Sercombe Extracts - 1851 British Census

This page consists of extracts from the British census taken on Sunday, March 30th, 1851. Extracts from other censuses are also available.

Index to places:

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Wales Glamorgan
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All this information has been transcribed from images at Ancestry except some of the London and Middlesex households, which are from LDS microfilm, and the two Gloucestershire households marked with asterisks, which are from the transcript of Gloucestershire by Gordon Beavington. (The asterisked households are on pages that are missing at Ancestry.)

Except where noted otherwise, all this information has been incorporated into the main Compilation of Sercombe Families. In addition, that compilation incorporates a complete extraction from the LDS transcript of Devon, even though Devon households that have not yet been checked against images are not shown below.

1851 Berkshire

Church Speen Village, Berkshire
HO107/1685, enum. dist. 1b, fol. 498, p. 17, sched. 70
SURCOME      Betty            Head W   80y ---                              N K
GOODMAN      Eliza            Serv U   24y ---                              N K

1851 Cheshire

Martin's Lane, Liscard, Cheshire
HO107/2174, enum. dist. 2b, fol. 323, p. 47, sched. 157
CALLOWAY     Dora             Head W   36y Proprietor of Houses             SRY Newington
CALLOWAY     William C.       Son  -    9y ---                              LAN Liverpool
CALLOWAY     Alfred           Son  -    7y ---                              LAN Liverpool
CALLOWAY     Dora S.          Dau  -    6y ---                              LAN Liverpool
SIRCOMBE     Ann              Serv U   38y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury

1851 Cornwall

Venterdon, Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
HO107/1899, enum. dist. 4b, fols. 562-563, pp. 15-16, sched. 50
BUDGE       John M.           Head M   36y Farmer 180ac empg. 6 labs. 1 boy CON Stoke Cl
BUDGE       Mary              Wife M   29y Farmer wife                      CON Stoke Cl
BUDGE       John M.           Son  U    7y Scholar                          CON Stoke Cl
BUDGE       Hannah            Dau  -    5y Scholar                          CON Stoke Cl
BUDGE       Mary              Dau  -    4y Scholar                          CON Stoke Cl
BUDGE       Elizabeth         Dau  -    9m Farmers Daughter                 CON Stoke Climsland
BUDGE       Jane              Sis* U   26y Farmers Daughter                 CON Stoke Climsland
SERCOMBE    Richard           Serv U   27y Servant                          CON Lezant
POMROY      Daniel            Serv U   18y Servant                          CON Stoke
RICE        William           Serv U   22y Servant                          CON Lawhiton
WADGE       William           Serv U   14y Servant                          CON St. Dominick
BROWN       Ann               Serv U   18y House Servant                    DEV Milton Abbot
   [* "& visitor" crossed out]
Lower Dimson (Calstock parish), Cornwall
HO107/1901, enum. dist. 2c, fol. 151, p. 112
SERCOMBE    Stephen           Head M   29y Copper Miner                     CON Calstock
SERCOMBE    Harriot           Wife -   24y ---                              CON Gwenap
SERCOMBE    John              Son  -    8y ---                              CON Calstock

1851 Devon

6 Cornwall Beach, Devonport, Devon
HO107/1822, enum. dist. 1a, fol. 41, p. 76, sched. 379
SURCOMBE    Thomas            Head M   32y Licensed Victualler              DEV Devonport
SURCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   25y ---                              CON Antony
SURCOMBE    Elizabeth         Dau  -    2y ---                              DEV Devonport
MORTON      Mary Ann          Serv M   23y House Servant                    DEV Devonport
KEAST       Hannah            Visi U   17y ---                              CON Hessenford
TREGLOIN    Mary              Visi U   22y ---                              CON Mylor
Little Silver, Rockbeare, Devon
HO107/1865, enum. dist. 5b, fol. 539, p. 3, sched. 10
TAYLOR      Joseph            Head M   42y Farm Labourer                    DEV Budleigh
TAYLOR      Susan             Wife M   39y ---                              Lisbon Portugal
TAYLOR      Joseph            Son  -    8y ---                              DEV Rockbeare
TAYLOR      Maria             Dau  -    6y ---                              DEV Rockbeare
TAYLOR      Thomas            Son  -    2y ---                              DEV Rockbeare
TAYLOR      George            Son  -    1m ---                              DEV Rockbeare
SARCOMBE    Sarah             Lodg W   77y Pauper                           DEV Farringdon
Sheppards Walk, Littleham (parish), Exmouth (town), Devon
HO107/1865, enum. dist. 1e, fol. 284, p. 31, sched. 140
SPENCER     Charles           Head M   26y Printer                          DEV Dawlish
SPENCER     Elizabeth         Wife M   27y ---                              DEV Dawlish
SPENCER     Elizabeth         Dau  -    2y ---                              DEV Exmouth
SPENCER     ---               Dau  -    1m ---                              DEV Exmouth
JARMAN      Laura             Visi W   23y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Selina            Serv U   19y Genl. Serv.                      DEV Dawlish
Nursery Cottage, Heavitree, Devon
HO107/1866, enum. dist. 1a, fol. 322, p. 21, sched. 75
CHUDLEY     Robert            }    U   21y Gardener                         DEV Heavitree
RICKETTS    George            }(*) U   22y Gardener                         DOR Buckhampton
SERCOMBE    John              }    U   20y Gardener                         DEV Kingsware
  (*) The whole servants and lodging in Cottage belonging to Messrs. Veitch & Son
  [James VEITCH, head of the household next door (address Topsham Road), was a 'nursery & seedsman'.]
Hampden Place, St. Thomas, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 4a, fol. 79, p. 10, sched. 42
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Head M   42y Tailor & Draper                  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Ann               Wife M   54y ---                              DEV Exeter
TWIGGS      Elizabeth         WSis U   52y No Stat[ed] Occ[upation]         DEV Exeter
TWIGGS      Isabella          Niec U   25y ---                              DEV Exeter
St. Thomas Hospital for Lunatics, Moreton Road, St. Thomas, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 4c, fol. 126, p. 11, sched. 32
... [among other employees and patients] ...
S.          J.             Patient U   52y Gentleman                        N K
5 Midway Terrace, Alphington, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 1b, fol. 256, p. 32, sched. 136
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Head M   24y Agricultural Labourers Wife      DEV Crediton
SERCOMBE    Eliza Ann         Dau  -    5m ---                              DEV St. Thomas
Taylors, Ide, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 2c, fol. 293, p. 24, sched. 113
SERCOMBE    Mary              Head M   37y Needlewoman                      SOM Hawkchurch
SERCOMBE    John S.           Son  -   11y Scholar                          DEV St Thomas
SERCOMBE    George B.         Son  -    8y Scholar                          DEV Ide
SERCOMBE    Mary A.           Dau  -    6y Scholar                          DEV Ide
SERCOMBE    William           Son  -    3y at home                          DEV Ide
SERCOMBE    Henry J.          Son  -    5m at home                          DEV Ide
AVERY       John              Inmt U   24y Mason's Laborer                  DEV Ide
The Village, Dunsford
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 7a, fol. 358, p. 2, sched. 5
TUCKETT     William           Head M   31y Farmer of 150 Acres Employing    DEV Dunsford
                                           10 Men
TUCKETT     Mary              Wife M   25y Farmers Wife                     DEV Broadclist
TUCKETT     Mary              Dau  -    1y ---                              DEV Dunsford
TUCKETT     Ann               Dau  -    2w ---                              DEV Dunsford
TUCKETT     John              Bro  U   25y Land Owner                       DEV Dunsford
FRIEND      Sarah             Nurs M   47y Nurse                            DEV Bickleigh(?)
WHITE       Mary              Serv U   22y House Servant                    DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Serv -   13y House Servant                    DEV Dunsford
HOWARD      William           Serv U   22y Farm Labourer                    DEV Tedburn
LANGDON     George            Serv -   18y Farm Labourer                    DEV Dunsford
MOREY       Samuel            Serv -   16y Farm Labourer                    DEV Moreton
GUSCOTT     William           Serv -   14y Farm Labourer                    DEV Dunsford
The Village, Dunsford, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 7a, fol. 361, p. 9, sched. 38
WEDLAKE     James             Head M   40y Ag Lab                           DEV South Tawton
WEDLAKE     Susan             Wife M   30y ---                              DEV Dunsford
WEDLAKE     James             Son  -    9y Scholar                          DEV Dunsford
WEDLAKE     Elizabeth         Dau  -    1y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    William           Lodg W   60y Ag Lab                           DEV Dunsford
Camsland Lodge, Dunsford, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 7b, fol. 374, p. 3, sched. 6
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   56y Mason                            DEV Dunsford
SECOMBE[sic]Mary              Wife M   63y ---                              DEV Tedburn St Mary
SERCOMBE    John              Son  M   27y Mason                            DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Mary              SonW M   24y Dress Maker                      DEV Moretonhampstead
SERCOMBE    William           GSon -    4y ---                              DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Sabrina           GDau -    4m ---                              DEV Dunsford
Middle Hole, Bridford, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 1, fols. 394-395, pp. 3-4, sched. 
TUCKETT    William    Head     M  25y  Farmer of 180 Acres employing 2 Labourers  DEV Bridford
TUCKETT    Elizabeth  Wife     M  21y  ---                                        DEV Bridford
TUCKETT    Mary       Mother   W  51y  ---                                        DEV Christow
TUCKETT    Nicholas   Brother  U  16y  Servant                                    DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE   Thomas     Servant  U  18y  Farm Servant                               DEV Bridford
MORTIMORE  Nicholas   Servant  -  13y  Farm Servant                               DEV Bridford
HALL       Mary       Servant  -  15y  Household Servant                          DEV Christow
ADDEMS     Elizabeth  Visitor  -   7y  ---                                        DEV Dunsford
Middle Helter, Bridford, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 1, fol. 398, pp. 10-11, sched. 35
TUCKETT   Nicholas   Head  W  55y  Farmer of 140 Acres employing Two Labourers  DEV Bridford
TUCKETT   Nicholas   Son   M  24y  Farm Servant Son                             DEV Bridford
TUCKETT   Emma       Dau   -  13y  Scholar                                      DEV Bridford
TUCKETT   Elizabeth  DauL  M  25y  Housekeeper                                  DEV Bridford
ELLIS     Robert     Serv  U  22y  Farm Servant                                 DEV Moretonhampstead
SERCOMBE  Edmund     Serv  -  15y  Farm Servant                                 DEV Christow
WILLS     James      Serv  -  13y  Farm Servant                                 DEV Bridford
PONSFORD  Anna       Serv  -  14y  House Servant                                DEV Dunsford
Staddons Cot, Bridford, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 1, fol. 403, p. 20, sched. 73
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   62y Agricultural Labourer            DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Rosey             Wife M   61y                                  DEV Bridford
Pool, Bridford, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 1, fol. 405, p. 24, sched. 89
ADDEMS      Nicholas   Head  U  32y  Farmer of 80 Acres employing 2 Labourer  DEV Bridford
ADDEMS      Sarah      Sis   U  36y  Farmers Daur.                            DEV Bridford
ADDEMS      Martha     Sis   U  34y  Farmers Daur.                            DEV Bridford
ADDEMS      Joseph     Bro   U  38y  Landed Proprietor                        DEV Bridford
ADDEMS      Josiah     Bro   U  30y  Annuitant                                DEV Bridford  Dumb
SERCOMBE    Thomas     Serv  U  24y  Farm Labourer                            DEV Christow
PUDDICOMBE  John       Serv  U  20y  Farm Labourer                            DEV Bridford
COX         Elias      Serv  U  16y  Farm Labourer                            DEV Dunsford
KNAPMAN     Elizabeth  Serv  U  16y  House Servant                            DEV Dunsford
Green Hill Cot, Bridford, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 1, fol. 406, p. 26
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   39y Basketmaker                      DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   32y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    John              Son  -   12y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Dau  -   10y ---                              DEV Bridford
SERCOMBE    William           Son  -    3y ---                              DEV Bridford
MUDGE       John              Lodg -   56y Agricultural Labourer            DEV Bridford
Poor House, Christow, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 2, fol. 433, p. 43, sched. 129
SERCOMBE    Samuel            Head M   53y Farm Labourer                    DEV Christow
SERCOMBE    Ann               Wife M   48y ---                              DEV Moretonhampstead
SERCOMBE    Samuel            Son  U   17y Farm Labourer                    DEV Moretonhampstead
SERCOMBE    John              Son  -    9y at Home                          DEV Christow
New Road, Christow, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 2, fol. 437, p. 50, sched. 151
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   24y Labourer                         DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE    Ann               Wife M   22y ---                              DEV Christow
SERCOMBE    William           Son  -    2w ---                              DEV Christow
Shipping Cot, Doddiscombsleigh, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 3, fol. 450, p. 14, sched. 43
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   44y Ag Lab                           DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Priscilla         Wife M   44y ---                              DEV Crews Morchard
SERCOMBE    Mary Jane         Dau  U   16y ---                              DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Priscilla         Dau  -    6y ---                              DEV Doddiscombsleigh
Cross Cottage, Doddiscombsleigh, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 3, fol. 451, p. 16, sched. 51
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Head M   59y Ag Lab                           DEV Christow
SERCOMBE    Martha            Wife M   53y ---                              DEV Doddiscombsleigh
SERCOMBE    Sarah             Dau  -   10y Scholar                          DEV Christow
SERCOMBE    Susanna           Dau  -    8y Scholar                          DEV Christow
KEYS        Edward            Lodg U   24y Ag Lab                           DEV Tiverton
Exminster, Devon
HO107/1867, enum. dist. 2a, fol. 523, p. 29
SERCOMBE    Mary              Head  W   48y ---                             DEV Exminster
BOLLEY      Thomas            Lodg  W   95y ---                             DEV Brdnich [sic]
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Dau   U   20y ---                             DEV Exminster
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Son   -   16y ---                             DEV Exminster
PARSONS     James             ---   U   21y Carpenter                       DEV Newton St. Cyres
Devon County Lunatic Asylum, Exeter, Devon
HO107/1867, institution, fol. 547, p. 3
SERCOMBE    John          Attendant M   31y Sawyer Dom[estic?]              DEV Tedburn St Mary
10 Paris Street, Exeter St. Sidwell, Devon
HO107/1868, enum. dist. 1d, fol. 122, p. 36, sched. 157
NECK        William           Head M   60y Grocer & Tea Dealer              DEV Teignmouth
NECK        Louisa            Wife M   45y ---                              SOM Bath
NECK        Ellen             Dau  -    4y Scholar                          --- Exeter St. Sidwells
SERCOMBE    Maria             Serv U   16y Servant                          DEV Churchstowe
14 South Street, Exeter St. Mary Major, Devon
HO107/1868, enum. dist. 4a, fol. 336, p. 7, sched. 23
SERCOMBE    John              Head U   42y Tailor & Draper Master Employing 6 Men  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Sarah             Sis  U   23y ---                                     DEV Exeter
DAVEY       John              Neph -    2y ---                                     MDX Camden Town
ANDERSON    Thomas            Lodg M   41y Tailor                                  --- Chester
ANDERSON    Elizabeth         LWif M   46y ---                                     BRK Bradfield
7 Colleton Crescent, Exeter Holy Trinity, Devon
HO107/1868, enum. dist. 5b, fol. 502, pp. 32-33, sched. 148
SERCOMBE    John C.           Head M   57y General Merchant and Magistrate  DEV Bovey Tracey
                                            for the City of Exeter
SERCOMBE    Ann               Wife M   57y Gentlewoman                      DEV Totness
SERCOMBE    Harriett          Dau  U   28y Gentlewoman                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Emily             Dau  U   22y Gentlewoman                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Gretrude          Dau  U   19y Gentlewoman                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Fredrick          Son  -   16y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Fanny             Dau  -   14y Scholar at home                  --- ---
FISHER      Mary              Visi U   24y Gentlewoman                      DEV Barnstaple
FISHER      Elizabeth         Visi U   22y Gentlewoman                      DEV Barnstaple
HEARD       Mary Ann          Serv U   28y Cook                             DEV Wonford Hevitree
SYMONS      Mary              Serv U   28y Parlour Maid                     DEV Newton St Cyrus
OLDRIDGE    Ellen             Serv U   16y House Maid                       DEV Hevitree
5 Culver Place, Exe Street, Exeter St. David, Devon
HO107/1869, enum. dist. 1c, fol. 53, pp. 26-27, sched. 127
GRIFFIN     John              Head M   40y Papermaker (Journeyman)          DEV Sidmouth
GRIFFIN     Rebecca           Wife M   40y ---                              CON St. Germans
GRIFFIN     William           Son  U   17y Tailor (Ap.)                     --- Exeter
GRIFFIN     Lydia             Dau  U   15y Dressmaker (Ap.)                 --- Exeter
GRIFFIN     Thomas            Son  -   12y Scholar                          --- Exeter
SERCOMBE    Richard           Visi -   14y Scholar                          --- Exeter
Walnut House, St. Davids Hill, Exeter St. David, Devon
HO107/1869, enum. dist. 1d, fol. 75, p. 17, sched. 67
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Head M   43y Wine Merchant                    DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE    Jane              Wife M   43y ---                              SOM Luckham
SERCOMBE    Anna              Dau  -   17y at home                          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Lucy              Dau  -   15y at home                          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Jane              Dau  -   12y at home                          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Frank             Son  -    6y at home                          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Kate              Dau  -    4y at home                          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Alice             Dau  -    1y at home                          DEV Exeter
BURGE       Joan              Visi W   65y ---                              SOM Luckham
MALLIN      Martha            Serv U   29y Servant (Nursemaid)              DEV Crediton
GREENSLADE  Elizabeth         Serv -   29y Cook                             DEV Drewsteignton
Richmond Place, Exeter St. Paul
HO107/1869, enum. dist. 2, fol. 217, p. 34, sched. 129
SERCOMBE    William           Head W   59y Warehouseman                     DEV Whitestone
SERCOMBE    Charles H.        Son  U   32y Invalid                          --- Exeter
SERCOMBE    Grace             Sis  U   43y Sempstress                       DEV Whitstone
Arthurs Court, Pancras Street, Exeter St. Pancras, Devon
HO107/1869, enum. dist. 11, fol. 244, pp. 30-31
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   47y Brewer                           DEV Moretonhampstead
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   32y Brewer Wife                      CON North Looe
SERCOMBE    William Henry     Son  -    3y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Mary Jane         Dau  -    7m ---                              DEV Exeter
173 Fore Street, Exeter (St. Mary Arches)
HO107/1869, enum. dist. 10, fol. 256, pp. 4-5, sched. 16
DAVIS       Morris            Head W   57y Harberdasher Jeweller &c         LND ---
DAVIS       Priscilla         Dau  U   25y Assistant                        DEV Exeter
DAVIS       Ann               Dau  U   19y Assistant                        DEV Exeter
DAVIS       Julia             Dau  U   15y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
DAVIS       Samuel            Son  U    6y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
ALEXANDER   Moses              "   U   17y Assistant at Do.                 DEV Exeter
SEARCOMBE   John              Lodg M   29y Porter Do.                       DEV Dunsford
SEARCOMBE   Mary              Lodg M   28y Porters Wife                     DEV Dunsford
SEARCOMBE   Louisa            Lodg U    3y Porters Daur                     DEV Exeter
SEARCOMBE   Ann               Lodg U    3m Porters Daur                     DEV Exeter
LODGE       Elizabeth         ---- U   18y Servant                          DEV Topsham
  [The page break between Samuel and Moses may explain the implausible ditto marks. ]
1 Mary Arches Street, Exeter (St. Mary Arches)
HO107/1869, enum. dist. 10, fol. 264, p. 21, sched. 86
SQUIRES     George            Head M   36y Coal Dealer                      DEV Highweek
SQUIRES     Maria             Wife M   50y ---                              St. Pauls Exeter
SQUIRES     George            Son  U    9y Scholar                          Close Exeter
SQUIRES     John              Son  U    6y Scholar                          Mary Arches Exeter
SEARCOME    Augusta M.        Dau  U   13y Dressmaker and Miliner           St. Olave Exeter
SMITH       William           Lodg U   37y Sawyer                           DEV Topsham
No 4 Bartholomew Terrace, Exeter Allhallows on the Walls, Devon
HO107/1869, enum. dist. 16, fol. 347, p. 3, sched. 15
SERCOMBE    George            Head M   53y General Merchant                 DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE    Grace             Wife M   53y ---                              CON Camborne
SERCOMBE    James O.          Son  U   25y General Merchant                 DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE    Mary O.           Dau  U   24y ---                              DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE    George            Son  U   21y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth C.      Dau  U   15y ---                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Walter J.         Son  U    8y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
ASH         Elizabeth         Serv U   53y Servant                          DEV Honiton
SANDERS     Prudence          Serv U   40y Servant                          DEV Plymouth
BAKER       Sarah             Serv U   16y Servant                          DEV Alphington
Woodway Street, Chudleigh, Devon
HO107/1870, enum. dist. 3d, fol. 455, p. 22, sched. 82
TUCKET    Charles  Head  M  40y  Carpenter                DEV Hennock
TUCKET    Ann      Wife  M  41y  ---                      DEV Chudleigh
TUCKET    Eliza    Dau   U  17y  ---                      DEV Chudleigh
TUCKET    Sarah    Dau   U  15y  Scholar                  DEV Chudleigh
TUCKET    Mary     Dau   U  13y  Scholar                  DEV Chudleigh
TUCKET    Celina   Dau   U   4y  Scholar                  DEV Ashton
KNAPMAN   William  Appr  U  20y  Apprentice to Carpenter  DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Mary     Lodg  W  48y  ---                      DEV Exminster
TUCKET    Harriet  Dau   U   2m  ---                      DEV Ashton
Bradley, Bovey Tracey, Devon
HO107/1870, enum. dist. 6a, fol. 528, p. 6, sched. 19
SERCOMBE    Mary Ann          Head W   56y Farmeress of 100 Acres employing DEV Bovey Tracey
                                            3 Labourers
SERCOMBE    Sarah             Dau  U   22y ---                              DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE    Mary Ann          Dau  U   18y ---                              DEV Bovey Tracey
SERCOMBE    Samuel            Son  U   13y ---                              DEV Bovey Tracey
BURRIGE     Harriet           Serv U   33y House Serv                       DEV Ide
BURRIGE     Charlotte         Serv -   12y House Serv                       DEV Ide
FACEY       Henry             Serv U   19y Farm Serv                        DEV Kingsteignton
TULLY       Robert            Serv -   17y Farm Serv                        DEV Kingsteignton
Cross Street, Moretonhampstead, Devon
HO107/1871, enum. dist. 2a, fol. 29, p. 14, sched. 61
HILL        John              Head M   51y Blacksmith                       DEV Moretonhampstead
HILL        Mary              Wife M   49y Blacksmiths Wife                 DEV Moretonhampstead
HILL        Susan             Dau  U   26y Blacksmiths Daughter             DEV Moretonhampstead
HILL        John              Son  U   20y Blacksmiths Son                  DEV Moretonhampstead
HILL        William           Son  U   18y Blacksmiths Son                  DEV Moretonhampstead
HILL        Richard           Son  -   12y Blacksmiths Son                  DEV Moretonhampstead
HILL        Fanny             Dau  -   11y Blacksmiths Daughter             DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE[*] Anna              GDau -    2y ---                              DEV Dunsford
   [* Surname SARKUM crossed out and SERCOMBE written over it.]
East Street, Ashburton, Devon
HO107/1871, enum. dist. 5a, fol. 264, p. 11, sched. 53
TOZER    Thomas    Head  W  55y  Farmer of 145 Acres Employ'g 2 Lab's  SOM Compton Bishop
TOZER    Sarah     Dau   U  14y  Scholar                               SOM Compton Bishop
SIRKHAM  Mary Ann  Serv  U  21y  Gen'l Serv                            DEV Christow
Milton Street, Brixham, Devon
HO107/1873, enum. dist. 2b, fol. 197, p. 25, sched. 107
SERCOMBE    Robert            Head M   54y Ag. Labourer                     DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Harriet           Wife M   66y Nurse                            DEV Brixham
SERCOMBE    Mary Olivia       Dau  U   17y Dressmaker                       DEV Brixham
GRAVILLER(?) Ann              Visi M   21y Dressmaker                       DEV Brixham
South Town, Totnes St. Petrox, Devon
HO107/1873, enum. dist. 2, fol. 377, p. 6, sched. 23
GIBSON      Ellen             Head W   29y Landed Proprietor                SRY Richmond
COLLINS     Matilda           Sis  U   38y ---                              SRY Richmond
FRIEND      Mary Ann          Serv U   25y House Serv.                      DEV Westalvington
SERCOMBE    Susan             Serv U   21y House Serv.                      DEV Kingsbridge
   [Kingsbridge should probably be Kingswear.]
Coldharbour, Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy parish, Devon
HO107/1874, enum. dist. 3d, fol. 197, p. 16, sched. 67
SERCOMBE  George      Head      M  29y  Ag Lab        DEV Dunsford
SERCOMBE  Elisabeth   Wife      M  30y  Wife at home  DEV Berry Pomeroy
SERCOMBE  Mary P.     Dau       -   6y  Scholar       DEV Berry Pomeroy
SERCOMBE  Sarah Jane  Dau       -   6m  ---           DEV Berry Pomeroy
SERCOMBE  John        Visi/Bro  W  25y  Ag Lab        DEV Dunsford
Albert Place, Ivybridge (Ermington parish), Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 8a, fol. 288, p. 4, sched. 18
ATWILL      Richard           Head M   39y Dairy Man                        DEV Cornwood
ATWILL      Elizabeth         Wife M   34y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Serv U   14y ---                              DEV Cornwood
COCKS       William           Serv U   17y ---                              DEV Ermington
Lutton, Cornwood, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 2a, fol. 351, p. 10, sched. 36
SERCOMBE    Octavious         Head U   35y Shoe Maker                       DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Grace             Moth W   80y ---                              DEV Miltonhalbott
Cornwood Village, Cornwood, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 2b, fol. 367, p. 13, sched. 40
SERCOMBE    Richard           Head M   43y Ag Lab                           DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   39y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Dau  -    9y Scholar                          DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    John              Son  -    7y Scholar                          DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Lydia             Dau  -    5y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    William           Son  -    2y ---                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Mary A.           Dau  -    1m ---                              DEV Cornwood
Wisdom Farm, Cornwood, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 2b, fol. 371, p. 20, sched. 65
SERCOMB     Robert     Head  M  58y  Farmer 300 Acres employing 3 Laborers  DEV Cornwood
SERCOMB     Elizabeth  Wife  M  51y  ---                                    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMB     Robert     Son   U  32y  Farmers Son                            DEV Cornwood
SERCOMB     William    Son   U  26y  Farmers Son                            DEV Cornwood
SERCOMB     Thomas     Son   U  24y  Farmers Son                            DEV Cornwood
SERCOMB     Elizabeth  Dau   U  16y  ---                                    DEV Cornwood
SERCOMB     Samuel     Son   U  14y  Farmers Son                            DEV Cornwood
FARRIS      Mary       Serv  U  16y  House Serv                             DEV Cornwood
MUDGE       Elizabeth  Serv  U  14y  House Serv                             DEV Cornwood
SMERAGE(?)  Robert     Serv  U  19y  Farm Serv                              DEV Ugbourough
BAKEWELL    James      Serv  -  15y  Farm Serv                              DEV Cornwood
WILLCOCKS   Elisha     Serv  -  13y  Farm Serv                              DEV Cornwood
SERCOMB     Henery     Serv  -  11y  Farm Serv                              DEV Cornwood
TURPEN(?)   Thomas     Serv  -  10y  Farm Serv                              DEV Cornwood
Langham, Cornwood, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 2c, fol. 378, p. 5, sched. 13
DODDRIDGE  William    Head  M  50y  Farmer of 180 acres Employs 4 Labrs.  DEV Cornwood
DODDRIDGE  Mary       Wife  M  51y  Farmer Wife                           DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE   John       Visi  M  27y  Farmer                                DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE   Elizabeth  Visi  M  24y  Farmer Wife                           DEV Cornwood
MUDGE      Michal     Serv  U  17y  Ag Lab                                DEV Cornwood
SMALL      John       Serv  U  15y  Ag Lab                                DEV Cornwood
MUDGE      William    Serv  U  11y  Ag Lab                                DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE   Robert     Visi  U   1y  ---                                   DEV Cornwood
Waterlake, Cornwood, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 2c, fol. 378, p. 5, sched. 15
SERCOMBE  Elias    Head  M  35y  Ag Lab       DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Honour   Wife  M  35y  Ag Lab Wife  DEV Ugborough
SERCOMBE  John     Son   U   7y  Scholar      DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE  Richard  Son   U   1y  Ag Lab Son   DEV Cornwood
Sherhall, Cornwood, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 2c, fol. 380, p. 9, sched. 32
HORTON      Trobridge         Head M   60y Farmer of 100 Acres emp. 1 Labr. DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Mary              Wife M   57y Farmer Wife                      DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Fanny             Dau  U   16y Farmer Daur                      DEV Cornwood
HORTON      William           Serv U   12y Serv                             DEV Cornwood
BASKERVIL   Thomas            Serv U   24y Serv                             DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    William           Serv U   10y Serv                             DEV Cornwood
Fardle, Cornwood, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 2c, fol. 382, pp. 12-13, sched. 41
HORTON      Arthur T.  Head  M  36y  Farmer of 416A 6R 6P Employing four Lab'rs  DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Mary       Wife  M  30y  ---                                         DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Jane       Dau   -   9y  ---                                         DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Elizabath  Dau   -   7y  ---                                         DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Frances    Dau   -   6y  ---                                         DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Mary S.    Dau   -   3y  ---                                         DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Ann        Dau   -   1y  ---                                         DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Arthur T.  Son   -   7m  ---                                         DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Philip M.  Neph  -  13y  Ag Lab                                      DEV Cornwood
HORTON      John       Serv  U  33y  Ag Lab                                      DEV Cornwood
HORTON      Sarrah     Serv  U  17y  House Serv                                  DEV Ermington
HORTON      Trobridge  Serv  U  15y  Ag Lab                                      DEV Ermington
HORTON      James      Serv  U  16y  Ag Lab                                      DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Anne       Visi  -  10y  ---                                         DEV Cornwood
GREEP       Stephen    Serv  U  63y  Ag Lab                                      DEV Cornwood
GREEP       Amy        Serv  U  18y  House Serv                                  DEV Modbury
SERCOMBE    Ann        Serv  -  11y  House Serv                                  DEV Cornwood
BASKERVILL  James      Serv  U  16y  Ag Lab                                      DEV Cornwood
STEER       James      Serv  -  13y  Ag Lab                                      DEV Modbury
SIMMONS     James      Serv  -  13y  Ag Lab                                      DEV Cornwood
WILCOCKS    Daniel     Serv  U  24y  Ag Lab                                      --- St. Budo
Hitchcombe, Plympton St. Mary, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 4b, fol. 447, p. 6, sched. 21
HORTON    Trobridge  Head  M  68y  Farmer of 170 acres employing 9 Men  DEV Plym. St. Mary
HORTON    Nancy      Wife  M  53y  ---                                  DEV St. Andrew's Plymo.
HORTON    Trobridge  GSon  U  18y  Engaged on the Farm                  DEV Plym. St. Mary
SECCOMBE  John       GSon  -   3y  At Home                              DEV St. Andrew Plymo.
MATTHEWS  William    Serv  U  16y  Farm Labourer                        DEV Plym. St. Mary
GULLEY    William    Serv  -  13y  Farm Labourer                        DEV Plym. St. Mary
   [SECCOMBE is clear here, but probably an enumeration error for SERCOMBE.]
Chokeford, Plympton St. Mary, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 4b, fol. 452, p. 17, sched. 53
SERCOMBE    Joseph            Head W   34y Farmer of 22 Acres empl. 1 Lab   DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    William B.        Son  -    5y At Home                          DEV Totness
SERCOMBE    Stephen           Son  -    1y At Home                          DEV St. Andrews Plymo.
MATTHEWS    Elizabeth         Serv -   15y House Servant                    DEV Plym. St. Mary
Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary, Devon
HO107/1877, enum. dist. 4e, fol. 488, p. 11, sched. 42
SERCOMBE    Henry             Head M   40y Laborer                          DEV Cornwood
SERCOMBE    Elizth.           Wife M   38y ---                              DEV Plympton St. Mary
SERCOMBE    Mary Jane         Dau  U   11m ---                              DEV Plympton St. Mary
FRY         Sally Ann         DauL U   17y ---                              DEV Plympton St. Mary
FRY         Ellen             DauL U   11y Scholar                          DEV Bickley
62 St. Aubyn Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon
HO107/1881, enum. dist. 1d, fol. 105, p. 24, sched. 119
WADLING     William           Head M   39y Shipwright                       DEV Devonport
WADLING     Elizabeth         Wife M   37y ---                              DEV Devonport
WADLING     Henry             Son  -    7y Scholar                          DEV Devonport
WADLING     Elizabeth         Dau  -    3y Scholar                          DEV Devonport
SURCOMBE    Mary              SisL U   20y Drapers Assistant                DEV Devonport
TARGEST     John              Lodg U   33y Clerk                            IRE Dublin
WHITEHEAD   William Bell      Lodg U   29y Saddler                          --- St. Nicholas Durham City
SURCOMBE    Elizabeth         Visi M   27y Wife                             CON Truro
SURCOMBE    Elizabeth         Visi -    1m ---                              DEV Devonport
PROUT       Anna Maria        Visi W   52y Annuitant                        DEV Devonport
PEARSE      Elizabeth         Serv U   17y House Maid                       CON Callington
6 Cornwall Beach, Devonport, Devon
HO107/1882, enum. dist. 1a, fol. 41, p. 76, sched. 379
SURCOMBE    Thomas            Head M   32y Licensed Victualler              DEV Devonport
SURCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   25y ---                              CON Antony
SURCOMBE    Elizabeth         Dau  -    2y ---                              DEV Devonport
MARTIN      Mary Ann          Serv M   23y House Servant                    DEV Devonport
KEAST       Hannah            Visi U   17y ---                              CON Hessenford
TREGLOIN    Mary              Visi U   22y ---                              CON Mylor
8 Princess Street, Devonport, Devon
HO107/1882, enum. dist. 1c, fol. 109, p. 4, sched. 19
SURCUMBE    Charity           Head W   89y Receiving Parochial Relief       CON St. Germans
SURCUMBE    Sally             Dau  U   60y Tailoress                        DEV Devonport
BROWN       Elizabeth N.      Dau  M   42y ---                              DEV Devonport
BROWN       Elizabeth M.A.    GDau -    8y Scholar                          DEV Devonport
BROWN       Leonora V.G.      GDau -   11y Scholar                          DEV Devonport
   [This household is not incorporated into the Compilation of Sercombe Families because
    from other sources (the 1841 and 1861 censuses and the GRO civil registration index)
    it appears SURCUMBE is an enumeration error for LUSCOMBE.]
77 Navy Row, Devonport, Devon
HO107/1882, enum. dist. 1d, fol. 409, p. 69, sched. 177
SUCCOMBE    William           Head M   40y Smith D'k Y'rd                   DEV Stoke
SUCCOMBE    Elizth.           Wife -   42y ---                              DEV Stoke
SUCCOMBE    Emily             Dau  -   17y ---                              DEV Stoke
SUCCOMBE    Elizth.           Dau  -   10y ---                              DEV Stoke
SUCCOMBE    William           Son  -   10y Sch                              DEV Stoke
LOBB        Ann               Serv U   21y Serv                             CON ---
  [Note: SUCCOMBE is probably the enumerator's error for SURCOMBE, and the age of the
   younger Elizabeth is probably the enumerator's error for 15y.]
Burnlane, Lamerton, Devon
HO107/1884, enum. dist. 4a, fol. 72, p. 3, sched. 9
SOUTHCOM    Thomas            Head M   33y Labourer                         DEV Lamerton
SOUTHCOM    Abagail           Wife M   43y ---                              DEV Sheptor
SOUTHCOM    Mary A.           Dau  -    8y Scholar                          DEV Mary Tavy
SOUTHCOM    Susanna           Dau  -    6y Scholar                          DEV Lamerton
SOUTHCOM    Elizabeth         Dau  -    2y ---                              DEV Lamerton
North Brent, Lamerton, Devon
HO107/1884, enum. dist. 4a, fol. 79, p. 17, sched. 45
SOUTHCOM    John (Jun)        Head M   36y Copper Miner                     DEV Lamerton
SOUTHCOM    Hannah            Wife M   38y ---                              DEV Milton Abbot
SOUTHCOM    Josiah            Son  -   11y Scholar                          DEV Lamerton
SOUTHCOM    Elijah            Son  -    9y Scholar                          DEV Lamerton
Chillaton, Milton Abbot, Devon
HO107/1884, enum. dist. 6a, fol. 152, p. 8, sched. 23
HART        Charles           Head M   59y Farmer of 60 A Emp 1 Lab         SFK Stonan(?) Asstal(?) [Stoneham Aspall?]
HART        Mary              Wife -   56y Farmers Wife                     DEV Lifton
HART        Elizabeth         Dau  U   22y Farmers Daughter                 DEV Milton Abbot
HART        Susan             Dau  U   15y Farmers Daughter                 DEV Milton Abbot
WALTER      Ann               Aunt W   82y ---                              DEV Lifton
HART        Mary              GDau -    2y ---                              DEV Kelly
SIRCOMBE    John              Serv U   26y ---                              DEV Kelly
SIRCOMBE    Joseph            Serv U   20y ---                              DEV Kelly
GRANING     Jane              Serv U   19y ---                              DEV Kelly
Cross Lanes, Bridestow, Devon
HO107/1885, enum. dist. 1b, fol. 279, p. 10, sched. 40
SURCOMBE    Samuel            Head M   32y Farrier                          DEV Bridestowe
SURCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   36y ---                              DEV Bridestowe
SURCOMBE    John              Son  -    5y ---                              DEV Bridestowe
SURCOMBE    William H.        Son  -    9m ---                              DEV Bridestowe
SURCOMBE    John              Bro  M   47y Blacksmith                       DEV Lydford
RULE        Maria             Serv -   12y House Servt                      DEV Bridestowe
ELLIS       George            Visi U   21y ---                              DEV Bridestowe
Furlong, Drewsteignton, Devon
HO107/1885, enum. dist. 4b, fol. 592, p. 7, sched. 24
BRAGG       William           Head M   64y Farmer of 130 Acres Emp[loying]  DEV Moretonhampstead
                                           4 Indoor Lab[orers] 9 Out Door
BRAGG       Mary              Wife M   64y ---                              DEV Moretonhampstead
SIRCOMBE    Sally             Serv W   60y Cook                             DEV Cheriton Bishop
CLAPP       Susan             Serv U   20y Housemaid                        DEV Honiton
STEVENS     Mary              Appr U   19y Employed in House                DEV Cheriton Bishop
PONSFORD    John              Serv U   21y Ag Lab                           DEV Drewsteignton
WARREN      William           Serv U   21y Ag Lab                           DEV Drewsteignton
STEVENS     Samuel            Serv U   22y Ag Lab                           DEV Cheriton Bishop
STEVENS     William           Serv W   56y Ag Lab                           DEV Drewsteignton
Ship Inn, Coleford Village, Colebrooke, Devon
HO107/1887, enum. dist. 1c, fol. 31, p. 7, sched. 23
PETERS      Thomas            Head M   32y Butcher                          DEV Moretonhampstead
PETERS      Anna Maria        Wife M   29y ---                              DEV Moretonhampstead
PETERS      Ellen Maria       Dau  -    3y ---                              DEV Colebrooke
PETERS      Samuel            Son  -    1m ---                              DEV Colebrooke
SERCOOMBE   Eliza             ---  -   20y House Servant                    DEV Christow
Higher Shutscombe House, Charles, Devon
HO107/1891, enum. dist. 4, fol. 677, p. 8, sched. 24
LOOSMORE    John        Head  M  28y  Freehold Farmer of 70 acres employing 1 in & 1 out door Labourer  DEV Broad Clist
LOOSMORE    Mary Ann    Wife  M  24y  Farmer's Wife                                                     DEV Bishopsnympton
LOOSMORE    William H.  Son   -   1y  ---                                                               DEV Charles
PESTER      Ann         Serv  U  26y  House Servant                                                     DEV Rose Ash
SOUTHCOMBE  James       Serv  U  26y  Farm Labourer                                                     DEV Highbray
Hutcherton, Swimbridge, Devon
HO107/1892, enum. dist. 1c, fol. 48, p. 29, sched. 103
RICHARDS    John       Head  M  66y  Farmer of 212 acres  DEV High Bickington
RICHARDS    Elizabeth  Wife  M  59y  ---                  DEV Landkey
RICHARDS    Elizabeth  Dau   U  22y  Employed at home     DEV Swimbridge
RICHARDS    Margarett  Dau   U  19y  Employed at home     DEV Swimbridge
RICHARDS    Sophia     Dau   U  14y  Scholar              DEV Swimbridge
SELDON      John       Serv  U  24y  Ag Lab               DEV Landkey
SOUTHCOMBE  Wm.        Serv  U  21y  Ag Lab               DEV High Bray
WEBBER      Edwin      Serv  U  13y  Ag Lab               DEV Swimbridge
BUCKINGHAM  John       Serv  U  13t  Ag Lab               DEV Chittlehampton
Boutport Street, Barnstaple, Devon
HO107/1892, enum. dist. 3f, fol. 236, p. 33, sched. 121
FISHER       John M.    Head   M  54y  Maltster & Corn Merchant  DEV Barnstaple
FISHER       Sarah      Wife   M  45y  ---                       DEV Chittlehampton
FISHER       Helen      Dau    U  19y  ---                       DEV Barnstaple
FISHER       Jane       Dau    U  16y  Scholar                   DEV Barnstaple
FISHER       John A.    Son    U   9y  Scholar                   DEV Barnstaple
WILKINS      John R.    Clerk  U  43y  Assistant in Trade        DEV Barnstaple
BROWNSCOMBE  Ann        Serv   U  24y  General Servant           DEV Bratton Fleming
SOUTHCOMBE   Catharine  Serv   U  20y  General Servant           DEV High Bray
Boutport Street, Barnstaple, Devon
HO107/1892, enum. dist. 3f, fol. 238, p. 36, sched. 136
CORNEY      Ann      Head  W  40y  Dress Maker       DEV Braunton
CORNEY      William  Son   -  13y  Shoe Maker (App)  DEV Barnstaple
MILLS       John     Visi  U  26y  Painter           DEV Tawstock
SOUTHCOMBE  Jane     Visi  U  15y  Genl. Servant     DEV High Bray
Bray Town, High Bray, Devon
HO107/1892, enum. dist. 1, fol. 375, p. 2, sched. 7
SOUTHCOMBE  William  Head  M  56y  Ag Labour  DEV Stoke Rivers
SOUTHCOMBE  Jane     Wife  M  54y  ---        DEV East Down
SOUTHCOMBE  John     Son   -  10y  ---        DEV High Bray
Ilfracombe Road, Pilton, Devon
HO107/1893, enum. dist. 7b, fol. 432, p. 21, sched. 87
SOUTHCOMBE  Anthony    Head  M  31y  Farm Labourer       DEV Highbray
SOUTHCOMBE  Jane       Wife  M  36y  Farm Labourer Wife  DEV Marwood
SOUTHCOMBE  John       Son   U   5y  ---                 DEV Barnstaple
SOUTHCOMBE  Philip R.  Son   U   2y  Farmers Son         DEV Pilton
ROCK        Mary Jane  Visi  U   4y  Farmers Daughter    DEV Highbray
FRY         Mary Jane  Lodg  U  25y  Farmers Labou...    DEV East Down
HARRIS      James      Lodg  U  30y  Farmers Labou...    DEV Sherwill

1851 Dorset

Coast Guard Station, West Lulworth, Dorset
HO107/1856, enum. dist. 5, fol. 252, p. 9, sched. 37
SERCOMBE    John              Head M   56y Chief Officer Coastguard         DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Mary Ann          Wife M   45y Wife                             SOM Taunton
SERCOMBE    Ellinor           Dau  U   19y Daughter                         MDX Hackny
SERCOMBE    Louisa Elizabeth  Dau  U   17y Daughter                         MDX Hackny
SERCOMBE    Emily Ann         Dau  -   11y Daughter                         MDX Hackny
SERCOMBE    May Sophia        Dau  -    5y Daughter                         MDX Hackny
SERCOMBE    Catharine Emily   Dau  -    4y Daughter                         DOR Westlulworth
SERCOMBE    Thomas            Son  -    2y Son                              DOR Westlulworth
Pease Lane, Dorchester, Dorset
HO107/1858, enum. dist. 5a, fol. 98, p. 56, sched. 236
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   39y Ostler                           DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         Wife M   44y ---                              DEV Alphington
SERCOMBE    William           Son  -   16y Stable Boy                       SOM Taunton
SERCOMBE    George            Son  -   10y Scholar                          DEV Honiton
SERCOMBE    Charles           Son  -    8y Scholar                          DEV Axminster
Came House, Winterborne Came, Dorset
HO107/1858, enum. dist. 8, fol. 230, p. 10, sched. 24
... [one of 15 servants in the household of Bosville DURRANT, landed proprietor] ...
SIRCUMBE    John              Serv U   18y Servant                          SOM Langport

1851 Glamorgan

Victoria Street, Market Field, Merthyr Tydfil
HO107/2458, enum. dist. 14, fol. 391, sched. 56
CHINN       Ann               Head W   56y Retired Draper                   GLA Aberavon
CHINN       Catherine A.      Dau  U   26y Silk Mercer & Milliner           SOM Clifton
ROBINSON    Rosine J.         Dau  M   30y ---                              KEN Gravesend
DAVIES      Frances J.        Visi U   24y Milliner                         GLA Cadoxton
WATKINS     Hester            Visi U   24y Straw Bonnet Maker               WIL Salisbury
SIRCOM      Catherine         Visi U   22y Dress Maker                      GLS Bristol
HOLEHOUSE   Maryann           Appr U   18y Dress Maker App                  MON Abergavenny
BLACKWOLE   Martha            Serv U   20y House Serv                       CON Crowan

1851 Gloucestershire

Mill Lane, Bedminster
HO107/1945, enum. dist. 1i, fol. 260, p. 13, sched. 54
SIRCOM      William           Head M   46y Carpenter                        DEV ---
SIRCOM      Mary Ann          Wife M   35y ---                              --- Gloucester 
SIRCOM      Thomas            Son  -   15y Errand Boy                       --- Cheltenham 
SIRCOM      Mary Ann          Dau  -   12y Scholar                          --- Bristol 
SIRCOM      Ann               Dau  -   10y Scholar                          --- Bristol 
SIRCOM      William           Son  -    8y Scholar                          --- Bedminster
SIRCOM      Sarah             Dau  -    5y Scholar                          --- Bedminster
68 Temple Street, Bristol Temple
HO107/1947, enum. dist. 2c, fol. 274, p. 6, sched. 19
SERCOMBE    William           Head M   33y Smiths Labourer                  --- London
SERCOMBE    Harriet           Wife -   40y ---                              SOM Axbridge
SERCOMBE    Rosina            Dau  -   10y ---                              --- Bristol  
SERCOMBE    Matilda           Dau  -    6y ---                              --- Bristol  
SERCOMBE    Ellen             Dau  -    4y ---                              --- Bristol  
SERCOMBE    Mary              Dau  -    3y ---                              --- Bristol
8 Queen Square, Bristol St. Nicholas
HO107/1948, enum. dist. 1a, fols. 19-20, pp. 31-32, sched. 115
SERCOMBE    James M.          Head U   25y Corn & Seed Merchant             DEV Exeter
HART        Hannah            Serv W   40y ---                              GLS St. Phillips 
HART        Mary Ann          Dau      19y Dress Maker &c.                  --- Bristol 
HART        James E.          Son      17y Carpenter                        --- Bristol 
BEYNON      Sarah             Serv     22y Serv                             --- Bristol
Old Market Street, Bristol St. Philip and St. Jacob
* HO107/1949, enum. dist. 4, sched. 44
BUTLER      Samuel            Head     43y Druggist                             Bristol 
NAPPER      Susanna           Cous     33y Druggist                             Newport 
GREEN       Susan             Serv     38y Servant                              Bristol 
SIRCOM      Richard           Asst     34y Assistant                            Bristol 
Balloon Court, Bristol St. Paul
* HO107/1949, enum. dist. 4, sched. 81
SERCEM      Ann               Head W   62y Parish Relief                        Bristol St James
18 Sussex Place, Bristol St. Barnabas
HO107/1953, enum. dist. 1e, fol. 187, p. 45, sched. 145
SIRCOM      John              Head M   58y Private Teacher                  --- Bristol Kingsdown 
SIRCOM      Jane F.           Wife M   57y ---                              GLS Clifton
SIRCOM      Emily             Dau  U   31y School Mistress                  --- Bristol Redcliff
SIRCOM      Louisa            Dau  U   20y ---                              --- Bristol
SIRCOM      Clara             Dau  U   17y Milliner                         --- Bristol
SIRCOM      Stephen R.        Son  U   14y Clerk                            --- Bristol District
2 Narrow Plain, Bristol St. Philip and St. Jacob
HO107/1954, enum. dist. 1z, fol. 686, p. 31, sched. 171
SIRCOM      Henry             Head M   25y Accountant                       --- Bristol
SIRCOM      Jane Elizth.      Wife M   23y ---                              SOM Butcombe
SIRCOM      Henry Furze       Son  -    1y ---                              --- Bristol
MAYES       Sarah             Serv U   50y Servant                          SOM Bath
  [the household of Joseph FURZE, surgeon apothecary, also from Butcombe, was in the same building]
Jenynes Row, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
HO107/1974, enum. dist. 6g, fol. 465, p. 2, sched. 7
SIRCOMBE    Henry             Head M   61y Stocking Frame Work Kniter       DEV Exeter 
SIRCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   62y Stocking Frame Work Kniter       GLS Tewkesbury
SIRCOMBE    Elizabeth         Dau  U   25y Stocking Frame Work Kniter       GLS Tewkesbury 
SIRCOMBE    Frederick         GSon      3y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury 
Chance Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
HO107/1974, enum. dist. 6g, fol. 482, p. 37, sched. 195
SIRCOMBE    Richard           Head M   30y Stocking Maker                   DEV Exeter  
SIRCOMBE    Harriett          Wife M   23y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury 
SIRCOMBE    Richard Hy.       Son  -    1y ---                              GLS Tewkesbury 

1851 Guernsey

1 St. Martins Road, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
HO107/2530, enum. dist. 7b, fol. 563, p. 34, sched. 62
SERCOMB     William           Head M   57y Labourer                         England
SERCOMB     Elizabeth         Wife M   56y ---                              England
ENCOF       Elizabeth         Dau  U   24y Ironer                           Guernsey
SERCOMB     Ellen             Dau  U   19y Ironer                           Guernsey
SERCOMB     Mary              Dau  U   19y Milliner                         Guernsey
SERCOMB     William           Son  U   17y ---                              Guernsey
SERCOMB     Jane              Dau  U   14y ---                              Guernsey

1851 Hampshire

North Street, Emsworth (Warblington parish), Hampshire
HO107/1656, enum. dist. 3b, fol. 67, p. 6, sched. 21
SIRCON      Hannah            ---  W   62y Shopkeeper Hawker                Spain
Pipers Alley, Portsmouth, Hampshire
HO107/1658, enum. dist. 1, fol. 525, p. 28, sched. 100
SHERCOMB    Geo.              Head -   --- Absent Seaman                    DOR Poole
SHERCOMB    Alfred            Bro  M   51y Seaman                           DOR Poole
SHERCOMB    Eliza             Dau  U   28y ---                              DOR Poole
SHERCOMB    Elizth.           Dau  U   26y ---                              DOR Poole
SHERCOMB    Mary              Dau  U   22y ---                              DOR Poole
SHERCOMB    Amelia            Dau  U   19y Scholar                          DOR Poole
SHERCOMB    Geo.              Son  U   14y ---                              DOR Poole
SHERCOMB    Maria             Dau  U   12y Scholar                          DOR Poole
  [Not included in the main compilation. SHERCOMB appears to be the enumerator's error for HARCOURT.]
3 Junior Prison Parkhurst, Norwood, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
HO107/1662, enum. dist. 1c, fol. 40, p. 28, sched. 99
SERCOMBE    J.C.              Head M   38y Baker Parkhurst Prison           MDX Lambeth
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Wife M   38y Governess at Home                SRY Wandsworth
SERCOMBE    Eliza             Dau  -   11y ---                              SRY Richmond
SERCOMBE    Mary              Dau  -   10y ---                              SRY Richmond
SERCOMBE    Lucy              Dau  -    9y ---                              SRY Richmond

1851 Hertfordshire

Wimbush Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire
HO107/1710, enum. dist. 2g, fol. 196, p. 32, sched. 134
SERCOMBE    Jas.              Head M   44y Bricklayer                       DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Sally             Wife M   43y ---                              DEV Tiverton
SERCOMBE    Emilee            Dau  -   12y Scholar                          DEV Crediton

1851 Jersey

Cross Keys, Great Union Road, St. Helier, Jersey
HO107/2527, enum. dist. 32, fol. 721, p. 34, sched. 139
BRIDLE      William           Head M   33y Brick Layer                     England
BRIDLE      Sarah E.          Wife M   33y ---                             England
BRIDLE      John Th.          Son  U   12y ---                             England
BRIDLE      Louisa A.         Dau  U    9y Scholar                         JSY St. Brelade
BRIDLE      William G.        Son  U    6y Scholar                         JSY St. Helier
BRIDLE      Henry J.          Son  U    4y Scholar                         JSY St. Helier
BRIDLE      Elizabeth H.      Dau  U    1y ---                             JSY St. Helier
SERCOMBE    George            Visi U   20y Brick Layer                     England

1851 London

63 & 64 Houndsditch, St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, London
HO107/1524, enum. dist. 2i, fols. 690-691, pp. 47-48, scheds. 169-170
... [in a large household of outfitter's employees] ...
SERCOMBE    James             Serv U   22y Outfitters Warehouseman         MDX London
Christ's Hospital, Christs Church Newgate Street, London
HO107/1529, institutional schedule, fol. 132, p. 3
... [among many boarding scholars] ...
SERCOMBE    H.A.G.            Sclr U   13y [Scholar]                       MDX Islington
48 Hackney Road, St. Leonard Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets, London
HO107/1534, enum. dist. 4, fol. 145, p. 49, sched. 180
SERCOMBE    Mary              Wife M   52y Draper & Hosier                 DEV Exmouth
SERCOMBE    Mary J.           Dau  U   17y Assistant                       DEV Exmouth

1851 Middlesex

35 Carlton Villas, Paddington, Middlesex
HO107/1466, enum. dist. 10b, fols. 494-495, pp. 33-34, sched. 436
SERCOMBE    Rupert C.         Head M   30y Corn & Seed Merchant            DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Louisa            Wife M   29y ---                             London City
KITE        Hannah            Serv U   51y House Servant                   SAL Ludlow
MALKIN      Mary Ann          Serv U   23y House Servt.                    SFK Stowmarket
18 Commercial Road, Westminster St. George Hanover Square, Middlesex
HO107/1477, enum. dist. 14n, fol. 393, p. 11, sched. 63
SURCOMBE    John              Head M   43y Joiner                          DEV Tavistock
SURCOMBE    Jane              Wife M   53y ---                             SSX Westham
17 Wood Street, Westminster St. John, Middlesex
HO107/1479, enum. dist. 6a, fol. 174, p. 10, sched. 49
SERCOMBE    Henry             Head M   38y Painter (Journeyman)            DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Anne              Wife M   38y Washing & Mangling              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    William           Son  -   15y Errand Boy                      DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Emma              Dau  -   13y Domestic Duties                 DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Henry             Son  -    9y Scholar                         DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Fanny             Dau  -    3y ---                             MDX Westmr.
34 Molyneux Street, Marylebone, Middlesex
HO107/1489, enum. dist. 8, fol. 285, p. 30, sched. 173
WALKER      Susana            Head W   77y Receiving Parish Pay            LIN ---
WALKER      Ellzabeth         Dau  U   40y Laundry                         MDX London
SEROMBE     John              ---  M   53y Milkman                         SOM ---
28a Edgware Road, Marylebone, Middlesex (St. Mary's ecclesiastical district)
HO107/1489, enum. dist. 10, fol. 363, pp. 18-19, sched. 51
BIGGS       William           Head M  54y Upholsterer                      BKM Iver
BIGGS       Emily             Wife M  52y ---                              GLS Bristol
BIGGS       Frank             Son  -   7y Scholar                          MDX Marylebone
SIRCOM      Jane              Niec U  30y Assistant                        GLS Bristol
PRIDEAUX    Emma              ---  U  17y Assistant                        MDX St. Marylebone
LAYTON      Ann               ---  U  25y Servant                          NTT Peterborough
25 Osnaburgh Street, St. Pancras (parish), Marylebone (borough), Middlesex
HO107/1493, enum. dist. 17, p. 20, fol. 655, sched. 63
SERCOMBE    John             Head M   41y Tailor's Forman                   DEV Darlish
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth        Wife M   23y ---                               YKS Skipton
SERCOMBE    Rebecca          Dau  U   11y ---                               MDX ---
61 Park Street, St. Pancras (parish), Marylebone (borough), Middlesex
HO107/1493, enum. dist. 23, pp. 77-78, fols. 947-948, sched. 344
DAVEY       Henry            Head M   31y Boot Maker                        --- London
DAVEY       Eliza            Wife M   37y ---                               DEV Exeter
DAVEY       Helen            Dau  -    6y ---                               --- Camden Town
DAVEY       Sarah            Dau  -    1y ---                               --- Camden Town
SIRCOMBE    Richard          Visi -   36y Painter                           --- Exeter
HOOKER      Susan            Serv -   17y House Servant                     SUF ---
The Welsh School, St. Pancras (parish), Marylebone (borough), Middlesex
HO107/1495, enum. dist. 15, p. 69, fol. 709, sched. 262
... [boarding scholars] ...
SERCOMBE    John             ---   -   14y Scholar                          MDX St. Pancras
75 Drummond Street, St. Pancras (parish), Marylebone (borough), Middlesex
HO107/1496, enum. dist. 10, fol. 428, p. 33, sched. 105
SURCOMBE    Sarah            Head W   53y Laundress                         CGN ---
SURCOMBE    Jane             Dau  U   22y Milliner                          --- St. Pancras
18 King Edward Street, Islington (parish), Finsbury (borough)
HO107/1499, enum. dist. 3, fol. 56, p. 21, sched. 99
BUSST       Henry            Head M   30y Commercial Traveller (Timber Trade) STS Wallsal
BUSST       Mary             Wife M   24y ---                                 MDX Chelsea
BUSST       Henry K.         Son  -    4y Scholar                             STS Walsall
BUSST       Emma H.          Dau  -    2y ---                                 STS Walsall
SIRCAM      Harriet          MotL W   60y Annuitant                           SOM Taunton
KNAPMAN     Mary             Aunt W   60y Annuitant                           SOM Taunton
TOTT        Maria A.         Serv U   15y House Servt                         MDX Stoke Newington
16 Shacklewell Street, West Hackney, Middlesex
HO107/1504, enum. dist. 5, fol. 151, pp. 58-59, sched. 274
SERCOMBE    William          Head M   49y Clerk in Bank of England            DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Fanna            Wife M   43y ---                                 HAM Portsea
SERCOMBE    William          Son  U   16y Scholar                             MDX Islington
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth        Dau  U   10y ---                                 MDX Islington
SERCOMBE    Horatio          Son  U    7y Clerk Son                           MDX Islington
SERCOMBE    Emma             Dau  U    2y Clerk Daur                          MDX Islington
42 White Lion Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex
HO107/1518, enum. dist. 2, fol. 35, p. 42, sched. 49
SIRCOMBE    Fanny            Head M   40y Husband Abroad                      SRY Lambeth
4 Wades Place, Poplar, Middlesex
HO107/1556, enum. dist. 31, fols. 676-677, pp. 31-31, sched. 132
SURCOMB     John             Head M   38y Blacksmith                          West Charltown [l inserted in Chartown]
SURCOMB     Mary Ann         Wife M   35y ---                                 West Charltown
SURCOMB     John             Son  U   16y Blacksmith                          West Charltown
SURCOMB     William          Son  U   13y Blacksmith                          West Charltown
SURCOMB     Thomas           Son  U   11y Scholar                             West Charltown
SURCOMB     Emma             Dau  U    5y Scholar                             London
SURCOMB     Samuel           Son  U    2y Scholar                             Chartown West London
SURCOMB     Henry            Son  U    1y ---                                 Ditto MDX Poplar
  [This family's surname should probably be SECCOMB. West Charltown is probably intended to be Charlestown CON.
   Not included in the main compilation.]

1851 Somerset

Fore Street, Stogursey, Somerset
HO107/1920, enum. dist. 4, fol. 512, p. 15, sched. 53
ELRINGTON   Robert F.        Head M   28y Curate of the Parish of Stogursey Beaumaris Isle of Anglesea
ELRINGTON   Louisa S.        Wife M   29y ---                               France British Subject
ELRINGTON   Isabella F.      Dau  -    6m ---                               SOM Stogursey
FENWICK     Robert E.        FatL M   63y ---                               Durham
FENWICK     Louisa           MotL M   66y ---                               MDX London
FENWICK     Robert B.        Cous -   15y Banking                           Ireland
SERCOMBE    Esther           Serv M   56y Nurse                             Jersey
PYNE        Tabitha          Serv U   20y House Serv:                       SOM Stoke St. Gregory
POWELL      Louisa           Serv -   18y House Serv:                       GLS Cadbury Heath
Fore Street, Wellington, Somerset
HO107/1921, enum. dist. 3c, fol. 440, p. 29, sched. 103
SERCOMBE    William          Head M    38y Hair cutter etc.                 SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Margaret         Wife M    38y ---                              --- Devonport  
SERCOMBE    William George   Son  -    12y Schollar                         DEV Kingsbridge
SERCOMBE    James M.         Son  -     9y Schollar                         SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Frederick        Son  -     7y Schollar                         SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Edwin            Son  -     5y Schollar                         SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Emily            Dau  -     3y ---                              SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Hubert           Son  -     1y ---                              SOM Wellington
NICHOLS     Sarah            Serv U    14y House Servant                    SOM Wellington
Fore Street, Wellington, Somerset
HO107/1921, enum. dist. 3c, fol. 440, p. 29, sched. 104
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth        Head W    62y Landed Proprieter                SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Mary H.          Dau  U    29y Milliner                         SOM Wellington
HOLE        Elizabeth        Visi M    46y Officers Wife                    SOM Bedminster
HOLE        Elizabeth        Visi U    25y ---                              DEV Appledore
Wesleyan Collegate Instituation, Trull, Somerset
HO107/1922, enum. dist. 4b, fol. 87, p. 21, sched. 72
... [among many boarding pupils] ...
SERCOMBE    Thomas           Pupil -   16y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE    Joseph           Pupil -   14y Scholar                          DEV Exeter
North Street, Taunton St. Mary Magdalen, Somerset
HO107/1922, enum. dist. 4a, fol. 485, p. 27, sched. 101
SERCOMBE    George              Head   40y Hair Dresser & Perfumer          SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Elizth. Caroline    Wife   28y ---                              SOM North Curry
SERCOMBE    Elizth. Caroline    Dau     1y ---                              SOM Taunton
SERCOMBE    Elizth. Benison     Sis    27y Assistant in Shop                SOM Wellington
SERCOMBE    Mary Hannah         Niec   10y ---                              DEV Plymo:
MILLER      Ellen               Serv   17y House Servant                    SOM N. Curry
WARREN      Eliza               Serv   15y Nurse Maid                       SOM Creech S. Michael
High Street, Taunton St. Mary Magdalen, Somerset
HO107/1922, enum. dist. 4d, fol. 554, p. 29, sched. 123
NASH      John    Head         W  40y  Master Coach maker employing 16 men & boys  SOM West Monkton
SERCOMBE  Louisa  Housekeeper  W  28y  ---                                         SOM Moorland
SKINNER   Walter  Servant      -  14y  Errand Boy                                  SOM West Monkton
CASTLE    Henry   Visitor      -  14y  ---                                         Sydney N. S. Wales
20 Kingsmead Terrace, Walcot Trinity, Somerset
HO107/1943, enum. dist. 3, fol. 77, p. 45, sched. 263
SERCOMBE    Amy                Head W  53y Domestic Duties                  SOM Bath
SERCOMBE    Amy                Dau  U  29y Dressmaker                       --- London   
SERCOMBE    Bessy              Dau  U  24y Dressmaker                       --- London 
SERCOMBE    Edward             Son  U  20y Tailor                           SOM Bath
SERCOMBE    Fanny              Dau  U  18y Dressmaker                       SOM Bath
SERCOMBE    Charlotte          Dau  U  14y Dressmaker                       SOM Bath
Westendtown, Brislington, Somerset
HO107/1944, enum. dist. 1f, fol. 697, p. 5, sched. 18
SIRCOM      Edwin              Head  M 36y Professor of Music               --- City & Co. Bristol St. James 
SIRCOM      Ann                Wife  M 34y ---                              GLO Henbury
SIRCOM      Sebastian          Son   -  7y Scholar                          SOM Bedminster
SIRCOM      Emily              Dau   -  3y ---                              --- City & Co. Bristol St. Pauls  
SIRCOM      Agnes              Dau   -  1y ---                              SOM Brislington
BAKER       Fanny              Serv  - 15y ---                              SOM Brislington
HAZELL      Eliza              Serv  -  9y ---                              SOM Chew Stoke 
Church Hill, Brislington, Somerset
HO107/1944, enum. dist. 1f, fol. 702, p. 14, sched. 54
SIRCOM      John Junr.         Head M  38y Schoolmaster                     --- City & Co. Bristol
SIRCOM      Louisa             Wife M  39y ---                              --- City & Co. Bristol
SIRCOM      Maria C.           Dau  -  13y Scholar at Home                  --- City & Co. Bristol
SIRCOM      John               Son  -  11y Scholar at Home                  --- City & Co. Bristol
SIRCOM      Louisa E.          Dau  -  10y Scholar at Home                  SOM Brislington
SIRCOM      Sarah J.           Dau  -   8y Scholar                          SOM Brislington
SIRCOM      Agusta M.          Dau  -   6y Scholar                          SOM Brislington
SIRCOM      Emily K.           Dau  -   4y ---                              SOM Brislington
SIRCOM      George K.          Son  -   3y ---                              SOM Brislington
SIRCOM      Adelaide E.        Dau  -   1y ---                              SOM Brislington
KINGSBURY   Elizabeth          MotL W  68y Annuitant                        SOM Brislington
PETERS      Ann                Serv U  25y Housemaid                        CMN Llandilo
MEGOVERIEN  Ann                Serv U  21y Cook                             N[ot] K[nown]
MONCTON     Marmaduke          Visi -  14y Scholar                          India British Subject
WATSON      William            Visi -  12y Scholar                          KEN Lewisham
HAYNES      John G.            Visi -  12y Scholar                          STS Kingsley
LEWIS       William H.L.       Visi -  10y Scholar                          SOM Clutton
WATSON      John               Visi -   9y Scholar                          KEN Lewisham

1851 Surrey

37 Union Road, Camberwell, Surrey
HO107/1582, enum. dist. 3, fol. [illegible], p. [illegible], sched. 98
SURCUMBE    Elizabeth          Lodg W   70y Part Kept by Daur Part Pauper   SOM Chilton [or Clutton?]
314 Albany Road, Camberwell, Surrey
HO107/1582, enum. dist. 5, fol. [illegible], p. [illegible], sched. 13
SERCOMBE    Caroline           Head W  37y Annuitant                        KEN Dover
SERCOMBE    Edmund             Son  U  16y Cigar Dealer (out of employ)     SRY Camberwell
SERCOMBE    Alice              Dau  -  14y Scholar                          SRY Camberwell
SERCOMBE    Arthur             Son  -   7y Scholar                          SRY Camberwell
1 Addington Place, Camberwell, Surrey
HO107/1582, enum. dist. 6, fol. [illegible], p. [illegible], sched. 12
SERCOMBE  Isaac      Head  M  56y  Inland Revenue Somerset House Solicitors Office  DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  Wife  M  57y  ---                                              --- Totness
SERCOMBE  Ann        Sis   U  52y  ---                                              DEV Exeter
SERCOMBE  Edward W.  Son   M  24y  General Clk. Life Insurance Office               London
SERCOMBE  Isaac H.   Son   U  21y  General Clerk                                    SRY Walworth
SERCOMBE  Anne       DauL  M  23y  ---                                              SRY Walworth
SERCOMBE  Ellen      Dau   U  13y  ---                                              London
BRISCOE   Sophia     Serv  U  23y  General Serv                                     MDX Hoxton

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