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Vol 1, Issue #3

Ash 26, 1601

All The News We Think You Need To Know


Poll: What do you think should be done to Peat Moss?

In the past few moons, Peat Moss has been seen ripping off buyers, running down settlers, and singing ballads off-key. What do you think should be done about this?


I think Peat is the Man. I think he should get a Grammy for his message that he brings to the masses.
Can't we just throw him back on the compost heap?
Well, I think we should count ourselves lucky. I mean, he's not as bad as Darklocke, right?
I think he should start a variety show in the Tavern. I'd pay at least two or three till to watch.
Umm, what was the middle part again?
I'm collecting money to sponsor a Drub-A-Thon for him. So far, I've raised 14 gems, 28 potions, 192 hecta, and Darteem has kicked in a pair of Wishes.