Some of the problems women (and girls) face in today’s world:

(i)                 In underdeveloped nations:

“I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced.”

“If I am willing to get my daughter married late, will you take responsibility for her protection?”

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Source: National Geographic

(ii)               In developed nations:

“An impressive body of controlled experimental studies and examination of decision-making processes in real life show that, on the average, people are less likely to hire a woman than a man with identical qualifications, are less likely to ascribe credit to a woman than to a man for identical accomplishments, and, when information is scarce, will far more often give the benefit of the doubt to a man than to a woman. Although most scientists and engineers believe that they are objective and intend to be fair, research shows that they are not exempt from those tendencies.”

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Source: National Academy of Sciences

Gender empowerment measures:

(i)                 Table K from the Human Development Report 2009

(the report)

Source: United Nations Development Programme

(ii)               Graphs that I created using Table K

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(iii)             Updated version (2014) of the Human Development Report (See Table 4 and 5)

(the report)