David Corwin

My work always tried to unite the truth with the beautiful, but when I had to choose one or the other, I usually chose the beautiful. - H. Weyl

I am a fifth year graduate student in mathematics at MIT. I am currently looking for a postdoctoral position.

I was previously an undergraduate student in mathematics at Princeton University. Before that, I was a high school student in Acton in Massachusetts.

I am interested primarily in number theory and its relations to algebraic geometry and homotopy theory. I am also interested in representation theory, physics, and logic.

I enjoy learning languages, discovering the secrets of the universe (or other universes), and visiting cool places.


Mathematical Writing


The polylog quotient and the Goncharov quotient in explicit motivic Chabauty-Kim theory I

(Joint with I. Dan-Cohen)

A Generalized Obstruction to Rational Points

(Joint with T. Schlank)

Elliptic Curves with Full 2-Torsion and Maximal Adelic Galois Representations, Mathematics of Computation, 83 (2014), pages 2925-2951.

(Joint with T. Feng, Z. Li, and S. Trebat-Leder)

On Cohen-Macaulayness of S_n-invariant subspace arrangements, International Mathematics Research Notices, IMRN 2016, no.7, pages 2104-2126.

(Joint with A. Brookner, P. Etingof, and S. Sam)

Slides on Research:

Slides on Explicit Motivic Chabauty-Kim Theory (emphasis on periods)

Slides on Explicit Motivic Chabauty-Kim Theory (emphasis on non-abelian Chabauty)

In preparation:

Cuspidal Sections of Algebraic Fundamental Groups of Higher Dimensional Varieties

Adelic Galois Representations of Abelian Surfaces with Real Multiplication

(Joint with T. Feng, Z. Li, and S. Trebat-Leder)


Galois Groups and Fundamental Groups

A Treatise on Elementary Galois Theory

Some Basics on Linear Algebraic Groups Over Algebraically-Closed Fields (Final paper for a course on algebraic geometry, Fall 2010)

Systems of l-adic Representations and Elliptic Curves (Junior Paper, Fall 2011)

Complex Multiplication (Junior Paper, Spring 2012)

Images ouvertes et la conjecture de Manin-Mumford (Mémoire pour géométrie diophantienne, Paris, Spring 2012)

Suites spectrales, hypercohomologie, et catégorie dérivée

Model Theory and the Ax-Grothendieck Theorem (Handwritten notes for a talk, Fall 2012)

Valuation Spectrum of a Ring (Handwritten notes for a talk in MIT STAGE, Fall 2013)

Admissible Representations of p-adic Groups (Handwritten notes for a talk in the BU Local Langlands learning seminar, Spring 2014)

Valuation Spectrum of a Ring (Handwritten notes for a talk in MIT STAGE, Fall 2013)

Topological aspects of the fundamental group of the projective line minus three points (Handwritten notes for a talk in MIT STAGE, Fall 2014)

The de Rham Period Ring I (Handwritten notes for a talk in BU P-adic Hodge Theory learning seminar, Fall 2014)

Convergence of Fourier Series

Local Class Field Theory Via Galois Cohomology

Proof of the Prime Number Theorem

See here for a blog I used, mostly in high school.

Semi-Original Notes

A Proof of a Case of Dirichlet's Theorem

Groupe de Mumford-Tate d'une courbe elliptique à τ transcendant

Solution to Putnam 2012 B6 Using Algebraic Number Theory

A Quick Proof that the Character Table is a Square

An Algorithmic Proof of the Nullstellensatz

Image of Inertia on the Tate Module Attached to an Abelian Variety

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Contact Information

Email: corwind@mit.edu

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