Instructor: Christos Mantoulidis


Office: 2-231B

Lectures: TR 9:30-11am (2-151)

Office Hours: TR 11am-noon or by appointment (2-231B)


This course fulfills the CI-M requirement for Mathematics. Enrollment limited. Students present and discuss subject matter taken from current journals or books. Instruction and practice in written and oral communication provided.

This year's emphasis will be on: curve shortening flow, mean curvature flow, and minimal surfaces.

Prerequisites: One of 18.101, 18.102, 18.103, 18.112.


[04.24.2018]  Project presentation slots have been assigned; you may find them on the schedule.

[03.14.2018]  Project assignments have been announced. You will receive a personalized email from me soon.

[03.13.2018]  Class today was canceled (MIT snow day). Lecture slots have all been pushed back by one. See the new schedule.

[02.22.2018]  Problem 3 of Assignment 4 has been slightly simplified. In its original form, the problem required a more technical approach.

[02.20.2018]  I've uploaded Assignment 4 as well as the speaker schedule for March. Find them here.

[02.14.2018]  I've updated Assignment 3 to disambiguate some notation.

[02.14.2018]  I've posted instructions 📎 about your term project, its deadlines, and how to submit your topic proposal to me (due 3/6/2018).

[02.13.2018]  No class on 2/20 per institute policy. Class schedule has been pushed back accordingly. Also, I've uploaded the grading rubric 📎 for your project presentations. You may feel free to use this rubric to plan out your lectures, too.

[02.10.2018]  Assignment 2 has been shortened.

[02.08.2018]  The first few lecture assignments have been posted on our Schedule. Once enrollment stabilizes, we'll plan out farther into the future.

[02.07.2018]  Assignment 2 has been posted (found in: Schedule). It's due on 2/15.

[02.01.2018]  Welcome to 18.994 spring 2018. To enable me to design 18.994 to meet your interests and needs, please fill out the "Start of semester survey" (found in: Schedule) and email it back to me no later than the first day of class.