Ancestors of Constantine Steiger

The Berger Family

Michael BERGER, m. 23 May 1803 at Krozingen (now Bad Krozingen), Baden, Ursula BERLE, d. by 1855. Michael was a pig dealer. [ref. 1,2a]
  1. Anton BERGER, b. 24 Jul 1819, m. 19 Feb 1855 at Krozingen, Maria Anna STEIERT, d. by 1858. [ref. 1,2a]
  2. Constantine BERGER, unm. by 1873. Godmother to her sister-in-law Anna's children Franziska (1867), Constantine (1869), Agatha (1871), and Anton (1873). [ref. 1]
Other BERGERs in Krozingen:

The Berle Family

Ursula BERLE, m. 23 May 1803 at Krozingen, Michael BERGER[ref. 1,2a]

Other BERLEs in Krozingen:

The Bleile Family

Katharina BLEILE, b. ca. Jul 1788, m1. 5 Sep 1808 Anton RIESTERER or VISTERER (d. by 1815), m2. 26 Apr 1815 at Krozingen, Joseph STEIERT or STEYERT. Anton BLEILE, clothier, was a witness at Katharina's wedding in 1815. Anton BLEILE, farmer, was a witness at the first wedding of Katharina's daughter Anna in 1855. Georg BLEILE, farmer, was a witness at Anna's second wedding in 1858. [ref. 1,2a]

Other BLEILEs at Krozingen:

The Burgert Family

Katharin BURGERTS, m. Joseph STEYERT[ref. 1]

Other BURGERTs in Krozingen:

The Iselin Family

Joseph ISELIN, m. Catharina BURKARD. [ref. 2b]
  1. Appolinar or Appollinaris ISELIN, m. 19 Jan 1807 at Schlatt am Randen, Baden, Magdalena MUCK. [ref. 1,2b]
    1. Marianne ISELE or ISELIN, b. ca. 1807, m. 28 Nov 1827 at Krozingen, Meinrad STEIGER. Franz MILLER, saddler and farmer of Schlatt, was a witness at their wedding in 1827. [ref. 1,2a]
Other ISELINs in Krozingen:

The Scherle Family

Maria Agatha SCHERLE, b. ca. 1755, m1. 4 Apr 1796 at Krozingen, Joseph BLEILE, m2. 5 Feb 1798 at Krozingen, Martin STEIGER, d. by 1827. Johannes SCHERLE of Pfaffenweiler, Baden, was a witness at Maria's second wedding in 1798. Meinrad SCHERLE of Pfaffenweiler was a witness at the wedding of her son Meinrad STEIGER in 1827. [ref. 1,2a]

The Steiert Family

Joseph STEYERT, m. Katharin BURGERTS. Joseph was a farmer in Horben, Baden. He was a witness at his son Joseph's wedding in 1815. [ref. 1]
  1. Joseph STEIERT or STEYERT, citizen of Krozingen, b. ca. 1783, m. 26 Apr 1815 at Krozingen, Katharina BLEILE, d. by 1855. [ref. 1,2a]
    1. Maria Anna STEIERT, b. 10 Jul 1833, m1. 19 Feb 1855 at Krozingen, Anton BERGER, m2. 8 Nov 1858 at Krozingen, Joseph or Josef STEIGER. Joseph STEIERT, master shoemaker, was a witness at Anna's first wedding in 1855. Anton STEIERT, cartwright, was a witness at her second wedding in 1858 and godfather to her children Franziska (1867), Constantine (1869), Agatha (1871), and Anton (1873). [ref. 1,2a,3]
Other STEIERTs in Krozingen:

The Steiger Family

Martin STEIGER, b. ca. 1765, m. 5 Feb 1798 at Krozingen, Maria Agatha SCHERLE. Martin was a stocking knitter. Blasius STEIGER was a witness at the wedding. [ref. 1,2a]
  1. Meinrad STEIGER, b. 22 Aug 1799, m. 28 Nov 1827 at Krozingen, Marianne ISELE or ISELIN. In 1858, Meinrad was a farmer. [ref. 1,2a]
    1. Joseph or Josef STEIGER, m. 8 Nov 1858 at Krozingen, Maria Anna STEIERT. Ref. 1 describes Joseph in 1867 and 1869 as a Bürger und Landwirth (citizen and farmer), in 1871 as a Waldhüter (forest ranger), and in 1873 as a Bürger und Taglöhner (citizen and day laborer). [ref. 1,2a,3]
      1. Joseph STEIGER, b. Feb 1865 in Germany, m. Raise (b. Oct 1868 in Germany), d. by 1910. Immigrated to the United States in 1887. Raise immigrated to the United States in 1889. In 1896, residence Anaconda, Deer Lodge County, Montana; witnessed the wedding of his sister Constantine. In 1900, a brewer, living at N. 2nd Street, Missoula, Missoula County, Montana, with his wife Raise. In 1910, Raise was living at 429 E. Pine Street, Missoula, with her son Herbert and three roomers. Joseph operated a brewery in Anaconda and donated a stained-glass window to St. Francis catholic church in Missoula. [ref. 3,6,11,12]
        1. Herbert STEIGER, b. ca. 1901 in Montana. In 1910, living with his mother. [ref. 12]
      2. Franziska STEIGER, b. 5 Mar 1867 at Krozingen, chr. there 7 Mar 1867. [ref. 1,2a]
      3. Constantine STEIGER, b. 6 Feb 1869 at Krozingen, chr. there 9 Feb 1869, m. 1 Sep 1896 at Anaconda, Alphonse LACHMAN, d. 19 Oct 1950, bur. 23 Oct 1950 at St. Mary's cemetery, Missoula. Immigrated to the United States in 1895. In 1896, residence Anaconda. In 1900, living at Higgins Avenue, Missoula, with her husband and children. In 1910, living at Hell Gate, Missoula County, with her husband and children. In 1920, living at Woodman, Missoula County, with her husband and children. Later ran a cleaning and dyeing business in Missoula. (Note that this is not the Constantine STEIGER, brewer, who lived at 195 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, in 1888/1889. That Constantine was not only male, but was executed at Sing Sing for the murder of a New York policeman. Although he was originally a brewer, his specialty was robbing church poorboxes!) [ref. 1,2a,3,4,5,6,7,9,11,12,13]
      4. Agatha STEIGER, b. 8 May 1871 at Krozingen, chr. there 11 May 1871. [ref. 1,2a]
      5. Anton STEIGER, b. 2 Oct 1873 at Krozingen, chr. there 5 Oct 1873, d. there 19 Jan 1874. [ref. 1,2a]
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