Descendants of George Leslie of Burdsbank

Grant gives an account of the Leslies of Burdsbank, in the parish of Cullen, Banffshire (ref. 9, pp. 180-184). In it he states that George Leslie, 1st laird of Burdsbank, was the second son of Robert Leslie, 1st laird of Findrassie, in the parish of New Spynie, Moray. According to Col. Leslie's account of the Leslies of Findrassie (ref. 10, pp. 159-176), this Robert Leslie was a son of George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes. This webpage only attempts to trace the family starting with the generation that acquired Burdsbank.

George LESLIE (the younger) of Burdsbank, m. Christian BAIRD. Sheriff-clerk of Banffshire, i.e. clerk of the sheriff's court, 1675-1682 or later. [ref. 1,3a,3c,6]
  1. William LESLIE, chr. 11 Jun 1668 at Cullen, Banffshire. [ref. 3c]
  2. Helen LESLIE, chr. 25 Aug 1669 at Cullen. [ref. 3c]
  3. Christian LESLIE, chr. 10 Aug 1671 at Cullen. [ref. 3c]
  4. John LESLIE, chr. 6 Jul 1674 at Cullen. [ref. 3c]
  5. George LESLYE, chr. 9 Dec 1676 at Cullen. [ref. 3c]
  6. Jean LESLIE, chr. 22 Jul 1679 at Banff, Banffshire. [ref. 1,3a]
  7. Alexander LESLIE, chr. 15 Jun 1681 at Banff. Alexander BAIRD, merchant in Edinburgh (relationship unknown) witnessed the baptism. [ref. 1,3a]
  8. Patrick LESLIE of Melrose, chr. 15 Dec 1682 at Banff. In 1697, a witness at the baptism of Peter LESLY, son of Alexander LESLY of Kininvie (below, relationship unknown). Sheriff-clerk of Banffshire, at least 1707-1709. [ref. 1,3a]
    1. Mary LESLIE, chr. 1 Nov 1707 at Banff. Had an aunt Mary RAMSAY. Note that James RAMSAY of Melrose was admitted burgess of Banff, 1654. [ref. 1,3a,8]
    2. William LESLIE of Melrose, chr. 31 May 1709 at Banff. Witnesses at the baptism included William BAIRD of Auchmedden and William BAIRD his son (relationship unknown) and "William LESLY of Birdsbank deceas'd [sic]" (who is this?). Sheriff-clerk of Banffshire, to 1726 (?). [ref. 1,3a,6]
      1. William LESLYE. Baptism witness 1738. [ref. 1]
      2. Jean LESLIE, b. and chr. 3 Apr 1739 at Banff. [ref. 1,3a]
      3. Alexander LESLIE, chr. 31 Mar 1741 at Banff (twin with Henriet). His baptism was witnessed by Alexander LESLIE of Findrassie (relationship unknown). [ref. 1,3a]
      4. Henriet LESLIE, chr. 31 Mar 1741 at Banff (twin with Alexander). [ref. 1,3a]
      5. Patrick LESLYE. Baptism witness 1743. [ref. 1]
      6. Mary LESLYE, chr. 2 Jan 1743 at Banff. [ref. 1,3a]
      7. John LESLYE. Baptism namesake 1750. [ref. 1]
    3. Bathia LESLIE, chr. 11 Jan 1711 at Gamrie, Banffshire, m. 21 Aug 1742 at Banff, James Kenneth SAUNDERS, d. 31 Jan 1793 aged 82. [ref. 2,3a,3b,6]
    4. Elizabeth LESLY, chr. 12 Dec 1711 at Gamrie. [ref. 3b]
    5. Christian LESLY, chr. 11 Jan 1713 at Gamrie. [ref. 3b]
    6. George LESLIE, chr. 5 Mar 1714 at Gamrie, m. Margaret LAWSON (dau. of Patrick LAWSON, merchant in Banff). Bailie of Banff, 1738 and 1742. Merchant in Banff, 1743, and after that in Kristiansund, Norway. Together with John RAMSAY and William GORDON, introduced a new method of curing fish in Kristiansund; they became wealthy in this business. [ref. 1,3b,5]
      1. William LESLIE of Dunlugas, chr. May 1738 at Banff, d. 27 Mar 1811. A successful Norwegian proprietor and merchant. Had no children; left Dunlugas to his nephew Hans. [ref. 1,3a,6]
      2. Jean LESLYE, chr. 6 Mar 1742 at Banff (twin with Margaret). [ref. 1,3a]
      3. Margaret LESLYE, chr. 6 Mar 1742 at Banff (twin with Jean), d. 1806. [ref. 1,3a,6]
      4. Patrick LESLYE, chr. 6 Dec 1743 at Banff. [ref. 1,3a]
      5. A son, possibly Patrick above. [ref. 6]
        1. Hans George LESLIE of Dunlugas, d. by 1868, bur. at Alvah, Banffshire. Educated at Banff Academy. A "most liberal-minded country gentleman". [ref. 6]
          1. Hans G. LESLIE of Dunlugas. Captain, East India Company. Sold Dunlugas in 1877 to Sir Robert ABERCROMBY of Forglen for £60,000. [ref. 6]
    7. Margaret LESLY, chr. 18 Dec 1714 at Gamrie. [ref. 3b]
  9. James LESLY, chr. 8 May 1685 at Banff. (This baptism appears in ref. 3a but was not found in ref. 1. It may be an error, or it may appear out of chronological order in ref. 1.) [ref. 3a]

Other Leslies Possibly Related

With connections to Banff:


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