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Vol 2, Issue #2

53 Fire, 1602

All The News We Think You Need To Know


Poll: The next event is coming up. What are you looking forward to?


Aww, yeah, chasing those sheep kia! Why, I haven't had a time like that since last season, when me and the boys--hey, where are you going? Don't you want to hear?
Me? I'm not up to anything. I am sweet and innocent. Trust me.

Wait, why are you still following me?

Mmm, dark elf hunting. Kick some pansy ass.
Did I mention the Giant Squid plot we had? Comes into town, giant tentacles reach out to grab people, and then SCHLUUUUUUUUUURP PCs and NPCs alike disappear into its giant maw? No? It's great. You'll love it.
Dude, check out my new costume!

What, CEOs aren't evil? It's like a replacement for hobgoblin raids, see, and--oh, nevermind...

Oh, goodie. Full makeup in hot September weather.