About Me

I am a fifth-year doctoral student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management. My advisor is Prof. Vivek Farias. My research interests are

  • Applications of revenue management to non-traditional domains, particularly online advertising
  • Model predictive control
  • Massively scaled optimization

I have a B.A. degree in applied mathematics and computer science from Harvard College, where I wrote my thesis under the supervision of Prof. Salil Vadhan, for which I was awarded the Hoopes Prize for outstanding scholarly work or research.

Prior to my PhD, I have worked at Morgan Stanley Inc. More recently, I have had the pleasure of spending a summer at Google Research in NYC.

My resume.

Email: my last name @ mit.edu


D. F. Ciocan, V. F. Farias. ``Fast Demand Learning for Ad-Display Allocation. " Working paper.

M. H. Bateni, D. F. Ciocan, V. F. Farias and V. Mirrokni. ``Optimal Allocation for Generalized Second Price Advertising Markets." Working paper, please email me for a draft.

M. H. Bateni, D. F. Ciocan, V. F. Farias and V. Mirrokni. ``Map-Reducing Massive Resource Allocation Linear Programs." Working paper.

D. F. Ciocan, V. F. Farias. ``Model Predictive Control for Dynamic Resource Allocation." Mathematics Of Operations Research.

A. Chailloux, D. F. Ciocan, I. Kerenidis and S. Vadhan.``Interactive and Noninteractive Zero Knowledge are Equivalent in the Help Model." Proceedings of the Theory of Cryptography Conference.

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