Galileo Base

Caveat Emptor

Note that this is my first game that I have GMed solo. There is a substantial risk that it could suck. Obviously, I have tried to avoid being in a World of Suck. If you are easily annoyed by sucktastic games, you may not want to apply. Thanks in advance for cutting me some slack. :)


Game Details

In case you missed it, the blurb.


If you want to play with people in a squad, make sure that they also note that in their apps. So if you write "Hi, my name is <redacted>; I want to reprise the Anime Schoolgirls Squad with <redacted>, <redacted>, and Joe Foley, so please cast us together", then Joe should make sure to send in something similar in his app.

Oh, which reminds me: costuming is always encouraged, especially if it's stylish or makes me laugh. But the key is laugh with you, not laugh at you.

One last note: even if you want to NPC, please fill out the whole form. I don't know how good people are with dart guns and whatnot, so I want to avoid making casting errors like "sure, how about mpp, carl, larry, and chad on one side, and the Myopic Uncoordinated Salted Slugs on the other side", etc.

It's possible there's something I should know about. If so, tell me here:

Galileo Base is being written and run by Stardragon Enterprises, who is Dave Leung. Galileo Base is set in the PD/FSA universe; credits to Jim Waldrop, Dave Leung, and Clint Lohse.

Stardragon Enterprises Dave Leung