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Vol 1, Issue #4

Ash 42, 1601

All The News We Think You Need To Know


Poll: What do you think New Galen needs the most?

Let's face it: New Galen is lacking in a lot of different ways. What do you think New Galen needs right away?


Theme music. People walk into town without any theme music. How're we supposed to tell if they are players or punks?
Lumberjacks. We could use a new tavern, and I hear we're gonna need a bunch of coffins...
A bowling alley. I miss my country's national pasttime.
Ooh, can we get those little cinnamon cakes? The ones with the sugar icing on top. We could definitely need those. 'Course, then we'd need good coffee, and then a good cafe, and yeah, we totally need a bookstore...
Funny you should ask, because I can get you a great deal on what New Galen needs...
Roller coasters!