Sercombe Extracts - 1901 British Census

This page consists of extracts from the British census taken on Sunday, March 31st, 1901. Except where noted otherwise, all this information has been incorporated into my main compilation of Sercombe families. Extracts for other censuses are also available.

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All entries are transcribed from images of original records viewed at Ancestry (most), the National Archives (a few), and ScotlandsPeople (all Scottish households).

1901 Aberdeenshire

[an institution], St. Nicholas, Aberdeenshire
enum. dist. 61, pp. 1-2
SERCOMBE    Sara              Serv S   31y Hospital Nurse (employee)        FIF Newport
SERCOMBE    Alisson           Serv S   25y Hospital Nurse (employee)        FIF Newport

1901 Anglesey

2 Coast Guard Street, Holyhead, Anglesey
RG13/5299, enum. dist. 6, fol. 57, p. 47, sched. 348
SERCOMBE    Fredrick          Head M   37y Coastguardman                    DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Annie             Wife M   33y ---                              Canada
SERCOMBE    Olive             Dau  -    6y ---                              AGY Holyhead
SERCOMBE    Dorothy           Dau  -    4y ---                              CON St. Agnes
SERCOMBE    Eric              Son  -    3y ---                              AGY Holyhead
SERCOMBE    Maud              Dau  -    1y ---                              AGY Holyhead
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Son  -    5m ---                              AGY Holyhead

1901 Berkshire

6 Court 2 Croft Road, Wallingford, Berkshire (2 rooms)
RG13/1139, enum. dist. 2, fol. 32, p. 6, sched. 42
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Head W   46y Charwoman                        BRK Wallingford
7 Town Place, Reading, Berkshire (St. Giles civ. p., St. John the Evangelist and St. Stephen eccl. p.)
RG13/1150, enum. dist. 15, fol. 30, p. 13, sched. 90
ROWELL      Harriet           Head S   62y House Keeper                     --- Buckingham
WILLIAMS    May               Visi S   18y Dressmaker                       --- Reading
SERCOMBE    William           Lodg S   31y Hotel Boots                      --- London
2 Peach Street, Wokingham, Berkshire
RG13/1154, enum. dist. 3, fol. 55, p. 1, sched. 1
SERCOMBE    Herbert           Head M   34y Manager (Clothiers)              LND Ealing
SERCOMBE    Mary A.           Wife M   38y ---                              BKM Buckingham
SERCOMBE    Alfred            Son  -   11m ---                              BRK Wokingham
JONES       Sarah             Moth W   65y ---                              BKM Buckingham
DRAPER      Mary              Serv -   18y General Servant Domestic         WIL Clyffe Pypard
FROOME      William           Serv -   16y Draper's Assistant               HAM Ransdell
Holloway Sanatorium, Virginia Water, Berkshire (Egham civil parish)
RG13/1167, institution, fol. 104, p. 12
SERCOMB     Emily             Serv S   18y Pantrymaid                       LND Ponder's End

1901 Buckinghamshire

257 Berkhamstead Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire
RG13/1333, enum. dist. 8, fol. 116, p. 5, sched. 30
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   48y Railway Passenger Guard          DEV Doddiscompsleigh
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Wife M   41y                                  BDF Biggleswade
Cliveden House, Taplow, Buckinghamshire
RG13/1344, enum. dist. 10, fol. 174, p. 3, sched. 19
... [one of 15 servants with nobody else at home] ...
SERCOMBE    Ella              ---- S   23y Kitchen Maid Domestic            DEV Cornwood

1901 Cambridgeshire

50 Bridge Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (parish of St. Clement)
RG13/1533, enum. dist. 5, fol. 69, p. 3
SERCOMBE    Henry James       Head M   40y Outfitters Manager               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Hannah            Wife M   42y ---                              BKM Stony Stratford
SERCOMBE    Walter S.         Son  S   16y Grocers Apprentice               KEN Maidstone
SERCOMBE    Florence A.       Dau  -   14y ---                              KEN Maidstone
CHAPMAN     Emily L.          Serv -   18y General (Domestic Serv)          --- Cambridge
LINLOTT     Archibald J.C.    Bord S   20y Merchant Wholesale Grocer        SSX Horsham

1901 Carmarthenshire

Penarthisaf, Conwil Caio, Carmarthenshire
RG13/5101, enum. dist. 3, fol. 23, p. 3, sched. 19
JONES       Morgan            Head M   50y Farmer                           CMN Llanwrda     Welsh
JONES       Margaret          Wife M   34y ---                              CMN Caio         Welsh
JONES       Rachel            Dau  S   21y ---                              CMN Cilycwm      Welsh
JONES       William T.        Son  S   11y ---                              CMN Caio         Welsh
EVANS       David             Serv S   18y Carter on Farm                   CMN Llanycrwys   Welsh
SIRCOMBE    Tom               Serv S   17y Cattle Man on Farm               GLS Tewksbury    Both

1901 Cheshire

28 Church Lane, Romiley, Cheshire (4 rooms)
RG13/3280, enum. dist. 8, fol. 159, p. 19, sched. 174
SERCOMBE    William Geo.      Head M   38y Engine Fitter (Iron)             DEV Dawlish
SERCOMBE    Minnie            Wife M   24y ---                              CHS Woodley
SERCOMBE    Fredk. Geo.       Son  -    4y ---                              CHS Romiley
SERCOMBE    Harriet Nellie    Dau  -    1y ---                              CHS Romiley
SERCOMBE    Doris Annie       Dau  -    1m ---                              CHS Romiley

1901 Cornwall

St. Stephens Hill, St. Stephens by Launceston, Cornwall
RG13/2182, enum. dist. 8, fol. 8, p. 8, sched. 46
SERCOMBE    Richard T.        Head M   39y Railway Engine Driver            DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Selina            Wife M   39y ---                              DEV Bishopsnympton
SERCOMBE    Richard           Son  S   12y ---                              SRY Kingston
SERCOMBE    Frederick J.      Son  S    6y ---                              DEV Exeter
H.M.S. Impregnable (training ship for boys), Hamoaze, Cornwall
RG12/2186, fol. 131, p. 39
SERCOMBE    Fredk. Chas.      Crew S   15y Boy                              LND St. James
34 Penpol Terrace, Phillack, Cornwall
RG13/2245, enum. dist. 1, fol. 13, p. 17, sched. 103
SERCUMBE    Elias             Head M   48y Shipping Agent                   DEV Cornwood
SERCUMBE    Mary              Wife M   48y ---                              CON St. Cleer	
SERCUMBE    Elias             Son  S   20y Railway Engine Stoker            CON Cordinham
SERCUMBE    Maxwell           Son  S   19y Bread Baker                      CON Cordinham
SERCUMBE    Lucy              Dau  S   15y ---                              CON Cordinham
SERCUMBE    James A.          Son  S   13y ---                              CON Cordinham
SERCUMBE    Mary E.           Dau  -   11y ---                              CON Cordinham
SERCUMBE    Hetty             Dau  -    9y ---                              CON Cordinham
Clanmore, St. Erth, Cornwall
RG13/2247, enum. dist. 7, fol. 76, p. 13, sched. 81
HARVEY      Francis           Head M   60y Director of Companies            CON St. Erth
HARVEY      Annie             Wife M   56y ---                              CON St. Erth
JOHNSON     Walter            SonL M   30y Mechanical Engineer              GLA Cardiff
JOHNSON     Charlotte M.      Dau  M   31y ---                              CON St. Erth
HARVEY      William F.T.      Son  M   28y Foreign Agent                    CON St. Erth
HARVEY      Annie B.S.        DauL M   24y ---                              Bloomfontein Orange Riv. Colony
RESCORLA    Mary              Serv S   26y Cook (Domestic)                  CON St. Culumb
ORCHARD     Elizabeth         Serv S   26y Housemaid (Domestic)             CON Crowan
SERCOMBE    Alice             Serv S   18y Parlourmaid (Domestic)           CON Cardinham

1901 Derbyshire

40 Northumberland Street, Derby, Derbyshire
RG13/3224, enum. dist. 94, fol. 69, p. 32, sched. 163
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Head M   30y Cook & Carver                    DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Louisa            Wife M   32y ---                              DEV Exeter

1901 Devon

High Street, Honiton, Devon
RG13/2022, enum. dist. 15, fol. 45, p. 9, sched. 45
SHORTRIDGE  Thomas W.         Head M   47y Medical Practitioner             YKS Barnsley
SHORTRIDGE  Louisa            Wife M   43y ---                              India Madras Mesulipatam
SHORTRIDGE  Armin H.S.        Son  S   18y Civil Cervice Servant(?)         DEV Honiton
SHORTRIDGE  Gladys            Dau  S   16y ---                              DEV Exeter
SHORTRIDGE  Valentine G.C.    Son  -    7y ---                              DEV Honiton
BELL        Alfred H.         ---  S   27y Pending(?) Graduate in Medicine  Jamaica Upark(?) Camp
COLLIER     Rose              Serv S   24y House & Parlourmaid Domestic     DEV Southleigh
DOWELL      Maud              Serv S   20y Cook Domestic                    DEV Dunkerswell
SERCOMBE    Harry L.          Serv S   21y Groom & Gardener Domestic        DEV Exeter
The Village, Payhembury, Devon
RG13/2025, enum. dist. 21, fol. 80, p. 10, sched. 67
MARKER      Margerat          Head W   63y Sick Nurse                       --- Budleigh Salterton
MARKER      Emily             Dau  S   33y Dressmaker                       --- Torquay
HURCHAM     Bertram           GSon S    9y ---                              --- Paignton
SERCOMBE    Frank             Bord S   23y Carter on Farm                   --- Dunsford
2 Richmond Grove, Heavitree, Devon
RG13/2033, enum. dist. 2, fol. 24, p. 7, sched. 35
WEEKS       William           Head M   45y Tutor at Exeter Training College DEV Dolton
WEEKS       Annie Shepherd    Wife M   43y ---                              DOR Cheselbourne
WEEKS       William Edward    Son  S    2y ---                              DEV Heavitree
HALL        Ann Kingsbury     MLaw W   74y Living on Own Means              DOR Cheselbourne
SERCOMBE    Emily Maud        Serv     14y General Servant Domestic         DEV Heavitree
Sandy Gates, Heavitree, Devon
RG13/2033, enum. dist. 5, fols. 79-80, pp. 18-19, sched. 110
SERCOMBE    Joseph            Head M   44y Attendant at Asylum              DEV Dunsford		
SERCOMBE    Emily L.          Wife M   36y                                  DEV Exminster
SERCOMBE    Mabel             Dau  S   12y                                  DEV Clyst St. Mary
SERCOMBE    Joseph            Son  -   11y                                  DEV Clyst St. Mary
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Son  S    5y                                  DEV Clyst St. Mary
SERCOMBE    Leonard           Son  S    2y                                  DEV Clyst St. Mary
8 Regents Square, Heavitree, Devon
RG13/2033, enum. dist. 6, fol. 86, p. 5, sched. 32
SERCOMBE    Francis           Head M  45y Cab Driver                        DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Ellen             Wife M  43y ---                               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Francis J.        Son  -   9y ---                               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Ellen             Dau  -   2y ---                               DEV Exeter
Waterworks, Upton Pyne, Devon
RG13/2036, enum. dist. 23, fol. 42, p. 4, sched. 20
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Head W   68y Engine Driver Stationary         DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Emma              Dau  S   40y Houskeeper (Domestic)            DEV Bovey Tracey
4 Okehampton Street, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 1, fol. 5, p. 1, sched. 2
HEATH       Sarah Ann         Head M   52y ---                              DEV Cullompton
HEATH       Louisa Mary       Dau  S   22y General Servant (Domestic)       DEV St. Thomas
HEATH       Sarah Ann         Dau  S   17y General Servant (Domestic)       DEV St. Thomas
COLES       Mary Ann          Bord S   62y ---                              DEV Chulmleigh
SERCOMBE    Ivy               Bord S    2y ---                              DEV Torquay
8 Cowick Street, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 3, fol. 32, pp. 1-2, sched. 7
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   53y Basket Manufacturer              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   49y ---                              DEV Exmouth
SERCOMBE    Alberta E.        Dau  S   28y Assistant                        DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    William B.        Son  S   19y Basket Maker                     DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE    Lilian B.         Dau  S   15y ---                              DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE    Eveline B.        Dau  S   13y ---                              DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE    Heneritta B.      Dau  -    9y ---                              DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE    Dorothy M.        Dau  -    5y ---                              DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE    Harold            GSon -    9y ---                              DEV Dawlish
SERCOMBE    Margueritte       GDau -    1y ---                              DEV Exeter
5 Hampden Place, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 3, fol. 38, p. 14, sched. 97
SERCOMBE    Henry J.          Head M   50y Builder                          DEV Ide
SERCOMBE    Louisa            Wife M   50y ---                              DEV Bradninch
SERCOMBE    Annie             Dau  S   23y Music Teacher                    DEV Exmouth
   [thanks to Rosie Journeaux for originally supplying this entry]
The Quarries, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 4, fol. 75, p. 26, sched. 147
BAILEY      William H.        Head M   60y District Probate Registrar       GLS Cheltenham
BAILEY      Isabella          Wife M   53y ---                              LIN Thetford
BAILEY      Charles H.        Son  S   29y Captain in Militia               SOM Wells
BAILEY      George S.         Son  S   21y Clerk in Insurance Of.           SOM Wells
BAILEY      Isabel M.         Dau  S   21y ---                              SOM Wells
BAILEY      Evelyn D.         Dau  S   18y ---                              DEV Topsham
BOYLAND     Alice             Serv S   28y Cook (Domestic)                  DEV Cotleigh
MOXEY       Clara             Serv S   40y Parlourmaid (Domestic)           DEV Alphington
SKINNER     Emily             Serv S   46y Housemaid (Domestic)             DEV Ottery St. Mary
SERCOMBE    Annie E.          Serv S   18y Kitchenmaid (Domestic)           DEV Dunsford
POTTER      Jessie M.         Serv S   24y Lady'smaid (Domestic)            DEV Exeter
MAJOR       George            Serv S   33y Coachman (Domestic)              DEV Moretonhampstead
Langdons, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 4, fol. 76, p. 27, sched. 151
THOMAS    James L.    Head  M  46y  Oil Merchant, Soap & Candle Manufacturer  DEV Exeter
THOMAS    Helena M.   Wife  M  32y  ---                                       DEV Stoke Gabriel
THOMAS    Wyndham W.  Son   S   9y  ---                                       DEV Exeter
THOMAS    Irene M.    Dau   S   8y  ---                                       DEV Exeter
THOMAS    Helena M.   Dau   S   5y  ---                                       DEV Exeter
HOOPER    Ida         Serv  S  19y  Governess (Domestic)                      DOR Dorchester
GERRY     Florence    Serv  S  27y  Cook (Domestic)                           CON ---
SERCOMBE  Florence    Serv  S  17y  Housemaid (Domestic)                      DEV Exeter
HARVEY    Matilda     Serv  S  23y  Nurse (Domestic)                          DEV Buckfastleigh
154 Cowick Street, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 5, fol. 94, p. 27, sched. 179
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   43y General Labourer                 DEV Doddiscombleigh
SERCOMBE    Charlotte         Wife M   38y ---                              DEV Bradninch
SERCOMBE    Reginald          Son  -   12y Errand Boy                       DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE    Minnie            Dau  -    8y ---                              DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE    Mabel             Dau  -    3y ---                              DEV St. Thomas
SERCOMBE    John              Fath W   73y Retired Farmer                   DEV Dunsford
3 Oxford Terrace, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 7, fol. 119, p. 1, sched. 2
SERCOMBE    Frank             Head M   36y G.W.R. Goods Clerk               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Bessie            Wife M   37y ---                              DEV Exeter
25 Buller Road, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 7, fol. 125, p. 13, sched. 82
SEROMBE     William           Head M   53y Candle Maker                     DEV Exeter
SEROMBE     Elizabeth         Wife M   55y ---                              DEV Exeter
SEROMBE     Beatrice          Dau  S   25y Domestic Servant                 DEV Exeter
SEROMBE     Harry             Son  S   23y Book Binder                      DEV Exeter
SEROMBE     William E.        Son  S   20y Cellerman                        DEV Exeter
SEROMBE     Louisa L.         Dau  S   15y Dressmaker                       DEV Exeter
SEROMBE     Florence H.       Dau  -    4m ---                              DEV Exeter
7 Cecil Road, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 8, fol. 139, p. 15, sched. 111
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Head M   29y Joiner                           DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Emily             Wife M   33y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Son  S    6y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Florence          Dau  S    4y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Arthur            Son  S    2y ---                              --- Exeter
70 Cowick Street, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2037, enum. dist. 9, fol. 159, p. 12, sched. 87
SERCOMBE    Henry             Head M   50y Laborer                          DEV Whitestone
SERCOMBE    Anna Maria        Wife M   49y Grocer                           DEV Whitestone
23 Courtenay Road, St. Thomas, Devon
RG13/2038, enum. dist. 11, fol. 26, p. 14, sched. 89
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   46y Carter                           DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Emma              Wife M   44y ---                              DEV Whitestone
SERCOMBE    William           Son  S   20y Compositor                       DEV Exeter
Widley Cottages, Alphington, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 12, fol. 6, p. 4, sched. 17
HORSHAM     William           Head M   52y Ordinary Agricultural Labourer   DEV Dunsford
HORSHAM     Elizabeth         Wife M   50y ---                              DEV Tavistock
HORSHAM     Beatrice          Dau  S   13y ---                              DEV Creidton
HORSHAM     Gertrude          Dau  S    5y ---                              DEV Tedburn
HORSHAM     William           Neph S   24y Ordinary Agricultural Labourer   DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Neph S    7y ---                              DEV Dunsford
MILES       Samuel            FatL W   88y ---                              DEV Tavistock
RADDON      Walter            Visi S   24y Rabbit Trapper                   DEV Dunsford
Shop, Ide, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 14, fol. 41, p. 14, sched. 96
YENDALL     Mary J.           Head W   56y Grocer                           DEV Ide
SERCOMBE    Lily A.           Dau  M   28y ---                              DEV Tedburn St. Mary
SERCOMBE    Madeline E.       GDau S    8y ---                              DEV Ide
SERCOMBE    Charles           SonL M   32y Railway Porter                   DEV Doddiscombsleigh
Nogsland Farm, Holcombe Burnell, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 16, fol. 59, p. 4, sched. 19
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   43y Farmer                           DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   44y ---                              CON Linkinhorne
SERCOMBE    John              Son  S   11y Farmer's Son                     DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Arthur            Son  S    5y Farmer's Son                     DEV Holcombe Burnell
SERCOMBE    Minnie            Dau  S    2y ---                              DEV Holcombe Burnell
SERCOMBE    Sarah             Moth W   74y ---                              DEV Bridford
TONKIN      Ethel             Serv S   14y General Servant Domestic         DEV Dunsford
MAJOR       Mark              Serv S   21y Teamster on Farm                 DEV Dunsford
CONBEER     Frank             Serv S   17y Teamster on Farm                 DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Harry             Serv S   15y Yardsman on Farm                 DEV Dunsford
Lower Brocks, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 80, p. 1, sched. 1
SERCOMBE    Frank             Head W   42y Farm Labourer                    DEV Dunsford	
SERCOMBE    Ada               Dau  -   15y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Laura             Dau  -   10y ---                              DEV Dunsford
Verandah Cot, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 80, p. 1, sched. 2
SERCOMBE    Samuel            Head M   45y Farm Labourer                    DEV Dunsford	
SERCOMBE    Louisa            Wife M   32y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Florence          Dau  -   11y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Arthur            Son  -    8y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Elsie             Dau  -    6y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Reggie            Son  -    3y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Mildred           Dau  -    1y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Albert            Son  -    1y ---                              DEV Dunsford
Royal Oak, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 81, p. 3, sched. 15
SERCOMBE    George            Head W   56y Hotel Keeper and Farmer          DEV Dunsford
WHITE       Eliza             SisL S   54y House Keeper                     CON Par(?)
HOOPER      John              Visi -   13y ---                              DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Susan             Serv -   13y Servant Domestic                 DEV Dunsford
Court, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 81, p. 4, sched. 24
SERCOMBE  Mary    Head  W  64y  School Caretaker            DEV Dunsford	
SERCOMBE  Jessie  Dau   S  28y  Receiving Parochial Relief  DEV Dunsford  Diseased Knee
Court, Dunsford, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 81, p. 4, sched. 26
SERCOMBE  William   Head  W  77y  Ordinary Agri'l Laborer          DEV Dunsford	
SERCOMBE  Frank     Son   S  35y  Ordinary Agri'l Laborer          DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Caroline  Dau   S  29y  Housekeeper (at home)            DEV Dunsford	
Sercombes Cot, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 82, p. 6, sched. 43
SERCOMBE    John G.           Head M   56y Carpenter (own account at home)  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Sarah             Wife M   55y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Percy S.          Son  S   16y Carpenter (worker at home)       DEV Dunsford
TYRRELL     Georgina C.       Brdr S   22y Assistant Teacher (Board Schl.)  DEV Plymouth
Boyland Farm, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 83, p. 8, sched. 56
SHORT       Frank             Head M   26y Farmer                           DEV Ogwell
SHORT       Bertha            Wife M   25y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SHORT       Merlin F.         Son  -    4m ---                              DEV Dunsford
WILLS       Agnes E.          Serv -   13y General Servant Domestic         DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    John              Serv S   45y Carter on Farm                   DEV Dunsford
PUDDICOMBE  H. James          Serv -   13y Carter on Farm                   DEV Dunsford
Britten Street, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 84, pp. 9-10, sched. 64
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   57y Ordinary Agri'l Laborer          DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   55y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Alice             Dau  S   28y General Servant Domestic         DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    George            Son  S   25y Carter on Farm                   DEV Dunsford	
SERCOMBE    Bessie            Dau  -   15y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Sydney            Son  -   12y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Edith E.          GDau -    2y ---                              DEV Plymouth
Britten Street, Dunsford, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 19, fol. 84, p. 10, sched. 70
SERCOMBE    Fred              Head S   43y Ordinary Agri'l Laborer          DEV Dunsford	
SERCOMBE    Mary A.           Moth W   84y ---                              DEV Drewsteignton
LEAMAN      Selina            Serv W   48y Housekeeper Domestic             DEV Hatherleigh
Symond Cottage, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 20, fol. 88, p. 1, sched. 2
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   49y Pig Killer                       DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Louisa            Wife -   43y ---                              DOR Hilton
Symond Cottage, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 20, fol. 88, p. 1, sched. 3
SERCOMBE    Fred              Head M   39y Carter on Farm                   DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Ellen             Wife M   38y ---                              DEV Hittisleigh
SERCOMBE    Wilfred George    Son  S   11y Scholar                          DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE    Edith Emily       Dau  S    9y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Ernest Henry      Son  S    7y ---                              DEV Powderham
SERCOMBE    Reginald Walter   Son  S    2y ---                              DEV Dunsford
Holeacre, Dunsford, Devon (2 rooms)
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 20, fol. 88, p. 2, sched. 8
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   37y Agricultural Labourer            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   31y ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE    William           Son  -    7y Scholar                          DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Caroline          Dau  -    5y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Edith             Dau  -    3y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Son  -    1y ---                              DEV Dunsford
PONSFORD    Winifred          Niec S    6y ---                              DEV Dunsford
West Down Farm, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 20, fol. 89, p. 4, sched. 18
TAVERNER    Job               Head W   68y Farmer                           DEV Dunsford
TAVERNER    Mabel             Dau  S   21y ---                              DEV Dunsford
TAVERNER    Arthur            Son  S   19y Farmer's Son                     DEV Dunsford
TAVERNER    Wilfred           Son  S   15y Farmer's Son                     DEV Dunsford
TAVERNER    Walter            Son  S   12y Farmer's Son                     DEV Dunsford
ELLIS       Annie             Serv S   19y General Servant Domestic         DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE    William           Serv S   15y Carter on Farm                   DEV Dunsford	
Cambsland Lodge, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 20, fol. 90, p. 5, sched. 22
SERCOMBE    Wm.               Head M   54y General Labourer                 DEV Dunsford	
SERCOMBE    Jane              Wife M   59y ---                              DEV Chudleigh
Zeal Farm, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 21, fol. 94, p. 1, sched. 3
TAVERNER   Sydney             Head M   23y Farmer                           DEV Dunsford
TAVERNER   Kathleen Mary      Wife M   21y ---                              DEV Dunsford
TAVERNER   Arthur J.          Son  S    5m ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE   Ellen L.           Serv S   13y ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
WILLS      John               Serv S   16y Carter on Farm                   DEV Dunsford
Farrant Farm, Dunsford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 21, fol. 94, p. 2, sched. 9
WILLS       George            Head M   42y Farmer                           DEV Dunsford
WILLS       Maude             Wife M   28y ---                              WAR Erdington
POWER       Henry H.          BroL S   41y Artist                           WAR Aston
WILLS       Anne L.           Asst S   24y House Assistant                  London
CURSONS     James             Serv S   20y Carter on Farm                   DEV Drewsteignton
SERCOMBE    Fred              Serv S   13y Cow Boy                          DEV Dunsford
Bridford Rectory, Bridford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 22, fol. 101, p. 1, sched. 8
LLOYD      Frederick C.  Head  M  54y  Clergyman of the Church of England  BRK Cholsey
LLOYD      Mary F.       Wife  M  45y  ---                                 GLS Cheltenham
LLOYD      Florence      Dau   S  22y  ---                                 SAL Press
LLOYD      Ethel S.      Dau   S  17y  ---                                 MDX Ponders End
SERCOMBE   Lucy          Serv  S  18y  Cook Domestic                       DEV Dunsford
PARTRIDGE  Gertrude B.   Serv  S  17y  Housemaid Domestic                  DEV Coombe
Swanford Cottage, Bridford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 22, fol. 103, p. 5, sched. 28
SERCOMBE    William           Head M  38y Farmer                            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Jessie            Wife M  32y ---                               DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Ethel             Dau  -   9y School                            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Edith             Dau  -   8y School                            DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Charrels [sic]    Son  -   4y ---                               DEV Christow
Venn Farm, Bridford, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 22, fol. 104, p. 7, sched. 37
SERCOMBE    Joseph            Head M   48y Farmer                           DEV Cheriton
SERCOMBE    Mary A.           Wife M   52y ---                              DEV Barnstaple
SERCOMBE    Wilfred           Son  S   23y Farmer Son                       DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Charlie           Son  S   21y Farmer Son                       DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Bessie            Dau  S   19y Farmer Daur                      DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Polly             Dau  -   15y Farmer Daur                      DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Joseph            Son  -   13y Farmer Son                       DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    William           Son  -   12y School                           DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    David             Son  -   11y School                           DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    John              Son  -    9y School                           DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Percy             Son  -    8y School                           DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Ruth              Dau  -    6y School                           DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Frank             Serv S   18y Carter on Farm                   DEV Dunsford
Higher Town, Christow, Devon (2 rooms)
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 23, fol. 117, p. 12, sched. 82
SERCOMBE    Samuel            Head M   69y Agricultural Labourer            DEV Christow
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   79y ---                              DEV Holcombe Burnell
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth A.      Dau  S   36y Cook Domestic                    DEV Christow
Easternhill, Doddiscombsleigh, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 24, fol. 126, p. 2, sched. 10
SERCOMBE    James             Head M   35y Farmer                           DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Kate              Wife M   33y ---                              SSX Hastings
SERCOMBE    Dennis            Son  -   10y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Helena            Dau  -    9y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Leah              Dau  -    7y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Eglon             Son  -    6y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Elsie             Dau  -    4y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Herbert           Son  -    3y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Fred              Son  -    1y ---                              DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Emily             Dau  -    8m ---                              DEV Doddiscombsleigh
GOLDWORTHY  Ernest            Serv S   26y Waggoner on Farm                 DEV Exeter
PUDDICOMBE  Richard           Serv S   25y Cattleman on Farm                DEV Bridford
BAKER       Fred              Serv S   18y Horseman on Farm                 DEV Dunchideock
Lowley Farm, Doddiscombsleigh, Devon
RG13/2039, enum. dist. 24, fol. 126, p. 2, sched. 11
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   50y Farmer                           DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE    Mary E.           Wife M   47y ---                              DEV Exminster
SERCOMBE    William           Son  S   24y Farmers Son                      DEV Hennock
SERCOMBE    Bertha            Dau  S   21y ---                              DEV Doddiscombsleigh
CONBEER     John              Serv S   26y Horseman on Farm                 DEV Exeter
ROCKETT     John              Serv S   26y Teamster on Farm                 DEV Dunsford
New Road, Starcross, Devon (Kenton civil parish)
RG13/2040, enum. dist. 8, fol. 88, p. 12, sched. 84
SERCOMBE    John              Head W   62y Willow Basket Maker (own acct. at home)  DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Frederick J.      Son  M   28y Willow Basket Maker (own acct. at home)  DEV Starcross
SERCOMBE    Edith             DauL M   25y ---                                      DEV Stonehouse Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Harold G.         GSon -    1y ---                                      DEV Starcross
SERCOMBE    Winnifred A.      GDau -   <2m ---                                      DEV Starcross
County Lunatic Asylum, Exminster, Devon
RG13/2040, institution, fols. 138 and 144, pp. 43 and 4
SERCOMBE  Emma       Patient  S  31y  Domestic Servant  --- ---        Lunatic
SERCOMBE  Bathsheba  Patient  M  36y  None              DEV Plymouth   Lunatic
SERCOMBE  Mary       Servant  S  42y  Asylum Nurse      DEV Harberton  ---
Bude Hotel, 188 Sidwell Street, Exeter St. Sidwell, Devon
RG13/2041, enum. dist. 1, fol. 12, p. 15, sched. 97
SERCOMBE    George E.         Head M   35y Hotel Proprietor                 DEV Newton Abbot
SERCOMBE    Alice F.M.        Wife M   25y Hotel Proprietress               SOM Bath
SERCOMBE    Marjorie M.       Dau  S    2y                                  DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Kathleen M.       Dau  S    1y                                  DEV Exeter
HOOPER      Violet L.         Serv S   20y Bookkeeper                       SOM Bath
MARTIN      Mabel C.          Serv S   20y Barmaid                          DEV Exeter
MARTIN      Marie L.          Serv S   27y Domestic Waitress                DEV Plymouth
ROSVERE     Bessie            Serv S   22y Barmaid                          DEV Exeter
POPE        Emily             Serv S   18y Domestic (Chambermaid)           DEV Exeter
PEARCEY     Mary L.           Serv S   21y Domestic (Kitchenmaid)           DEV Budleigh Salterton
CUMMING     Herbert H.        Visi W   33y Gentleman (own means)            DEV Exeter
TURNER      Ethel M.          Serv S   18y Domestic (Nurse)                 --- London
Summerlands, Heavitree Road, Exeter, Devon
RG13/2041, enum. dist. 2, fol. 33, p. 1, sched. 2
SCLATER     William H.        Head M   68y Nursery Man (Employer)           DEV Exeter
SCLATER     Marianne          Wife M   48y ---                              DEV Exeter
JACOBS      Susanna           MotL W   83y Living on Means                  DEV Exeter
TODD        Ellen             SisL W   56y Living on Means                  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Esther            Serv S   24y General Servant (Domestic)       DEV Bridford
66 Pennsylvania Road, Exeter St. James, Devon
RG13/2042, enum. dist. 8, fol. 38, p. 18, sched. 105
SHORTS      George R.         Head W   64y Solicitor Town Clerk of Exeter   DEV Exeter
SHORTS      Ellen E.          Dau  S   30y ---                              DEV Exeter
SHORTS      Dorothy G.        Dau  S   16y ---                              DEV Exeter
SHORTS      Stafford H.       Son  S   14y ---                              DEV Exeter
SHORTS      Martin H.         Son  S   11y ---                              DEV Exeter
SHORTS      Joan              Dau  S    9y ---                              DEV Exeter
WOODWARD    Annie L.          Serv S   18y Cook Domestic                    DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Serv S   16y Housemaid Domestic               DEV Exeter
11 Powderham Crescent, Exeter St. James, Devon
RG13/2042, enum. dist. 8, fol. 41, p. 23, sched. 137
BRICE       Rosa M.           Head W   60y Living on Own Means              DEV Exeter
SERCOMB     John T.           Fath W   85y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMB     Mary J.           Sis  S   54y ---                              DEV Exeter
BURRER      Emma              Serv S   46y Servant Domestic                 DEV Moreton
20 Clifton Road, Exeter St. Matthew, Devon
RG13/2042, enum. dist. 10, fol. 89, p. 10, sched. 60
HILL        Chas. J.T.        Head M   33y Baker & Confectioner             DEV Chagford
HILL        Emma              Wife M   33y ---                              DEV Crediton
HILL        Chas. U.H.        Son  S    1y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Willm. F.         Serv S   18y Baker                            DEV Cheriton Bishop
HOOPER      John H.           Serv S   22y Baker                            DEV Teignmouth
CURTIS      Annie             Serv S   17y Gen. Serv. (Domestic)            MDX Hillington [LND crossed out]
7 Summerland Street, Exeter St. Sidwell, Devon
RG13/2043, enum. dist. 14, fol. 33, p. 26, sched. 194
MITCHELL    Samuel            Head M   39y Baker (employer at home)         DEV Exeter
MITCHELL    Mary T.           Wife M   43y ---                              DEV Exeter
MITCHELL    Bertha            Dau  S   17y ---                              DEV Exeter
MITCHELL    Herbert           Son  S   14y Baker's Shop Asst:               DEV Exeter
MITCHELL    Lilly             Dau  S    5y ---                              DEV Exeter
ROGERS      Emily             Sis  W   34y ---                              DEV Exeter
WESTCOTT    Ernest            Bord S   18y Baker (worker)                   DEV Exeter
ROGERS      William           Bord S   16y Baker (worker)                   DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Arthur            Bord S   16y Baker (worker)                   DEV Exeter
Broadgate, Exeter, Devon (St. Petrock ward and ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/2043, enum. dist. 15, fol. 62, p. 33, sched. 190
SERCOMBE    Henry C.          Head M   56y Bank Manager                     DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Alice L.          Wife M   39y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Henry B.          Son  S    3y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Kenneth W.        Son  S    1y ---                              DEV Exeter
STUART      Rosa              Serv S   19y Housemaid (Domestic)             DEV East Budleigh
GREGORY     Frederick R.      Serv M   68y Bank Messenger                   DEV Exeter
28 High Street, Exeter St. Stephen, Devon
RG13/2034, enum. dist. 15, fol. 64, p. 37, sched. 211
TOULMIN   Nora G.  Head  S  30y  Shopkeeper (Refreshments & Confectionery)  HRT St. Albans
SURCOMBE  Emily    Serv  S  14y  Domestic Servant                           DEV Exminster
8 Arthur's Buildings, Exeter St. Pancras, Devon (3 rooms)
RG13/2043, enum. dist. 18, fol. 129, p. 27, sched. 140
SPARKES   William R.    Head  M   51y  Market Gardener (working for employer)  HAM (town unknown)
SPARKES   Elizabeth E.  Wife  M   48y  ---                                     --- Portsmouth
SPARKES   Fred          Son   S   14y  ---                                     DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Gladys        GDau  S  1y6m  ---                                     DEV Exeter
50 Paul Street, Exeter St. Paul, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2043, enum. dist. 18, fol. 135, p. 40, sched. 219
SERCOMBE    John T.H.         Head M   60y Tailor's Shop-Keeper             DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   61y None                             DEV Sidbury       Partially Blind
6 Richmond Road, Exeter St. David, Devon
RG13/2044, enum. dist. 19, fol. 18, p. 27, sched. 175
HILL        Hannah            Head W   83y Lodging House Keeper             DEV Woolfardisworthy
WARE        Ellen             Niec S   47y Lodging House Keeper             SOM Wellington
BOWDEN      Mary              Serv S   23y Domestic Servant                 DEV Thorverton
JACKSON     William           Bord M   71y Pharmaceutical Chemist           NTT East Ratford
JACKSON     Elizabeth         Niec M   57y ---                              DEV Barnstaple
PHILOTT     S.C.A. [female]   Bord W   68y ---                              Bareilly East Indies
SERCOMBE    Ellen M.          Serv S   41y Domestic Servant                 DEV Dunsford
28 North Street Lower, Exeter St. David, Devon
RG13/2044, enum. dist. 19, fol. 28, p. 48, sched. 330
SERCOMBE    Emma              Head W   58y Housekeeper                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Richard           GSon S    1y ---                              DEV Exeter
5 Exe Bridge, Exeter St. Edmund, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2044, enum. dist. 22, fol. 88, p. 3, sched. 22
COMPODONICO Bartholmew        Head M   32y Carpenter & Joiner               DEV Chudleigh
COMPODONICO Ellen             Wife M   33y ---                              DEV Dawlish
SERCOMBE    Lily              Bord -    3y ---                              DEV Exminster
PALFRY      Arthur            Lodg S   17y Gas Fitter; Plumber              DEV Kenton
21 Sun Street, Exeter St. Mary Major, Devon (3 rooms)
RG13/2045, enum. dist. 25, fol. 20, p. 32, sched. 180
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Head W   68y ---                               DEV Exeter
5 Guinea Street, Exeter, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2045, enum. dist. 25, fol. 22, p. 35, sched. 202
MATTHEWS    Walter            Head M   52y Brick Labourer                   DEV Budleigh Salt:
MATTHEWS    Laura             Wife M   41y ---                              DEV Rackenford
SERCOMBE    John              SSon S   17y Tanyard Labr.                    DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Emily M.          SDau S   13y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Harry             SSon S   10y ---                              DEV Exeter
MATTHEWS    Edward L.         Son  S    7y ---                              DEV Exeter
MATTHEWS    Alfred E.         Son  S    3y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Francis           SSon S   15y Labourer (Brick)                 DEV Exeter
7 Grendon Buildings, Exeter, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2045, enum. dist. 26, fol. 32, p. 11, sched. 68
SERCOMBE    George            Head W   54y General Dealer & Porter          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    William G.        Son  S   19y Warehouseman Tobacco             DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Sophia            Dau  S   20y Parcel Packer                    DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Clara             Dau  S   16y Tobacco Hand                     DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Nellie            Dau  S   14y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Beatrice          Son  S   10y ---                              DEV Exeter
8 Artizans Dwellings, Exeter St. Mary Major, Devon
RG13/2045, enum. dist. 27, fol. 50, p. 12, sched. 84
THORNE      Thomas            Head M   65y Ironfounders Fitter              DEV Exeter
THORNE      Mary A.           Wife M   42y ---                              DEV Exeter
THORNE      Thomas            Son  S   21y Iron Moulder                     DEV Exeter
THORNE      Annie             Dau  S   19y ---                              DEV Exeter
THORNE      William           Son  S   17y General Labourer                 DEV Exeter
THORNE      Albert            Son  S   14y ---                              DEV Exeter
THORNE      Florence          Dau  S   12y ---                              DEV Exeter
THORNE      Frederick         Son  S    7y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    John              Bord S   40y Sawyer                           DEV Dawlish
86 Holloway Street, Exeter, Devon (1 room)
RG13/2045, enum. dist. 28, fol. 88, p. 36, sched. 199
SERCOMBE    Caroline          Head S   46y Dress Maker                      DEV Exeter
26 Magdalen Street, Exeter Holy Trinity, Devon
RG13/2045, enum. dist. 29, fol. 114, pp. 31-32, sched. 205
SERCOMBE    Robert            Head M   48y Jobbing Mason                    DEV Ide
SERCOMBE    Sarah             Wife M   50y Shop Keeper Green Grocer         DEV Crediton
SERCOMBE    Walter W.         Son  S   23y Painter                          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Elizth.           Dau  S   22y Domestic (at home)               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Milly             Dau  -   17y Dressmaker                       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Bertie J.         Son  -   15y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Percy             Son  -   13y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Kate              Dau  -   11y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Lucy              Dau  -    9y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Robert            Son  -    8y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Carrie            Dau  -    6y ---                              DEV Exeter
Mt. Vernon, Exeter St. Leonard, Devon
RG13/2046, enum. dist. 31, fol. 25, p. 4, sched. 23
MUNRO       H.D.              Head S   36y Electrical Engineer              KEN Lee
MUNRO       F.K.              Sis  S   34y ---                              Mooltan, India
FORD        M.E.              Serv S   21y Cook (Domestic)                  DEV Bunnington
SERCOMBE    E.B.              Serv S   15y Housemaid (Domestic)             DEV Exeter
8 Powderham Street, East Teignmouth, Devon
RG13/2048, enum. dist. 5, fol. 131, p. 7, sched. 46
TEMPLER     Reginald W.       Head M   74y Retired Solicitor                DEV Ashburton
TEMPLER     Rose A.           Wife M   54y ---                              DEV Dawlish
GOSS        Violet J.         Visi S   16y ---                              DEV Starcross
HOLYOAK     Ellen J.          Serv S   33y House Maid Domest.               WIL Swindon
CANDLIN     Lily              Serv S   25y Parlour Maid Domest.             DBY Alfreton
FOSHAM      Emma              Serv M   42y Cook Domest.                     DEV Kingskerswell
SERCOMBE    Emily             Serv S   39y Maid Domest.                     DEV Doddiscombsleigh
TEMPLER     Emily             Sis  S   78y Living on own means              DEV Ashburton
1 Myrtle Hill, East Teignmouth, Devon
RG13/2049, enum. dist. 6, fol. 10, p. 11, sched. 66
APLIN       Sarah A.          Head W   51y Laundress (own account)          DEV Teignmouth
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Dau  M   27y ---                              DEV Teignmouth
SAMPSON     Frank             Lodg W   77y Laborer (General)                SOM Stoke Underham
WILLIAMS    Elizabeth         Visi S   22y Servant (Domestic)               DEV Newton Abbot
SHARLAND    Ernest            Lodg S   17y Draper's Porter                  DEV Teignmouth
APLIN       Arthur            Son  S   14y Errand Boy (Greengrocers)        DEV Teignmouth
APLIN       Alfred            GSon S    7y ---                              DEV Teignmouth
Fore Street, Shaldon, Devon
RG13/2049, enum. dist. 7, fol. 30, p. 10, sched. 85
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   75y Retired Yeoman                   DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Frances           Wife M   51y                                  DEV Brodclist
Laurel Farm, Ringmore, Devon
RG13/2049, enum. dist. 8, fol. 51, p. 15, sched. 84
SERCOMBE    Henry             Head M   40y Farmer                           DEV Starcross
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   41y ---                              DEV Stoke in Teignhead
SERCOMBE    Ethel             Dau  S   15y ---                              DEV Stoke in Teignhead
SERCOMBE    Winifred          Dau  S    6m ---                              DEV Stoke in Teignhead
MATTHEWS    Florence          Serv S   15y General Servant Domestic         DEV Torbrian
Fore Street, Bovey Tracey, Devon
RG13/2051, enum. dist. 5, fol. 67, p. 8, sched. 58
SERCOMBE  William     Head  M  54y  Saddler & Harness Maker               DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Sarah A.    Wife  M  55y  Draper & Grocer                       DEV Petrockstow
SERCOMBE  Arthur B.   Son   S  16y  Saddlers & Harness Makers Apprentice  DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE  Mildred E.  Dau   S  17y  Drapers Apprentice                    DEV Bovey Tracey
Smalridge Farm, Moretonhampstead, Devon
RG13/2052, enum. dist. 3, fol. 33, p. 8, sched. 34
HILL        William           Head M   74y Farmer                           DEV Colebrooke
HILL        Hannah            Wife M   68y ---                              DEV Colebrooke
HILL        Elizabeth Ann     DauL M   40y ---                              DEV Moretonhampstead
HILL        William James     GSon -   12y ---                              DEV Bovey Tracey
HILL        Emily Anna        GDau -    6y ---                              DEV Moretonhampstead
SERCOMBE    Fred              Serv S   20y Horseman on Farm                 DEV Dunsford
HILL        Frank             Serv -   13y Farmyard Boy                     DEV Dunsford
For[e?] Street, Kingsteignton, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2055, enum. dist. 10, fol. 78, p. 14, sched. 90
WILLS       Sydney            Head M   26y Coachman Domestic                DEV Chudleigh
WILLS       Emma              Wife M   25y ---                              DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Ellen             Sis  S   20y Domestic Servant                 DEV Dunsford
Twelve Oaks Farm, Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon
RG13/2056, enum. dist. 3, fol. 36, p. 58, sched. 309
MANN        James B.          Head M   32y Farmer                           DEV Kingsteignton
MANN        Ralph B.          Son  S    9y Scholar                          DEV Kingsteignton
YEOMAN      James             Visi M   63y Retired Builder                  DEV Kingsteignton
YEOMAN      Mary Ann          Visi M   63y ---                              DEV Murchington
TAPPER      Ada               Serv S   19y General Domestic Servant         DEV Highweek
FROST       Sidney            Serv S   20y General Laborer on Farm          DEV Kingsbridge
SERCOMBE    Albert            Serv S   17y General Laborer on Farm          GLS ---
Grafton, Powderham Road, Newton Abbot, Devon
RG13/2057, enum. dist. 19, fol. 28, p. 3, sched. 16
SNOW        Thomas H.         Head M   51y Grocer Shopkeeper                DEV Newton Abbot
SNOW        Fanny P.          Wife M   51y ---                              DEV Newton Abbot
SNOW        Nellie B.         Dau  S   26y ---                              DEV Newton Abbot
SNOW        Frederick C.      Son  S   21y Grocer Shopkeeper                DEV Newton Abbot
SNOW        Winnifred M.      Dau  S   17y ---                              DEV Newton Abbot
SNOW        Dorothy           Dau  S   16y ---                              DEV Newton Abbot
SNOW        Kate              Dau  S   15y ---                              DEV Newton Abbot
SNOW        Olive             Dau  S   12y ---                              DEV Newton Abbot
SERCOMBE    Bessie            Serv S   19y General Servant (Domestic)       DEV Dunsford
34 Prospect Terrace, Wolborough, Devon (Market ward, Newton Abbot urban district, St. Mary with St. Paul and
St. Leonard ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/2057, enum. dist. 23, fol. 104, p. 27, sched. 187
SERCOMBE    Charles A.        Head M   31y G. W. Ry. Passenger Guard (wkr.) DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Hetty             Wife M   32y ---                              DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Hetty F.          Dau  S    8y ---                              DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Violet M.         Dau  S    4y ---                              DEV Newton Abbot
SERCOMBE    Alfred E.         Son  S    1y ---                              DEV Newton Abbot
San(?) Arms, Belgrave Road, Torquay, Devon
RG13/2058, enum. dist. 4, fol. 80, p. 1, sched. 2
LEE         Henry Wm.         Head M   60y Retired Brewer                   London
LEE         Annie Leah        Wife M   56y ---                              CON Truro
LEE         Herbert Wm.       Son  S   26y Mechanical Engineer              New Zealand
LEE         Annie Lucy        Dau  S   23y ---                              New Zealand
LEE         Edith Lilian      Dau  S   17y ---                              DEV Torquay
KETTLEWILL  Mary H.E.         Dau  M   25y ---                              New Zealand
HOOPER      Elizabeth Ann     Serv S   53y Cook (Domestic)                  DEV Devonport
HANNAFORD   Elizabeth         Serv S   24y Housemaid (Domestic)             DEV Moretonhampstead
SERCOMBE    Melinda           Serv S   25y Parlourmaid (Domestic)           DEV Torre (Torquay)
COAKER      Mary              Serv S   22y Kitchenmaid (Domestic)           DEV Plymouth
Nurse Institute, Torquay, Devon
RG13/2058, enum. dist. 6, fol. 135, p. 9, sched. 60
THOMPSON    Sarah W.          Head S   46y Superintendent of Nurses         Ireland Belfast
HARVEY      Edith             Bord S   37y Trained Nurse (District)         MDX Enfield
FOX         Lilian M.         Bord S   29y Trained Nurse (District)         LAN Fallisfield
McDONALD    Katherine         Bord S   30y Trained Nurse (District)         Scot. Banffshire
PALFREY     Emily             Bord S   33y Trained Nurse (Private)          DEV Crediton
MAY         Florence L.       Bord S   29y Trained Nurse (Private)          --- Devonport
PAPPIN      Margaret A.       Bord S   30y Trained Nurse (Private)          CON Penzance
SELLICK     Blanche N.        Serv S   20y Housemaid (Domestic)             DEV Torquay
SERCOMBE    Margaret          Serv S   24y Cook (Domestic)                  DEV Torquay
OLIVER      Helen             Bord S   25y Trained Nurse Private            CON St. Gorran
9 Marlboro Terrace, Torquay, Devonshire (4 rooms)
RG13/2059, enum. dist. 9, fol. 63, p. 38, sched. 222
SERCOMBE  Maria                Head       W  58y  Living on Own Means  DEV Dittisham
SERCOMBE  Wm. George           Son        S  19y  Postman              DEV Torquay
SERCOMBE  Mary Jane            Daur       S  22y  Laundress            DEV Torquay
SERCOMBE  Minnie               Daur       S  17y  ---                  DEV Torquay
HAYDON    Caroline Alice Maud  GrandDaur  -   5y  ---                  DEV Dartmouth
Barton Hall, Kingskerswell, Devon
RG13/2062, enum. dist. 29, fol. 38, p. 3, sched. 16
BROWN       Hercules E.       Head M   67y Living on own Means              DEV Kingskerswell
BROWN       Edith C.          Wife M   57y ---                              WIL Froxfield
BROWN       Edith C.          Dau  S   31y ---                              DEV Kingskerswell
BROWN       Beatrice G.       Dau  S   28y ---                              WIL Froxfield
BROWN       Dorothy A.        Dau  S   27y ---                              DEV Kingskerswell
BROWN       Susanna L.        Dau  S   18y ---                              DEV Kingskerswell
BROWN       Harold A.         Son  S   21y ---                              DEV Kingskerswell
BEADON      Marion A.         Dau  M   23y ---                              DEV Kingskerswell
BEADON      Henry C.          SonL M   31y Captain Indian Staff Corps       Kasaule(?) Punjab
REYNOLDS    William H.        Serv M   48y ---                              DEV Teignmouth
SERCOMBE    Bertha            Serv S   24y ---                              DEV Dunsford
FLARY       Emily             Serv S   27y ---                              DEV Folaton
KELLAND     Ellen F.          Serv S   20y ---                              DEV Exmouth
PEARCE      Amelia M.         Serv S   18y ---                              DEV Branscombe
7 Palace Avenue, Paignton, Devon
RG13/2064, enum. dist. 6, fol. 26, p. 44, sched. 259
ROSSITER      Frank         Head      M  32y  Draper                    DEV Paignton
ROSSITER      Elizabeth Y.  Wife      M  31y  ---                       DEV Christow
ROSSITER      Robin M.      Son       -   5y  ---                       DEV Paignton
ROSSITER      Gladys M.     Daughter  -   2m  ---                       DEV Paignton
TUCKER        Bessie        ---       S  27y  Drapers Assistant         DEV St. Thomas
FEATHERSTONE  Sarah A.      ---       S  25y  Drapers Assistant         DEV Holsworthy
SERCOMBE      Gertrude M.   ---       S  19y  Drapers Assistant         DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE      Winifred A.   ---       S  20y  Milliner                  DEV Bovey Tracey
WILLIAMS      Louisa H.     ---       S  32y  Dressmaker Cutter         United States [of] America
CREBER        Lucy          ---       S  25y  Housekeeper Domestic      CON Landulph
WOODCHILD     Amy           ---       S  19y  General Servant Domestic  DEV Stoke Gabriel
WILLCOCKS     Susanna E.    ---       S  21y  Milliner                  DEV Buckfastleigh
Cadet training ship H.M.S. Britannia, Dartmouth, Devon
RG13/2070, vessels, fol. 63, p. 1
SERCOMBE  Francis  Engineer  S  33y  Engineer  DEV Newton Bushel
No. 9 Coldharbour, Totnes, Devon (Berry Pomeroy ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/2072, enum. dist. 6, fol. 8, p. 8, sched. 42
SERCOMBE    George Henry      Head M   28y Packer in Jam Factory            DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE    Florence Annie    Wife M   26y ---                              DEV Berry Pomeroy
SERCOMBE    Ethel May         Dau  S    9y ---                              DEV Ashburton
SERCOMBE    Charles George    Son  S    4y ---                              DEV Totnes
2 Church Lane, Totnes, Devon
RG13/2072, enum. dist. 7, fol. 28, p. 12, sched. 70
SERCOMBE    Jane              Head W   44y Charwomen                        DEV Brent
SERCOMBE    Blanche           Dau  S   22y Charwoman                        DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE    John              Son  S   19y ---                              DEV Totnes   Cripple
SERCOMBE    Gertry            Dau  S   15y Servant Domestic                 DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE    Evelyn            Dau  S   10y ---                              DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Son  S    7y ---                              DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE    Violet            Dau  S    9m ---                              DEV Totnes
FARLEY      Lousie          Friend S   22y ---                              DEV Totnes   Feeble Minded
22 Fore Street, Totnes, Devon
RG13/2072, enum. dist. 10, fol. 73, p. 2, sched. 11
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth S.      Head W   76y Refreshment House                DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth A.      GDau M   27y ---                              DEV Brent
SERCOMBE    Lilian A.         GDau -   12y ---                              DEV Totnes
GREEN       Mary A.           Lodg W   83y ---                              DEV Totnes
Totnes Union Workhouse, Totnes, Devon
RG13/2072, institutions, fol. 93, p. 4
SIRCOMBE    Susan             Inmt S   71y Laundress                        DEV Kingswear
Wrangaton Cottage, Ugborough, Devon
RG13/2075, enum. dist. 5, fol. 56, p. 13, sched. 69
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   41y Rly. Station Master              --- Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Blanche T.        Wife M   40y ---                              --- Ivy-Bridge
SERCOMBE    Richard J.        Son  S   16y Clerk                            --- Ivy-Bridge	
SERCOMBE    Esme V.           Dau  S   11y ---                              --- Ivy-Bridge
Oldstone Farm, Blackawton, Devon
RG13/2077, enum. dist. 1, fol. 11, p. 13, sched. 100
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Head S   38y Living on Own Means              DEV Totnes
WILLIS      William           Neph S   23y Farmer                           DEV Totnes
Washwalk Farm, Blackawton, Devon
RG13/2077, enum. dist. 2, fol. 15, p. 2, sched. 12
SERCOMBE    John B.           Head M   40y Farmer                           DEV Harberton    blind (one eye)
SERCOMBE    Helen M.          Wife M   45y ---                              DEV Paignton
SERCOMBE    Helen E.          Dau  S    8y ---                              DEV Blackawton
SERCOMBE    Myra              Dau  S    6y ---                              DEV Blackawton
SERCOMBE    Francis J.        Son  S    5y ---                              DEV Blackawton
SERCOMBE    George H.         Son  S    3y ---                              DEV Blackawton
RICHARDS    Samuel            Serv S   19y Horseman on Farm                 DEV Cornworthy
WHITE       John              Visi S   20y Shepherd                         DEV Weachcombe(?)
Market Place, Dodbrooke, Devon
RG13/2081, enum. dist. 4, fol. 49, p. 2, sched. 10
JENKINS  William H.  Head           M  48y  Retired Police Constable       DEV Hope Cove
JENKINS  Ellen       Wife           M  48y  ---                            DEV Kingsbridge
JENKINS  Ellen M.    Daughter       S  26y  Upholsterer                    DEV Plymouth
JENKINS  Fanny       Daughter       S  23y  Dressmaker                     --- Newcastle-on-Tyne
JENKINS  Elizabeth   Daughter       S  21y  Photographer                   --- Newcastle-on-Tyne
JENKINS  Rebecca     Daughter       S  19y  Assistant in Stationer's Shop  --- Newcastle-on-Tyne
JENKINS  William D.  Son            S  14y  ---                            --- Newcastle-on-Tyne
SERCOME  Winifred    Adopted Child  -   2y  ---                            DEV Kingsbridge
East View, Yealmpton, Devon
RG13/2085, enum. dist. 12, fol. 82, p. 5, sched. 31
GOAD        Charles A.        Head M   34y Carpenter                        DEV Yealmpton
GOAD        Annie             Wife M   35y ---                              DEV Brent
GOAD        Gertrude M.       Dau  -    7y ---                              DEV Brixton
SERCOMBE    Robert L.         Neph -    7y ---                              DEV Cornwood	
SERCOMBE    Ethel             Niec -    5y ---                              DEV Cornwood
Addiscombe, Harford, Devon
RG13/2088, enum. dist. 19, fol. 101, p. 8, sched. 19
SECOMBE     Edward C.A.H.     Head M   58y Marine Pensioner                 DEV Exeter
SECOMBE     Sarah Ann         Wife M   42y ---                              DEV Plympton St. Mary
SECOMBE     Lousia Maria      Dau  S   10y ---                              DEV Yealmpton
SECOMBE     John W.           Son  S    9y ---                              DEV Yealmpton
SECOMBE     Mary A.           Dau  S    7y ---                              DEV Harford
SECOMBE     Ethel May         Dau  S    5y ---                              DEV Harford
SECOMBE     Charles H.        Son  S    4y ---                              DEV Harford
SECOMBE     Arthur Ths.       Son  S    1y ---                              DEV Harford
  [SECOMBE appears to be the enumerator's error for SERCOMBE]
Lutton, Cornwood, Devon (3 rooms)
RG13/2088, enum. dist. 20, fol. 110, p. 9, sched. 54
STANCOMBE   Ernest            Head W   21y Clay Labourer                    DEV Buckfastleigh
SERCOMBE    Richard H.        BroL S   18y Clay Labourer                    DEV Cornwood	
Lutton, Cornwood, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2088, enum. dist. 20, fol. 111, p. 11, sched. 67
SERCOMBE    Richard           Head M   51y Clay Labourer                    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Jane              Wife M   46y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    John              Son  S   20y Clay Labourer                    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Emily             Dau  S   13y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Evelyn            Dau  S   11y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Wilfred           Son  S    7y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Florence L.       Dau  S    4y ---                              DEV Cornwood
Lutton, Cornwood, Devon
RG13/2088, enum. dist. 20, fol. 111, p. 12, sched. 74
SERCOMBE    Mary              Head W   58y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Elias             Son  S   31y Brick Maker                      DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Trobridge         Son  S   27y Clay Labourer                    DEV Cornwood
COLTON      Nelly             GDau S   10y ---                              DEV Cornwood
Quick Cottages, Cornwood, Devon (2 rooms)
RG13/2088, enum. dist. 20, fol. 112, p. 13, sched. 84
SERCOMBE    Charles E.        Head M   29y Clay Labourer                    DEV Cornwood	
SERCOMBE    Edith             Wife M   25y ---                              DEV Buckfastleigh
Tinpark, Cornwood, Devon (3 rooms)
RG13/2088, enum. dist. 20, fol. 112, p. 14, sched. 86
SERCOMBE    Henry             Head M   60y Clay Labourer                    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   62y ---                              CON Lawhitton
SERCOMBE    Henry             Son  S   35y ---                              DEV Cornwood    Imbecile from childhood
SERCOMBE    Alice             Dau  S   19y ---                              DEV Cornwood
Middle Rook, Cornwood, Devon
RG13/2088, enum. dist. 20, fol. 113, p. 15, sched. 93
SHEPHERD  Nicholas   Head         W  61y  Farmer  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  Housekeeper  W  57y  ---     DEV Ugborough
Sherwell Cottage, Cornwood, Devon
RG13/2089, enum. dist. 21, fol. 8, p. 6, sched. 33
SERCOMBE    Samuel            Head M   64y General Farm Labourer            DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Jane              Wife M   69y ---                              DEV Milton Abbott
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Dau  S   41y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Frances           Dau  S   25y ---                              DEV Cornwood
EDY(?)      William           GSon S    4y ---                              DEV Cornwood
Woodburn Farm, Cornwood, Devon
RG13/2089, enum. dist. 21, fol. 8, p. 7, scheds. 42-43
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   40y Farmer                           DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Susan             Wife M   37y ---                              DEV Stonehouse
SERCOMBE    Olive             Dau  S    8y ---                              DEV Cornwood
GLOVER      Jane              Niec S    7y ---                              DEV Cornwood
NORTHMORE   Florence          Niec S   19y ---                              DEV Cornwood
--- new household, same house ---
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Head M   74y Retired Farmer                   DEV Cornwood
Watercombe Farm, Cornwood, Devon
RG13/2089, enum. dist. 22, fol. 19, p. 11, sched. 67
CORBER      Albert P.         Head M   28y Farmer                           DEV Plympton St. Mary
CORBER      Frances T.        Wife M   27y ---                              DEV Cornwood
CORBER      Albert N.         Son  S    1y ---                              DEV Cornwood
CORBER      Ruby F.           Dau  S    3y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Ellen             GrMo M   72y Living on Own Means              DEV Cornwood
WALTERS     Alfred E.         Serv S   21y Carter on Farm                   DEV Kingston
SKELLEY     Ethel             Serv S   16y General Servant Domestic         DEV Cornwood
1 Sunderland Cott., Lee Moor, Shaugh Prior parish, Devon (4 rooms)
RG13/2089, enum. dist. 25, fol. 38, p. 9, sched. 53
SERCOMBE    Francis J.        Head M   38y China Clay Labourer              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Harriet E.        Wife M   35y ---                              DEV Shaugh Prior
SERCOMBE    William J.        Son  S   14y Grocer's Apprentice              DEV Shaugh Prior
105 Exeter Street, Plymouth, Devon
RG13/2091, enum. dist. 1, fol. 5, p. 1, sched. 6
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   69y Inn Keeper                       DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   66y ---                              DEV Dunsford
HUBBER      Sarah             Sis  W   63y ---                              DEV Dunsford
3 Commercial Place, Plymouth, Devon (Sutton ward, St. John the Evangelist ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/2091, enum. dist. 1, fol. 23, p. 38, sched. 242
LANDER      Elizabeth         Head W   64y General Shopkeeper               CON Looe
SURCOMBE    Florrie           GDau S   16y ---                              DEV Plymouth
Commercial Cottage, Commercial Street, Plymouth, Devon (Sutton ward, St. John the Evangelist ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/2091, enum. dist. 1, fol. 26, p. 43, sched. 274
SURCOMBE    Samuel            Head  M  45y Horse Keeper                     DEV Bridestowe
SURCOMBE    Mary G.           Wife  M  38y ---                              CON Looe
SURCOMBE    Ethel             Dau   S  12y ---                              DEV Plymouth
SURCOMBE    Samuel            Son   -  11y ---                              DEV Plymouth
SURCOMBE    Henry             Son   -   5y ---                              DEV Plymouth
SURCOMBE    Robert            Son   -   3y ---                              DEV Plymouth
REDDICLIFFE Charles           Bord  S  19y Stable Boy                       DEV Thurlestone
15 Chaddlewood Avenue, Plymouth, Devon (3 rooms)
RG13/2095, enum. dist. 26, fol. 84, p. 17, sched. 135
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   61y Waiter                           DEV Christow
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   61y ---                              DEV Teignmouth
13 Anson Place, Plymouth St. Jude, Devon (2 rooms)
RG13/2096, enum. dist. 31, fol. 55, p. 20, sched. 150
SERCOMBE  William G.  Head  M  29y  Railway Signalman  DEV Starcross
SERCOMBE  Emily M.    Wife  M  30y  ---                DEV Countess Wein [sic]
64 Cromwell Road, Plymouth, Devon (2 rooms)
RG13/2096, enum. dist. 32, fol. 99, p. 52, sched. 390
SERCOMBE  Wm.   Head  M  59y  Army Pensioner  GLS Bedminster  lost left eye
SERCOMBE  Emma  Wife  M  57y  Laundress       DEV Underwood
SERCOMBE  Emma  Dau   S  35y  ---             DEV Underwood   infirmity from childhood (back)
16 Beaumont Place, Plymouth, Devon (St. Mary ward, St. Jude's ecclesiatical parish)
RG13/2097, enum. dist. 35, fol. 49, p. 28, sched. 190
FEHRENBACH  Sarah             Head W   60y ---                              DEV Cornwood
FEHRENBACH  William           Son  S   34y Laborer HM Dockyard              --- St. Andrews Plymouth
FEHRENBACH  Fred J.           Son  S   32y Laborer HM Dockyard              --- St. Andrews Plymouth
FEHRENBACH  Edith A.          Dau  S   26y Dressmaker                       --- St. Andrews Plymouth
FEHRENBACH  Emily             Dau  S   24y Dressmaker                       --- St. Andrews Plymouth
FEHRENBACH  Elsie             Dau  S   16y Dressmaker                       --- St. Andrews Plymouth
ROWE        William           Bord S   24y Plasterer                        --- Alphington Exeter
SIRCOMBE    William           Visi S   24y P.O.O. HM Navy                   --- ---
6 Neswick Street, Plymouth, Devon (1 room)
RG13/2098, enum. dist. 3, fol. 115, p. 49, sched. 365
SERCOMBE    Mary A.           Head W   68y Living on Own Means              DEV Exeter
88 Cecil Street, Plymouth, Devon (2 rooms)
RG13/2098, enum. dist. 4, fol. 150, p. 39, sched. 300
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Head M   33y Bill Poster (own account)        DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Rose              Wife M   31y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Jessie            Dau  S    9y ---                              LND Paddington
SERCOMBE    Fredk. J.         Son  S    7y ---                              GLS Clifton
SERCOMBE    C.W.              Dau  S    4y ---                              GLS Clifton
SERCOMBE    Rose              Dau  S    1y ---                              DEV Plymouth
25 Princess Street, Plymouth, Devon (3 rooms)
RG13/2100, enum. dist. 14, fol. 144, p. 13, sched. 86
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   45y Market Gardener (own acct.)      DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Maria             Wife M   47y ---                              Guernsey
32 Russell Street, Plymouth, Devon
RG13/2103, enum. dist. 28, fol. 52, p. 32, sched. 224
SERCOMBE    John M.           Head W   57y Beerhouse Keeper                 DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Lydia             Sis  S   55y Assistant Beerhouse Keeper       DEV Cornwood
QUEST       Ethel             Niec S   22y Assistant Beerhouse Keeper       DEV Cornwood
QUEST       Horatio           Visi M   50y Stone Mason                      CON St. Austell
4 Queen Street, Devonport, Devon
RG13/2106, enum. dist. 1, fol. 7, p. 6, sched. 45
SERCOMBE    Charlotte         Head M   41y Tavern Keeper                    DEV Scoford
BENTLY      Ethel C.          Dau  S   16y ---                              DEV Plymouth
MONTGOMERY  Nellie            Serv S   19y Servant Domestic                 DEV Plymouth
MORRIS      Thomas            Visi M   60y Lieutenant R.N. (Retired)        DEV Plymouth
MORRIS      Delia             Visi M   34y ---                              DEV Stonetown(?)
DANIELS     Robert W.         Visi M   31y Chief Engineer (??? Department)  --- Newcastle
5 Valletort Place, Devonport, Devon (Nelson ward, Stoke Damerel St. Andrew eccl. parish)
RG13/2109, enum dist. 13, fol. 62, p. 10, sched. 78
SURCOMBE    Emily             Head S   67y ---                              DEV Devonport
SURCOMBE    William           Brot S   60y Civil Service Pensioner          DEV Devonport
14 Holdsworth Street, Devonport, Devon (3 rooms)
RG13/2110, enum. dist. 7, fol. 34, p. 60, sched. 455
COLEY       William H.        Head M   31y Railway Signal Fitter            DEV Plymouth
COLEY       Eliza             Wife M   31y ---                              DEV Dawlish
COLEY       Ida               Dau  -    3y ---                              DEV Plymouth
BOND        Rowland           Bord S   20y Tailor                           DEV Dawlish
SERCOMBE    Robert            Bord S   22y Railway Signal Fitter            DEV Totnes
37 Brook Street, Tavistock, Devon
RG13/2116, enum. dist. 4, fol. 70, p. 6, sched. 32
ALLFORD   James            Head  M  41y Watchmaker & Jeweller & Shopkeeper  DEV Tavistock
ALLFORD   Elizabeth Ann    Wife  M  41y ---                                 CON Stoke Climsland
ALLFORD   George           Son   -  11y ---                                 DEV Tavistock
ALLFORD   Wilford          Son   -  10y ---                                 DEV Tavistock
ALLFORD   Lucy Lillian     Dau   -   8y ---                                 DEV Tavistock
ALLFORD   William Charles  Son   -   5y ---                                 DEV Tavistock
SURCOMBE  Ethel Lintern    Bord  S  17y Dressmaker                          DEV Bridestowe
11 Wheal Maria Cottages, Tavistock, Devon
RG13/2117, enum. dist. 8, fol. 19, p. 5, sched. 32
SERCOMBE    Richd.            Head M   79y Copper Miner                     CON Lezant
SERCOMBE    Jane              Wife M   75y ---                              CON Stokeclimsland
Buddlebrook, Bridestowe, Devon
RG13/2123, enum. dist. 9, fol. 53, p. 8, sched. 59
SURCOMBE    John              Head M   54y Farrier                          CON Lidford
SURCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   47y ---                              --- Tavistock
Cheriton Cross, Cheriton Bishop, Devon
RG13/2128, enum. dist. 8, fol. 71, p. 8, sched. 51
SHILSTON    Samuel            Head M   42y Carpenter & Builder              DEV Tedburn St. Mary
SHILSTON    Mary Elizabeth    Wife M   40y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SHILSTON    Clare             Dau  S   12y ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
SHILSTON    Ethel Kate        Dau  S   10y ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
SHILSTON    Minnie J.         Dau  S    9y ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
SHILSTON    Bessie M.         Dau  S    7y ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
SHILSTON    Percy S.          Son  S    5y ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
SHILSTON    Edith M.          Dau  S    3y ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
SHILSTON    Cecil L.          Son  S   10m ---                              DEV Cheriton Bishop
SERCOMBE    Emma J.           SisL S   45y ---                              DEV Dunsford
Rowhorn Farm, Newton St. Cyres, Devon
RG13/2131, enum. dist. 13, fol. 106, p. 3, sched. 18
HEALE       John              Head M   52y Farmer                           DEV Rew
HEALE       Ann               Wife M   51y ---                              DEV Dunsford
HEALE       William           Son  S   19y Farm Labourer                    DEV Whitestone
HEALE       John              Son  S   15y F[armer's?] Rel[ative?]          DEV Whitestone
HEALE       Fred              Son  S   11y ---                              DEV Whitestone
SIRCOMBE    Cornelius         Bord S   27y Roadman                          DEV Dunsford
Whitehall, Cooks Cross, South Molton, Devon
RG13/2141, enum. dist. 3, fol. 41, p. 20, sched. 118
SOUTHCOMBE  John       Head  M  60y  Farm Bailiff        DEV High Bray
SOUTHCOMBE  Anne       Wife  M  52y  ---                 DEV Brayford
SOUTHCOMBE  Annie      Dau   S  26y  Mother's Help       DEV High Bray
SOUTHCOMBE  Emily      Dau   S  24y  Mother's Help       DEV High Bray
SOUTHCOMBE  Catherine  Dau   S  19y  Draper's Assistant  DEV South Molton
SOUTHCOMBE  William    Son   S  17y  Solicitor's Clerk   DEV South Molton
SOUTHCOMBE  Charles    Son   S  16y  Solicitor's Clerk   DEV South Molton
SOUTHCOMBE  Beatrice   Dau   S  14y  ---                 DEV South Molton
SOUTHCOMBE  Reginald   Son   S  12y  ---                 DEV South Molton
SOUTHCOMBE  Alice      Dau   S  11y  ---                 DEV South Molton
SOUTHCOMBE  Arthur     Son   S  10y  ---                 DEV South Molton
76 High Street, Barnstaple, Devon
RG13/2143, enum. dist. 1, fol. 7, p. 5, sched. 25
MOON        Henry             Head M   28y Ironmonger                       DEV Ilfracombe
MOON        Maggie            Wife M   28y ---                              DEV Ilfracombe
SERCOMBE    Ellen             Serv S   16y General Servant Domestic         DEV Barnstaple
22 Sunnybank, Barnstaple, Devonshire
RG13/2143, enum. dist. 4, fol. 62, p. 11, sched. 65
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   60y Railway Guard                    SOM Dunsford [sic]
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   54y ---                              SOM Bampton
SERCOMBE    Sidney E.         Son  S   18y Groom (not domestic)             DEV Barnstaple
SERCOMBE    Victor H.         Son  S   14y Art Potter                       DEV Barnstaple
SERCOMBE    Alice M.          Dau  S   12y ---                              DEV Barnstaple
Fore Street, Northam, Devon
RG13/2163, enum. dist. 6, fol. 80, p. 4, sched. 24
SERCOMBE    John Abbott       Head M   45y Hairdresser (own acct. at home)  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Blanche           Wife M   41y                                  DEV Exeter

1901 Dorset

9 South Street, Dorchester, Dorset
RG13/2001, enum. dist. 7, fol. 95, p. 1, sched. 4
SERCOMBE    Walter M.         Head S   24y Cabinet Maker (own acct. at home) SOM Taunton
HAYES       Cecil M.          ---- S   25y --- (own acct. at home)           SOM Glastonbury

1901 Durham

Fishburn, Co. Durham (Sedgefield eccl. par.)
RG13/4631, enum. dist. 4, fol. 56, p. 13, sched. 35
SERCOMBE    Edward            Head M   31y Asylum Attendant                 DEV East Budleigh
SERCOMBE    Edith M.          Wife M   26y ---                              DUR Trimdon
SERCOMBE    William F.H.      Son  -    8m ---                              DUR Sedgefield

1901 Essex

7 Suffolk Park Road, Walthamstow, Essex
RG13/1634, enum. dist. 72, fol. 20, p. 31, sched. 150
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Head W   58y ---                              SOM Coombe Howly	
SERCOMBE    John              Son  W   31y General Labourer                 SOM Taunton
SERCOMBE    William           Son  S   29y General Labourer                 SOM Champflower
SERCOMBE    Edwin             Son  S   26y General Labourer                 SOM Chipstable
SERCOMBE    Charles           Son  -   17y ---                              SOM Englishcombe
SERCOMBE    Amelia            Dau  -   14y ---                              SOM Englishcombe
SERCOMBE    John              GSon -    6y ---                              LAN Failsworth Manchester
SERCOMBE    Daisy             GDau -    2y ---                              LND Blackfriars
24 Boundary Road, Barking, Essex
RG13/1655, enum. dist. 11a, fol. 29, p9. 49-50, sched. 280(from index only)
COOPER      William H.        Head M   46y Engine Driver (Stationary)       ESS West Hanningfield
COOPER      Eliza             Wife M   47y ---                              ESS Tilbury
COOPER      George W.         Son  S   20y General Labourer                 LND Vauxhall
COOPER      Henry             Son  S   10y ---                              ESS Barking
COOPER      Jessie            Dau  -    8y ---                              ESS Barking
COOPER      Lilly             Dau  -    4y ---                              ESS Barking
SERCOMBE    John              Bord S   20y General Labourer                 DEV Totness
Palmers E[n]dowed Schools (Girls), Grays Thurrock, Essex
RG13/1660, enum. dist. 18, fol. 87, p. 4, sched. 227
... teachers, pupils, and servants, including ...
SERCOMBE    Louisa            Serv S   17y Housemaid Domestic               LND Stoke Newington
9 St. Peter's Place, Little Thurrock, Essex
RG13/1661, enum. dist. 20, fol. 21, p. 33, sched. 166
SERCOMBE    Richard           Head M   43y Coal Labourer Loading Ships      DEV Sotnas [sic]
SERCOMBE    Annie             Wife M   44y ---                              SRY Putney (LDN)
SERCOMBE    Minnie E.         Dau  S   14y ---                              LND Stoke Newington
SERCOMBE    George R.         Son  -   12y ---                              LND Stoke Newington
SERCOMBE    Emmie E.          Dau  -   10y ---                              MDX Kew Bridge (SRY)
SERCOMBE    Bertie            Son  -    8y ---                              MDX Kew Bridge (SRY)
SERCOMBE    Alfred            Son  -    4y ---                              ESS Grays
SERCOMBE    Ernest            Son  -    2y ---                              ESS Grays
16 Ashdon Road, Saffron Walden, Essex
RG13/1735, enum. dist. 10, fol. 99, p. 13, sched. 76
SERCOMBE    Alice M.          Wife M   43y ---                              --- London
SERCOMBE    Muriel D.         Dau  S   16y ---                              ESS Elsenham

1901 Fife

[Whythouse Avenue?], Kirkcaldy, Fife (8 windowed rooms)
enum. dist. 18, p. 13, sched. 88
IRELAND     Janet M.          Head W   83y Living on Own Means              FIF Kirkcaldy
IRELAND     Henry M.          Son  S   43y Living on Own Means              FIF Kirkcaldy
SERCOMBE    Agnes N.          Serv S   28y Housekeeper                      FIF Forgan Parish
FALCONER    Mary N.           Serv S   22y General Servant (Domestic)       KNC Fettercairn Par.

1901 Glamorgan

125 Claud Road, Roath, Cardiff, Glamorgan
RG13/4974, enum. dist. 15, fol. 79, p. 24, sched. 156
SERCOMBE    S.J.              Head M   48y Coal Inspector                   DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Alexandra         Son  S   18y Clerk                            GLA Cardiff
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   40y ---                              YKS Lund
SERCOMBE    Clifford          Son  S    2y ---                              GLA Cardiff
PERRIAM     Louis             Maid S   22y ---                              GLA Cardiff
216a Pearl Street, Roath, Cardiff, Glamorgan (2 rooms)
RG13/4974, enum. dist. 18, fol. 187, p. 56, sched. 324
SERCOMBE    William H.        Head M   22y Wood Carver                      GLS Bristol   English
SERCOMBE    Caroline          Wife M   24y ---                              GLS Bristol   English
40 Cowbridge Road, Cardiff St. John, Glamorgan
RG13/4984, enum. dist. 1, fol. 6, p. 4, sched. 25
THOMPSON  Charles  Head  M  56y  Foreign Shipping Agent  Norway (British subject)  English
THOMPSON  Ruth     Wife  M  53y  ---                     MON St. Meltons           English
THOMPSON  Minnie   Dau   S  33y  Dressmaker              GLA Cardiff               English
SIRCOMBE  Mary     Visi  S  29y                          GLA Cardiff               English
16 Back Row, Dulais Upper, Glamorgan (4 rooms, St. Cattwg eccl. par.)
RG13/5062, enum. dist. 14, fol. 103, p. 9, sched. 46
SERCOMBE    Sam. Jas.         Head M   35y Station Master Railway           DEV Willand
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   34y                                  GLA Brynwish nr. Neath
SERCOMBE    Annie May         Dau  -    7y                                  GLA Cilfrew, Neath
SERCOMBE    Jack Meredith     Son  -    6y                                  BRE Aberyster
SERCOMBE    Ernest William    Son  -    4y                                  BRE Battle

1901 Gloucestershire

13 Wells Road, Bristol, Gloucestershire (Bedminster East ward, Knowle Holy Nativity eccl. parish)
RG13/2364, enum. dist. 48, fol. 28, p. 2, sched. 11
OWEN        Edward S.         Head M   52y Manager Oil & Varnish Works      --- Bristol Bedminster
OWEN        Betsey            Wife M   59y ---                              --- Bristol Bedminster
OWEN        Edmund E.         Son  S   22y Insurance Clerk                  --- Bristol Bedminster
OWEN        Ethel B.          Dau  S   25y ---                              --- Bristol Bedminster
OWEN        Hilda K.M.        Dau  S   19y ---                              --- Bristol Bedminster
SIRCOM      Edmund R.         Neph S   19y ---                              --- Bristol Bedminster
10 Ambrose Road, Bristol, Gloucestershire (4 rooms)
RG13/2365, enum. dist. 3, fol. 60, p. 10, sched. 59
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   41y Police Constable                 SOM Bedminster
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Wife M   42y ---                              SOM Bruton
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Son  S   20y Printers Apprentice              GLS Bristol
SERCOMBE    Sidney            Son  S    7y School Boy                       GLS Bristol
SERCOMBE    Samuel            Son  S    4y School Boy                       GLS Bristol
122 Hotwell Road, Bristol, Gloucestershire
RG13/2366, enum. dist. 15, fol. 128, p. 15, sched. 98
SERCOMBE    William R.        Head M   47y Lath Render                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Hannah            Wife M   44y ---                              --- Bristol
SERCOMBE    Gertrude          Dau  S   24y Shop Assistant                   --- Gloucester
SERCOMBE    Edith             Dau  S   23y Machinest                        --- Bristol
SERCOMBE    Frank H.          Son  -    5y ---                              --- Bristol
13 Berkeley Road, Bristol, Gloucestershire
RG13/2370, enum. dist. 52, fol. 98a, p. 20, sched. 118
KELLY       Charles R.        Head M   39y Gardener Domestic                KEN Ringmore
KELLY       Mary              Wife M   38y ---                              DEV Bideford
KELLY       Cyrt              Son  S    9y ---                              GLS Bristol
KELLY       Esme              Dau  S    5y ---                              GLS Bristol
SERCOMBE    William G.        Bord S   24y Printer Compositor               SOM Hardington Mandeville
PARROTT     Percival R.       Bord S   25y Plumber                          CON Fowey
WILLIAMS    Thomas G.         Bord S   20y Carpenter                        MON Monmouth
3 Silver Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire (one room)
RG13/2372, enum. dist. 14, fol. 132, p. 22, sched. 131
SERCOMBE    James             Head M   36y Merchant Seaman                  --- Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Annie             Wife M   30y                                  --- Bristol
15 Jamaica Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire
RG13/2373, enum. dist. 22, fol. 122, p. 7, sched. 41
PURCELL   Katharine     ----     W  53y  Laundress           IRL Co. Cork
SERCOMBE  William Geo.  Tenant   W  60y  Compositor Printer  HAM Portsmouth
JONES     Frank         Boarder  S  18y  Groom               GLS Oldbury on Severn
3 Stoneville Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
RG13/2461, enum. dist. 10, fol. 41, p. 9, sched. 62
LOCKEY      William J.        Head M   49y Market Gardener                  MDX London
LOCKEY      Mary Ann          Wife M   48y ---                              GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY      George F.         Son  S   22y Clerk                            GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY      Richard L.        Son  S   21y Labourer                         WIL Highworth
LOCKEY      Ann W.            Dau  S   19y Laundress                        GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY      Thomas C.         Son  S   17y Labourer                         GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY      Henry J.          Son  S   14y Porter                           GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY      Sarah A.          Dau  S   10y ---                              GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY      Gertrude M.       Dau  S    8y ---                              GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY      Arthur G.         Son  S    5y ---                              GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE    Sarah A.          Visi W   67y Laundress                        GLS Cheltenham
4 Burton Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
RG13/2461, enum. dist. 11, fol. 71, p. 27, sched. 151
SIRCOMBE    Frederick         Head M   45y Coachman Domestic Servt.         GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE    Rosina            Wife -   46y Housewife                        GLS Bentham
SIRCOMBE    Frederick R.      Son  S   21y Railway Carriage Shunter G.W.R.  GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE    Lizzie            Dau  S    8y ---                              GLS Cheltenham
8 Spa Buildings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
RG13/2465, enum. dist. 49, fol. 140, p. 21, sched. 121
ATKINSON    Anna M.           Head W   84y Living on own means              LIN Kettlethrope
MILLNS      Williams          SonL M   61y Retired Builder                  LIN Marton
MILLNS      Eveline D.        Dau  M   53y ---                              LIN Kettlethrope
MILLNS      Wilfred           GSon S   24y ---                              GLS Gloucester
MILLNS      Mildred           GDau S   22y ---                              GLS Gloucester
MILLNS      Dorothy           GDau S   20y ---                              GLS Gloucester
ANDREWS     Louisa            Serv S   21y Housemaid Domestic               GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE    Florence K.       Serv S   20y Kitchenmaid Domestic             GLS Cheltenham
62 Regent Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
RG13/2465, enum. dist. 49, fol. 153, p. 47, sched. 274
SIRCOMB     Alice             ---- S   18y Servant Domestic                 GLS Cheltenham
   [This appears to be part of a large draper's shop. Others in the household: a lace buyer,
    a ribbon buyer, four dressmakers, eight draper's assistants, a draper's artist, and one
    other domestic servant.]
Walls Court, High Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (2 rooms)
RG13/2467, enum. dist. 2, fol. 30, p. 25, sched. 163
SIRCOMBE    Richard Hy        Head M   57y Retired postman                  GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE    Mary A            Wife M   50y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE    Mabel F           Dau  S   13y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE    Ethel M           Dau  S   11y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury
4 Spring Gardens, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (3 rooms)
RG13/2467, enum. dist. 6, fol. 103, p. 21, sched. 140
RICKETTS    Annie             Head W   45y In rect. of Alms Shoe closer     GLS Tewkesbury
RICKETTS    Fredk.            Son  S   17y Grocer's Assist                  GLS Tewkesbury
RICKETTS    Albert            Son  -   14y Grocer's Errand Boy              GLS Tewkesbury
RICKETTS    Henry             Son  -   11y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury
RICKETTS    Frank             Son  -    8y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE    Elizth.           MotL W   75y In rect. of Alms Shoe closer     GLS Tewkesbury
Tewkesbury Union Workhouse, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
RG13/2467, enum. dist. 8, fol. 118, p. 2
SIRCOMBE    Harriet           Inmt W   73y Stocking Weavery                 GLS Tewkesbury

1901 Hampshire

2 Alice Road, Aldershot, Hampshire
RG13/610, enum. dist. 3, fol. 64, p. 34, sched. 223
SERCOMBE    Edgar John Thomas Head M   32y Journalist                       LND Marylebone
SERCOMBE    Rose Annie        Wife M   28y ---                              LND Bermondsey
SERCOMBE    Rose Mary         Dau  S    6y ---                              KEN Maidstone
SERCOMBE    Edgar Hudson      Son  S    5y ---                              HAM Aldershot
SERCOMBE    George David      Son  S    3y ---                              HAM Aldershot
SERCOMBE    Sophia Helen      Dau  S    4m ---                              HAM Aldershot
HALSTED     Arthur            Bord M   33y Tailors Assistant                IOW Ryde
BRUVET      Charles           Bord M   33y Chef                             CAM ---
47 Moorland Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire
RG13/985, enum. dist. 6, fol. 125, p. 23, sched. 161
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   81y Own Means                        SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Mary Ann          Wife M   81y ---                              LND Whitechapel
34 Princes Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire
RG13/995, enum. dist. 19, fol. 23, p. 38, sched. 261
SURCOMBE    Samuel            Head M   76y Retired Carpenter R.N.           DEV Devonport
SURCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   67y ---                              CON Millbrook
Wohlgelegen, Braidley Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire (St. Augustine ecclesiastical parish, Bournemouth county borough,
Branksome ward, Christchurch parliamentary borough)
RG13/1039, enum. dist. 5, fol. 106, p. 1, sched. 2
SERCOMBE    Emma S.           Head W   73y Private Means                    LND Strand
SERCOMBE    Emily A.          Dau  S   43y ---                              LND St. George's Hanover Sq.
HANDLEY     Mary              Serv S   48y Sick Nurse                       LIN Croxton Kerrial
BLACKMAN    Ada               Serv S   27y Housemaid - Domestic             HAM Alton
RENDELL     Annie C.          Serv S   25y Cook - Domestic                  DOR Alderholt
CRIPPS      Ellen             Serv S   16y Parlourmaid - Domestic           MDX Teddington
ELKINS      Edith             Serv S   15y Under Housemaid - Domestic       HAM Bournemouth
   (The next household is Wohlgelegen Cottage, inhabited by a gardener and his wife.)

1901 Jersey

35 Belmont Road, St. Helier, Jersey
RG13/5312, enum. dist. 17, fol. 57, p. 3, sched. 25
KRUDEWIG    Jacob             Head M   36y Waiter                           Germany
KRUDEWIG    Alice M.          Wife M   38y ---                              JSY St. Helier
KRUDEWIG    Alice M.          Dau  -    2y ---                              JSY St. Helier
BOWEN       Mabel A.          Dau  S   16y Ironer                           England
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Moth W   69y ---                              England

1901 Lanarkshire

68 Coursington Street, Motherwell (Dalziel parish), Lanarkshire (2 windowed rooms)
enum. dist. 3, p. 8, sched. 34
SERCOMBE    Albert            Head M   32y Steel Worker, Laborer (employee) ENG ---
SERCOMBE    Catherine         Wife M   34y ---                              LNK Hamilton
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Son  -    2y ---                              LNK Motherwell

1901 Lancashire

3 Wright Street, South Manchester, Lancashire (Openshaw St. Barnabas and St. Luke eccl. par.)
RG13/2680, enum. dist. 43, fol. 21, p. 33, sched. 199
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Head M   44y Blacksmith                       DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE    Harriett          Wife M   45y ---                              LAN Bury
SERCOMBE    Ernest            Son  S   18y Iron Moulder                     DBY Derby
SERCOMBE    George            Son  -   10y ---                              Scotland
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Dau  -    8y ---                              Scotland
SERCOMBE    Edith             Dau  -    6y ---                              LAN Manchester
SERCOMBE    Gertrude          Dau  -    2y ---                              LAN Manchester
HALL        Mary A.           MotL W   67y ---                              Ireland
4 Park Lane, Liverpool, Lancashire
RG13/3414, enum. dist. 3, fol. 61, p. 1, sched. 4
... proprietor, servants, and boarders in a boarding house ...
SERCOMBE    John              Bord S   71y General Labourer                 DEV ---
15 Mulgrave Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire
RG13/3438, enum. dist. 85, fol. 13, pp. 17-18, sched. 61
BERWICK     Kate              Head W   36y Letting Apartments               STS Sedgeley
BERWICK     Winifred          Dau  -    8y ---                              LAN Manchester
WALTERS     Hettie            Sis  S   33y Living on Own Means              STS Bilston
KAYAT       Jacob G.          Bord M   42y Fruit Merchant                   Palestine - Foreign Subj.
KAYAT       Mary              Bord S   11y ---                              Palestine - Foreign Subj.
MAKLOUF     Selim             Bord S   28y Merchant - Tobacconist           Syria - Foreign Subj.
MAREVARTU   Ignacio           Bord S   18y Student - English Language       Bilbao - Spanish Subj.
SERCOMB     Ellenor           Serv S   35y Servant Domestic                 SAL Shrewsbury
85 Everton Road, Everton, Lancashire
RG13/3480, enum. dist. 4, fol. 100, p. 11, sched. 75
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   39y Stationers Salesman              DEN Minera
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   31y ---                              Ireland
STIRZAKER   Helen             SisL W   36y Manageress (Cafe)                Ireland
McKULLIN    Annie             SisL S   21y ---                              LAN Liverpool
STIRZAKER   John              Neph -    7y ---                              LAN Liverpool
STIRZAKER   Hannah            Niec -    9y ---                              LAN Liverpool
23 Manning Road, Southport, Lancashire
RG13/3542, enum. dist. 41, fol. 54, p. 21, sched. 145
O'REALY     Kathleen          Head W   35y Laundress                        IRL Werford
O'REALY     Mary              Dau  S   10y ---                              LAN Southport
SIRCOM      Fanny             Bord S   40y Music Teacher                    GLS Bristol
99 Stevens Street, Stretford, Lancashire
RG13/3665, enum. dist. 13, fol. 131, p. 37, sched. 225
SIRCOM      Henry F.          Head W   51y Timber Merchant                  GLS Bristol
SIRCOM      Francis W.H.      Son  S   24y Mariner 2nd Mate                 GLS Dursley
SIRCOM      Harold S.         Son  S   22y Student Civil Service            GLS Bristol
SIRCOM      John C.           Son  S   20y Boiler Insurance Agent           GLS Bristol
HULME       Mary A.           Serv S   37y Housekeeper Domestic             LAN Manchester
23 Dale Street, South Manchester, Lancashire (Hulme Holy Trinity eccl. par.)
RG13/3702, enum. dist. 16, fol. 30, p. 16, sched. 109
D'ANSON     Mahala            Head W   46y Dress Maker                      LAN Manc'r
D'ANSON     William           Son  S   18y Coppersmith                      LAN Manc'r
BIRTLES     Mahala            Aunt W   74y ---                              --- Leicester
HUFTON      William           Bord S   20y Butcher                          LAN Manc'r
SERCOMBE    William           Bord S   20y Coppersmith                      LAN Manc'r
3 Cedar Street, Burnley, Lancashire (St. Catherine ecclesiastical district, Fulledge ward)
RG13/3862, enum. dist. 7, fol. 7, p. 5, sched. 28 
HORN        Charley           Head M   34y Grinder (worker)                 DEV Tavistock
HORN        Emma              Wife M   36y Cotton Weaver (worker)           DEV Tracey
LERCOMBE    Sarah J.          MotL W   58y ---                              DEV Tracey
   (LERCOMBE is probably the enumerator's error for SERCOMBE.)
12 Morley Street, Burnley, Lancashire
RG13/3869, enum. dist. 5, fol. 105, p. 5, sched. 33
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   39y Coal Miner                       DEV South Bovey
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   38y ---                              CON Red Ruth
SERCOMBE    William Harold    Son  -    6y ---                              LAN Burnley
Stonyhurst College, Aighton Bailey and Chaigley, Lancashire
RG13/3894, institution, fol. 81, p. 1
SIRCOM      Sebastian    Professor S   57y Roman Catholic Priest            SOM Bristol

1901 Leicestershire

33 Lansdowne Road, Aylestone, Leicester, Leicestershire
RG13/3002, enum. dist. 4, fol. 80, p. 2, sched. 12
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   52y Builder                          DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Anne              Wife M   52y ---                              CON Albaston
SERCOMBE    Florence          Dau  S   21y ---                              DEV Ilsington
WADKIN      Alice             Serv S   21y Domestic Servant                 NTH Wakerley
88 Knighton Lane, Aylestone, Leicester, Leicestershire
RG13/3002, enum. dist. 4, fol. 99, p. 40, sched. 236
SERCOMBE    William H.        Head M   28y Brickworks Manager               CON Calstock
SERCOMBE    Clara             Wife M   21y ---                              HAM Greywell
Isolation Hospital, Blaby, Leicestershire
RG13/2956, enum. dist. 2, fols. 38-39, pp. 28-29, sched. 214
BEESLEY   Margaret   Matron          S  38y  Matron of Institution     LAN Liverpool
CAREY     Elizabeth  Nurse           M  34y  Hospital Nurse            LAN Fairfield
HAYES     Teresa     Asst. Nurse     S  26y  Hospital Nurse            LAN Liverpool
DOWELL    Grace      Probatn. Nurse  S  18y  Hospital Nurse            LEI Sileby
HUTCHENS  Anne M.    Probatn. Nurse  S  17y  Hospital Nurse            LEI Leicester
MORRIS    Thomas     Porter          M  35y  Hospital Porter           LEI Willoughby Waterless
MORRIS    Alice      Laundress       M  36y  Hospital Laundress        LEI Countesthorpe
PETTYE    Elizabeth  Cook            M  43y  Hospital Cook             YKS Halifax
GROVES    Alice      Servant         S  17y  Hospital General Servant  SAL Shrewsbury
VAUGHAN   Martha     Maid            S  22y  Hospital Ward Maid        Sth Wales 2 arren Place [?]
SERCOMBE  Florence   Maid            S  23y  Hospital House Maid       DEV Plympton
MORTIMER  Jane       Patient         S  15y  Dressmaker                LEI Enderby
NORTHROP  John       Patient         S   4y  ---                       LEI Leicester

1901 Lincolnshire

Carfax House, Barrow on Humber, Lincolnshire (Holy Trinity parish, Glanford Brigg rural district,
North Lindsey or Brigg parliamentary borough, Lincoln Lindsey administrative county)
RG13/3107, enum. dist. 11, fol. 133, p. 5, sched. 35
SERCOURBE   Ellen B.          Head W   72y Independant                      DEV Honiton
SERCOURBE   Marie S.          Dau  S   42y Independant                      --- Southampton
SERCOURBE   Bertha            Dau  S   39y Independant                      J W Ryde
OGLE        Elen              Serv S   13y Domestic Servant                 LIN Barrow
   (SERCOURBE is presumably the census enumerator's misreading of SERCOMBE on the original schedule,
    Marie's middle initial S is probably a similar error for L, and "J W" is probably a similar error
    for "I W" meaning IOW.)

1901 London

12 Westbourne Park Road, Paddington, London
RG13/11, enum. dist. 47, fol. 84, p. 7, sched. 49
PARKER      Bertie P.         Head M   29y Professer of Music               ESS Great Dunmow
PARKER      Lucy S.           Wife M   35y ---                              SSX Worthing
PARKER      Nora L.           Dau  -    4y ---                              LND Clapham
SERCOMBE    Sebena            Serv S   37y Cook - Domestic                  DEV Moreton Hampstead
33 Kildare Terrace, Paddington, London
RG13/12, enum. dist. 49, fol. 6, p. 4, sched. 33
SERCOMBE    Olive             Head S   37y Lodging House Keeper             DEV Exeter
SALTER      Mary Alice     Partner S   32y Lodging House Keeper             SRY Tooting
HAZEL       Francis Hall      Visi W   75y Housekeeper                      CAM ---      [female]
TURNER      Edith Mary Ann    Serv S   21y General Servant - domestic       BKM Wycombe
   [schedules 34-37 are three boarders and a lodger]
29 Treadgold Street, Kensington, London
RG13/24, enum. dist. 37, fol. 159, p. 27, sched. 215
SERCOMBE    Walter            Head M   25y Blacksmith                       DEV Durisford [sic]
SERCOMBE    Beatrice          Wife M   22y ---                              SOM Radeloch
SERCOMBE    Winnie            Visi S   16y ---                              ESS Grays
   [Winnie's age is probably an enumeration error for 6y.]
21 Jarman's Row, Kensington, London
RG13/34, enum. dist. 3, fol. 74, p. 37, sched. 303
SERCOMBE    Walter            Lodg S   23y Stableman                        DEV Barnstaple
36 Stratford Road, Kensington, London
RG13/38, enum. dist. 25, fol. 57, p. 22, sched. 99
SEARLE      Louisa            Head M   56y Lodg. House Keeper               --- Sevenhampton
SEARLE      Amy               Dau  S   13y ---                              --- Kensington
CHRISTIAN   Jane              Niec W   33y Living on Means                  --- Englishcombe
SERCOMBE    Mary              ---  S   18y House Maid Domes                 SOM Dunkerton
CARTER      Jenny             ---  S   17y House Maid Domes                 WIL [illeg.]
MANN        Charlotte         ---  S   22y House Maid Domes                 KEN New Romney
52 Lots Road, Chelsea, London
RG13/80, enum. dist. 16, fol. 8, p. 7, sched. 51
PIPER       Ellen             Head W   43y ---                              KEN Hoo
PIPER       Walter            Son  S   21y Genl. Labourer                   LND Battersea
PIPER       Maud              Dau  S   18y Dressmaker                       LND Battersea
PIPER       George            Son  -   16y Junr. Clerk (Carpl Btg Con) [?]  LND Battersea
PIPER       James             Son  -   10y ---                              LND Chelsea
PIPER       Dorothy           Dau  -    5y ---                              LND Chelsea
SERCOMB     William           Bord S   26y Coachman (Domestic)              DEV Totnes
28 Half Moon Street, London
RG13/82, enum. dist. 5, fol. 19, p. 29, sched. 159
BEST        Lottie            Head W   49y Lodging House Keeper             ESS Kalverdon
BEST        Oliver            Son  S   13y ---                              --- 28 Half Moon St. W
SERCOMBE    M.N.              Visi S   43y Own Means                        DEV Moore Farm Camwood
   [and five boarders]
95 Page Street, Westminster, London
RG13/92, enum. dist. 8, fol. 80, p. 32, sched. 278
SERCOMBE    Mary J.S.         Lodg S   67y Dressmaker (own account at home) DEV Dawlish
3 St. John's Terrace, Westminster, London
RG13/92, enum. dist. 8, fol. 86, p. 44, sched. 375
SERCOMBE    John G.           Head M   47y Gas Fitter                       LND Westminster
SERCOMBE    Mary E.           Wife M   48y ---                              LND Westminster
6 Foley Street, Marylebone, London
RG13/104, enum. dist. 17, fol. 83, pp. 23-24, sched. 224
SHERCOMBE   Alice E.          Head W   30y Charwoman                        LND ---
SHERCOMBE   George            Son  S    4y ---                              LND ---
STEPHENSON  Mary A.           Moth W   62y ---                              LND ---
2 Belgrave Road, Marylebone, London
RG13/119, enum. dist. 14, fol. 109, p. 33, sched. 217
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Head W   57y Lodging House Keeper             LND Islington
MAYNARD     Gertrude R.       Bord S   42y Baker's Book Keeper              YKS Scarboro
CANTRAM     Ellen             Serv S   15y General Serv. Domestic           SFK Foxhall
Grixahgulla, Elsworthy Road, Hampstead, London
RG13/124, enum. dist. 28, fol. 70, p. 8, sched. 34
FAIRFAX     Anne              Head W   66y Living on means                  N[ot] K[nown]
FAIRFAX     Amy               Dau  S   40y ---                              Australia British Subject
FAIRFAX     Carrie            Dau  S   39y ---                              Australia British Subject
EDWARDS     Loui              Visi M   34y Hospital Nurse                   Australia British Subject
SERCOMBE    Ann               Serv S   20y Cook - Domestic                  DEV Exeter
SAINSBURY   Kathleen          Serv S   25y Parlourmaid - Domestic           Ireland
MEAD        Elizabeth         Serv S   29y Housemaid - Domestic             N[ot] K[nown]
WARD        Lilian            Serv S   15y Kitchen - Domestic               MDX London
150 Broadhurst Gardens, Hampstead, London
RG13/126, enum. dist. 43, fol. 160, p. 4, sched. 20
HALLY       David             Head M   47y Shirting Manuf'r Cotton & Woollen Scotland
HALLY       Audrey            Wife M   29y ---                               Scotland
HALLY       Stuart            Son  S    6y ---                               Scotland
HALLY       Jean              Dau  S    4y ---                               Scotland
LAMPRIERE   Adah              Gvns S   27y Governess                         DEV Newton St. Petrock
BRONK       Matilda           Serv W   32y Housemaid (Dom)                   DEV Budleigh Salterton
SERCOMBE    Rose              Serv S   22y Cook (Dom)                        DEV Exeter
29 Cross Street, Islington, London
RG13/193, enum. dist. 55, fol. 22, p. 36, sched. 293
MORTON      Martha            Head W   79y Charwoman                         LND Islington
SERCOM      Geo:              Visi S   12y ---                               LND Islington
70 Southwold Road, Hackney, London
RG13/210, enum. dist. 3, fol. 94, p. 62, sched. 430
POOKE       William           Head M   44y Gardener (not dom) - own acct    DEV Dunsford
POOKE       Catherine         Wife M   44y ---                              ESS Colchester
POOKE       Alice             Dau  S   16y Nurse Domestic                   KEN Bromley
POOKE       Edith             Dau  S   14y Fancy Incandescent Factory       LND Clapton
POOKE       Ernest            Son  S   11y ---                              LND Clapton
POOKE       May               Dau  -    9y ---                              LND Clapton
PERCOMBE    Walter            Bord S   27y Train Conductor                  DEV Dunsford
   [PERCOMBE is probably the enumerator's error for SERCOMBE]
186 Evering Road, Hackney, London
Rg13/212, enum. dist. 12, fol. 76, p. 43, sched. 326
BLOOMBERG   Francis N.        Head M   36y Shoe Manufacturer                WAR Birmingham
BLOOMBERG   Fannie            Wife M   33y ---                              LND Aldgate
BLOOMBERG   Henry P.          Son  S    4y ---                              LND West Hackney
POSNER      Sarah             MotL W   70y ---                              Poland (Polish Subject)
SERCOMBE    Gertrude          Serv S   21y General Servant Domestic         LND Hackney
20 New Street, St. Martin, London (4 roooms)
RG13/240, enum. dist. 4, fol. 62, p. 6, sched. 50
SERCOMBE    George B.         Head M   58y Tailor                           DEV Ide
SERCOMBE    Emma A.           Wife M   56y ---                              LND Kingsland
SERCOMBE    William G.        Son  S   32y Stationery Porter                LND Bayswater
SERCOMBE    Annie L.          Dau  S   29y Domestic Housemaid               LND Marylebone
SERCOMBE    Alice R.          Dau  S   21y Shirt Machinist                  LND Westminster
ROLLS       Frederick W.E.    Bord -    4y ---                              LND Westminster
24 Finsbury Street, St. Luke, London
RG13/260, enum. dist. 1, fol. 18, p. 27, sched. 94
BANBURY     Charles           Head M   58y Foreman Horse Keeper             DEV Kennford
SERCOMBE    Janette           Serv S   26y Housekeeper Domestic             DEV Exeter
Devonshire House Hotel, 12 Bishopsgate Street Without, St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, London
RG13/262, enum. dist. 8, fol. 134, pp. 1-2, sched. 4
SERCOMBE    Louisa                 S   27y Hotel House Chambermaid          --- Bath
   [also two other house chambermaids, 15 visitors, a manageress, a bookkeeper, two waiters, three
    porters, two housemaids, an assistant housemaid, a kitchenmaid, a stillroom maid, and a linen maid]
14 Clinger Street, Shoreditch, London
RG13/276, enum. dist. 17, fols. 106-107, pp. 20-21, sched. 146
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Head M   44y Printers Compositor              LND Finsbury
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   43y                                  LND Islington
SERCOMBE    Frederick         Son  S   25y Printers Compositor              LND Hoxton
64 Lynedoch Street, St. Leonards Shoreditch, London (2 rooms)
RG13/277, enum. dist. 3, fol. 72, p. 10, sched. 57
SERCOMBE    Alfred            Head M   35y Flower Seller (own account)      LND St. Lukes
SERCOMBE    Adelaide J.       Wife M   34y                                  LND Shoreditch
SERCOMBE    Adelaide J.       Dau  S    8y                                  LND Hoxton
SERCOMBE    Alfred J.         Son  S    5y                                  LND Hoxton
SERCOMBE    Julia R.E.        Dau  S    4y                                  LND Hoxton
5 Lyndoch Street, St. Leonards Shoreditch, London
RG13/277, enum. dist. 4, fol. 101, p. 3, sched. 12
SERCOMBE    Joseph            Head M   39y Boot Finisher                    LND St. Lukes
SERCOMBE    Sarah M.          Wife M   39y Artificial Florist               --- Shoreditch
SERCOMBE    James J.          Son  S   17y No Occupation                    --- Brough S.E.
SERCOMBE    S.E.T.            Dau  S   15y Baby Milliner                    --- Haggerston
SERCOMBE    Fred'k C.         Son  S   12y ---                              --- Haggerston
20 Effra Road, Lambeth, London
RG13/428, enum. dist. 27, fol. 58, p. 31, sched. 160
SURCOMBE    John L.           Head S   42y Schoolmaster                     HAM Southsea
MILLER      Alice            Hskpr S   36y Manager of House                 London
VISE        Reg Toye          Asst S   35y Assistant Master                 LIN Hillbeach
CARBY       Frank             Bord S   16y Schoolboy                        Scotland
PERECFIELD  Jacques           Bord S   18y Schoolboy                        France foreign subject
GERMAINS    Victor W.         Bord S   12y Schoolboy                        London
WADLING     William J.        Bord S   10y Schoolboy                        London
25 Freeland Street, Battersea, London (4 rooms)
RG13/449, enum. dist. 3, fol. 75, p. 39, sched. 248
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   45y Carman (Builders)                DEV Bridgetown
SERCOMBE    Eliz'th           Wife M   43y ---                              DEV Baughton
SERCOMBE    Jessie M.         Dau  S   13y ---                              DEV Totnes
42 Chelverton Road, Putney, London (St. Mary ecclesiastical parish, Wandsworth metropolitan borough)
RG13/490, enum. dist. 11, fol. 150, p. 36, sched. 272
FISHE       Robert            Head M   72y ---                              LIN Weldsworth
FISHE       Jane              Wife M   53y Boarding House Keeper            SFK Ipswich      (wkg. on own acct. at home)
FISHE       Eva E.            Dau  S   20y ---                              LND Kentish Town
SCOTT       James S.          Bord S   39y Architect                        LND Bayswater
SERCOMBE    Charles C.        Bord M   47y Stock Broker Agent (on own acct.)GLS Bristol
SERCOMBE    Louise            Bord M   33y ---                              LND ---
32 Keston Road, Camberwell, London (St. John the Evangelist ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/500, enum. dist. 41, fols. 133-134, pp. 24-25, sched. 178
JACKSON     Samuel W.         Head S   39y Asst Manager Nat Safe Deposit Co LND Camberwell
JACKSON     Arthur E.         Fath M   64y ---                              LND Camberwell
JACKSON     Alice L.E.        Moth M   64y ---                              --- ---
RUCKE       Lydia L.          Bord S   55y Salesman Wholesale Warehouse     LND Westminster   (worker)
LERCOMBE    Emma L.           Cous S   41y School Mistress (worker)         LND Camberwell
   (LERCOMBE is probably an enumerator's error for SERCOMBE.)
1 The Gardens, Camberwell, London (St. John the Evangelist ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/501, enum. dist. 45, fol. 77, p. 34, sched. 200
JACKSON     William           Head W   68y Living on own Means              LND Whitechapel
JACKSON     Caroline          Dau  S   31y Governess                        SRY Peckham
JACKSON     Annie             Dau  S   27y Governess                        SRY Peckham
PRITCHETT   Elizabeth         SisL S   53y Housekeeper                      SRY Camberwell
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Niec S   39y Governess                        SRY Walworth
LOCKWOOD    Mabel             Serv S   14y General Servant (Domestic)       SRY Old Kent Road
153, 155, 157, 159, and 161 Lewisham High Road, Deptford, London
(St. Paul Deptford civil parish, St. James Hatcham ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/533, enum. dist. 9, fol. 105, p. 52, sched. 334
... [among many draper's employees] ...
SERCOMBE    Ethel D.          Serv S   19y Draper's Apprentice              --- Northampton
Knightsville College, 80 Lewisham High Road, Deptford, London
(St. Paul Deptford civil parish, St. James Hatcham ecclesiastical parish)
RG13/533, enum. dist. 10, fol. 110, pp. 1-2, sched. 1
... [among many employees and students] ...
SERCOMBE    Ellen D.          Bord S   17y ---                              LND Ladywell
112 Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, London (St. Mildred ecclesiastical parish, Lewisham municipal borough)
RG13/547, enum. dist. 17, fol. 126, p. 26, sched. 128
SERCOMBE    Horatio           Head M   57y Bank Clerk                       SRY Battle Bridge
SERCOMBE    Ellen M.          Wife M   51y ---                              SRY Camberwell
SERCOMBE    Florence          Dau  S   30y School Teacher (worker)          SRY Bermondsey
SERCOMBE    Horatio W.        Son  S   26y Clerk Commercial                 KEN Lewisham
SERCOMBE    William F.        Son  S   22y Clerk Bank                       KEN Ladywell
SERCOMBE    Cristopher        Son  S   16y Clerk Commercial                 KEN Ladywell
SERCOMBE    Bernard G.        Son  S    9y ---                              KEN Hither Green
57 Wellmeadow Road, Lewisham, London (St. Swithin ecclesiastical parish, Lewisham metropolitan borough, Lewisham
Park ward)
RG13/550, enum. dist. 14, fol. 60, p. 16, sched. 98
SERCOMBE    Henry             Head M   44y Bank Official                    LND Camberwell
SERCOMBE    Matilda E.        Wife M   42y ---                              SSX Brighton
SERCOMBE    Henry E.          Son  S   17y Bank Clerk                       KEN Lewisham
LOCKE       Susanna           Visi S   53y Dressmaker (worker)              LND Blackheath
MAY         Emily             Serv S   21y General Servant Domestic         KNT Snodland
75 Wells Road, Lewisham, London (St. Bartholomew ecclesiastical parish, Lewisham municipal borough, Sydenham ward)
RG13/558, enum. dist. 11, fol. 27, p. 45, sched. 290
SERCOMBE    Edmund            Head M   38y Gardener Domestic (worker)       SRY Camberwell
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   32y ---                              SRY Woolwich
SERCOMBE    Edmund            Son  S    5y ---                              SRY Norwood
SERCOMBE    Daisy             Dau  S    3y ---                              SRY Norwood
SERCOMBE    Lilly             Dau  S    7m ---                              SRY Norwood

1901 Middlesex

2 Woodbury Villas, Teddington, Middlesex
RG13/673, enum. dist. 14, fol. 9, p. 10, sched. 58
SERCOMBE    John              Head  M  47y Police Constable                 DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Fany E.           Wife  M  42y ---                              KEN Badlesmere Leese
SERCOMBE    Fredk. J.         Son   S  15y Solicitors Clerk                 LND Chelsea
Ford Bridge Road, Ashford, Middlesex
RG13/1171, enum. dist. 2, fol. 57, pp. 49-50, sched. 336
DALE        Ernest W.         Head M   32y Steward Golf Club                LND Hammersmith
DALE        Emma S.           Wife M   31y ---                              LND St. James
DALE        Mary S.           Dau  S    9y ---                              LND Marylebone
DALE        Edith D.          Dau  S    7y ---                              KEN Margate
DALE        Ernest R.M.       Son  S    3w ---                              MDX Ashford
SMITH       W. Arthur         Bord S   35y Banker                           GLS Cheltenham
SERCOMBE    Nellie L.         Visi S   19y ---                              LND St. James
BEATTIE     Peter             Serv S   26y Stableman                        SCT Aberdeenshire
4 St. Anns Circus, Hornsey, Middlesex
RG13/1241, enum. dist. 31, fol. 183, p. 47, sched. 287
SERCOMBE    Herbert J.        Head M   26y Carpenter                        DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Mary J.           Wife M   25y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Arthur W.         Bro  S   17y J[ourneyman] Carpenter           DEV Dunsford
10 Elizabeth Road, Tottenham, Middlesex (3 rooms)
RG13/1254, enum. dist. 55, fol. 142, p. 61, sched. 374
SERCOOMB    John              Head M   40y Stableman Tram Yard              DEV Totness
SERCOOMB    Eliza             Wife M   43y ---                              DEV Devonport
SERCOOMB    Lilian            Dau  S   18y Machinist Sewing                 MDX Clapton
59 Grand Parade, Tottenham, Middlesex (4 rooms)
RG13/1255, enum. dist. 59, fol. 42, p. 24, sched. 154
SERCOMBE    William J.        Head M   36y Commercial Traveller Drapers     DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Lilian M.         Wife M   38y Shirt Maker (own account)        SSX Mansfield
SERCOMBE    Gladys G.         Dau  -   12y ---                              N[ot] K[nown]

1901 Midlothian

22 Bruntsfield Gardens, Morningside, Edinburgh (Newington district), Midlothian (3 windowed rooms, 1 of them the lodger's)
enum. dist. 113, p. 13, scheds. 89-90
SERCOMBE    Eskine N.         Head W   58y Nurse (Domestic)                 FIF Cooper
RUSSELL     Duncan K.C.       Lodg S   48y Civil Engineer (at home, on own  ARG Kilmoden
                                           account) - Gaelic and English

1901 Norfolk

15 Alberts Cottages, Gorleston, Norfolk (Great Yarmouth county borough, St. Andrews ward)
RG13/1815, enum. dist. 10, fol. 35, p. 32, sched. 198
SERCOMBE    Ellen Rose        Head W   61y ---                              NFK Norwich
SERCOMBE    Emily Maude       Dau  S   28y School Teacher (worker)          NFK Norwich
SERCOMBE    Annie Breeze      Dau  S   27y --- (worker)                     NFK Yarmouth
SERCOMBE    Fred William      Son  S   26y Canvasser (Railway) (worker)     NFK Yarmouth
SERCOMBE    Walter George     Son  S   22y Commission Agent (Baking Powder) NFK Yarmouth    (working on own account)
17 Primrose Road, Norwich, Norfolk
RG13/1839, enum. dist. 37, fol. 98, p. 24, sched. 169
JOLIFFE     Fredrick          Head M   52y Railway Clerk                    ESS Wyvenhoe
JOLIFFE     Ada               Wife M   56y ---                              SFK Woodbridge
JOLIFFE     Fredrick W.       Son  S   29y Railway Clerk                    --- Cambridge
JOLIFFE     Ada S.            Dau  S   27y Dressmaker                       ESS Colchester
JOLIFFE     Annie M.          Dau  S   26y ---                              ESS Colchester
SERCOMBE    Edwin H.          Lodg S   24y Railway Clerk                    NFK Gt. Yarmouth
Briston Road (north side), Melton Constable with Burgh Parva, Norfolk
RG13/1877, enum. dist. 11, fol. 118, p. 23, sched. 150
SUMMERFIELD Alfred T.         Head M   26y Railway Engine Fitter            NTH Peterboro'
SUMMERFIELD Susan J.M.        Wife M   25y ---                              ESS Purfleet
SUMMERFIELD Winnifred         Dau  -    5y ---                              NTH Peterboro'
SUMMERFIELD Reginald          Son  -    2y ---                              NTH Peterboro'
SUMMERFIELD Nellie May        Dau  -    6m ---                              NFK Melton Constable
SERCOMBE    Sidney            Visi S   19y Railway Engine Cleaner           NFK Gt. Yarmouth

1901 Pembrokeshire

Victoria Terrace, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire
RG13/5123, enum. dist. 10, fol. 36, p. 10, sched. 48
WILSON      Joseph            Head M   46y Engine Fitter                    DUR Heworth
WILSON      Ann H.            Wife M   44y ---                              WES Carton
WILSON      Joseph H.         Son  S   17y Apprentice Printer               WES Carton
WILSON      Elizabeth A.      Dau  S   16y ---                              WES Carton
WILSON      Mary A.           Dau  S    5y ---                              DEV Stoke Damerel
SERCOMBE    William B.        Visi M   55y Carpenter                        DEV ---
SERCOMBE    Caroline          Visi M   52y ---                              DEV Plymouth
SERCOMBE    Edith             Visi S   23y ---                              DEV Plymouth
15 Pembroke Street, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire
RG13/5123, enum. dist. 10, fol. 52, p. 42, sched. 215
SLOGETT     George            Head M   35y Publican                         PEM Pembroke Dock      English
SLOGETT     Flora             Wife M   26y ---                              SOM Weston Super Mare  English
SLOGETT     Ruby              Dau  -    1y ---                              PEM Pembroke Dock      
SERCOMBE    Hester            Visi W   47y Living on Own Means              SOM Weston Super Mare  English
MUNRO       Ellen             Serv S   25y Barmaid                          GLA Swansea            English
LAMBERT     Nellie            Serv S   20y General Servant Domestic         PEM Pembroke Dock      English

1901 Nottinghamshire

151 Noel Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
RG13/3185, enum. dist. 34, fol. 30, p. 12, sched. 79
SIRCOM      William           Head M   46y Engineer's Draughtsman           GLS Bristol
SIRCOM      Rose              Wife M   36y                                  IRL Dublin
SIRCOM      Agnes             Dau  -    5y                                  LAN Liverpool
SIRCOM      Winifred          Dau  -    2y                                  CHS Crewe
SIRCOM      May Frances       Dau  -    7m                                  --- Nottingham

1901 Somerset

The Steep, Luccombe, Somerset
RG13/2261, enum. dist. 5, fol. 36, p. 7, sched. 52
MOLONY      Fitz James        Head M   42y Medical Practitioner             Tulla Co Clare Ireland
MOLONY      Louisa B.         Wife M   42y ---                              KEN Ramsgate
MOLONY      James T.          Son  -    7y ---                              SOM Porlock
SNOOK       Ada L.            Serv S   22y Housemaid Domestic               SOM Norton
SERCOMBE    Olive M.          Serv S   23y Cook Domestic                    DEV Sheldon
  [Olive is probably the enumerator's misreading of Alice.]
Ludslade, Exford, Somerset
RG13/2266, enum. dist. 13, fol. 114, p. 2, sched. 10
RAWLE       Robert            Head M   39y Farmer                           SOM Stoke Pero
RAWLE       Louisa            Wife M   43y ---                              DEV Dawlish
RAWLE       Robert            Son  -    6y ---                              SOM Stoke Pero
RAWLE       James             Son  -    5y ---                              SOM Exford
RAWLE       Louisa            Dau  -    3y ---                              SOM Exford
SIRCOMBE    Annie             StDa S   22y General Servt. (Domestic)        DEV Dawlish
SIRCOMBE    William           StSn S   17y Carter on Farm                   DEV Harberton Totnes
Queens Square, North Curry, Somerset
RG13/2274, enum. dist. 5, fol. 61, p. 9, sched. 55
SERCOMBE    Michael           Head M   36y Gardner Domestic                 DEV Christow
SERCOMBE    Jane              Wife M   34y ---                              DEV Pinhoe
20 Church Street, Bridgwater, Somerset
RG13/2284, enum. dist. 8, fol. 35, p. 11, sched. 70
SERCOMBE    Dinah             Head W   60y Living on Own Means              SOM North Petherton
SERCOMBE    Margaret          Dau  S   30y Milliner                         SOM Taunton
316 St. Marys Street, Hardington Mandeville, Somerset
RG13/2297, enum. dist. 4, fol. 44, p. 7, sched. 51
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   48y Printers Overseer                DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Jane M.           Wife M   49y School Mistress                  DEV Exetor [sic]
SERCOMBE    Ernest            Son  S   21y Stereotyper                      SOM Hardington
EWENS       Alice             Visi S   26y ---                              DEV Exeter
73 Hendford, Yeovil, Somerset
RG13/2302, enum. dist. 16, fol. 10, p. 12, sched. 90
SERCOMBE    Henry             Head M   49y Ironmonger                       IOW Newport
SERCOMBE    Kate              Wife M   43y ---                              IOW Newport
SERCOMBE    Helen             Dau  S   10y ---                              IOW Newport
SERCOMBE    Kate              Dau  S    7y ---                              IOW Newport
Market Street, Highbridge North, Somerset
RG13/2322, enum. dist. 18, fol. 104, p. 22, sched. 139
SERCOMBE    William           Head W   63y Railway Porter                   SOM Highbridge
BEEL        Emily E.          Dau  W   35y ---                              SOM Highbridge
44, 45, and 46 High Street, Weston Super Mare, Somerset
RG13/2324, enum. dist. 10, fol. 43, pp. 9-10, sched. 43
... [among the staff of an unnamed hotel] ...
SERCOMBE    Rhoda M.          Serv S   24y Barmaid                          DEV Barnstable
22 Stanley Grove Road, Weston Super Mare, Somerset
RG13/2326, enum. dist. 19, fol. 17, p. 25, sched. 174
SERCOMBE    Maria             Head W   78y Living on own Means              DEV Exeter
Stoneleigh, Weston Super Mare, Somerset
RG13/2326, enum. dist. 20, fol. 32, p. 7, sched. 43
BERRILL     Eliza             Head W   58y Living on own Means              India British Subject
BERRILL     Harriet           Dau  S   41y Living on own Means              India British Subject
BERRILL     Amy               Dau  S   36y Living on own Means              India British Subject
FORSTER     Mary A.           Visi W   66y Living on own Means              SOM Bath
SERCOMBE    Annie             Serv S   49y General Servant Domestic         DEV Exeter
8 Stuart Place, Twerton, Somerset
RG13/2334, enum. dist. 3, fol. 55, p. 12, sched. 83
DARKE       Elizabeth         Wife M   55y Laundress                        SOM Burnham
SERCOMBE    John              Bord S   25y Railway Porter                   SOM Highbridge
COUZINS     Mary P.           Serv S   23y General Servant                  WIL Biddlestone
GAY         Esther L.         Serv S   25y General Servant                  SOM Bath
GAY         Agnes L.          Bord S   20y Cardboard Box Maker              SOM Bath
52 and 53 Southgate Street, Bath, Somerset
RG13/2340, enum. dist. 2, fols. 33-34, pp. 67
BLATCHFORD  William           Head M   52y Linen Draper                     DEV Jacobstow
BLATCHFORD  Kate C.           Wife M   35y ---                              SOM Weston
BLATCHFORD  Dora K.           Dau  S    5y ---                              SOM Bath
BLATCHFORD  Victor W.H.       Son  S    3y ---                              SOM Bath
DENNING     Maud              Asst S   23y Milliner                         SOM Bath
CHAPMAN     Ethel K.          Asst S   20y Draper's Assistant               SOM Castle Cary
SERCOMBE    Hyacinth          Appr S   16y Draper's Apprentice              SOM Hardington
CARPENTER   Sarah M.          Nurs S   23y Nurse Domestic                   SOM Witham Friary
HESKINS     Ellen L.          Serv S   29y Cook Domestic                    SOM Bath
Medical Institute, 15 Catherine Place, Bath, Somerset
RG13/2343, enum. dist. 33, fol. 98, p. 4, sched. 18
... [among other staff and patients] ...
SERCOMBE    Phoebe A.      Patient S   46y Mission Sister, Wesleyan         SOM Taunton
Caxton House, Clevedon, Somerset
RG13/2355, enum. dist. 3, fol. 42, p. 26, sched. 143
SERCOMBE    William G.        Head M   42y Printer Manager                  GLA Cardiff
SERCOMBE    Sarah A.          Wife M   35y ---                              SOM Bedminster
SERCOMBE    Georgina M.       Dau  -   10y ---                              SOM Clevedon
SERCOMBE    Edith M.          Dau  -   10y ---                              SOM Clevedon
SERCOMBE    William F.        Son  -    9y ---                              SOM Clevedon

1901 Surrey

Woodcote, Tower Hill, Dorking, Surrey
RG13/622, enum. dist. 8, fol. 158, p. 21, sched. 131
COTTON      Elizabeth         Head W   86y Living on own means              Scotland
SERCOMBE    Rose              Serv S   22y Housemaid Domestic               OXF Oxford
THOROGOOD   Clara J.          Serv S   19y Parlourmaid Domestic             SRY Dorking
COTTON      Louisa            Niec S   37y Living on own means              India British Subject
4 Wellesley Road, Croydon, Surrey (St. Matthew ecclesiastical parish, Croydon county borough)
RG13/639, enum. dist. 27, fol. 39, p. 15, sched. 85
SERCOMBE    Joseph            Head W   64y Retired Wine Merchant            DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Alfd. C.          Son  S   30y Wine Merchant (employer)         SRY Croydon
JOYCELYN    Maud M.           Visi S   36y ---                              KEN Maidstone
RICKSON     Sarah             Serv M   55y Cook Domestic (worker)           OXF Woodcote
CLEMENTS    Mary Ann          Serv S   17y Housemaid Domestic (worker)      SRY Egham
   (Alfd., with a raised d, is presumably the enumerator's misreading of "Ath.", short for Athelstane.)
51 Penn Road, Croydon, Surrey (St. Matthew ecclesiastical parish, Croydon county borough)
RG13/639, enum. dist. 27, fol. 64, p. 66, sched. 349
BROOKES     Robert W.         Head M   64y Retired Designer (Decorative)    YKS Sheffield
                                           ["paint." added by tally clerk]
BROOKES     Sarah C.          Wife M   62y ---                              LND Chelsea
SERCOMBER   Jane B.           Bord S   62y ---                              DEV Exeter
KERRY       Edith E.          Serv S   25y General Servant Domestic         NFK North Lopham
17 Washington Road, Kingston on Thames, Surrey (4 rooms)
RG13/662, enum. dist. 4, fol. 102, p. 40, sched. 225
SERCOMBE    Frederick T.      Head M   39y Compositor                       --- London
SERCOMBE    Fanny E.          Wife M   40y ---                              SRY Redhill
SERCOMBE    Edith R.          Dau  -    4y ---                              SRY Norbiton
Gordon House School, Gloucester Road, Kingston on Thames, Surrey
RG13/663, enum. dist. 13, fol. 160, p. 9, sched. 38(?)
... [with 14 other male boarders aged 5 to 14, plus the schoolmaster and his family and a servant]
SERCOMBE    Regd.             Pupil S  11y Boarder                          BRK Reading
5 St. James' Road, Surbiton, Surrey (St. Mark ecclesiastical parish, Kingston-on-Thames parliamentary division)
RG13/667, enum. dist. 3, fol. 81, p. 26, sched. 184
SERCOMBE    Walton R.T.       Head M   40y Farmer - New Zealand (employer)  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Sophie M.E.       Wife M   46y ---                              HAM Titchfield
SERCOMBE    Francis W.        Son  -    5y ---                              New Zealand
LAVIE       Sophie M.         SDau -   15y ---                              Ceylon
   (Three rooms in a lodging house. Schedule 185 is at the same address and occupied by a lodging house keeper.
    Note that the house next door was occupied by the WALTON family.)
99 White Hart Lane, Barnes, Surrey (1 room)
RG13/680, enum. dist. 15, fol. 32, p. 21, sched. 118
SURCOMBE    Helena            Head W   49y Dressmaker                       GLS Walton-under-Edge

1901 Sussex

Hazeldene, 43 Cornwallis Gardens, Hastings, Sussex
RG13/868, enum. dist. 25, fol. 27, p. 13, sched. 92
CHAMBERS    Walter            Head M   43y Boarding House Keeper            LND Bow
CHAMBERS    Sophia M.         Wife M   41y ---                              LND Bow
CHAMBERS    Martha            Sis  S   42y Boarding House Keeper            LND Bow
CHAMBERS    Kate              Sis  S   40y Boarding House Keeper            LND Bow
CHAMBERS    Alice             Sis  S   37y Boarding House Keeper            LND Bow
CHAMBERS    Fredk. L.         Son  -    8y ---                              SSX Hastings
WINDETT     Alice M.          Cous S   29y Assistant China & Glass Shop     LND Bethnal Green
LONG        Chas.             Bord W   79y Cabinet Maker (Retired)          LND Bethnal Green
SERCOMBE    Eliz. M.          Bord W   60y Living on own means              LND Islington
HAYWOOD     Charlotte E.      Bord S   44y Living on own means              KEN Goodhurst
WEALE       Augusta           Bord S   38y Living on own means              LND nr Hyde Park
NORTH       Chas. Albert      Bord M   27y Auctioneer & Estate Agent        SOM Bath
NORTH       Elizabeth A.      BWif M   30y ---                              LND Hackney
HEASMAN     Clara B.          Serv S   22y General Servant (Domestic)       SSX Hastings
66 Wickham Avenue, Bexhill, Sussex
RG13/875, enum. dist. 10, fol. 57, p. 47, sched. 261
SERCOMBE    William B.        Head M   32y Carpenter                        DEV Plympton St. Mary
SERCOMBE    Clara J.          Wife M   33y ---                              DEV Plympton St. Mary
SERCOMBE    Wilfred P.        Son  -    1y ---                              SSX Bexhill

1901 Warwickshire

101 Little Green Lane, Aston, Warwickshire
RG13/2864, enum. dist. 84, fol. 73, p. 11, sched. 58
ALLEN       Henry             Head M   61y Locksmith                        STS Willenhall
ALLEN       Emma              Wife M   63y ---                              DEV Plymouth
ALLEN       Ellen E           Dau  S   22y Paper Box Maker                  WAR Aston
SURCOMB     Ethel             Niec -   18y Chocalate M...                   DEV Totnes

1901 Wiltshire

Brookland Villa, Turley, Wiltshire (Winsley civil parish)
RG13/1937, enum. dist. 6, fol. 18, p. 5, sched. 31
SIRCOM      Henry             Head M   75y Retired Brewer                   GLS Bristol
SIRCOM      Jane              Wife M   73y ---                              SOM ---
SIRCOM      Ellen             Dau  S   41y ---                              GLS Bristol
STEAD       Louisa            Niec S   29y ---                              GLS Bristol
JIBBIN      Theresa           Serv S   15y General Servant Domestic         LND N
   (STEAD is the enumerator's error for HEAD.)

1901 Worcestershire

A boat on the Birmingham and Worcester Canal, Worcester, Worcestershire
RG13/2779, enum. dist. 26, fol. 117, p. 1, sched. 1
SIRCOMBE    Thomas            ---- S   42y Canal Boatman                    GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE    Albert            ---- S   38y Canal Boatman                    GLS Tewkesbury
High Street, Evesham, Worcestershire
RG13/2789, enum. dist. 8, fol. 79, p. 15, sched. 87
WOOD        James Levi        Head M   37y Licensed Victualler              GLS Twyning
WOOD        Laura S.          Wife M   34y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury
WOOD        James             Son  -    6y ---                              GLS Twyning
WOOD        Hilda             Dau  -    5y ---                              GLS Twyning
EVERTON     Minnie A.         Serv S   23y Barmaid Domestic                 --- Worcester
HAMPTON     Sarah             Serv S   22y Housemaid Domestic               GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE    Annie             Serv S   19y Waitress Domestic                GLS Tewkesbury
DAWSON      Robert            Serv S   32y Boots Domestic                   LAN Todworden
SHENT       Annie B.          Visi S   30y ---                              --- London

1901 Yorkshire

19 Lynthorne Road, Bradford, Yorkshire (Bolton ward, St. Barnabas eccl. parish)
RG13/4163, enum. dist. 66, fol. 128, p. 22, sched. 149
SIRCOM      Frank             Head M   44y Silk Mills Manager               GLS Bristol
SIRCOM      Annie             Wife M   38y ---                              LAN Oldham
SIRCOM      Elsie             Dau  S   12y ---                              CHS Sale
SIRCOM      Harry             Son  S    8y ---                              YKS Bradford
WILLIAMS    Jane              Serv S   19y Domestic Servant                 BRE ---
Whitehall Road, Drighlington, Yorkshire
RG13/4173, enum. dist. 2, fol. 23, p. 3, sched. 17
SERCOMBE    Frank             Head M   27y Police Constable                 SOM Chipstable
SERCOMBE    Hannah            Wife M   25y ---                              DBY Clay Cross
SERCOMBE    Arthur            Son  S    5y ---                              DBY Clay Cross
SERCOMBE    Lilian            Dau  S    4y ---                              DBY Clay Cross
SERCOMBE    Gladys            Dau  S    2y ---                              YKS Wibsey
12 Brass Street, Leeds, Yorkshire (3 rooms)
RG13/4216, enum. dist. 15, fol. 82, p. 18, sched. 122
GERARD      John Wm.          Head M   25y Bricklayers Laborer              YKS Leeds
GERARD      Catharine         Wife M   26y ---                              YKS Leeds
GERARD      Ann               Dau  S    2y ---                              YKS Leeds
SERCOMBE    Mary A.           Visi M   29y ---                              YKS York
SERCOMBE    James A.          Visi S  <12m ---                              YKS York

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