Descendants of John Cooper

John COOPER, m. 3 Mar 1735/6 at Over, Cheshire, Eleanor BERINGTON (chr. 23 Feb 1714, daughter of Urian BERINGTON of Sandbach, Cheshire, for whose family see Burke's Commoners). A gentleman, of Picton, a township in the parish of Plemstall, sometimes known as Plemonstall, Cheshire. [ref. 1a,2a]
  1. Samuel COOPER, chr. 9 Aug 1736 at Plemstall, m. 15 Jan 1766 at Plemstall, Anne EDMONDSON (daughter of John EDMONDSON of Thornton, in Hough, a township in the parish of Wybunbury, Cheshire). A gentleman, of Hoole, a township mostly in the parish of Plemstall. [ref. 1a,2a]
    1. Had issue. [ref. 2a]
  2. William COOPER, chr. 1 May 1741 at Plemstall, m. 13 Oct 1763 at Plemstall, Frances PEERS. [ref. 1a]
  3. Ann COOPER, chr. 2 Oct 1747 at Plemstall, m. 1787 at Plemstall, George HALE. [ref. 1a]
  4. John COOPER, chr. 13 Jun 1750 at Plemstall, m. 12 May 1774 at St. Peter, Chester, Cheshire, Christian BRITTAIN (daughter of Samuel BRITTAIN), d. 1 Apr 1781. A gentleman, of Picton. [ref. 1a,1b,2a]
    1. Ann COOPER, chr. 21 Mar 1775 at Plemstall. [ref. 1a]
    2. Christian COOPER, chr. 13 Jan 1777 at Plemstall, m. 26 Jan 1808 at Plemstall, John HADFIELD[ref. 1a]
    3. John COOPER, chr. 9 Aug 1778 at Plemstall. [ref. 1a]
    4. Ellen or Eleanor COOPER, chr. 2 Mar 1781 at Plemstall, m. 7 Oct 1803 at Plemstall, Robert Pownall HADFIELD[ref. 1a]
  5. Frances COOPER, chr. 6 Aug 1753 at Plemstall, m. 12 May 1774 at Plemstall, Thomas BUCKLEY. [ref. 1a]


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    1. Plemstall, Cheshire (from index at FamilySearch)
    2. St. Peter, Chester, Cheshire (from IGI batch 8915232, an unverified patron submission -- needs to be checked)
  2. Reference books
    1. John Burke, "Lowndes of Hassall", A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland (1838 edition)

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