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Vol 2, Issue #3

47 Ash, 1602

All The News We Think You Need To Know


Poll: Bran and Gared own the stone circle. What piece of land would you like to own?


Wull, considerin' the weather comin' up, Ah figure mah RV might jus' be the place to be. Big Winnebago cruiser with the pop-up top. Ah figure the boys can stay up there and keep ah lookout fur Night Alyss an' other beasties, while the gypsies pairforhm inside...
The basketball court right in front of the NPC center. I could setup a table with milk and cookies, and maybe some juice, with a sign, "MONSTERS EAT FREE". And have a short list of people with me, of course...
Whereever Hoyland and Dave Kennedy sleep. And a bucket of water. Cold water. Make that two buckets. And knives. Rotating knives. And...
Hobgoblin Hill!

What do you mean, you don't know where that is?

Hey, speaking of which, I've got this great bridge to sell ya.
The lake. That way, I won't feel bad about throwing people onto my turf.