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Vol 2, Issue #5

27 Wind, 1603

All The News We Think You Need To Know


Claims keep getting made that The Inferno will be published soon. What do you think?


We're almost done! It's just those damn electrons on the webpage keep moving around and we can't get them to sit still...
Well, after I paid my subscription money and got nothing, I gave you-know-who a black eye. He justs claims it's a tattoo.
Hey, I like their rumors! Stories, sorry, stories.

And the fact that I live near Miranda has nothing to do with my opinion. Nothing at all.

No no, shhh!!! Shh!!! I keep hoping they'll forget all about it.
It's good to know that the court order for them to "cease and desist" is being enforced.
The what? Look, I've been gone; what are you talking about?

You're kidding. Another one?!?