Descendants of John Clampitt

John CLAMPITT, b. est. 1561, m. 17 Oct 1586 at Hennock, Devon, Julian BAKER (bur. 19 Feb 1652/3 at Hennock, daughter of John BAKER), bur. 26 Aug 1629 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
  1. Richard CLAMPITT, chr. 26 Oct 1600 at Hennock, m. Marie (bur. 30 Aug 1666 at Hennock). [ref. 1c]
    1. William CLAMPITT, chr. 16 Oct 1625 at Hennock, m. Joane. [ref. 1c]
      1. Marie CLAMPITT, b. 29 Jan 1657/8, chr. 11 Feb 1657/8 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      2. John CLAMPITT, chr. 4 Jun 1661 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
    2. James CLAMPITT, chr. 10 Jan 1627/8 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
    3. Marie CLAMPITT, chr. 6 Feb 1630/1 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
    4. John CLAMPITT, chr. 8 Dec 1633 at Hennock, m. 4 Feb 1661/2 at Hennock, Elizabeth MAIE (bur. 4 Feb 1688/9 at Hennock). [ref. 1c]
      1. John CLAMPITT, chr. 15 Dec 1662 at Hennock, bur. 18 Feb 1678/9 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      2. Joane CLAMPITT, chr. 28 Mar 1664 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      3. Marie CLAMPITT, chr. 24 Apr 1666 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      4. Mathew CLAMPITT, chr. 16 Feb 1668/9 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      5. William CLAMPITT, chr. 27 Feb 1671/2 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      6. Richard CLAMPITT, chr. 24 May 1674 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      7. Grace CLAMPITT, chr. 23 Jan 1676/7 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
    5. Richard CLAMPITT, chr. 12 Feb 1636/7 at Hennock, m. 29 May 1660 at Bovey Tracey, with agreement 2 Apr 1660, Etheldred POTTER (bur. 27 Feb 1697/8 at Hennock), d. by 1698. In 1660, Richard was of Hemcock (Hennock?). [ref. 1a,1c]
      1. Richard CLAMPITT, chr. 21 Mar 1660/1 at Hennock, bur. 18 May 1668 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      2. Lawrence CLAMPITT, chr. 25 Nov 1662 at Hennock, m. by license 9 Aug 1688, Elizabeth MERDON (daughter of John MERDON and Joan WILLMEAD), bur. 8 Feb 1695/6 at Hennock. In 1688, Elizabeth was of Hennock. [ref. 1c,4]
        1. Lawrence CLAMPITT, b. est. 1693, m. 30 Jun 1720 at Hennock, Devon, Jane BERRY. In 1723, of Knowle, in Wreyland manor, Bovey Tracey. In 1728, of Bovey Tracey. In 1732, sold Leigh and a cottage and garden in Wreyland manor for £175; Jane had inherited these properties from her brother John. I have not yet found proof that this Lawrence is the son of the preceding Lawrence, but note that a missing page in the Hennock baptism register leaves a gap in the record from mid-1690 to mid-1695. [ref. 1b,1c]
          1. John CLAMPITT, chr. 19 Jun 1723 at Lustleigh, Devon, m. 12 Dec 1758 at Lustleigh, by license 27 Oct 1758, Mary TOZER, bur. 29 Apr or 22 Dec 1779 at Lustleigh. In 1758, John was a yeoman of Bovey Tracey, and Mary was of Lustleigh. [ref. 1b,4]
            1. Elizabeth CLAMPITT, chr. 5 Sep 1762 at Bovey Tracey, Devon, m1. 6 Nov 1787 at Bovey Tracey, after banns, Naboth BASTARD (bur. 14 Nov 1788 at Bovey Tracey), m2. 11 Feb 1790 at Bovey Tracey, by license, John SERCOMBE, bur. 18 Feb 1836 at Bovey Tracey. In 1787, Elizabeth was of Lustleigh, and her marriage was witnessed by Joseph WILLS and another Joseph WILLS. In 1790, her marriage was witnessed by Joseph WILLS and James SOPER. [ref. 1a,4]
            2. Mary CLAMPITT, chr. 21 Jan 1768 at Bovey Tracey, m. 26 Mar 1799 at Bovey Tracey, Thomas CREDIFORD, bur. 4 Jun 1799 at Lustleigh. In 1799, Mary was a sojourner in Bovey Tracey, and her marriage was witnessed by William SPARKS and George DREATON. [ref. 1a,1b]
              1. Mary CREDIFORD, chr. 4 Jun 1799 at Lustleigh, the same day her mother was buried. [ref. 1b]
          2. William CLAMPIT, chr. 27 Aug 1728 at Lustleigh, m. 6 Jan 1772 at Lustleigh, Mary WILLS. [ref. 1b]
            1. Elizabeth "Betty" CLAMPIT, chr. 24 Mar 1772 at Lustleigh. [ref. 1b]
              1. Ann CLAMPIT, chr. 17 Oct 1790 at Lustleigh. [ref. 1b]
            2. William CLAMPIT, chr. 1 Jan 1775 at Lustleigh. [ref. 1b]
            3. Mary CLAMPIT, chr. 26 Oct 1777 at Lustleigh. [ref. 1b]
        2. John CLAMPITT, chr. 15 Feb 1695/6 at Hennock, bur. 19 Feb 1695/6 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
      3. William CLAMPITT, chr. 28 Feb 1664/5 at Hennock, bur. 24 Jun 1668 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]
    6. Agnes CLAMPITT, chr. 22 Dec 1639 at Hennock, m. 21 Jun 1666 at Bovey Tracey, William CHRISTOPHER. [ref. 1a,1c]
    7. Elizabeth CLAMPIT, chr. 20 Aug 1643 at Hennock, bur. 10 Jun 1662 at Hennock. [ref. 1c]

Other Clampitts

(in Bovey Tracey, Hennock, and Lustleigh)

Descendants of Joseph Berry

BERRY. [ref. 3]
  1. Joseph BERRY, m. 14 Jan 1678/9 at Lustleigh, Jane SOPER, bur. 9 May 1730 at Lustleigh. In 1685/6, 1682/3, and 1730, of Bovey Tracey. From ca. 1703, Joseph owned an eighth part of Knowle, in Wreyland manor, Bovey Tracey. [ref. 1b,3]
    1. William BERRY, chr. 16 May 1680 at Lustleigh and Bovey Tracey, bur. 2 Mar 1682/3 at Lustleigh. [ref. 1a,1b]
    2. Mary BERY, chr. 21 Dec 1682 at Lustleigh, bur. 17 Jan 1685/6 at Lustleigh. [ref. 1b]
    3. Jane BERRY, chr. 11 May 1686 at Lustleigh, m1. 21 Apr 1713 at Bovey Tracey, John YEO, m2. 30 Jun 1720 at Hennock, Lawrence CLAMPITT. Inherited Leigh and a cottage and garden in Wreyland from her brother John. [ref. 1b,1c,3]
    4. John BERRY, chr. 15 Jan 1688/9 at Lustleigh, d. by 1718. Bought Leigh and a cottage and garden in Wreyland from his uncle John; bequeathed them to his sister Jane. In 1718, John was "John BERRY junior". [ref. 1b,3]
  2. John BERRY. Sold Leigh and a cottage and garden in Wreyland to his nephew John. [ref. 1b,3]

Other Berrys

(in Bovey Tracey, Hennock, and Lustleigh)


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