrokeshire

Haverfordwest RD

Coast Guard Station, St. Davids, South Wales (9 rooms)
RG14/33233, sched. 59
SERCOMBE  Annie             Wife  -  43y  --- [17 7 7 0]           Montreal, Canada (Resident, Bri. Sub. by parentage)
SERCOMBE  Frederick George  Son   -  10y  School                   AGY Holyhead
SERCOMBE  Harold William    Son   -   4y  ---                      PEM Fishguard
SERCOMBE  Evelyn Olive      Dau   S  16y  Dressmaker's Apprentice  AGY Holyhead
SERCOMBE  Dorothy Kathleen  Dau   -  14y  School                   CON St. Agnes
SERCOMBE  Edith Maude       Dau   -  11y  School                   AGY Holyhead

Pembroke RD

Prince Albert, 2 Marker Street, Pembroke Dock, South Wales (8 rooms)
RG14/33153, sched. 45
SLOGGETT  George    Head  M  43y  Licensed Victualler               Pembroke Dock - Milford  English
SLOGGETT  Florence  Wife  M  34y  Assisting in Business [14 3 2 1]  SOM Weston Super Mare    English
SLOGGETT  Ruby      Dau   S  12y  School                            Pembroke Dock - Milford  English
SLOGGETT  Irene     Dau   S  10y  School                            Pembroke Dock            English
SERCOMBE  Hester    MotL  W  63y  Housekeeper                       SOM Weston-Super-Mare    English

1911 Shropshire

Oswestry RD

Summer Hill Cottage, Oswestry (6 rooms)
RG14/16135, sched. 82
BATTEN    Elizabeth           Head       S  62y  Farmer            --- Llanforda House Oswestry Parish
SIRCOMBE  Sarah Mary Matilda  Companion  S  39y  Companion         --- Cardiff South Wales
ROBINSON  John                Servant    S  59y  Labourer on Farm  --- Candy Oswestry

1911 Somerset

Axbridge RD

Station Cottage, High Bridge (4 rooms)
RG14/14567, sched. 38
SERCOMBE  William      Head  W  73y  Railway Pensioner [37 7 3 4]  DEV Kingswear
BEEL      Emily Ellen  Dau   W  44y  Housekeeper [2 1 0 1]         SOM High Bridge

Bath RD

115 Coronation Court (5 rooms)
RG14/14669, sched. 99
SERCOMBE  Mary   Hskpr Head  S  28y  ---                          SOM Englishcombe
SERCOMBE  John   Son   Neph  -  15y  Office Clerk - Iron Foundry  YKS Pontefract    [- 3 3 - crossed out]
SERCOMBE  Daisy  Dau   Niec  -  12y  School                       LND Blackfriars
SERCOMBE  James  Son   Neph  -  10y  ---                          LND Waltham
7 Devonshire Villas, Wellsway, Bath (3 rooms)
RG14/14699, sched. 443
SERCOMBE  Phoebe Alice  Head  S  56y  Private Means  SOM Taunton

Bridgwater RD

20 Church Street, Bridgwater (7 rooms)
RG14/14284, sched. 37
SERCOMBE  Dinah   Head  W  70y  Private Means  SOM North Petherton

Chard RD

7 Victoria Square, Crewkerne (6 rooms)
RG14/14368, sched. 88
SERCOMBE  Mary   Head  S  31y  Laundress  DEV Torquay
CHAUT     Alice  Asst  S  25y  Laundress  SOM Crewkerne

Long Ashton RD

Caxton House, Linden Road, Clevedon (5 rooms)
RG14/14804, sched. 227
SERCOMBE  William Geo.    Head  M  52y  Manager of Printing Co. (Managing Director)  GLA Cardiff
SERCOMBE  Sarah Anne      Wife  M  45y  --- [21 3 3 0]                               Bristol Bedminster
SERCOMBE  Georgina Maud   Dau   S  20y  Printer's Clerk - Printing Office            SOM Clevedon
SERCOMBE  Edith Mary      Dau   S  20y  Grocer's Clerk - Grocery                     SOM Clevedon
SERCOMBE  William Fredk.  Son   S  19y  Journalist - Newspaper                       SOM Clevedon
STILL     Sarah Read      Visi  W  56y  No Occupation                                SFK Blythburgh

Taunton RD

Knapp Lane, North Curry (5 rooms)
RG14/14222, sched. 77
SERCOMBE  Michael  Head  M  47y  Gardener Domestic  DEV Christo
SERCOMBE  Jane     Wife  M  45y  ---                DEV Pinhoe
34 Cyril Street, Rowbarton, Taunton (6 rooms)
RG14/14239, sched. 164
SERCOMBE  William  Head  M  28y  Cabinet Maker  DEV St. Thomas, Exeter
SERCOMBE  Love     Wife  M  29y  --- [2 0 0 0]  SOM Chard
Soldiers Institute, Taunton (6 rooms)
RG14/14243, sched. 124
MOOR      Constance Clara  Head  S  39y  Supt of Soldiers Institute            Japan Nagasaki - British by parentage
SERCOMBE  Mabel            Serv  M  32y  General Servant (Domestic) [7 0 - -]  HAM Southampton

Wells RD

62 High Street, Wells, Somerset (6 rooms)
RG14/14522, sched. 75
HAGGETT   William   Head  M  41y  Insurance Agent - Refuge Insurance Co.  SOM Highbridge
HAGGETT   Margaret  Wife  M  38y  Dressmaker (own account) [8 0 - -]      SOM Coxley
HODGES    Nellie    Bord  S  25y  Post Office Clerk                       Bristol
SERCOMBE  Ethel     Bord  S  25y  Drapers Assistant                       DEV Shaldon

Yeovil RD

Stoford, Yeovil (9 rooms)
RG14/14380, sched. 1
LANGDON   George Edward    Head  M  51y  Insurance Inspector, Asst. Overseer + Accountant  SOM Yeovil
LANGDON   Elizabeth Mary   Wife  M  53y  Head Teacher - Urban Council School [26 3 3 -]    LND Battersea
BOXALL    Rebecca          MotL  W  84y  ---                                               SRY Dorking
LANGDON   Winifred Evelyn  Dau   S  23y  Private Governess                                 SOM Barwick
LANGDON   Marjorie Alice   Dau   S  19y  Private Governess                                 SOM Barwick
SERCOMBE  Kate Maria       Visi  M  31y  --- [7 2 2 -]                                     Lambay Island, Dublin
SERCOMBE  Kathleen Marie   Visi  -   6y  School                                            Bristol
SERCOMBE  Ronald George    Visi  -   3y  ---                                               Bristol
Hardington, Yeovil, Somerset (5 rooms)
RG14/14381, sched. 79
SERCOMBE  George     Head  M  58y  Printer's Engineer - Weekly Newspapers  DEV Dunsford, Exeter
SERCOMBE  Jane Mary  Wife  M  59y  Schoolmistress - Somt. County Council   DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  May        Dau   S  26y  Monitress - Somt. County Council        SOM Hardington, Yeovil
West Street House, South Petherton (7 rooms)
RG14/14390, sched. 63
LOVIBOND  Edith  Head  S  30y  Private Means    SOM Blackford
LOVIBOND  Dean   Sis   S  29y  Private Means    SOM Staplegrove
SERCOMBE  Emma   Serv  S  50y  Cook (Domestic)  DEV Bovey Tracey
73 Hendford, Yeovil, Somerset (6 rooms)
RG14/14410, sched. 356
SERCOMBE  Henry James  Head  M  58y  Ironmonger + Sheet Metal Worker  IOW Newport
SERCOMBE  Kate         Wife  M  53y  --- [25 2 2 -]                   IOW Newport
SERCOMBE  Helen Lucy   Dau   S  20y  Clerk to Glove Manufacturer      IOW Newport
10 Crofton Park, Yeovil, Somerset (6 rooms)
RG14/14413, sched. 317
SERCOMBE  Ernest James   Head  M  31y  Newspaper Clerk  SOM Hardington Mandeville
SERCOMBE  Winifred Cope  Wife  M  27y  --- [1 - - -]    WIL Salisbury

1911 Surrey

Croydon RD

St. Blazey, Riddlesdown Road, Purley (8 rooms)
RG14/3278, sched. 3
HAWKER    Henry Edwin  Head  M  53y  Civil Service: Staff Office  DEV Exeter
HAWKER    Kate         Wife  M  51y  --- [24 0 0 0]               HAM Langport(?)
SERCOMBE  Alice        Visi  W  49y  --- [17 2 2 0]               DEV Exeter
PRIOR     Fanny        Serv  S  23y  Cook - General               HAM Dummer
YATES     Alice        Serv  S  22y  Housemaid                    KEN Hadlow
28 Elgin Road, Addiscombe, Surrey (7 rooms)
RG14/3283, sched. 225
SERCOMBE  Christopher Herbert  Head  M  27y  Insurance Clerk       KEN Lewisham
SERCOMBE  Ellen                Wife  M  25y  --- [5 1 0 1]         LND New Cross
BELL      William J.M.         Bord  M  25y  Chartered Accountant  CUL Carlisle
BELL      Emily                Bord  M  26y  --- [1 1 1 0]         CUL Carlisle
BELL      Betty                BDau  M   5m  ---                   SRY Addiscombe, Croydon
10 Oval Road, East Croydon, Surrey (2 rooms)
RG14/3287, sched. 83
SERCOMBE  Walter          Head  M   32y  Carman         DEV NK       [- 3 2 1 crossed out]
SERCOMBE  Mary            Wife  M   31y  --- [3 1 1 0]  SSX NK
SERCOMBE  Aurther George  Son   -    8y  ---            SRY NK
SERCOMBE  Hilda May       Dau   -  1y9m  ---            SRY Croydon
5 Duppas Hill Lane, Croydon (3 rooms)
RG14/3310, sched. 97
SERCOMBE  Sydney Charles  Head  M  27y  Coachman (Domestic)  DEV Barnstaple
SERCOMBE  Caroline        Wife  M  22y  --- [2 3 1 2]        SRY Croydon
SERCOMBE  Frank Sydney    Son   -   2y  ---                  SRY Croydon
1 Chatfield Road, Croydon (9 rooms)
RG14/3326, sched. 224
SERCOMBE  Athelstane Cornforth  Head  M  40y  Wine Merchant               SRY Croydon
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth Margaret    Wife  M  30y  --- [4 1 1 0]               WAL Cardiff
SERCOMBE  Margaret Rose         Dau   -   2y  ---                         SRY Croydon
PAGE      Ethel Augusta         Visi  S  32y  ---                         WAL Cardiff
CAUFIELD  Elizabeth             Serv  S  21y  General Servant (Domestic)  IRE Waterford
JEFFERY   Ellen Christina       Serv  S  16y  Nurse (Domestic)            SRY Croydon

Farnham RD

99 St. Michaels Road, Aldershot (7 rooms)
RG14/3118, sched. 56
SERCOMBE  Edgar John       Head  M  42y  Newspaper Reporter    LND Marylebone
SERCOMBE  Rose Annie       Wife  M  38y  --- [19 7 6 1]        LND Bermondsey
SERCOMBE  Rose Mary        Dau   S  16y  ---                   KEN Maidstone
SERCOMBE  Edgar Hudson     Son   S  15y  Printer's Apprentice  HAM Aldershot
SERCOMBE  George David     Son   -  13y  School                HAM Aldershot
SERCOMBE  Sophia Helen     Dau   -  10y  School                HAM Aldershot
SERCOMBE  Lilian Margaret  Dau   -   7y  School                HAM Aldershot
SERCOMBE  Ethel Florence   Dau   -   1y  ---                   HAM Aldershot
2nd Dragoon Guards, 1st Cavalry Brigade, Wellington Lines, Aldershot
RG14/3122, military
... among many other soldiers
SERCOMBE  Arthur  S  18y  Corporal, 2nd Dragoon Guards Queen's Bays  DEV Dunsford
  [Rank in the original is "ditto" and perhaps should be Private rather than Corporal]
Reeds Hatch Farm, Frensham, Surrey (5 rooms)
RG14/3137, sched. 250
SERCOMBE  Richard  Head  M  53y  Farm Bailiff     DEV Harbertonford
SERCOMBE  Annie    Wife  M  54y  --- [29 10 9 1]  SRY Putney
SERCOMBE  Berty    Son   S  18y  Farm Labourer    MDX Brentford
SERCOMBE  Ernest   Son   -  12y  School           ESS Grays

Kingston RD

157 Richmond Road, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey (4 rooms)
RG14/3511, sched. 339
SERCOMBE  Frederick Thomas  Head  M  49y  Printer (Compositor)     LND Tooley Street
SERCOMBE  Fanny Elizabeth   Wife  M  51y  --- [17 1 1 0]           SRY Redhill
SERCOMBE  Edith Rebould     Dau   -  14y  Bookbinder (Apprentice)  SRY Norbiton
18 Glenville Road, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey (5 rooms)
RG14/3519, sched. 329
SERCOMBE  Fanny Elizabeth   Head  W  53y  ---                         KEN Badlesmere Leese
SERCOMBE  Frederick John    Son   S  25y  Clerk in Electricity Works  LND Chelsea

Richmond RD

86 White Hart Lane, Barnes (1 room)
RG14/3609, sched. 357
SURCOMBE  Helena Ruth  ----  W  59y  Dress Maker  GLS Wotton under Edge  [33 6 0 6 crossed out]

1911 Sussex

Horsham RD

Prestwood, Ifield, Crawley, Sussex (4 room cottage)
RG14/5264, sched. 65
SERCOMBE  George     Head  M  62y  Coachman (domestic)  DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  Wife  -  54y  --- [16 - - -]       DEV Bampton

Steyning RD

50 Lansdowne Street, Hove (9 rooms)
RG14/5178, sched. 183
SERCOMBE  Edmund           Head  M  48y  Gardener (Domestic)  LND Camberwell
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth        Wife  M  43y  --- [17 7 6 1]       LND Woolwich
SERCOMBE  Edmund John      Son   S  15y  Auctioners Clerk     LND Croydon Norwood
SERCOMBE  Daisy Maud       Dau   -  13y  School               SRY Croydon
SERCOMBE  Lilian Louisa    Dau   -  10y  School               LND Croydon Norwood
SERCOMBE  Violet Kathleen  Dau   -   8y  ---                  LND Sydenham
SERCOMBE  Gladys Alica     Dau   -   3y  ---                  LND Wandsworth
SERCOMBE  Isabell May      Dau   -  11m  ---                  LND Wandsworth

1911 Warwickshire

Coventry RD

23 Kingsway, Coventry (6 rooms)
RG14/18565, sched. 77
SIRCOM  William       Head  M  55y  Machine-Tool Draughtsman  GLS Brislington nr. Bristol
SIRCOM  Rose          Wife  M  45y  --- [16 3 3 0]            DUB Dublin
SIRCOM  Agnes         Dau   S  15y  School                    LAN Liverpool
SIRCOM  Winifrede     Dau   -  12y  School                    CHS Crewe
SIRCOM  Mary Frances  Dau   -  10y  School                    NTT Nottingham

Solihull RD

"Belmont", Yardley Road, Yardley, Birmingham (6 rooms)
RG14/18655, sched. 89
SERCOMBE  Edwin           Head  M  35y  Public Works Contractor - General Forman  SOM Chipstable
SERCOMBE  Eliza           Wife  M  34y  --- [10 6 5 1]                            SOM Peasedown St. John
SERCOMBE  William Edwin   Son   -   8y  School                                    ESS Walthamstow
SERCOMBE  Edith Beatrice  Dau   -   7y  School                                    ESS Walthamstow
SERCOMBE  Arthur Alfred   Son   -   4y  School                                    WAR Birmingham
SERCOMBE  Gordon Stanley  Son   -   3y  ---                                       WAR Birmingham
SERCOMBE  Ethel Joy       Dau   -   2m  ---                                       WOR Yardley [WAR crossed out]
CHIVERS   Emma            WSis  S  36y  Companion - Mothers Help                  SOM Peasedown St. John

1911 Wiltshire

Bradford on Avon RD

Turleigh, Nr. Bradford-on-Avon (7 rooms)
RG14/11986, sched. 97
SIRCOM  Ellen  Head  S  51y  Private Means               GLS Bristol
GAY     Ellen  Serv  S  24y  General Servant (Domestic)  WIL Winsley

1911 Yorkshire

Beverley RD

14 York Road, Beverley, East Yorkshire (7 rooms)
RG14/28544, sched. 86
WINSTANLEY  Catharine Ann  Widow                   -  70y  Private Means [- 3 3 -]                           YKS Nafferton
SERCOMBE    Hellier        Hospital-Trained Nurse  S  33y  Sick Nurse - Trained Nursing for Hull Nurs. Home  FIF Newport
MILLS       Annie          Companion               S  34y  Companion - Domestic                              YKS Bradford
WALKER      Fanny          Servant                 S  15y  General Servant                                   YKS Beverley

Keighley RD

32 Rupert Street, Keighley, Yorkshire West Riding (5 rooms)
RG14/26094, sched. 130
SERCOMBE  Frank   Head  M  37y  Police Constable - West Riding C.C.                 SOM Dunstable
SERCOMBE  Hannah  Wife  M  35y  --- [15 4 3 1]                                      DBY North Wingfield
SERCOMBE  Arthur  Son   S  15y  Millhand (Punch Minder) - Worsted Yarn              DBY North Wingfield
SERCOMBE  Gladys  Dau   -  12y  School part time; Millhand (Doffer) - Worsted Yarn  YKS Wibsey

Leeds RD

2 Attack(?) Place, Corn(?) Hill (2 rooms)
RG14/27092, sched. 102
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann  Head  S  33y  Tailoress (Machinist)  YKS Leeds
SERCOMBE  William   Son   -   5y  ---                    YKS Leeds S
SERCOMBE  Walter    Son   -   4y  ---                    YKS Leeds S

North Bierley RD

Hirst House, Shipley (11 rooms)
RG14/26643, sched. 204
SIRCOM  Francis R.F.     Head  M  54y  Manufacturer's Agent - upholstery fabrics   GLS Bristol
SIRCOM  Annie            Wife  M  48y  --- [23 2 2 -]                              LAN Oldham
SIRCOM  Elsie Winifred   Dau   S  22y  Assistant to father                         CHS Ashton on Mersey
SIRCOM  Harry Innerdale  Son   S  18y  Wholesale Warehouseman - Light Dross Goods  YKS Bradford

Sheffield RD

106 Harvest Lane (5 rooms)
RG14/27938, sched. 272
SERCOMBE  Harriett Ann  Head  S  45y  Butcher Manageress  DEV Doddiscombsleigh
TAYLOR    Dorothy       Niec  -  14y  ---                 --- Sheffield
24 Ordnance Place, Don Road, Sheffield (4 rooms)
RG14/27974, sched. 217
SERCOMBE  Ernest     Head      M  28y  Ironfounder - General Engineer  DBY Derby
SERCOMBE  Rose       Wife      M  26y  --- [1 - - -]                   YKS Woodhouse Mill
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  Sis/Visi  S  18y  General Servant, Domestic       LKS Motherwell (Resident)

Wakefield RD

15 Forge Buildings, Horbury Junction, Yorkshire (4 rooms)
RG14/27371, sched. 154
SERCOMBE  Thomas    Head  M  54y  Blacksmith - Colliery Work  DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE  Harriet   Wife  M  55y  --- [29 5 5 0]              LAN Bury
SERCOMBE  George    Son   S  20y  House Painter               LKS Motherwell
SERCOMBE  Edith     Dau   S  16y  Apprentice Confectionery    LAN Manchester
SERCOMBE  Gertrude  Dau   -  12y  School                      LAN Manchester
West Riding Lunatic Asylum, Stanley Road, Wakefield
RG14/27403, institution, p. 19
... one of many patients
SERCOMBE  Lilian  Patient  S  14y  ---  United Kingdom

1911 Overseas Military

Overseas Army

2nd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment, St. George's Barracks, Malta
RG14/34986, military, pp. 6 & 10
SERCOMBE  Montague  S  22y  Private, Second Battalion Devonshire Regiment           DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Henry     S  20y  Private, Second Battalion Devonshire Regiment (Barber)  DEV Exeter
[Alexandria, Egypt]
RG14/34994, military, p. 4
SERCOMBE  Frederick  S  23y  Private, 1st Battalion, Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment)  LND Haggerston

Overseas Royal Navy

H.M.S. Devonshire, armoured cruiser - station Devonport Sub Division Home Fleet - position Bantry
RG14/34971, navy
SERCOMBE  Frederick E.  S  25y  A.B. R.N.  MDX St. James's London
H.M.S. Kent, first class cruiser - station China - position 31°45'S 71°55'W
RG14/34972, navy
SERCOMBE  William H.  S  19y  Able Seaman R.N.  DEV Dawlish

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