Sercombe Extracts - 1881 British Census

This page consists of extracts from the British census taken on Sunday, April 3rd, 1881. Households marked with three asterisks are taken from the LDS transcript (on CD-ROM); others are from images of original records at Ancestry. A complete extraction from the LDS transcript has been incorporated into my main compilation of Sercombe families, but only selected households are yet shown below. Extracts for other censuses are also available.

Index to places:

         England Cheshire Cornwall Devon Dorset Essex Gloucestershire Hampshire Kent Leicestershire Middlesex Somerset Surrey Sussex Warwickshire
Channel Islands   Guernsey

1881 Cheshire

not aboard H.M.Cr. Royal Charlotte (station Liverpool), returned at Higher Bebington, Cheshire
RG11/3571, vessels, fol. 144, p. 15
SERCOMBE     David                 U   17y Boy 1st Class                    CHS Shotwick

1881 Cornwall

Magdala, Albert Road, Saltash, Cornwall
RG11/2282, enum. dist. 9, fol. 118, p. 13, sched. 160
WOTTON       Stephen          Head M   46y Superannuated Shipwright -
                                           H M Dockyard                     DEV Brixham
WOTTON       Mary O.          Wife M   47y ---                              DEV Brixham
WOTTON       Charles H.       Son  U?  24y Civil Service Clerk (Telegraph)  DEV Brixham
WOTTON       Harriett O.      Dau  U   16y Scholar                          DEV Brixham
WOTTON       Ernest A.        Son  U    7y Scholar                          DEV Plymouth
WOTTON       Margaret         Sis  U?  34y Nurse                            DEV Brixham
SERCOMBE     Robert           FatL W   83y Retired Farmer                   DEV Exeter
WOODWARD     John H.          Bord U?  24y Civil Service Clerk (Telegraph)  DEV Stonehouse
BRAID        Alexander J.     Bord W   67y Retired Certificated Teacher     SSX Hastings
STANLEY      William H.       Bord U?  24y Architect & Surveyor             DEV Torquay
NANSCAWEN    Rose             Serv U   19y General Domestic Servant         CON Saltash
   [queried marital status is 'Unm?' in original]

1881 Devon

Dunsford Village, Dunsford, Devon
RG11/2146, enum. dist. 1, fol. 11, p. 16, sched. 69
SERCOMBE     William          Head M   57y Agricultural Laborer             DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Mary             Wife M   53y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Ellen            Dau  U   23y Domestic Servant (out of Employ) DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Jessie           Dau  U   21y Dressmaker                       DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Louisa           Dau  -   12y Scholar                          DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Caroline         Dau  -    9y Scholar                          DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Eva E.           ---- -    7w ---                              DEV Dunsford
Barne Cott, Christow, Devon
RG11/2147, enum. dist. 3, fol. 38, p. 28, sched. 132
SERCOMBE  Elias  Head         U  44y  Labourer     DEV Christow
RABJOHNS  Sarah  Housekeeper  W  60y  Housekeeper  DEV Christow
Perry Farm, Doddiscombsleigh, Devon
RG11/2147, enum. dist. 4, fol. 46, p. 5, sched. 20
SERCOMBE     John N.          Head M   52y Farmer                           DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Martha           Wife M   52y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Mary             Moth W   81y ---                              DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE     William G.       Son  U   23y Farmer                           DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE     Harriet A.       Dau  -   15y Scholar                          DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE     Charles          Son  -   12y Scholar                          DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE     Frederick        Son  -   10y Scholar                          DEV Doddiscombsleigh
JERVIS       Jeremiah         Visi U   48y Independent                      DEV Doddiscombsleigh
174 Sidwell Street, Exeter, Devon
RG11/2149, enum. dist. 5, fol. 124, p. 33, sched. 204
SERCOMBE     Francis          Head M   24y Bus Coachman                     DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Ellen            Wife M   23y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE     Ellen            Dau  -    4y Scholar                          DEV Bideford
5 Lower Summerlands, Exeter St. Sidwell, Devon
RG11/2150, enum. dist. 6, fol. 21, p. 36, sched. 236
SERCOMBE     George           Head M   51y Seed Merchant                    DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE     Fanny M.         Wife M   51y Seed Merchant Wife               DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE     Arthur           Son  U   15y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
SWEET        Eliza J.         Serv U   20y General Servant (Domestic)       MDX London
Paul Street, Exeter St. Paul, Devon
RG11/2154, enum. dist. 11, fol. 86, p. 13, sched. 79
SERCOMBE     Laura            ---- M   21y Wife of a Coachman at Service    DEV (N.K.)
17 Odgers Row, Commercial Road, Exeter, Devon
RG11/2154, enum. dist. 9, fol. 50, p. 21, sched. 144
MANLEY       Elizabeth        Wife M   40y Laundress                        DEV Dawlish
SERCOMBE     John             Son  U   19y Sawyers Labourer                 DEV Dawlish
MANLEY       Harry            Son  -   11y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
MANLEY       William          Son  -    3y ---                              DEV Exeter
St. Lawrence's Court, Exeter St. Lawrence, Devon
RG11/2155, enum. dist. 14, fol. 32, p. 7, sched. 19
SERCOMBE     John             Head M   48y Coachman                         DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Elizabeth        Wife M   44y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE     Harry            Son  U   20y Coachman                         DEV Exeter
HUBBER       Samuel           FatL M   77y formerly Coachman                DEV Crediton
HUBBER       Elizabeth        MotL M   72y ---                              DEV Dunsford
Queens Row, Dawlish, Devon
RG11/2157, enum. dist. 10, fol. 68, p. 23, sched. 126
SERCOMBE     Elizabeth D.     Head W   37y Chairwoman                       DEV Kenton
SERCOMBE     Edith            Dau  -   11y Scholar                          DEV Shaldon
SERCOMBE     Amy              Dau  -    9y Scholar                          DEV Shaldon
SERCOMBE     Henry            Son  -    7y Scholar                          DEV Shaldon
SERCOMBE     Samuel           Son  -    5y Scholar                          DEV Shaldon
Higher Street, Brixham, Devon
RG11/2173, enum. dist. 7, fols. 54-55, pp. 22-23, sched. 124
ROLESTONE    Thomas           Head M   47y Inn Keeper                       DEV Brixham
ROLESTONE    Elizabeth        Wife M   44y ---                              DEV Ashton
ROLESTONE    Thomas W.H.      Son  -   14y ---                              DEV Brixham
ROLESTONE    Evelina          Dau  -   10y Scholar                          DEV Brixham
ROLESTONE    Kate E.          Dau  -    8y Scholar                          DEV Brixham
ROLESTONE    Edward           Son  -    5y Scholar                          DEV Brixham
ROLESTONE    Lewis            Son  -    4y Scholar                          DEV Brixham
ROLESTONE    Amelia A.        Dau  -    3y ---                              DEV Brixham
SERCOMBE     Kate E.          Visi U   20y House Keeper                     DEV Newton
BLAKE        Henry            Lodg M   39y Fisherman                        DEV Brixham
BLAKE        Mary J.          LWif M   40y ---                              KEN Ramsgate
BLAKE        Henry            Son  -    8y Scholar                          DEV Brixham
BLAKE        Lizzie           Dau  -    5y Scholar                          DEV Brixham
BLAKE        Thomas           Son  -    2y Scholar                          DEV Brixham
1 South Street, Totnes, Devon
RG11/2176, enum. dist. 10, fol. 126, pp. 17-18, sched. 87
SERCOMBE     George           Head M   33y Grocer                           DEV Berry Pomeroy
SERCOMBE     Ellen E.         Wife M   32y ---                              DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE     George H.        Son  -    8y Scholar                          DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE     William A.       Son  -    6y Scholar                          DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE     Ellen E.         Dau  -    4y Scholar                          DEV Totnes
MUGRIDGE     Emma             Serv U   20y General Serv.                    DEV Totnes
3 South Street, Totnes, Devon
RG11/2176, enum. dist. 10, fol. 126, p. 18, sched. 89
SERCOMBE     Robert           Head M   30y Timber Sawyer - Railway          DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE     Jane             Wife M   29y ---                              DEV Brent
SERCOMBE     Emma             Dau  -    6y Scholar                          DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE     Robert           Son  -    4y Scholar                          DEV Totnes
SERCOMBE     Louisa           Dau  -    6m ---                              DEV Totnes
VEYSEY       Charles          Bord W   47y Carpenter                        DEV Berry Pomeroy
NOTT         Richard          Bord -    4y Scholar                          DEV Totnes
NOTT         Arthur           Bord -    7y Scholar                          DEV Totnes
Higher Luscombe, Harbertonford, Devon
RG11/2179, enum. dist. 2, fol. 27, p. 10, sched. 54
SERCOMBE  George     Head  M  60y  Farmer of 100 Acars Employing 1 Labourer  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  Wife  M  60y  ---                                       DEV Wigbowra
SERCOMBE  Eliza      Dau   U  21y  ---                                       DEV Berry Pomerory
SERCOMBE  John       Son   U  19y  ---                                       DEV Harberton
PACK      Charles    Serv  U  18y  Farm Servant                              DEV Berry Pomerory
HORTON    Jane       Serv  U  13y  General Servant Domestic                  DEV Plymton
MILES     William    GSon  -   4y  Scholar                                   DEV Totnes
  [Several apparent enumeration errors: Wigbowra = Ugborough, Pomerory = Pomeroy, Plymton = Plympton,
   and probably MILES = WILLIS]
Stable Farm, Ermington, Devon
RG11/2186, enum. dist. 17, fol. 100, p. 58, sched. 304
MATTACOTT    John             Head M   69y Farmer 104 Acres (1 boy)         DEV Shaugh Prior
MATTACOTT    Susanna          Wife M   71y Farmers wife                     DEV Brixton
MATTACOTT    William F.       Son  U   43y Farmers Son                      DEV Shaugh Prior
MATTACOTT    Richard C.       Son  U   30y Farmers Son                      DEV Shaugh Prior
LUSCOMBE     William          Serv -   13y Farm Serv indoors                DEV Brent
   [LUSCOMBE appears to be the enumerator's error for SERCOMBE.]
Chokeford, Plympton St Mary, Devon
RG11/2187, enum. dist. 2, fol. 34, p. 16, sched. 75
SERCOMBE     William B.       Head M   35y Wheelwright                      DEV Totness
SERCOMBE     Caroline E.      Wife M   33y ---                              DEV Plymstock
SERCOMBE     William B.       Son  U   12y Scholar                          DEV Choakeford
SERCOMBE     Caroline[*] B.   Dau  U   10y Scholar                          DEV Lee Mill
SERCOMBE     Mary L.          Dau  U    8y Scholar                          DEV Choakeford
SERCOMBE     Maria L.         Dau  U    6y Scholar                          DEV Choakeford
SERCOMBE     Rachael B.       Dau  U    4y Scholar                          DEV Choakeford
SERCOMBE     Emily E.         Dau  U    2y ---                              DEV Choakeford
SERCOMBE     Edward R.        Son  U    1y ---                              DEV Choakeford
   [* "Charles" struck out]
   [Almost all the children's names here appear to include errors. The writing is clear in the enumeration
    book, but perhaps it was nearly illegible on the original form completed by the family?]
Hele Farm Lower, Cornwood, Devon
RG11/2189, enum. dist. 26, fol. 103, p. 11, sched. 61
SERCOMBE  Thomas    Head     M  54y  Farmer of 150 Acres Employing 1 Labourer  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Ellen     Wife     M  52y  ---                                       DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  John      Son      U  20y  Farmers Son                               DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Samuel    Boarder  M  84y  Retired Farmer                            DEV Ugborough
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann  Wife     M  75y  ---                                       DEV Cornwood
ROWSE     Jane      Serv     U  24y  Domestic Servant                          DEV Harford
  [Samuel and Mary Ann are probably Ellen's parents, in which case their surname should be KINGWELL.]
65 Gibbons Street, Plymouth Charles, Devon
RG11/2193, enum. dist. 15a, fol. 53, p. 34, sched. 207
McHARDY   James      Head  M  75y  Retired Hair Dresser  SCT Aberdeen
McHARDY   Elizabeth  Wife  M  80y  ---                   STS Utoxeter
SERCOMBE  Mary       Dau   M  43y  ---                   DEV Tingmouth
5 Valletort Terrace, Devonport, Devon
RG11/2211, enum. dist. 3, fol. 69, p. 6, scheds. 40-41
SURCOMBE     Will'm           Head W   70y Superan'd Smith                  DEV Devonport
SURCOMBE     Emily            Dau  U   43y ---                              DEV Devonport
SURCOMBE     William          Son  U   39y Smith                            DEV Devonport
GORMAN       Emily            Serv U   21y General Serv                     DEV Tavistock
-- separate household in same building --
LITTLE       Jane            /Sis  U   70y ---                              MDX ---
LITTLE       Charlotte       \Sis  U   58y ---                              MDX ---
  [The relationships "Sister" are joined by a bracket, probably intended to indicate that
   they were sisters, jointly heads of their own household or perhaps boarders in the
   SURCOMBE household, not that they were William SURCOMBE's sisters.]
Colebrooke Town, Colebrooke, Devon
RG11/2230, enum. dist. 12, fol. 94, p. 9, sched. 44
SHARLAND John            Head M   42y Certificated Schoolmaster   DEV Upton Pyne
SHARLAND Helen           Wife M   39y ---                         DEV Kingswear
SHARLAND Ellen Sercombe  Dau  -   14y Scholar                     DEV Lympstone
SHARLAND Ernest          Son  -    5y Scholar                     DEV Lympstone
SERCOMBE John            FatL W   78y Formerly Gardener           DEV Stoke Damerel
White Hall, South Molton, Devon
RG11/2241, enum. dist. 5, fol. 79, p. 24, sched. 147
SOUTHCOMBE  John   Head  M  40y  Dairyman & Gen. Ser.  DEV High Bray
SOUTHCOMBE  Anne   Wife  M  32y  ---                   DEV Charles
SOUTHCOMBE  Anne   Dau   -   6y  Scholar               DEV High Bray
SOUTHCOMBE  Jane   Dau   -   4y  Scholar               DEV High Bray
SOUTHCOMBE  John   Son   -   1y  ---                   DEV Southmolton
SOUTHCOMBE  James  Bro   U  56y  Farm Servant          DEV Highbray
NOTT        Mary   Serv  -  14y  Gen. Servant          DEV Northmolton

1881 Dorset

Note that the following is not included in the compilation, as she is probably the enumerator's error for LARCOMBE:

1881 Essex

3 Argyle Road, Wanstead, Essex
RG11/1729, enum. dist. 22, fol. 16, p. 33, sched. 152
JACKSON      Louis A.         Head M   31y Agent To Prudential Assurance Co SRY Hatcham
JACKSON      Emma             Wife M   22y ---                              MDX London
JACKSON      Louis A.H.       Son  U    3y ---                              KEN Erith
JACKSON      Gertrude E.      Dau  U    1y ---                              SRY Hatcham
SERCOMBE     Alice M.         Niec U   13y Scholar                          SRY Peckham

1881 Gloucestershire

St. John's Almshouse, Bristol St. John the Baptist, Gloucestershire
RG11/2467, enum. dist. 7, fol. 79, p. 5, sched. 23
SIRCOM       Elizth.          ---- W   75y Annuitant                        DEV Exeter   Nearly Blind
48 Burton Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
RG11/2575, enum. dist. 36, fol. 126, p. 40, sched. 239
SIRCOMBE     George           Head M   64y Brewers Assistant                GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE     Sarah A.         Wife M   46y Housekeeper                      GLS Cheltenham
SIRCOMBE     Rosetta          Dau  U   15y Domestic                         GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY       Mary A.          Dau  M   23y Domestic                         GLS Cheltenham
LOCKEY       John             SonL M   35y Market Gardener                  WIL Hyworth
LOCKEY       Willie           GSon -    5y Scholar                          WIL Hyworth
LOCKEY       Rose             GDau -    3y ---                              WIL Hyworth
LOCKEY       George           GSon -    2y ---                              WIL Hyworth
21 Burton Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
RG11/2576, enum. dist. 41, fol. 7, p. 7, sched. 44
SERCOMBE     Frederick A.     Head M   25y Coachman                         --- ---
SERCOMBE     Rosina           Wife M   26y ---                              --- Cheltenham
SERCOMBE     Fredrick R.      Son  U    1y ---                              GLS Bagworth
SERCOMBE     Florence Kate    Dau  U    1m ---                              --- Cheltenham
5 Greens Buildings, Oldbury Road, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
RG11/2578, enum. dist. 7, fol. 111, p. 10, sched. 53
SIRCOMBE     Elizabeth        Head U   53y Stocking Maker                   GLS Tewkesbury

1881 Guernsey

Note that the following is not included in the compilation, as she is probably the enumerator's error for SECCOMBE:

1881 Hampshire

Durweston, South Cliff, Bournemouth, Hampshire (Holdenhurst civil parish)
RG11/1195, enum. dist. 17a, fol. 60, p. 57, sched. 244
SERCOMBE     Emma S.          Head W   53y ---                              MDX London
SERCOMBE     Adela E.         Dau  U   17y ---                              MDX London
SERCOMBE     Harriet A.       Sis  U   57y ---                              DEV Exeter
Assington Villa, Lyndhurst, Hampshire
RG11/1202, enum. dist. 2, fol. 34, p. 26, scheds. 141-142
PLAMPIN[?]   Elizabeth E.     Head W   37y Lodging House Keeper             KEN Newington
FREEMAN      Caroline E.      Serv U   13y General Serv                     HAM Bishopstoke
SERROMBE     Emily A.         Lodg U   23y ---                              MDX Hanover Sq.
SERROMBE     Constance A.     Lodg U   19y ---                              MDX Hanover Sq.
SERROMBE     William H.       Lodg U   24y Undergrad Kings Coll. Cam        MDX Paddington
  [Note: SERROMBE is probably the enumerator's misreading of SERCOMBE.]

1881 Kent

38 Longton Grove, Lewisham [Sydenham struck out], Kent
RG11/736, enum. dist. 5, fol. 122, p. 16, sched. 64
SERCOMBE     Thomas           Head M   73y Retired Wine Merchant            DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE     Jane             Wife M   74y ---                              DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE     Jane B.          Dau  U   42y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE     Kate             Dau  U   35y ---                              DEV Exeter
MANNING      Martha           Serv U   62y Ser Housemaid                    DEV Crediton
DAWSON       Alice C.         Serv U   22y Ser Cook                         BRK Ardlington
11 Alexandra Terrace, Beckenham, Kent
RG11/851, enum. dist. 8, fol. 23, p. 39, sched. 182
GAYWOOD      Thomas           Head M   46y Carpenter                        ESS Hatfield
GAYWOOD      Sarah            Wife M   51y ---                              SOM Oakham
GAYWOOD      Annie            Dau  U   22y ---                              MDX Whitechapel
GAYWOOD      Emily            Dau  U   17y ---                              MDX Hackney
GAYWOOD      Eleanor          Dau  -   11y ---                              MDX Stoke New'n
GAYWOOD      Frederick        Son  U   20y Postman                          MDX Islington
SARCOMBE     Samuel           Bro  U   40y Gardener                         SOM Oakhill
  [Not included in the main compilation. SARCOMBE appears to be the enumerator's error for LARCOMBE. Sarah is
   Sarah LARCOMB, m. reg. Q1 1858 at Islington R.D., Thomas GAYWOOD, and Samuel is in Islington as LARCOMB in
   the 1861 census.]

1881 Leicestershire

Main Street, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire
RG11/3151, enum. dist. 7, fol. 132, p. 21, sched. 38
HENRY        Thomas A.        Head M   39y Captain Yeomanry late 14 Hussars HEF Ledbury
HENRY        Isabella         Wife M   34y ---                              India Bangalore
HENRY        William          Son  U   10y ---                              LEI Loughborough
HENRY        George S.        Son  U    9y ---                              GLS Coates
HENRY        Charles A.       Son  U    8y ---                              LEI Loughborough
HENRY        Hugo T.          Son  U    5y ---                              LEI Loughborough
JOLLIFFE     Helen            Serv U   30y Governess                        MDX London
COOKE        Ann              Serv U   38y Housemaid Domes Serv             LEI Orton on Hill
WREDE        Johanna          Serv W   46y Nurse Domes Serv                 Hanover Einbeck
WHEAT        Harriett         Serv U   25y Cook Domes Serv                  LEI Somerby
HOLDISH      Jane             Serv U   18y Kitchen Maid Domes Serv          MDX London
SEACOMBE     Elizabeth        Serv U   16y House Maid Domes Serv            DEV Christow
BENTLEY      Charles          Serv U   40y Butler                           STS Sall
SPRIGGS      Walter           Serv U   17y Footman                          --- Leicester
SAUNDERS     Charles          Serv U   22y Groom                            HEF Castle Frome
WELSH        John             Serv U   21y Groom                            GLS Dymock

1881 Middlesex

14 W[estbourne] Grove Terrace, Paddington, London
RG11/14, enum. dist. 39, fol. 24, pp. 41-42, scheds. 216-217
... [7 salesmen, 4 clerks, 2 shopmen, 1 hatter, 7 hosier's assistants, and a housekeeper] ...
DERCOMBE     Henry J.         ---  U   21y Hosiers Assistant                LND ---
   [DERCOMBE appears to be the enumerator's error for SERCOMBE.]
1 Kensington Garden Square, Paddington, London, Middlesex
RG11/21, enum. dist. 27a, fol. 50, p. 32, sched. 105
ROBINSON     James            Head W   83y Merchant                         NBL ---
ROBINSON     Jane M.          Dau  M   53y ---                              --- Newcastle on Tyne
WALKER       Anne E.          Niec U   36y ---                              --- Heyham on Tyne
HAMILTON     Norah O'Neil     Visi W   38y ---                              IRE Ballyporeen
WARBURTON    Peter            Bord U   45y Clergyman of the Church of       CHS Daresbury
                                           England Without Care of Souls
SERCOMBE     Sabina           Serv U   29y Cook Domestic Servant            DEV ---
DORRITT      Sarah            Serv U   29y Parlor Maid Domestic Servant     DEV Torquay
CARTER       Lizzie           Serv U   19y Housemaid Domestic Servant       MDX London
46 Scarsdale Villas, Kensington, London
RG11/24, enum. dist. 7, fol. 18, p. 32, sched. 205
SARCOMBE     Fanny            Head U   43y Annuitant                        DEV Exeter
HUTTON       Mary             Visi U   59y Annuitant                        East Indies
PIPER        Elizabeth A.L.   Serv U   42y Domestic Serv                    DEV Plymouth
NASH         Christiana       Serv U   28y Domestic Serv                    MDX Islington
104 Earl Street, Marylebone, Middlesex
RG11/154, enum. dist. 6a, fol. 16, p. 24, sched. 155
WHITE        Charles H.       Head M   24y Paper hanger                     SCT ---
WHITE        Ellen            Wife M   24y ---                              DEV Bridford
WHITE        Percy C.         Son  -    1m ---                              MDX Marylebone
SERCOMBE     Elizabeth        Sis  M   28y ---                              DEV Cheriton
101 Ossulton Street, St. Pancras, Middlesex
RG11/202, enum. dist. 13a, fol. 101a, p. 47, fol. 251
SERCOMBE     Jane             Head W   53y Laundress                        --- St. Pancras
SERCOMBE     Sarah            Dau  U   19y General Servant                  --- St. Pancras        Idiot
SERCOMBE     Harry            Son  -    1y ---                              --- St. Pancras
10 Catherine Street, St. Catherine le Strand, Westminster, Middlesex
RG11/334, enum. dist. 8, fol. 35, p. 3, sched. 23
BARLOW    James         Head      M  37y  Coffee Shop Keeper  STS Tipton(?)
BARLOW    Annie         Wife      M  28y  Wife                ESS Romford
BARLOW    Annie W.      Waitress  U  20y  Waitress            MDX Kingsland(?)
DUNNING   Emma          Servant   U  19y  Servant (Domestic)  MDX Kingsland(?)
ROGERS    Caroline      Servant   U  18y  Servant (Domestic)  MDX St. Margaret
WILSON    Alice         Boarder   U  18y  Servant (Domestic)  Scotland
MONROE    Neil          Boarder   U  29y  Boiler Maker        LAN Manchester
SERCOME   John          Boarder   U  25y  Hair Dresser        DEV Exeter
BOUVERIE  Frederick C.  Boarder   U  26y  Publisher           HAM Portsmouth
Stationer's Shop, 220 Goswell Road, St. Luke, Middlesex
RG11/359, enum. dist. 5, fol. 135, pp. 55-56, sched. 378
DAVIES       George D.        Head M   39y Printer employing 2 men & 6 boys SRY Lambeth
DAVIES       Harriett         Wife M   42y ---                              DEV Exeter
DAVIES       Mary A.          Dau  -   11y Scholar                          SRY Lambeth
DAVIS        George E.        Son  -   10y Scholar                          MDX Clerkenwell
DAVIS        Emma             Dau  -    8y Scholar                          MDX Clerkenwell
DAVIS        Wm.              Son  -    5y Scholar                          MDX St. Luke
DAVIS        Alfred           Son  -    3y Scholar                          MDX St. Luke
BINGHAM      Allen        Stepson  -   16y Stationers Assist                MDX St. Luke
SERCOMBE     Edgar            Neph -   12y Scholar                          MDX St. Pancras
SERCOMBE     Elizth.          Niec -   10y Scholar                          MDX St. Pancras
17 Badsworth Street, St. Luke, London, Middlesex
RG11/361, enum. dist. 3, fol. 76, p. 51, sched. 324
SERCOMBE     Joseph           Head W   54y Porter                           DEV ---
SERCOMBE     Alfred           Son  -   17y Porter                           MDX St Lukes
  [Joseph is probably an enumeration error for James.]
2a Eliza Place, St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex
RG11/386, enum. dist. 5, fol. 25, p. 48, sched. 267
BROOKE       Daniel           Head M   55y Dealer in China & Glass          --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       Sarah            Wife M   50y ---                              --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       Daniel           Son  U   23y Pipe Founder                     --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       William          Son  U   21y Watercress Man                   --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       George           Son  U   14y Scholar                          --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       Harry            Son  U   11y Scholar                          --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       John             Son  U    7y Scholar                          --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       Elizabeth        Dau  U   18y Boot Binder                      --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       Susan            Dau  U   15y Fancy Paper Box Maker            --- Shoreditch
BROOKE       Anne             Dau  U   12y Scholar                          --- Shoreditch
SEWCUM       Alice            Lodg U   21y Fcy Paper Box Maker              --- St Lukes
5 Huntley Place, Shoreditch, London, Middlesex
RG11/399, enum. dist. 25, fol. 110, p. 31, sched. 155
SERCOMBE     Fredck.          Head M   24y Printer                          MDX St Lukes
SERCOMBE     Mary A.          Wife M   23y ---                              MDX St Marys
SERCOMBE     Fredck. C.       Son  -    5y ---                              MDX St Leonards

1881 Somerset

21 Church Street, Bridgewater, Somerset
RG11/2375, enum. dist. 9, fol. 49, p. 34, scheds. 203-204
SERCOMBE    Dinah             Head W   40y ---                              SOM North Petherton
SERCOMBE    F.W.              Son  -   12y Scholar                          SOM Taunton
SERCOMBE    W.M.              Son  -    4y Scholar                          SOM Taunton
SEAMAN      William           Lodg W   54y Retired Farmer                   SOM Shipley
SEAMAN      M.D. [male]       Lodg U   21y ---                              SOM Loxton
SEAMAN      Eveline           Lodg U   19y ---                              SOM Loxton
84 Park Street, Yeovil, Somerset
RG11/2393, enum. dist. 7, fol. 39, p. 11, sched. 55
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   59y Genl. Dealer - Green Grocer      DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Maria             Wife M   57y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    William           Son  U   17y Assistant to Father              SOM Yeovil
SERCOMBE    George H.         Son  -   15y ---                              SOM Yeovil
SERCOMBE    Heneritta E.      Dau  -   11y Scholar                          SOM Yeovil
BUTLER      Nelly             Bord -    5y Scholar                          SSX Brighton
Pennard House, East Pennard, Somerset
RG11/2408, enum. dist. 17, fol. 71, p. 11, scheds. 50-50a
NAPIER      Edward B.         Head M   64y Magistrate                       SOM East Pennard
... [plus his family, a visitor, a governess, a footman, a cook & housekeeper, a ladies maid, and a housemaid] ...
SERCOMBE    Mary              Serv U   23y Laundry maid                     DEV Cornwood
... [plus a kitchenmaid, another housemaid, and a schoolroom maid] ...
5 Worthy Place, Weston Super Mare, Somerset
RG11/2420, enum. dist. 10, fol. 63, p. 40, sched. 168
BREWER      Elizabeth         Head W   63y ---                              SOM Hutton
SERCOMBE    Hester            Dau  M   33y ---                              SOM Stock
SERCOMBE    Florence          GDau -    9y ---                              SOM Weston S. Mare
SERCOMBE    Emily             GDau -    3y Scholar                          SOM Weston S. Mare
HAYMAN      Isaac             Bord W   61y Tailor                           SOM West Monckton
13 Circus, Bath, Somerset (Walcot civil parish)
RG11/2441, enum. dist. 10, fol. 64, pp. 3-4, sched. 14
SMITH       Anna A.           Head U   57y Income from Houses Dividends &c  MDX Westminster
SERCOMBE    Louisa            Sis  W   59y Income From Houses Dividends &c  MDX Westminster
SERCOMBE    R.T. Walton       Neph U   20y Undergraduate Exeter Coll. Oxon  DEV Exeter
PAXMAN      Stacey            Serv U   25y Cook Domestic Servant            SUF Withersfield
PAXMAN      Louisa            Serv U   30y Housemaid Domestic Servant       SUF Withersfield
DULSON      Luke              Serv U   18y Footman Domestic Servant         SAL Beckbury
16 Wells Terrace, Bedminster, Somerset
RG11/2458, enum. dist. 40, fol. 53, p. 7, sched. 28
SIRCOM      Henry F.          Head M   31y Commission Merchant              --- Bristol
SIRCOM      Kate M.           Wife M   31y ---                              SOM ---
SIRCOM      Francis W.        Son  -    4y ---                              GLS Dursley
SIRCOM      Harold S.         Son  -    2y ---                              SOM ---
SIRCOM      John C.           Son  -    1y ---                              SOM ---
SCOTT       Mary Jane         Serv U   15y General Servant                  WIL Calne
   [Note: The LDS transcript has SISCOM not SIRCOM. Both are plausible readings. SIRCOM is correct,
    but it's conceivable that the enumerator did mistakenly enter SISCOM.]

1881 Surrey

38 Guildford Road, Lambeth, Surrey
RG11/604, enum. dist. 26, fol. 109, p. 38, sched. 181
HARTZ       William           Head M   66y Merchant                         Germany
HARTZ       Martha            Wife M   55y ---                              KEN Maidstone
HARTZ       Arthur H.         Son  U   22y ---                              London
PETTY       Elizabeth         Serv U   27y Cook                             WIL ---
SIRCOMBE    Emily M.          Serv U   21y Housemaid                        SRY Peckham
Brixton Grammar School, Brixton Oval, Lambeth, Surrey
RG11/617, enum. dist. 20, fol. 61, p. 62
SERCOMBE     Sidney           Bord -   12y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
12 Lime Villas, Upper Richmond Road, Putney, Surrey
RG11/663, enum. dist. 9, p. 30, fol. 18, sched. 175
SERCOMBE     Chas. G.         Head U   27y Insurance Broker                 --- Bristol
SERCOMBE     Maria L.         Sis  U   22y                                  --- Southampton
SERCOMBE     Bertha           Sis  U   19y                                  --- Ryde [IOW]
POUND        Alice            Serv U   25y Dom: Servant                     --- Romsey [HAM]
  [Note: Chas. G. is probably the enumerator's error for Chas. C.]
15 Ossory Road, Camberwell, Surrey
RG11/699, enum. dist. 25, fol. 18, p. 32
SMITH        William          Head M   66y Solicitor's Clerk                MDX Chelsea
SMITH        Caroline         Wife M   60y ---                              KEN Dover
SMITH        Stanley W.       Son  U   23y Solicitor's Clerk                SRY Camberwell
SMITH        Louisa           Dau  U   25y ---                              SRY Camberwell
SERCOMBE     Edmund A.        GSon U   17y Clerk                            SRY Camberwell
Artington, Piccards Rough, Guildford, Surrey
RG11/778, enum. dist. 12, fol. 78, p. 23, sched. 108
POWELL       Thomas W.        Head W   62y Stockbroker                      YKS Leeds
POWELL       Mary Elizabth    Dau  U   27y Housekeeper                      KEN Kidbrooke
POWELL       Theodora W.      Dau  -   10y Scholar                          KEN Old Charlton
HICKS        Mary             Serv W   46y Cook                             MGY Machynlleth
PARSONS      Mary Ann         Serv U   36y Parlourmaid                      MDX Harrow on the Hill
BEAVEN       Louisa           Serv W   38y Housemaid                        GLS Stroud
EVANS        Georgina C.      Serv U   25y Under Housemaid                  SRY Godalming
CLARK        Emily            Serv U   23y Childrens Maid                   ESS Bures(?)
HITCHMAN     Sarah H.         Serv U   16y Third Housemaid                  WAR Leamington
SCERCOMB     Eliza            Serv U   18y Kitchenmaid                      DEV Bury Tracey
MORTIMER     William          Serv U   23y Groom                            DEV Coldridge
55 Russell Road, Croydon, Surrey
RG11/816, enum. dist. 35, fol. 43, p. 14, scheds. 77-79
WOOD         John             Head M   23y Platelayer                       SRY Lingfield
WOOD         Harriett W.      Wife M   25y ---                              DEV Exeter
WOOD         Rosina           Dau  U    1y ---                              SRY Croydon
SERCOMBE     Jane S.          SisL U   28y ---                              DEV Exeter
MAKENELL     John             Lodg W   42y Stone Setter                     WAR Baddesley Ense
RUTLAND      Joshua           Lodg U   24y Grocer Assistant                 ESS Hempstead
Oakfield, Croydon, Surrey
RG11/817, enum. dist. 40, fol. 93, p. 7, sched. 28
SERCOMBE     Joseph           Head M   44y Wine Merc't                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE     Rose             Wife M   34y ---                              LIN Gainsboro'
SERCOMBE     Hilda            Dau  -   11y Scholar                          SUR Croydon
SERCOMBE     Athelstone C.    Son  -   10y Scholar                          SUR Croydon
COMFORT      Bertha           SisL U   17y ---                              SUR Croydon
AUSTIN       Jane R.          Gvns U   20y Governess                        OXF Bodicote
WALKER       Lucy             Serv U   36y Cook                             ESS Kilvedon
GYNN         Elizabeth        Serv U   25y Housemaid                        MDX Mile End
  [Note: COMFORT is probably the enumerator's error for CORNFORTH.]

1881 Sussex

22 Cambridge Road, Hastings Holy Trinity, Sussex
RG11/1026, enum. dist. 10, fol. 64, pp. 45-46, sched. 146a
SERCOMBE     Ellen B.         Head W   52y ---                              DEV Honiton
SERCOMB      Arthur R.        Visi U   20y Marine Insurance Clerk           SRY Walworth

1881 Warwickshire

Compton Verney House, Compton Verney, Warwickshire
RG11/3098, enum. dist. 7, fol. 76, p. 12, sched. 1
... [Lord Willoughby de Broke and family, plus 15 servants, including this one] ...
SERUMBLE     Susan            Serv U   49y Laundry Maid Domestic            DEV Kingswere
   [Presumably SERUMBLE is the enumerator's error for SERCOMBE.]

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