Will of George Sowthcombe 1595

In the name of God Amen, the fyve and twentith day of June in the yeere of our Lord God one thousand, fyve hundred Ninetie and fyve. I George Sowthcombe of Roseashe in the Countie of Devon gent, being sick in body but of good and perfect remembraunce (the Lord be praysed) doe make this my Testament (contaninge therin my last will) in manner and fourme followinge. First I bequeathe my Soule into the handes of Allmighty God, trusting to be saved by the death and passion of Jesus Christ : And my body to be buried in the Churche of Roseashe aforesayd. Item I gieve to the poore people of the same parish ten shillings. Iten I will that my wyfe Jane shall have and enioye (during her lyfe) all that my Tenement called westford : and after her deceasse, I gieve and bequeathe the same Tenement with all his members and appurtenaunces unto Lewys Sowthcombe my Soonne, for and during the tearme of the naturall lyves of him the sayd Lewys, Margarett Sowthcombe and Fraunces Sowthcombe my daughters, according to a Lease made therof unto me and mine Assignes for certaine yeares yet to com, determinable upon their lyves, of the demise and graunt of Richard Halse, and Arthure Halse Esquires : Farther my will is : That yf the sayd Lewys doe dye before he happen to be maried, that then the sayd Tenement with his appurtenances shall remaine and be ioinctly to my sayd two daughters Margaret and Fraunces, and yf either of the sayd Margarett or Fraunnces doe dye before the time of her mariage, that then the whole Tenement with his appurtenaunces shall remaine and be to the Survivour of them. Item I gieve and bequeathe unto Jane my wyfe two Kyne, twentie Ewe sheepe, and ten busshells of Rye. Item I gieve and bequeath unto my daughter Margaret one hundreth powndes lawfull English money. Item I gieve and bequeath unto my daughter Fraunces one hundred powndes. Item I gieve and bequeath unto my daughter Katherine threescore powndes. Item I gieve and bequeath unto my daughter Mary threescore powndes. Farther my will is that yf either of theis my children doe dye before such time as she or they, or either of them shall happen to be maried, that then her or their severall legacie by me gieven unto them as aforesayd, shall remaine and be equally divided in parts among such of them as shall be then at such time living. The residewe of all my goodds, cattells and debts not gieven nor bequeathed, I gieve and bequeath unto Lewys Sowthcombe my Soonne, whome I ordaine and make my full and whole Executor of this my sayd last will and Testament. Item I doe ordaine and appoinct my trustie and welbeloved in Christ Robert Sowthcombe my brother, John Venner Clerck, and Henry Vicary, my Rulers and overseers to see this my sayd will to be accomplisshed and fullfilled ; and I gieve to every of them for their paines taking heerin Ten shillings a peece of them. Farther my request and desier is yf yt may stand with the good liking of the Ecclesiasticall Judge that my beloved friendes Thomas Melhiushe Esquire, Robert Sowthcombe my brother, John Venner Clarck, and Henry Vicarie shall have and take of the sayd Judge an administration annexed to this my will, during the minoritie of my sayd Soonne Lewys my Executour : Theis being Wittnes : Robert Sowthcombe Henry Vickarie, humfrey Sowthcombe, William yarde, John Venner : Robert Sowthcombe, Signum ( henrici Vycary, humfrey Sowthcombe. William yarde. /

[The transcription of the following Latin is uncertain.]

Octavo die mensis Julij Anno Domini Mill'imo, quingentesimo Nonagesimo quinto emanavit Commissio Thome Melhiushe Armigero, Roberto Sowthcombe, Johanni Venner et Henrico Vicary Supervisoribus et fidei commissarijs nominatis in Testamento dci. Defuncti haben' &c Ad administrand. bona &c eiusdem iuper. tenorem Testamenti hnoi. duran. minori etate Lodovici Sowthcombe filij et Executoris &c De bene &c In persona Thome Lovell Notarij publici Procur'is &c ad sca. dei Evangelia iurat /:~

Ultimo die mensis Januarii anno d. iuxta &c 1603 Probatum fuit hm. testamentum coram venn'abili vir domino Johanne Benet milite legm. dicie. Surrogato &c Juramento Lodovi. Souwthcombe executoris in eadem test'o nominati Cui &c de bene &c iurat L'ris Adm'is bonorum dci. defuncti alia. dcis. Thome Melhiushe Roberto Sowthcombe Johanni Venner et Henrico Vicary duran. minori etate dci. Lodovici commiss'is et ...ecess'is Ration plene sue etatis expiratis

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