Free Sagittarian Alliance

Officer Candidate School

Welcome to OCS.

In case you missed it, the blurb. FSA:OCS will run Sunday, Dec 3rd, 1-6pm, with an optional Endgame from 6-7pm. We will run an optional Ogg Basics section (how to do a basic Ogg tactical maneuver) on Saturday, Dec 2; time TBD. Use this form or be ignored. Our casting policy is: we will cast people. Packet handout will be Thursday, Nov 30, time TBD.

If there was anything we missed, we don't care about it, so don't bother telling us.

The Academy is being written and run by Albanian Heavy Industries (Jim Waldrop, Dave Leung, and Telmo Correa) and is part of the PD/FSA universe. Future games will be written in this universe whose starting conditions will be partially dependent on the outcome of the Academy runs.

Albanian Heavy Industries Jim Waldrop, David Leung, and Telmo Correa