Devavrat Shah – Selected Talks/Tutorials

  • Scaling Laws and Medium Access, Talk at Workshop organized at Tsinghua University (July 2010) as part of Centenary Celebration. This is based on the research papers P1 and P2.

  • Medium Access using Queues, Talk at Spatial Network Models for Wireless Communications workshop that was held as part of the Newton Institute Programme on Stochastic Processes in Communiations from January to June 2010.

  • Message Passing Networks, Talk that explains why message passing is the paradigm of choice for algorithms and architecture in variety of “networks” including communications and inference. Presented at Columbia University and New York University.

  • Gossip Algorithms, Tutorial at Winedale Annual Meeting 2009. This was based on monograph published as part of Foundation and Trends in Networking series that appeared in 2008.