Sercombe Extracts - 1841 British Census

This page consists of extracts from the British census taken on Sunday, June 6th, 1841. Except where noted otherwise, all this information is taken from images of original records (at Ancestry or on CD) and has been incorporated into the main Compilation of Sercombe Families. Extracts for other censuses are also available.

Index to places:

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1841 Cornwall

Rozare, Lezant, Cornwall
HO107/134/5, enum. dist. 6, fol. 6, p. 4
BROCK    Thomas         35y  Farmer              N
BROCK    Elizabeth      30y  ---                 Y
BROCK    Samuel Warren   6y  ---                 Y
BROCK    William Henry   2y  ---                 Y
BROCK    Henry William   1w  ---                 Y
/new household, same building/
WARREN   Honor          60y  Ind[ependent]       Y
STRIKE   Elizabeth      65y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
JOLL     John           20y  M[ale] S[ervant]    Y
SECOMBE  Richard        15y  M[ale] S[ervant]    Y
PEARN    John           12y  M[ale] S[ervant]    Y
CLEMASS  Frances        20y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y

1841 Devon

High Street, Honiton, Devon
HO107/200/20, enum. dist. 2, fol. 10, p. 13
SERCOMBE  William    25y  Ostler  Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  30y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  John        8y  ---     N
SERCOMBE  William     5y  ---     N
SERCOMBE  Emily       4y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  George      1y  ---     Y
Knowle, Clyst St. George, Devon
HO107/206/9, enum. dist. 3, fol. 9, pp. 12-13
PARR      Samual     35y  Ind[ependent]       Y
PARR      Charlotte  30y  ---                 Y
PARR      Maria       1y  ---                 Y
PARR      Catharine   5m  ---                 Y
/ new household, same building /
GIBBINGS  William    50y  M[ale] S[ervant]    Y
SERCOMBE  Grace      35y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
MADGE     Jane       30y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
MADGE     Grace      20y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
LIDSTER   Elizabeth  30y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
RUGG      Eliza      20y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
Little Silver, Rockbeare, Devon
HO107/207/12, enum. dist. 8, fol. 11, p. 16
TAYLOR    Joseph   30y  Ag Lab  Y
TAYLOR    Susanna  30y  ---     N
TAYLOR    Sarah     3y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Sarah    67y  ---     Y
Lower Coombe, South Pool, Devon
HO107/212/3, enum. dist. 15, fol. 5, p. 5
SERCUMBE  Robert     40y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
SERCUMBE  Elizabeth  40y  ---                       Y
SERCUMBE  Ann         9y  ---                       Y
SERCUMBE  Mary        7y  ---                       Y
Sciddow, Ashton, Devon
HO107/219/2, enum. dist. 1, fol. 9, p. 12
SIRCOMBE  Samuel     52y  Farmer  Y
SIRCOMBE  Ann        45y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Mary       10y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Samuel      8y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Jane        6y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Elizabeth   4y  ---     Y
ROLSTONE  William    91y  ---     Y
Mill Lane, Chudleigh, Devon
HO107/219/7, enum. dist. 2, fol. 11, p. 16
SURCOMBE  John  35y  Blk Smith  Y
Strand, Dawlish, Devon
HO107/219/13, enum. dist. 2, fol. 4, p. 2
BROWN     Frederick       35y  Linen Draper        Y
BROWN     Frederick Jas.   9y  ---                 Y
BROWN     Catherine Ann    8y  ---                 Y
BROWN     Ebenezer         6y  ---                 Y
SAUNDERS  Sarah           15y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
SAUNDERS  Mary            15y  Shopwoman           Y
SKINNER   Henry T.        19y  Sh[op]m[an]         Y
SERCOMBE  James           14y  Sh[op]m[an]         Y
Old Town Street, Dawlish, Devon
HO107/219/15, enum. dist. 4, fol. 4, p. 2
SERCOMBE  James   35y  Grocer  Y
SERCOMBE  Mary    35y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Sophia   8y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Mary     6y  ---     Y
Church Street, Dawlish, Devon
HO107/219/15, enum. dist. 4, fol. 13, p. 21
COLE      James      35y  Ag Lab     Y
COLE      Elizabeth  34y  ---        Y
COLE      George      3y  ---        Y
COLE      Bessey      7m  ---        Y
/ new household same house /
SERCOMBE  Mary       65y  Laundress  Y
Church Street, Dawlish, Devon
HO107/219/15, enum. dist. 4, fol. 14, p. 22
SERCOMBE  William    37y  J Mason  Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  38y  ---      Y
SERCOMBE  George      9y  ---      Y
SERCOMBE  Selina      7y  ---      Y
SERCOMBE  Maria       5y  ---      Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth   3y  ---      Y
SERCOMBE  John       10m  ---      Y
Sowton Cott, Doddiscombsleigh, Devon
HO107/219/20, enum. dist. 7, fol. 5, p. 4
SERCOMBE  Jos.       25y  Ag Lab  Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  25y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  George      3y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  James       1y  ---     Y
ENDICOTT  Sarah      15y  ---     Y
Kiddons, Exminster, Devon
HO107/219/22, enum. dist. 8, fol. 10, p. 15
SERCOMBE  Mary      35y  ---  Y
BULLY     Harriett  15y  ---  Y
SERCOMBE  Joanah    13y  ---  Y
SERCOMBE  Eliza     10y  ---  Y
SERCOMBE  John       8y  ---  Y
SERCOMBE  Thomas     6y  ---  Y
SERCOMBE  Wm.        4y  ---  Y
Milton Street, Brixham, Devon
HO107/227/8, enum. dist. 3, fol. 15, p. 24
SERCOMBE  Robt.     40y  Ag L  Y
SERCOMBE  Harriett  45y  ---   Y
SERCOMBE  Mary       7y  ---   Y
Cross Lane, Bridestowe, Devon
HO107/231/6, enum. dist. 8, fol. 7, p. 9
SURCOMBE  William  65y  Veterianary Surgeon  Y
SURCOMBE  Mary     65y  ---                  Y
SURCOMBE  William  35y  ---                  Y
SURCOMBE  Samuel   20y  ---                  Y
Mockham, Charles, Devon
HO107/245/4, enum. dist. 17, fol. 5, p. 5
SKINNER     Alexander  35y  Farmer   Y
SKINNER     Sarah      27y  ---      Y
SKINNER     Elizth.    24m  ---      Y
SKINNER     Ann        11m  ---      Y
PECKERD     Henry      25y  Servant  Y
DICKER      James      20y  Servant  Y
HARDING     John       20y  Servant  Y
HOLLAWAY    Wm.        20y  Servant  Y
SOUTHCOMBE  Wm.        12y  Servant  Y
RUDD        Sarah      20y  Servant  Y
DENDLE      Anna       16y  Servant  Y
RUDD        Anna       12y  Servant  Y
Host Yard, High Bray, Devon
HO107/245/6, enum. dist. 5, fol. 4, p. 3
THORNE      Jacob    40y  Farmer  Y
THORNE      Maria    35y  ---     Y
THORNE      Mary     15y  ---     Y
THORNE      Susan    13y  ---     Y
THORNE      Maria    11y  ---     Y
THORNE      Jacob     5y  ---     Y
THORNE      John      3y  ---     Y
THORNE      William   1y  ---     Y
MOULE       George   20y  M.S.    Y
SOUTHCOMBE  James    15y  Ap.     Y
Braytown Cottages, High Bray, Devon
HO107/245/6, enum. dist. 5, fol. 9, p. 12
SOUTHCOMBE  William    45y  Ag Lab  Y
SOUTHCOMBE  Jane       40y  ---     Y
SOUTHCOMBE  Catherine  11y  ---     Y
SOUTHCOMBE  Jane        6y  ---     Y
SOUTHCOMBE  John        1y  ---     Y
Nero House, Stoke Rivers, Devon
HO107/245/14, enum. dist. 11, fol. 6, pp. 6-7
FRY         Abraham   30y  Farmer  Y
FRY         Agness    28y  ---     Y
FRY         John       4y  ---     Y
FRY         Thomas     2y  ---     Y
FRY         Elizabeth  2m  ---     Y
FRY         James      8y  M.S.    Y       
NOTT        John      22y  M.S.    Y
SOUTHCOMBE  Anthony   21y  M.S.    Y
HUXTABLE    John      16y  M.S.    Y
RIDGE       John      14y  M.S.    Y
GIBBS       Sarah     23y  F.S.    Y
HUXTABLE    Jane      12y  F.S.    Y
Five Weeches(?) Farm, Bovey Tracey, Devon
HO107/253/10, enum. dist. 9, fols. 6-7, pp. 7-8
SERCOMBE  Samuel     40y  Farmer                       Y
SERCOMBE  Mary       40y  ---                          Y
SERCOMBE  Sarah      13y  ---                          Y
SERCOMBE  Mary        8y  ---                          Y
SERCOMBE  Samuel      5y  ---                          Y
HELLIER   Sarah      13y  Ind[ependent]                N
RICH      John       15y  Ag[ricultural] Ap[prentice]  Y
GALE      William    15y  Ag[ricultural] Ap[prentice]  Y
WINSOR    Robert     14y  Ag[ricultural] Ap[prentice]  Y
PAYNE     Henry      12y  Ag[ricultural] Ap[prentice]  Y
HEATH     Elizabeth  22y  F[emale] S[ervant]           Y
SCARDON   Ann        13y  Ap[prentice]                 Y
Cross Street, Moretonhampstead, Devon
HO107/254/4, enum. dist. 1, fol. 7, p. 8
CANN          Samuel     35y  Inn Keeper  Y
CANN          Susan      30y  ---         Y
BRIMBLECOMBE  Mary       25y  F.S.        Y
DREWE         Elizabeth  20y  F.S.        Y
EVANS         Elizabeth  15y  F.S.        Y
WILLS         Mary       12y  F.S.        Y
SERCOMBE      William    25y  M.S.        Y
Fore Street, Moretonhampstead, Devon
HO107/254/6, enum. dist. 3, fol. 9, p. 13
SERCOMBE  Mary  75y  ---  Y
Aller, Christow, Devon
HO107/262/17, enum. dist. 4, fols. 7-8, pp. 9-10
AMERY        William    75y  Farmer                    Y
AMERY        Grace      70y  ---                       Y
AMERY        Mary       35y  ---                       Y
AMERY        Elizabeth  30y  ---                       Y
ADDEMS       Mary       12y  ---                       Y
SIRCOMBE     Martha     20y  F[emale] S[ervant]        Y
LIVITON      Joseph     25y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
DIGGINES     Reuben     15y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
WALLING      William    14y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
HOLMES       George     13y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
BROCKINGTON  John       80y  Butcher                   Y
New Road, Christow, Devon
HO107/262/17, enum. dist. 4, fol. 8, p. 11
SIRCOMBE  Thomas     45y  Ag Lab  Y
SIRCOMBE  Martha     40y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Mary       12y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Elizabeth  10y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Eliza       7y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Edmund      5y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Maria       3y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Dina       11m  ---     Y
--- new household in same house ---
CORNISH   Thomas     30y  Ag Lab  Y
New Road, Christow, Devon
HO107/262/17, enum. dist. 4, fols. 8-9, pp. 11-12
SIRCOMBE  John       35y  Ag Lab  Y
SIRCOMBE  Susan      40y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  Elizabeth   6y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  George      4y  ---     Y
SIRCOMBE  William     1y  ---     Y
Seahill, Christow, Devon
HO107/262/18, enum. dist. 5, fol. 4, p. 2
ARCHER    William  30y  Farmer              Y
ARCHER    Mary     25y  ---                 Y
ARCHER    Sarah     3y  ---                 Y
ARCHER    Lucy      6m  ---                 Y
ARCHER    Francis  12y  M[ale] S[ervant]    Y
SERCOMBE  Amelia   15y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
Straton, Christow, Devon
HO107/262/18, enum. dist. 5, fol. 5, p. 4
SERCOMBE  Elias      45y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  45y  ---                       Y
SERCOMBE  Samuel      9y  ---                       Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  14y  ---                       Y
STEVENS   Elizabeth   2y  ---                       Y
TOZER     John       50y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
Lower Village, Christow, Devon
HO107/262/18, enum. dist. 5, fol. 7, p. 8
SERCOMBE  Samuel  40y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
SERCOMBE  Ann     40y  ---                       Y
SERCOMBE  Samuel   7y  ---                       Y
SERCOMBE  Elias    4y  ---                       Y
Furlong Farm, Drewsteignton, Devon
HO107/263/3, enum. dist. 9, fol. 5a, p. 6
BRAGG     William    55y  Farmer   Y
BRAGG     Mary       55y  ---      Y
SIRCOMBE  Sarah      50y  F S      Y
WARAM     Mary       29y  F S      Y
BROWNING  Elizabeth  15y  F Ap Ag  Y
FOULKES   John       45y  Ag Lab   N
BROCK     William    25y  Ag Lab   Y
HORSHAM   Richard    18y  Ag Lab   Y
HEYWOOD   James      18y  Ag Ap    Y
Townsend, Dunsford, Devon
HO107/263/6, enum. dist. 1, fol. 3, p. 1
SEWARD    John       60y  Farmer                       Y
SEWARD    Elizabeth  60y  ---                          Y
SEWARD    Joseph     20y  ---                          Y
SEWARD    Sophia     20y  ---                          Y
SEWARD    Francis    15y  ---                          Y
SEWARD    William     6y  ---                          Y
SEWARD    John        4y  ---                          Y
SERCOMBE  John       15y  Ag[ricultural] Ap[prentice]  Y
LEE       William    15y  Ag[ricultural] Ap[prentice]  Y
COX       William    12y  Ag[ricultural] Ap[prentice]  Y
RICE      Mary       20y  F[emale] S[ervant]           Y
Berry Cross, Dunsford, Devon
HO107/263/6, enum. dist. 1, fol. 3, p. 1
SERCOMBE  William  45y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]  Y
Collabridge, Dunsford, Devon
HO107/263/6, enum. dist. 1, fols. 3-4, pp. 1-2
WILLS     Thomas     35y  Farmer                       Y
WILLS     Mary       35y  ---                          Y
WILLS     Joseph      4y  ---                          Y
WILLS     Edward      2y  ---                          Y
WILLS     Samuel      6m  ---                          Y
SERCOMBE  John       15y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]     Y
WEDLOCK   Thomas     25y  Ag[ricultural] Lab[orer]     Y
PHILLIPS  George     13y  Ag[ricultural] Ap[prentice]  Y
COX       Elizabeth  15y  F[emale] Ap[prentice]        Y
Sercombes Cot, Dunsford, Devon
HO107/263/6, enum. dist. 1, fol. 4, p. 2
SERCOMBE  John       55y  Carpenter                 Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  50y  ---                       Y
SERCOMBE  Samuel     25y  ---                       Y
SERCOMBE  John       25y  ---                       Y
SERCOMBE  Ann        20y  ---                       Y
GIBBINS   John       25y  Carpenter's J[ourneyman]  Y
Hampton Place, St. Thomas, Devon
HO107/265/9, enum. dist. 1, fol. 6, p. 6
SERCOMBE  John       50y  Tailor  Y
SERCOMBE  Susanna    50y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Eliza      20y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  15y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Lydia      15y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Sarah      12y  ---     Y
Heath Barton Farm, Whitestone, Devon
HO107/265/28, enum. dist. 8, fol. 8, p. 9
TAVERNER   John       55y  Agriculturist     Y
TAVERNER   Anne       80y  Ind[ependent]     Y
TAVERNER   Mary       50y  ---               Y
TAVERNER   William    50y  ---               Y
TAVERNER   Elizabeth  40y  ---               Y
SERCOMBE   Samuel     25y  M[ale] S[ervant]  Y
FINNIMORE  George     20y  Ap[prentice]      Y
TAVERNER   Robert     15y  Ap[prentice]      Y
HOLDING    Anne       20y  Ap[prentice]      Y
GRANT      Robert     15y  Ap[prentice]      Y
Prestons Cottage, Whitestone, Devon
HO107/265/29, enum. dist. 9, fol. 6, p. 6
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  60y  Independent  Y
Infant Place, Exeter All Hallows on the Walls, Devon
HO107/266/2, enum. dist. 1, fol. 11, p. 16
SERCOMBE  Will     45y  Porter  Y  ["50" written in margin]
SERCOMBE  Ann      45y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Charles  20y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Mary      3y  ---     Y
Bartholomew Terrace, Exeter All Hallows on the Walls, Devon
HO107/266/2, enum. dist. 1, fol. 11, p. 17
SERCOMBE  Geo.       43y  Merchant  Y
SERCOMBE  Grace      44y  ---       N
SERCOMBE  James      15y  ---       Y
SERCOMBE  Mary       14y  ---       Y
SERCOMBE  Geo.       11y  ---       Y
SERCOMBE  Thomas      6y  ---       Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth   5y  ---       Y
Bonhay, Exeter St. Edmund, Devon
HO107/266/15, enum. dist. 11, fol. 12, p. 19
GRIFFIN   John     25y  Paper m[aker]  Y
GRIFFIN   Rebecca  30y  ---            Y
GRIFFIN   William   6y  ---            Y
GRIFFIN   Lydia     4y  ---            Y
GRIFFIN   Thomas    2y  ---            Y
SERCOMBE  Richard   3y  ---            Y
Bridge Street, Exeter St. Edmund, Devon
HO107/266/15, enum. dist. 11, fol. 21, p. 37
SERCOMBE    Thomas   30y  Porter Mercht.      Y
SERCOMBE    Jane     30y  ---                 N
SERCOMBE    Anna      7y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE    Lucy      5y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE    Joseph    4y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE    Jane      3y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE    Joan     55y  Widow               N
GREENSLADE  Grace    20y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
JEWELL      Loveday  15y  F[emale] S[ervant]  N
Garden Square, Exeter St. Kerrian, Devon
HO107/266/18, enum. dist. 13, fol. 7, p. 28
SEERCOMB  William  45y  Shoem[aker]  Y
SEERCOMB  Mary     50y  Char Woman   Y
14 South Street, Exeter St. Mary Major, Devon
HO107/267/4, enum. dist. 14, fol. 31, p. 57
SERCOMBE    Thomas     30y  Tailor              Y
SERCOMBE    Ann        35y  ---                 Y
TWIGGS      John       70y  Cooper              Y
TWIGGS      Ann        65y  ---                 Y
TWIGGS      Elizabeth  30y  ---                 Y
TWIGGS      Isabella   15y  ---                 Y
COUCH       Grace      85y  Ind[ependent]       Y
SMALLDRIGE  Sarah      20y  F[emale] Ser[vant]  Y
Black Boy Road, Exeter St. Sidwell, Devon
HO107/268/1, enum. dist. 1, fol. 9, p. 11
SERCOMBE  Wm.   25y  Taylor  Y
SERCOMBE  Ann   25y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Jno.   2y  ---     Y
8 Salutary Place, Exeter St. Sidwell, Devon
HO107/268/2, enum. dist. 2, fol. 26, p. 46
FLEMING   Sophia    65y  Ind[ependent]       N
SERCOMBE  Emily     12y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE  Gertrude   9y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE  Fanny      4y  ---                 Y
PAYNE     Elizabth  25y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
Paris Street, Exeter St. Sidwell, Devon
HO107/268/6, enum. dist. 6, fol. 22, p. 38
SERCOMBE  John  25y  Grocer  Y
SERCOMBE  Mary  20y  ---     Y
SERCOMBE  Rosa   3m  ---     Y
Red Lion Court, Magdalen Street, Exeter, Devon
HO107/268/12, enum. dist. 10, fol. 11, p. 16
SERCOMBE  Mary    60y  Washerwoman   N
SERCOMBE  Samuel  15y  Ap[prentice]  Y
Magdalen Street, Exeter Holy Trinity, Devon
HO107/268/12, enum. dist. 10, fol. 18, p. 31
SERCOMBE  Henery   28y  Basket Maker        Y
SERCOMBE  Ann      28y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE  William   5y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE  Emma      3y  ---                 Y
BROOKS    Magaret  70y  Laundress           Y
BROOKS    Sophia   21y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
7 Colleton Crescent, Exeter Holy Trinity, Devon
HO107/268/13, enum. dist. 11, fols. 20-21, pp. 35-36
SERCOMBE  Ann        47y  Ind[ependent]         Y
SERCOMBE  Rupert     20y  Merchant As[sistan]t  Y
SERCOMBE  Harret     18y  ---                   Y
SERCOMBE  John       17y  ---                   Y
SERCOMBE  James      16y  ---                   Y
SERCOMBE  Edwin      14y  ---                   Y
SERCOMBE  Fredrick    6y  ---                   Y
COX       Mary       24y  F[emale] S[ervant]    N
WRIGHT    Mary Ann   19y  F[emale] S[ervant]    Y
COX       Elizabeth  15y  F[emale] S[ervant]    N
14 Briton Side and 2 White Cross Street, Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon
HO107/271/10, enum. dist. 10, fol. 7, p. 8
... [together with an innkeeper, her family, servants, and other guests] ...
SEREVENBE  John  45y  Merchant  Y
  [probably the enumerator's error for SERCOMBE]
Market Street, Devonport, Devon
HO107/274/3, enum. dist. 3, fol. 6, pp. 6-7
WADLING   William   25y  Shipwright J[ourneyman]  Y
WADLING   Elzabith  27y  ---                      Y
WADLING   Janny      5y  ---                      Y
WADLING   William    2m  ---                      Y
WADLING   Jane      50y  Ind[ependent]            Y
/new household, same building/
SURCOMBE  John      60y  Smith J[ourneyman]       Y
SURCOMBE  Thomas    20y  Tailor                   Y
SURCOMBE  Henry     20y  Shipwright App[rentice]  Y
SURCOMBE  Mary      11y  ---                      Y
Navy Row, Devonport, Devon
HO107/275/9, enum. dist. 3, fols. 14-15, pp. 23-24
SURICOMBE  William    30y  Smith J[ourneyman]  Y
SURICOMBE  Elizabeth  30y  ---                 Y
SURICOMBE  Emily       7y  ---                 Y
SURICOMBE  Elizabeth   6y  ---                 Y

1841 Gloucestershire

From original records at Ancestry.
Cherry Lane, Bristol St. James
HO107/372/3, enum. dist. 4, fol. 19, p. 32
SIRCOM  Thomas  65y  J Butcher  N
SIRCOM  Ann     50y  ---        Y
Pritchard Street, Bristol St. Paul
HO107/374/3, enum. dist. 5, fol. 21, p. 36
HOUSE   William   40y  Vet Surgeon  Y
HARRIS  Sarah     60y  Ind          N
HOUSE   Sophia    40y  ---          N
HOUSE   Wm.       14y  ---          Y
HOUSE   Fredk.    10y  ---          Y
HOUSE   Julia     15y  ---          Y
HOUSE   Creswell   4y  ---          Y
HOUSE   Laura      7y  ---          Y
HOUSE   Silina     3y  ---          Y
SIRCOM  Emily     20y  Governess    Y
Hill Street, Bristol St. Paul
HO107/374/4, enum. dist. 7, fol. 9, pp. 12-13
SERCOMBE  William   30y  Carpenter J[ourneyman]  Y
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann  25y  ---                     Y
SERCOMBE  Thomas     4y  ---                     Y
SERCOMBE  Mary Ann   2y  ---                     Y
SERCOMBE  Ann        2m  ---                     Y
Old Market Street, Bristol St. Philip and Jacob
HO107/375/1, enum. dist. 1, fol. 7, p. 10
BUTLER    Samuel   30y  Chemist               Y
SERCOM    Richard  25y  Chemist Sh[opman]     Y
STEPHENS  Walter   15y  Chemist Ap[prentice]  N
BUSSEL    Amelia   35y  F[emale] S[ervant]    N
David Street, Bristol St. Philip and Jacob
HO107/375/2, enum. dist. 16, fol. 6, p. 7
SERCOMBE  William  45y  Labourer                   N
SERCOMBE  Mary     50y  ---                        N
SERCOMBE  William  20y  Smith                      N
SERCOMBE  John     20y  Coach Smiths Ap[prentice]  N
SERCOMBE  Mary     20y  ---                        N
Sussex Place, Bristol (district of St. James and St. Paul)
HO107/377/15, enum. dist. 9, fol. 10, p. 14
SURCOMB  John       49y  Teacher             Y
SURCOMB  Edwin      25y  Professor of Music  Y
SURCOMB  Jane       45y  ---                 Y
SURCOMB  Jane       20y  ---                 Y
SURCOMB  Henry      15y  Accountant          Y
SURCOMB  Catharine  12y  ---                 Y
SURCOMB  Louisa     10y  ---                 Y
SURCOMB  Clara       7y  ---                 Y
SURCOMB  Stephen     4y  ---                 Y
Tracey Row, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
HO107/380/7, enum. dist. 7, fol. 17, pp. 28-29
SIRCOMB  Henry      50y  Stocking M[aker] J[ourneyman]  N
SIRCOMB  Mary       50y  ---                            Y
SIRCOMB  Richard    20y  Shopman                        Y
SIRCOMB  Sarah      20y  ---                            Y
SIRCOMB  Elizabeth  15y  ---                            Y

1841 Guernsey

From the transcript by Lorna Pratt.
Callois, St. Martin, Guernsey
HO107/1460, enum. dist. 1, fol. 15, p. 23
SERCOMBE    William           47y Gardener            England
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         44y ---                 England
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth         14y ---                 GSY
SERCOMBE    Mary               9y ---                 GSY
SERCOMBE    Hellen             9y ---                 GSY
SERCOMBE    William            7y ---                 GSY
SERCOMBE    Jane               5y ---                 GSY
SERCOMBE    Charlotte          2y ---                 GSY
/new household, same building/
ADAMS       Ann               50y ---                 England

1841 Jersey

From the transcript by Lorna Pratt.
Les Marais Vingtaine, Grouville, Jersey
HO107/1461, enum. dist. 2, fol. 20, p. 1
GODFRAY     Hugh              45y Officer of Justice  JSY
GODFRAY     Elizabeth         45y ---                 JSY
GODFRAY     Serriet? [male]   15y Bankers Cl          JSY
GODFRAY     John              15y Attorney's Cl       JSY
/new household, same building/
BAMBER?     Elizabeth         25y ---                 JSY
BAMBER?     Hugh               1m ---                 JSY
LERRIER?    Elizabeth         60y ---                 JSY
JOHNS?      Frances?          50y F.S.                Foreign
SERCOMBE?   Jane              20y F.S.                England
LE CLERQ    Esther            15y F.S.                JSY
LE RICHE    Susan             15y F.S.                JSY
BROOKES     Eleanor           20y F.S.                England
BREAD       Alexander         30y M.S                 England
PIKE        Henry             13y M.S.                Ireland

1841 Middlesex

Diddington Place, Islington, Middlesex
HO107/665/10, enum. dist. 30, fol. 40, p. 4
SERCOMBE  Wm.        35y  Cl[erk]             N
SERCOMBE  Wm.         7y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE  Emma       25y  ---                 N
SERCOMBE  Henry       3y  ---                 Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth   8m  ---                 Y
MAYNARD   Eliza      12y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
Radnor Street, Finsbury St. Luke, Middlesex
HO107/666/6, enum. dist. 15, fol. 33, p. 12
ASH       Robert   31y  Carpenter   N
ASH       Frances  27y  ---         N
ASH       William   8y  ---         N
ASH       John      6y  ---         N
ASH       Charles   7m  ---         Y
/new household, same building/
SERECOMB  Mary     34y  Dressmaker  N
Frederick Street, St. Pancras, Middlesex
HO107/684/3, enum. dist. 3, fol. 6, p. 7
SIRCOMB  Joseph   40y  Porter  Devon
SIRCOMB  Sarah    35y  ---     Wales
SIRCOMB  Jane     12y  ---     Y
SIRCOMB  William   9m  ---     Y
Drummond Crescent, St. Pancras, Middlesex
HO107/685/8, enum. dist. 8, fol. 36, p. 66
THOMPSON  Isabella   60y  Ind[ependent]  S[cotland]
BILLETT   Caroline   40y  Needlewoman    Y
LEMON     Elizabeth  30y  Needlewoman    Y
HAWKINS   William    35y  Laborer        Y
HAWKINS   Elizabeth  35y  ---            N
SURCUM    John        5y  ---            Y
35 Hertford Street, St. Pancras, Middlesex (possibly a boarding house)
HO107/686/8, enum. dist. 8a, fol. 17, p. 28
SERCOMBE  John     30y  Tailor   Y
SERCOMBE  Richard  25y  Painter  Y
12 Upper St. Leonard Street, Westminster (parish of St. George Hanover Square)
HO107/732/17, enum. dist. 52, fol. 39, p. 7
SURCOMBE  John  33y  Joiner  N
SURCOMBE  Jane  43y  ---     N
Poland Street, Westminster (parish of St. James)
HO107/735/8, enum. dist. 9, fol. 22, p. 38
SERCOMB  James  44y  Tailor  N
SERCOMB  Mary   38y  ---     N
St. James's Street, Westminster (parish of St. James)
HO107/736/3, enum. dist. 3, fol. 5, p. 5
SERCOMBE  John       27y  Tailor J  Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  25y  ---       Y
SERCOMBE  Rebecca     2y  ---       Y
SERCOMBE  John        3m  ---       Y
Vincent Street, Westminster (parish of St. John the Evangelist)
HO107/737/2, enum. dist. 3, fol. 26, p. 47
SERCOMBE  Richard  45y  Tanner  N
SERCOMBE  Fanny    45y  ---     N

1841 Somerset

From images at Ancestry.
Westendtown, Brislington, Somerset
HO107/947/1, enum. dist. 5, fol. 6, p. 4
SIRCOM     John       25y  Private Tutor       N
SIRCOM     Louisa     25y  ---                 N
SIRCOM     Maria       3y  ---                 N
SIRCOM     John        2y  ---                 N
SIRCOM     Louisa      6m  ---                 Y
KINGSBURY  Elizabeth  55y  ---                 Y
SKILLING   Susannah   14y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
HUDSON     Eliza      20y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
Fore Street, Wellington, Somerset
HO107/950/6, enum. dist. 3, fol. 11, p. 14
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  45y  Ind       Y
SERCOMBE  William    25y  Perfumer  Y
SERCOMBE  Margaret   25y  ---       N
SERCOMBE  Mary       20y  ---       Y
SERCOMBE  James      12y  ---       Y
SERCOMBE  George      2y  ---       N
SERCOMBE  Mary        9m  ---       N
Bishops Hull, Somerset
HO107/959/10, enum. dist. 15, fol. 28, p. 11
DAVEY      John       30y  Publican            Y
DAVEY      Rebeca     29y  ---                 N
DAVEY      William     9y  ---                 Y
/new household, same building/
SUMPSON    Elizabeth  18y  F[emale] S[ervant]  N
SERCOMBE   George     30y  Ind[ependent]       Y
North Street, Taunton St. Mary Magdalen, Somerset
HO107/972/3, enum. dist. 2, fol. 33, p. 8
HARE    John         35y  House Agent         Y
HARE    Louisa       35y  ---                 Y
HARE    Matilda       6y  ---                 Y
HARE    Vere [male]   5y  ---                 Y
HARE    Emily         3y  ---                 Y
HARE    Marian        1y  ---                 Y
/new household, same building/
SIRCOM  Harriott     45y  Ind[ependent]       Y
SIRCOM  Mary         14y  ---                 N
WEBBER  Sarah        20y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
North Street, Taunton St. Mary Magdalen, Somerset
HO107/972/3, enum. dist. 2, fol. 41, p. 26
SERCOMBE  George     30y  Hair Dresser        Y
SERCOMBE  Elizabeth  15y  ---                 Y
BUCBEAR   Eliza      15y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
BRYANT    Joseph     45y  Ind[ependent]       Y
SEALY     Ann        25y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y
Cumberland Row, Walcot, Bath, Somerset
HO107/970/10, enum. dist. 5A, fol. 20, p. 33
SERCOMBE    Willm.     45y  Taylor       Y
SERCOMBE    Amy        45y  ---          Y
SERCOMBE    Amy        15y  ---          Y
SERCOMBE    Elizabeth  15y  ---          Y
SERCOMBE    Willm.     13y  ---          Y
SERCOMBE    Mary       11y  ---          Y
SERCOMBE    Edward      9y  ---          Y
SERCOMBE    Fanny       7y  ---          Y
SERCOMBE    Charlotte   3y  ---          Y

1841 Surrey

Mason Street, Lambeth St. Mary, Surrey
HO107/1057/5, enum. dist. 9, fol. 9, p. 12
SERCOMBE  James  35y  J[ourneyman] Bricklayer  N
SERCOMBE  Sally  30y  ---                      N
SERCOMBE  Mary    6y  ---                      N
SERCOMBE  Emily   3y  ---                      N
Carter Street, St. Mary Newington, Surrey
HO107/1064/1, enum. dist. 2, fol. 30, p. 7
SIRCOMBE  Isaac      46y  Clerk  N
SIRCOMBE  Elizabeth  50y  ---    N
SIRCOMBE  Sophia     28y  ---    N
SIRCOMBE  Isaac      12y  ---    N
SIRCOMBE  Ellen      16y  ---    N
-- new household in same building --
NOTTLE    Sophia     28y  ---    N
Paradise Row, Richmond, Surrey
HO107/1075/11, enum. dist. 5, fol. 5, p. 3
SIRCOMB  James  25y  Baker J[ourneyman]  Y
SIRCOMB  Eliza  25y  ---                 Y
SIRCOMB  Eliza   1y  ---                 Y
SIRCOMB  Mary    2m  ---                 Y

1841 Warwickshire

Bath Street, Leamington Priors, Warwickshire
HO107/1135/10, enum. dist. 1, fol. 10, pp. 50-51
SURCOMBE  Elizabeth  30y  Confectioner        N
STOKES    Sophia     25y  F[emale] S[ervant]  Y

1841 Yorkshire

Mount Leven, Yarm, Yorkshire
HO107/1259/15, enum. dist. 11, fols. 41-42, pp. 23-24
COLBECK   John     67y  Farmer  Y
COLBECK   Kitty    71y  ---     Y
SURCOMBE  William  50y  ---     Y
ELGEY     John     17y  M.S.    Y
NEWTON    Jane     18y  F.S.    Y
APELTON   Mary     16y  F.S.    Y

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