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Vol 2, Issue #3

5 Pho, 1602

All The News We Think You Need To Know


Poll: Ryan Kane got Final'ed by Majestic Bob. Who do you think will do in Drago?


Ah'm afraid Ah ken neither confirm nor deny rumors that Ah might have some idea, Senator.
Man, if I got my hands on a Final Dagger, I so wouldn't waste it on Drago. He's hardly ever around.

Now, some of those loud Loch Mabens...

I so do not want to be anywhere near this poll question. I'm pretty sure Drago doesn't know me, and I'd like to KEEP IT THAT WAY PLEASE.
Every time I ask myself that question, I get four new answers, all of which make my head hurt.
Naww, Drago's a great guy. No one would want to kill him. Trust me. Would a guy like me lie to you?
No clue, but can I bring some popcorn?